When Goku woke up this time, there was an annoying beeping noise next to his left ear. Mumbling something, he tried swinging at whatever was making it without hurting himself this time. No matter which way his arm went, the beeping wouldn't stop. If anything, it beeped faster the angrier he got!

"C-Cut it out..." He mumbled again, louder this time. There was a sharp pain somewhere in the back of his head and sleeping it off always worked to fix that. The more time passed, though, Goku was convinced that wouldn't happen. Didn't help he still tasted Grimm in his mouth.

So he decided to wake up, yawning and rubbing his eyes open. The bed and pillow weren't anywhere close as comfy as the boss' ones. It was really white too. Floor, ceiling, curtains, making honestly weird to look at. There was a window too and through it, Goku could see the town.

Before he could hop out his bed though, something itchy on his chest bothered him. Pulling the big cover off, Goku noticed his clothes were missing! Instead of the gi, there was a big shirt going all the way to his knees. No pants either.

"Aw man? Who took my clothes?!" Goku grumbled, spotting some weird blue thing with a wire sticking on his chest. He ripped it off and the beeping noise changed to a buzzing one. Ignoring it, he jumped out of the bed, taking a few steps to see if everything was all there. "Guess its just my head hurtin'."

A trip around the room to find his clothes and more importantly, Nyoibo and Grampa came next. It didn't take long, a short walk from his bed was a tiny closet where someone put his stuff in. With a big relief, Goku opened up the pouch and found Grampa inside, looking fine. Not even the fall dented or broke him a bit!

"Phew! I was worried there fer a second!"

"Lad! What are you doing out of bed?" A familiar voice shouted from behind. Turning around to the doorway, Goku smiled when he saw the Doc who helped Mutt standing there.

"Heya Doc!" He waved at the man walking up to him, he looked kinda mad.

"Lad, you took a horrible fall! You shouldn't be out of bed!"

"I was tryin' t'sleep but that annoying thing kept bugging me." Goku pointed at the thing where the wire hooked to his chest used to be. "It's still annoying me now."

Doc sighed and took off some funny looking things around his eyes to rub them. "Goku, that thing is there to help me see if your heart is alright! When it flatlined I rushed over here to stop you from dying!"

"Ooohhhhh..." Goku said rubbing the back of his head. "So that's what its for..."

"Yes, now please, come back to bed," With Doc's hand on his back, Goku went back to the bed with Doc adjusting the thing watching his heart. "There, now, don't remove it until I say, alright?"

"Sure thing!"

"Good, we've still got some tests to run, once we know for sure you're alright, we'll be able to let you go."

"Do I hafta? I feel pretty okay! Except my head bein' a little sore."

"Yes you do," Doc said with the same kind of voice Grampa did when he wanted Goku to listen. "Though you appear fine from the examinations we've taken, I want to keep you at least until tomorrow to be absolutely sure you're alright. Unexpected complications with health aren't uncommon."

"How long have I been here?"

"A little over a day and a half, Nariyoshi and Bai both brought you here after the fall."

"Big Bald help me out too?" Goku's eyes widened. "Where is he? An pops?"

"Uhh..." Doc looked kinda nervous. "Bai... had to leave town. Nariyoshi visited you yesterday, he was pretty worried about you hadn't woken up yet."

"Well, I do sleep tight," Goku laughed, rubbing the back of his head again. "Wait, you said lotsa folks would be mad if I got hurt? But I don't know that many people."

Doc's face relaxed when he smiled. "True but a lot of people owe you their lives. Your help in bringing down the Nevermore bought us a lot of time to save the town. You've become sort of a... celebrity around here."

"What's a celebity?"

"Famous, someone everyone knows about."


Something buzzed from inside Doc's big white shirt. His smile was gone when he looked at a small, black box outta his pocket. "Listen Goku I need to check on another patient. Stay put and I'll make sure someone contacts Nariyoshi that you've woken up, alright?"

"Sure! And can I get something t'eat? I'm real hungry and I can still taste Grimm in my mouth."

Doc stopped to look at him with another one of those funny looks before nodding and rushing out the door. A while later, someone else showed up, it was a girl wearing blue pants and a long shirt. More important was her bringing food. It was on one of those tray things the boss' people around the house had. After thanking her, Goku couldn't wait to chow down.

It was awful. Something that might've been a chicken was there with bits of other meat and fruit. If anyone asked Goku what the worst food he'd eaten was, this would win. But it was the kind of bad food that got the horrible taste of Grimm out of his mouth so he couldn't complain too much.

After the nurse came back to take the tray away, Goku got bored fast. Doc told him not to leave his bed and he didn't want to make him mad. Would push-ups on the bed count as still being on it? Or would he have to cover himself up first then start? But then he figured, what if the wire thing fell off and Doc got scared he died again?

While he wondered about this, there was a knock on the door before it whooshed open. Goku couldn't help grinning like an idiot when he saw who it was.

