Time Period: A Flashback

Scene 1: The Highway

Action: Carefree, Gabriella drives to the recording studio. Funny text messages from Troy entertain her. A reckless drunk truck driver catches her off guard.

Their vehicles hit each other head on. The collision costs the truck driver his life. Gabriella is escorted to the hospital by an ambulance.

Scene 2: The Hospital Waiting Room

A Doctor (approaches a distraught Troy): Are you, Mr. Bolton?

Troy (stands up from his chair): Yes

Doctor: Your wife, Gabriella survived the car crash. You can visit her in recovery.

Troy (fighting back tears): My wife is four months pregnant. What is the baby's status?

Doctor (reading the lab test results): The baby died. I am sorry for your loss.

(Heartbroken, Troy collapses into his chair. The doctor moves on to a new patient. He tries to stay Strong for Gabriella's sake.)

Scene 3: Gabriella's recovery room

Gabriella (bruised, she smiles weakly at her husband): Troy

Troy (takes a seat near Gabriella's bedside): Thank God, you are alive

Gabriella (rubs her stomach): How is the baby?

(Just as when Troy is to tell Gabriella about the baby's death, a nurse enters the room carrying a fetal heartbeat monitor.)

The nurse: I was told you were pregnant

Gabriella (beams with joy): I am indeed pregnant

The nurse (trying to locate the baby's heartbeat): Let's check the baby's heartbeat

Troy (worried): I don't hear the heartbeat

Gabriella (squeezing Troy's hand): You have to listen more closely

The nurse (turning off the heartbeat machine): There is no heartbeat

Gabriella (doubtful, she begs the nurse): No! Please locate the heartbeat one more time

Troy (trying to restrain Gabriella): Gabby...

Gabriella (hysterical): I refuse to believe our baby is dead

The nurse (rests a comforting hand on Gabriella's shoulder): Your baby is an angel now

Gabriella (removes the nurse's hand): Leave me alone

The nurse (preparing Gabriella for surgery): The next step is a D&C. Your womb needs to be cleaned out.

Scene: The Emergency Room

Situation: Gabriella's D&C operation

Gabriella (visibly shaken, she sobs hard on the operating table): I lost my baby

The doctor (cutting into Gabriella's stomach): Gabriella, please settle down

A nurse (observing Gabriella): OH, she is crying

Troy (to Gabriella): Calm down, honey

Gabriella (continuing crying): I lost my baby

The doctor: The baby has to come out ASAP

Gabriella (hysterical): Go ahead and get it out!

Troy (fighting back tears): I am here, sweetheart

The doctor (pulling out the dead infant): It was a boy

Scenario: Gabriella returns home

Troy (helping Gabriella through the front door): I got you

Gabriella (walking with crutches): I can handle this alone

Troy: Welcome home

Gabriella (bitter): I am in hell right now. I am going to sue that truck driver's ass. He killed my baby.

Troy: Gabby, the truck driver is dead

Gabriella (yelling as she stomps upstairs to their bedroom): I don't care. Don't disturb me.

Scene: Troy and Gabriella's room

Action: Depressed, Gabriella seeks comfort underneath the bed sheets

Troy (cuddling up next to Gabriella): Hey

Gabriella (crying): I had many plans for Jonathan. I miscarried my first baby. Now what?!

Troy (touching Gabriella's stomach): You won't stay barren long

Gabriella (sobbing): Everything just hurts. The baby factory is closed for now.