Optimus nodded down at me. "Welcome to Earth, SoulStriker."

"But may I ask one question?" he asked.

I looked up to his metallic face, automatically knowing what he was talking about -Primus' prophecy- and sighed before speaking.

"If you're about to ask about Primus' prophecy, I can only tell you one thing..." I stated. "I was not aware of my destiny until Alpha Trion told me of my role in the prophecy about Cybertron's revival and the end of the civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons."

Optimus regarded me with his azure gaze and then nodded. "But why does my former mentor have anything to do with this?"

For some reason, the cybertronian slang came naturally to me. "I was in recharge when Alpha Trion visited me in my dream and told me of the prophecy and sent me to you" I stated before gesturing to the medic, "The last thing that I remember is waking up to your medic here shining an overly too bright light into my optics before I passed out again."

"I have no doubt that Alpha Trion was the one who was told of the prophecy before he relayed it to me in my dreams. The one thing I'm not sure of however, is why exactly you, Optimus Prime, do not know of the prophecy considering your link to both Primus and Alpha Trion." I said.

"I was not informed of this particular prophecy of which you speak, SoulStriker," Optimus started, "But I can assure you that this prophecy must have been created after the War for Cybertron destroyed the planet started and just before the planet itself died."

"But now that you are here, I would now like to know of this prophecy that you speak of..." he finished.

I sighed and looked over to the medic who had been silent as he'd checked me over during the conversation. "May I first know the name of your medic so I can ask him to stop fretting over me for a nanoclick?"

"Ratchet," the medic simply stated, "And I'm not fretting, I am simply making sure your vital signs and motor functions are all in order.

"Sure, Ratchet" I said with an eye roll. "I'm fine, though, you can stop your checking."

"Yip, yip, yip!" he cried. "I cannot do that until I have fully checked you over for possible processor or helm damage that might affect your coordination."

I grumbled under my breath and saw Optimus smile a small smile before nodding at me to let me know to just let Ratchet do his job. I sighed and relaxed on the berth before raising my arms and once again wincing when Ratchet shined the light into my optics. When he was finally done with his check up and Ratchet gave me the all clear to get off the berth, I gladly stood from the metal bed and stretched my new metal muscles and walked out into the open area of the room. That was when I noticed the olive green bot coming from the corridor to the left and waved a small hello to him which he responded too.

Ratchet had gone back to his computer screens and Optimus had gone to look at a different screen when a blue and pink motorcycle and an black and yellow Urbana 500 came rolling in from a tunnel in the rock wall. Then, a femme cybertronian transformed from the motorcycle and a young looking mech from the muscle car. They started talking to Optimus and I tuned them out for the most part until I heard he femme talking about a fight.

"-and the cons would've been scrap metal if I hadn't been distracted by the human" she said.

"Human?" Optimus asked, not turning from his screen but looking up from it after hearing that.

":Two boys:" the yellow mech stated.

"I guess a second one caught us in action, I don't know!" the femme said, "was a little busyat the time."

Optimus' optics narrowed. "If the Decepticons are targeting us, anyone perceived as our ally will be at grave risk."

":So what do you want us to do?:" the yellow mech asked. ":Bring them here?:"

"That is exactly what I want you to do" Optimus said. "Bring them here and I will speak to them, and don't let anyone else see you."

The two unknown bots nodded in affirmation before the femme noticed me. "Hey, the neutral woke up did she?"

"Yes" Optimus said, "Team Prime, I would like you welcome SoulStriker."

I turned around from the screen I was looking at above Ratchet's head saw that all of the other bots' attention was now on me. I nodded and smiled at each of them before I slowly walked to stand next to Optimus. "Hey, nice to meet you all, I'm SoulStriker."

"Welcome to Earth, rookie!" the green bot said. "I'm Bulkhead."

":I'm Bumblebee!:" the yellow bot whirred in a series of clicks and beeps. ":It's nice to meet you SoulStriker!:"

I smiled at his excitement and waved at them both before turning to the femme. "And you are?"

"Arcee," she said. "It's nice to finally have another femme around here. Are you staying long?"

I opened my mouth to answer Arcee, but Optimus beat me to the punch.

"That is also a question of my own, SoulStriker." he said.

I looked around at the bots who were looking at me with expectant looks on their faces. "Considering I am without an alt mode and no way of transportation other than walking, and the fact that I am now possible going to be threatened by the Decepticons, not to mention the fact that I am without an energy supply," I started, "I suppose that I will stay with you all. However, I cannot promise that I will join the Autobot side of the war."

"That is fine," Optimus stated. "However, I'm sure we all hope that you'll change your mind about joining the autobot cause."

"We'll see Optimus, we'll see..."

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