"POPS! You're here!" He almost jumped out before remembering to stay put.

Nariyoshi smiled, holding a big bowl of noodles in his hand. Suddenly, Goku was hungry all over again. "Of course. I couldn't well let my savior stay bored here or hungry."

His hands were on the bowl the second it got close enough and boy did the smell of them feel great when he peeled off some shiny stuff off the top. "Mmmmm, thanks!"

"He's got quite the appetite," A new voice said from behind the old man and just before he could chow down, Goku noticed somebody coming in with him.

He was a tall guy, not as big as Big Bald but tall anyway. Leaner. He had a white shirt with sleeves going to his elbows and black pants. Some red thing was hanging off his back. His hair was black and spiky but not as long as Goku's. There was some shiny stuff around his fingers and neck. Besides him smelling like some gross stuff Grampa used to drink, the biggest thing Goku noticed about him was a big, sharp looking knife hanging on the back of his waist.

"Yes he does," Nariyoshi laughed. "Goku, this is Qrow Branwen, one of the Huntsmen who arrived to save the city from the Grimm."

"Hiya! I'm Son Goku!" He said through a mouth full of noodles. Then he remembered that might be rude but this Qrow guy didn't seem to mind.

"I know, I've heard a lot of stories about you. From mister Wok here and around town. You've gotten pretty famous."

"Yeah," Goku answered with another mouthful before swallowing it down. "Doc told me that too. Are the monsters all gone now? What happened to the big bird one?"

"Bird went down after you cut off its wing. Good thing you did too, took out a lot of em and bought us time to save this place."

"That's good, I saw what those monsters do t'folks. They're real jerks."

Qrow chuckled a little before looking around the room. "I also heard about how you did it too. A staff right, that can grow long?"

"Yup! It's called Nyoibo, it's a gift from my Grampa! He gave it t'me before he died!"

"You mind if I see it? It sounds like a pretty cool piece of work."

"Oh yeah! It's the best! It's right there in that closet, next to my Grampa!"

Qrow almost gave him a funny look then walked over to Goku's stuff. When he took Nyoibo in his hand, Goku noticed how funny it looked in the hands of someone a whole lot bigger than him. The Huntsmen looked it over, carefully handling it.

"How do you make it grow longer?"

"Oh that's easy, I just shout EXTEND!"

Suddenly, the staff did that rushing over to the wall where the door was and smashing right into it. There was a big dent there now. Qrow and Nariyoshi stared at it while Goku laughed a little awkwardly. "Uuhhh, oops?"

"Oh dear," Nariyoshi shook his head, looking kind of sad. "I'll speak to the doctor about fixing this."

"Don't worry about mister Wok, I'll handle that. I'm the one who poked around with it anyway," Qrow pulled it out, looking it over again real careful. "How do you make it shrink?"

"I shout retract."

Nyoibo went back to normal. For the third time, Qrow looked it over, then hummed something. "You said your Grampa got you this? What was his name?"

"Son Gohan, he was a big deal martial artist back in his day. Least, that's what he told me."

Qrow nodded then put Nyoibo back in the closet with the rest of the things. "That's a pretty sweet piece of weaponry you got there, kid. And you clearly know how to use it, I'm guessing your Grampa taught you that too."

"Mhm," Goku answered through another mouthful of noodles.

"But did he teach you about Aura? Or Semblances?"

He stopped to think about it for a sick, swallowing the noodles before answering. "No, but I heard about Huntsmen havin' powers and stuff. It sounds pretty cool, do you have one?"

Qrow's smile but a little crookedly. "Sure, I got it. So does everyone who learns how to fight Grimm for real. In fact, I'm a teacher myself."

Goku's eyes widened. "Woah! Really?" Qrow nodded. "So can you teach me how ta fight em better? I've killed lots already but they're tough."

This time the Huntsmen's smile didn't look crooked. "That's the reason I came here, actually. I haven't seen you in action myself but a guy like you doesn't make a reputation over nothing. With a few more years of training, I think you could go places, kid. Maybe one day be as good as me."

"So yer like one of the best?"

"Well, not to toot my own horn, but yeah, I am."

"Awesome!" Goku finished the bowl and put it down on the bed. "When can we start?"

"Slow down, Son," Nariyoshi said from his right, gently putting him back down. "You've still got to rest from your fall and mister Branwen has more to say about this offer."

"Mister Wok is right. You wouldn't be able to stay here for one, the place where you'd train would be a ways off but I got some friends who're willing to help you out there. You've also got to sort out some paperwork. Officially, you don't exist kid."

"Huh?" Goku poked his own belly. "But I feel like I do..."

That got a laugh out of both of them, but not the mean kind. "He means you need to sort out some papers so people can know how old you are or if you have any illness or condition they should know about."

"Ohhh... How do I make that?"

