"And since you now know of our existence," Optimus stated. "I fear, that as of last night, the decepticons know of yours."

Jack raised his arms. "Got it, if we spot any strange vehicles, call 911."

"Can we go now?" he asked, gesturing towards the tunnel.

Miko and Diana turned on him. "Are you insane?" Miko asked incredulously. "I'm living a dream here in 'bot'-swana."

"And I'm pretty sure neither of us is going to allow you or anyone else to shatter that dream!" Diana added, fist pounding Miko as she did.

Optimus interrupted the kids' conversation. "It is best that you four remain under our watch. At least, until we can determine our enemies' intentions."

Ratchet turned from his screens. "Optimus with all due respect, the human children are in as much danger here as anywhere."

Jack looked up at Ratchet questioningly. "Children?"

"They have no protective shell!" he continued. "If they get under pede they will go...squish."

He stamped his pede lightly on the ground for emphasis and every one of the kids jumped a bit and stood back slightly. Optimus placed his servos on his hips and looked down at Ratchet.

"Then, for the time being, Ratchet," Optimus started, "we must watch where we step."

At that moment an alarm started to go off, scaring the crap out of me in the process and causing me to jump and bump into Optimus as he began to turn around to face the green holographic screens. I muttered an apology before looking over to Ratchet as he walked over to see what the problem was.

"What's that!?" Diana cried out in alarm.

Bumblebee stated that it was the proximity sensor, and Raf relayed the message to the other kids explaining that it meant someone was on top of the missle silo. Ratchet pulled up a camera view of the top of the missle silo and it showed a helicopter landing on a helicopter pad. A man got out of the helicopter and started to make his way towards the elevator that came down into the silo.

"It's Agent Fowler," Ratchet said.

Jack looked up at Optimus. "I-I thought we were the only humans who knew about you guys?"

"You didn't actually think that they are using this abandoned missile silo without the help of the United States Government, did you?" I asked him, speaking for the first time in a while.

"Now that you mention it, no, I guess not." Jack stated. "But who exactly is he?"

Optimus cut in at this moment, turning from the screens to peer down at Jack and the other kids. "Special Agent Fowler is our designated liaison to the outside world. As he tends to visit when there are issues, it may be best if you do not meet him at this time."

Diana and Jack nodded and began to usher the other two kids over behind a wall so they wouldn't be seen by the federal agent about to walk in. I began to walk away in order to conceal myself as well, but I was stopped in my tracks by a servo on my shoulder.

"As you are a cybertronian and a lot more difficult to hide, it may also be in the best interest for you to meet Agent Fowler now rather than later, Soulstriker," Optimus said, looking me in the optics.

I nodded softly and walked back to my place at his side and stood there, waiting for Fowler to emerge from the elevator. As Agent Fowler came out of the elevator, he ban speaking.

"7 wrecks, 34 fender benders, a 3-hour traffic jam, and, of a particular note, numerous reports of a speeding motorcycle of unknown make, and a black-and-yellow custom muscle car." he stated, walking forwards and putting his hands on the railing while looking Optimus in the face.

Agent Fowler was an African American man in what looked to be his mid-forties. Even though I was standing right next to the Prime, I was somehow went unnoticed by the federal agent. Perhaps he was too focused on the issue he'd come here with? I didn't know but soon enough I knew I was bound to be seen.

Agent Fowler looked into Optimus' face with a sneer on his and leaned closer as what I interpreted as a means of trying to intimidate the 45 foot robot next to me. "So, anything you care to get off your tin chest, Prime?"

"We have the situation under control, Agent Fowler." Optimus stated.

"They're back, aren't they?" Fowler asked.

"If you are referring to the decepticons, I have doubts that they ever left," Optimus mused. "Your planet is much to valuable."

"Then it's time to wake up the pentagon," Agent Fowler said decidedly.

Optimus looked Agent Fowler directly in the eyes, and was about to speak.

"Agent Fowler is it?" I cut in. "If anything, we are the best possibly the only hope the human race has in defense against the Deception threat."

Having spoke up, Agent Fowler's eyes finally turned upon me with a questioning gaze. His eyes widened slightly in partial surprise, probably realizing he'd missed the presence of a 40 foot robot standing directly next to the bot in front of him.

"Who in the blazes are you!?" Agent Fowler asked.

"Agent Fowler, this is Soulstriker." Optimus interrupted. "We found her life signal appear in the middle of the desert only a few days ago."

"Whatever, I don't have time for this issue." Fowler said. "I think that there's other threats to the decepticons other than you Autobots."

"Hey, fleshy!" Bulkhead yelled. "Did anyone get splattered on that freeway!?"

Agent Fowler tore his attention away from Optimus and onto Bulkhead. Said 'bot yanked a giant claw like piece of equipment from the counter next to Ratchet.

"Team Prime knows when to use forceā€¦." he crushed the claw in his hand. "...and how much to use."

At the sight of his equipment being destroyed, Ratchet freaked.

"Bulkhead, I needed that!"

Bulkhead's optics widened in realization of what he did and he looked somewhat ashamed before Optimus' voice thundered in and interrupted the confrontation.


He turned back to Agent Fowler and spoke solemnly. "Military involvement will only result in catastrophe."

He leaned away from the railing and stood up straight one again. "Perhaps you can condone widespread human casualties, Agent Fowler. I, however, cannot."

Agent Fowler looked at me before looking back up at the Autobot leader standing next to me. He seemed to be calculating the situation for a moment before he turned around and began heading back to the elevator. "Then, do us both a favor and handle this, Prime, under the radar."

He stood in front of the elevator door and turned around.

"Or I will." Agent Fowler concluded before hit the button that opened the elevator doors.

He stepped inside the elevator and then turned around. "Oh, and Prime?"

Optimus looked down at the federal agent getting ready to leave. "Yes, Agent Fowler?"

"Don't think I've forgotten about your new addition." Agent Fowler answered. "We'll be talking about her soon enough."

After finally pressing the elevator button, the doors closed and Agent Fowler disappeared to the top of the silo. There was a short moment of silence in the base as Fowler left and in that moment Optimus looked over at me with a gaze burning with something I couldn't quite decipher. Then, the silence was broken by Bulkhead.

"Pretty big bearingsā€¦" he said. "For a human, anyways."

Optimus then looked away from me, much to my happiness and over to Bulkhead. "Agent Fowler is concerned for his world, Bulkhead, as he should be."