Tsuno regains consciousness and looks up to see the man lunging towards him. Fear doesnt flow through his veins anymore. The only thing that Tsuno feels...

Is hatred

He readies up a ki blast ready to kill Tsuno. "Oh... The names Avoc by the way"

Another star dissapeares from Tsuno's forehead as his aura grows bigger and brighter. Blinding anyone who sees it. A mix of white and blue shining brighter than the sun itself.

Avoc takes a step back in slight fear. "It um... Seems like i should take my leave!"

He vanishes without a trace leaving Tsuno in his anger. He clinces his fists even more as blood begins to drip. The pain he feels from letting the killer of gods run away fuels his anger. To the point where he lets out a blood curdling scream.

"Ngghhh... AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!" The voice echoes throughout the universe as a shiver goes down the spine of all living things.

Goku and Vegeta finally show up to see Tsuno yelling in a rage. The land in front of Tsuno in a fighting stance. But to their surprise as soon as Tsuno makes eye contact with the duo he begins to calm down as his aura loosesits aggressivness. He takes a deep breath in as he lands on the ground. Which shocks the duo.

"Damnit! I let him get away!" Tsuno says as he grits his teeth in anger

Goku leans towards Vegeta's ear. "Hey, is he able to control his power now?"

"Given what he just did... I assume he is able to." The Prince replies.

Tsuno walks up to Goku and Vegeta and makes a demand. His eyes twinkle with hope and determination.

"Take me to Beerus... I- I want to learn more about my people!" Tsuno demands.

Goku smirks slightly as he nods in approval. The lot puts a hand on Goku's shoulder as they teleport to Planet Beerus. But what shocks them all is that the first thing they see is a mile wide hole going straight through the planet. The thing that shocks them the most though...

Is that the person fighting Beerus is Avoc.

Avoc is seen panting hard and bloodied up. While Beerus is the exact opposite. The only injury he sustained was a scrath on the left cheek. Avoc notices the 3 new bodies and immediately flies away.

Beerus lands on the ground as he brushes dirt from his shoulders. "Tch... Bastard put a whole in my planet. The nerve of that guy."

The gang rushes up to Beerus to see if everything is ok. The only thing wrong with Beerus is the vein popping out of his head in anger. Tsuno walks up to him to tell Beerus his plan.

"L- Lord Beerus... I want to know what happened to my people!" He says nervously.

Beerus walks to Tsuno with a face filled with anger. "So... I'm guessing this YOUR fault?"

Tsuno nods.

Beerus begins to compose himself as his demeanor changes. "Whis and I... Only know what happened. We dont know why, who did it or what their intentions were. But the Super Dragon Balls know everything. Travel the universes for the Super Dragon Balls and your answer will be there."

Tsuno smiles and jumps in excitement. Finally having a purpose to fulfill in his life. He looks at Goku with a smile on his face as Goku gives a thumbs up. While Vegeta nods in approval.

Whis walks up to Tsuno. He thinks he's coming over to congratulate him.

"Hey Whis! I'm finally going to find out what happened to my people!" The young god says with joy.

Whis whispers into Tsuno's ear. "I know the other reason why you want to adventure young lord..."

The hairs on Tsuno's back stand as Whis hits the nail on the dot.

"You hate the idea of your rival being stronger than you. Knowing that he's superior to you... It makes your skin crawl doesnt it? Don't let that hate fuel you. It WILL be your downfall." He pats Tsuno's shoulder.

"Hate will weigh you down and corrupt you... But so will love... Choose wisely." Whis says as he gives a gentle push to the young god.

Tsuno looks back at Whis slightly terrified as he waves goodbye. Tsuno and Vegeta put a hand on Goku's shoulder as Goku throws up a peace sign. They fade away as they appear back on planet Earth.

Back on Planet Earth

Sachi begins to sob. "Kaitana! Wh- What happened t- t- to Tsuno... Hes nowhere to be found!"

Kaitana takes a deep breath in as she begins to predict the future. "Sachi, HAVE NO FEAR! Somebody probably wanted to kill Tsuno and demolished his room and half the building in the process. Aaaaand knowing Goku and Vegeta they probably caught onto the energy and helped fight them off. Most likely the person wanted to kill Tsuno because of his race. Tsuno made the connection and is probably talking to Whis and Beerus about wanting to discover why and what happened to his race. Only to figure out that the universal dragon balls hold the knowledge that Tsuno is looking for. So he's probably on his way right now to tell us the situation!"

Tsuno appears behind Kaitana as he stares at her blankly. "Kaitana...

I swear to Kami you are a psychic."

"Toda-kun... Don't tell me what she said is true?" Sachi says as she shakes in fear.

Tsuno nods with a downcast look on his face. Frightened at the fact that Kaitana explained it completely accurately. Tsuno motions towards Capsule Corp to prepare for their long journey. At the building you can see Bulma scolding Vegeta for letting the enemy ruin the building.


Bulma yells.

Vegeta gets on his knee's and begins to apologize. "I- I'm sorry Bulma. It'll never happen again."

Kaitana leans towards Tsuno's ear. "I uhm... I think I know who wears the pants in this relationship."

Tsuno looks at Kaitana with a blank stare. "To think the king of saiyans is nothing in front of the queen."

"Yeah... No kidding" Sachi adds in.

The Tyrants mood changes as soon as she sees the trio.

"Ooo, hello there! Goku already told me everything." Bulma says as she tosses Tsuno a few capsules.

Tsuno catches a few capsules in his hand. He opens his mouth to ask what they are but Bulma immediately stops him.

"One of them is a few years supply of food. The other ones are for personal hygiene and convience. Now... Ta-"

Vegeta falls to his knees to apologize even more. "BULMA I'M SORRY! PLEAAASEEE FORGIVE ME!"

Tsuno waves an awkward goodbye as he slowly walks away from the soon to be grotesque and closes the door. He turns around and motions Kaitana and Sachi toward the space ship.

Kaitana leans in on Tsuno's ear to whisper. "So... What hap-"

Tsuno puts a hand over Kaitana's mouth. "Don't ask. Vegeta might be dead when we return"

Sachi and Kaitana both nod in agreement as they board the spaceship. The beeps and boops of the technology confuses them all. Sonya turns into human form flaunt her unending arrogance.

"It is I! Sonya the God of Insanity! Here to teach you peons a lesson! I sha-" Sonya is interrupted be Sachi.

"Can... You... PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!" Sachi yells at the top of her voice.

Tsuno backs up behind Kaitana in fear as Sachi puffs her cheeks.

"Just get the damn thing rolling" Sachi demands.

Sonya gets to pressing and button pushing while the gang looks at the gigantic keyboard mesmerized.

She cracks her knuckles in trumph as she sticks her tongue out. "I'VE DONE IT! I AM UNBE-"

"I wanna press the button!" Kaitana interrupts as she presses the button.

"KAITANA WHAT THE HELL!" Tsuno yells at Kaitana.


4... 3...

Everyone begins to run around like headless chickens. Tsuno loses his calm and collected composure and freaks out.

Sonya being the sadist she is feels nothing but joy and thrill from being shot into perpetual nothingness.

Sonya begins to hug herself erotically. "Oh th- th- this RUSH! IT IS BEYOND EXHILARATING!"

Kaitana laughs at the sight of everyone losing their minds all due to her actions. Tsuno faints, Sachi runs around screaming, Kaitana dies of laughter while Sonya is... having the best time of her life?

To think this is the group that just might save the universe...

This is pretty much the true start to the story. The plans for this fanfic are HUGE so stay tuned for amazing character development and story