A warm presence was pressing in on her from the side, an arm wrapped securely around her stomach. The embrace was shockingly familiar but at the same time from a complete stranger.

"Hermione" a soft angelic voice drifted through her muddled mind.

Hermione winced at the bright light emitting from a wand quite close to her face, blinking away the dazed dots obscuring her vision she saw long blonde hair trailing her bare chest.

Dear Godric I'm naked was the only thing she could think of.

The face from her memories hovered over her, concern flitting across her beautiful snow white face as her blue eyes met warm cinnamon.

"Do you remember?" Narcissa shakily inhaled, her nimble fingers dancing over Hermione's cheek, desperation shining through her eyes.

Hermione nodded, nuzzling into the warm loving touch.

A glass of water was placed in her hands as she clumsily sat up, gratefully taking the glass, she sipped the cool water with relief her lips no longer dry and her throat soothed enough for her to talk.

"I remember everything. Draco I am so sorry" she whispered

Narcissa took the glass from the younger woman, placing it on the bedside she turned back around bringing Hermione into her chest, allowing the brunette to cry into her neck.

"Drac.. Draco died protecting you Hermione I should never of blamed you" fingers tangling in curls, nails raking over Hermione's scalp. "I have missed you so much.. I don't expect anything from you not after all this time.."

"I want this, I want you" Hermione hurriedly replied. She could hear the tortured resignation in Narcissa's voice and she didn't want the older woman to continue with the pain she had selfishly caused. "I know it will take time for you to trust me again but I..".

Red ruby lips pressed against Hermione's in a attempt to silence her rambling, hands wrapped around her neck pulling them deeper into the passionate kiss, tongues warring for dominance both trying to get the upper hand with Narcissa winning.

"I love you" she whispered against her lips.