"Like I said, I've got people to sort that out. You'll need a guardian too, since you don't have any other family I'm guessing you'll have to live with someone who'll take care of you."

"Aw you don't need t'do that! I've been livin' by myself for a while now! Eating, hunting, sleeping! Grampa made sure I could fend for myself."

"I'm glad he did, it'll make a lot of your training later a lot easier, believe me. But the rules say you need a grown-up looking after you and I can't bend them for anyone," Qrow smiled a little, but not at Goku, at Nariyoshi. "Luckily, I think you've got someone interested."

Goku blinked then look at pops. "You wanna be my grown up?"

"I know we aren't well acquainted but the place mister Branwen here is talking about is where I happen to be going. For a fresh start to get away from," He looked a little sour all of a sudden. "This city and some of the people here. I'd need your help around the restaurant I'm planning to open from time to time though."

"You sure? I might just eat the whole place!" Goku joked getting another laugh out of both of them. But his was the first to die down. He remembered something. "But... I don't know if I can... My house is out there and I wanna go back, somebody promised t'help me but they're gone..."

"We can figure that out too," Qrow said like it was the easiest thing in the world. It reminded Goku of boss. "Who says you can't stay with mister Wok for a while? When we figure out where your home is and you're grown up, you can go there and do what you want."

Goku stopped to think about that. It made sense. It was what the boss basically promised him too. And this way, he could eat lots of noodles and learn how to fight better. Maybe even get to fight Qrow too...

"What do I hafta do?"

Kuchinashi General Hospital Roof

Qrow took a while inspecting the top of the building, making sure no one was within earshot. He needed privacy for this conversation. The midday breeze was pleasant enough for him, even if there was still the stench of smoke in the air.

Kuchinashi, which he could see all around him from up the four-story building, was a mess. Homes and business' wrecked, people from every class of life killed and the local underworld practically annihilated in a single explosion that set the whole damn mess off.

Not that Mistral's government would care about that last part. If anything, this and Kuroyuri being attacked by Grimm so close to one another would probably get some bureaucrats moving up in the world. Once word got out about Kuroyuri, Mistral put itself on high alert on the possibility one of their own cities would get attacked. It was what let them respond so quickly and prevent another disaster from happening.

Below him, Qrow could see plenty of troops from the army moving around, helping to keep the order or clean the mess up. Hei Xiong must've been rolling in his fiery grave if he could see it. His own turf was about to become more closely tied to the central government than ever before now. For an ex-guerilla turned mob boss, there was no bigger insult.

And if it was true Atlas' stolen bombs were behind Xiong blowing him whole operation here up was true. As some preliminary reports between the Mistral and Atlas armies were speculating it might be from what they found in the wreckage, his sister and son were in for a bad time too. Jacques Schnee wouldn't let that humiliation lie down.

But there was other stuff to worry about first. Like reporting to Ozpin back at Beacon. Taking his Scroll out, Qrow activated a special microdevice planted inside, connecting it to a subnetwork away from the public CCTS setup years ago for talks just like this one.

In a few seconds, Qrow saw his boss' face on the monitor. "How ya doing Oz?"

"Peaceful as usual, Qrow," Ozpin answered in his usual, formal tone. "I assume you've spoken to the boy. Initial thoughts?"

"Kids as dumb as a bag of bricks and a little weird too. But, he's got a good heart," Qrow couldn't help but smile. "Reminds me of someone I know back home."

"I take it he's interested in our offer?"

"He likes fighting, his eyes practically popped out of his head when I told him he could do it even better. Nariyoshi wants to be his guardian too, kid doesn't mind that either."

Ozpin nodded, then frowned, his voice dropping a little. "And... the staff?"

Qrow's own smile vanished too. "It's magic. No doubt about it. I looked it over three times and saw how it works with my own eyes. There're no mechanisms like an ordinary weapon, no Dust either. So, unless I'm crazier or drunker than I've ever been before, its one hundred percent magic."

If it was possible, the headmaster managed to look even grimmer. "I'll need to inspect it for myself. Magic items do not simply appear, as you know. Certainly not like this."

"Wok's moving his operations in a few weeks. I've already told im we'll help out on that end, you can meet with Goku then. In the meantime, I'll stick around, see what else I can find out and... make sure nobody else gets any wise-ass ideas about the kid."

"Have you seen anyone who might be?"

"No," Qrow admitted, reaching for the flask in his other pocket. "But from what I heard, the kid already got mixed up with Hei Xiong's crew a few days before it all went boom. He's got the cunning of a rock and I don't think it's smart to leave em alone. Not until he's in Mistral itself where Leo can keep an eye on him for us."

"A wise decision," Ozpin said a little dryly when Qrow to a few mouthfuls of whiskey. Them his old grimness was back. "Stay sharp Qrow, if what you've told me is true, Son Goku may find himself embroiled in matters beyond his understanding."

"Wouldn't be the first guy to be in that position."

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