Tantalising. Her lips was as red as blood. Her eyes so dark that light couldn't penetrate them. Her uncontrollable curls as black as night would whip around her head, framing her once flawless face. The delicate curves in all the right places that any witch would die for.

Oh sister of mine. My love.

Black Manor stood tall behind the overgrown neglected lawns fenced off by failing metal gates. The estate long abandoned was starting to fall away exposing the terrible secrets of the once proud pureblooded line. The ivory and weeds climbed the front covering the entrance doors and hiding the badly damaged windows, cracks ran along the buildings exterior threatening to collapse and the roof suffering from the extreme weather was crumbling away, leaving behind gaping holes.

The cloaked figure cared not for the dangerous appearance as she made her way into her family home. The only available entrance in to the property was at the side of the Manor where the servants of the past once used.

Stepping over the rotten wood, the hooded figure carefully moved through the lower floor and up the grand staircase cautious of the missing and collapsed steps. Her gloved hand holding onto the once beautifully crafted rail taking her to the second floor.

Heels clicking loudly on the threadbare floorboards echoed through the large building, the ghosts of the past listening intently to their new arrival.

The many portraits of the deceased line that hung on the second floor remained silent, lost in time, waiting for the magic to return to their much beloved home.

The cloaked figure halted her step at the only moving portrait, pulling back her hood releasing her long blonde hair letting it fall down her back, her crystal eyes taking in the image before her.

Narcissa Malfoy stood in front of her oldest sister's portrait, tears cascading down her snow white cheeks. "My love how I miss you." She lovingly stroked the finely finished painting.

"Baby sister has finally returned." Bellatrix's painted lips twitched as her dark hungry eyes stared down upon her weeping sister. "If only I was alive." The lust was undeniable. "You look absolutely delicious".

The youngest living Black sister stepped away from the canvas trying to hide the blush blooming across her cheeks. Her heel crunched on to something hard, causing her to grab the wall as her leg slid out from beneath her.

The floor beneath Narcissas boots was covered with layers of dust and grim with decomposed rat bodies and unidentifiable bones scattering the ground.

"Careful Cissa you might have an pleasurable accident" the dark witch quipped from her position on the wall. Gracefully sitting on a loveseat, her right leg crossed over her left leaving her skirt drawn up exposing her creamy thick thighs.

Narcissa winced at the burning graze on her right knee as she pulled herself up using the filth infested wall.

"I remember that position very well love" Bellatrix cooed.

Straightening up Narcissa grimaced at her ruined robes. "Do you mean yourself or Andy?" Wand in hand she twirled the wood over her head cleansing herself from the rather foul mess.

"Andromeda has chosen her path, she should of stayed." The former deceased right hand of Voldemort hissed. Her black eyes drilling chillingly into blue.

Narcissa hesitantly nodded at the stubborn portrait before elegantly spinning on her heel. "I shouldn't of come, even in death you are insane sister".

"As in life, so in death. You are leaving again Cissa? Do tell Andromeda that I can never forgive her!" The oldest Black shouted at her retreating sister's form.

Narcissa swept out the door leaving her deceased sister to sprew her hatred in the old walls of their ancestral home alone. Regret and sorrow gripped her heart painfully as the memories of her past bombarded her.