In an undisclosed location in the Nevada desert, there laid a small cave blocked off from the outside world, holding inside of it a special item stolen by the Rippers. No one had discovered this remote location, not even by accident, leaving the contents inside unseen by the outside world.

A group of four now, now calling themselves Rocket Power, received the location to this technology, seeking to use it to create their own hoverboards once again. After setting up numerous explosions around the entrance of the cave, Sam prepared to blast open the cave and discover the contents inside.

"Okay, this is going to be loud, are you guys ready?" Sam asked.

"Ready as we'll ever be, Squid, just blow it!" Otto said.

Complying with Otto's request, Sam activated the trigger on the explosives, blasting open the entrance to the cave. With the surrounding rubble and rock beginning to fall and tumble, the entrance to the cave opened up, the treasure inside ready to be taken by the group.

Rocket Power, heading inside the cave, all pulled out various flashlights, shedding illumination in the room to explore it in full.

"So, what do you think this stuff that the Rippers built their boards with is? Some kind of secret Cold War project?" Otto asked.

"Yeah, right, something like that shouldn't have existed then, let alone still work from the 60's. It's gotta be some kind of secret government project." Reggie said.

"Isn't that the same as my theory?"

"No, you said 'Cold War', meaning it was made in the 60's. My theory was 'some kind of government project' in present tense, as in, it's something new."

"That's really not much different."

"What? Yes, it is, do you have any idea how many new technological things came out since the 60's?"

"Like what?"

"Well... I don't know any specific ones right this second, but there's been a lot, trust me."

"What if this thing's from the future, or maybe outer space?" Twister asked.

Upon hearing his unlikely suggestion about the origin of the unknown technology, Otto and Reggie turned to Twister with unimpressed looks towards his ideas.

"Twist, do you have any idea how unlikely either of those sound?" Otto asked.

"Yeah, Twister, how likely is it going to be that it's an alien spaceship or something like that?" Reggie said.

"Well... it could happen." Twister said.

"Okay, guys, focus now. I think we're getting close." Sam said.

Just as he finished his sentence, Sam walked head-first into a large, unknown object, something that obviously would not normally be in a cave. Upon stepping back, shining sufficient light on it, Sam was unable to distinguish what the object was, never having seen anything like it before.

The object was a red metal enclosure that strongly resembled a ship, with a large glass front, one seat, and several spikes out of the back. On the left side was a strange symbol: A small circle with two angled lines over the top, vaguely resembling a head of a bug of some kind.

Rocket Power, never having seen anything like the sight before their eyes, all stared at the strange object in shock.

"Dude... what the hell is that?" Otto asked.

"That, is an alien spaceship." A voice said.

The team all turned to the sound of the voice, all meeting with a man they had never before met. The man was tall and slender, wearing a trench coat, his hair slicked into a blade-like form, with an unusually large head.

"Who the hell are you?" Otto asked.

"My name's Dib Membrane. My father is the owner of Membrane Laboratories. That right there is our property, a ship belonging to an alien named 'Tak', a member of the Irken race. I came down here to find it, only to find that a few individuals got the idea to turn it into anti-gravity gear. Choosing skateboards was a bit of a funny choice, but, hey, if it works, it works." The man said.

"So, what do you want?"

"It seems that these Irkens have gotten themselves an eye for this planet. In response, I'm looking for people like you to help save this world from these invaders. Are you in?"

The group all stopped to contemplate Dib's offer, pondering whether they should align themselves with this stranger or not.

"Dude, I told you this thing was from space." Twister said.

Author's note: All dialogue in brackets [like this] represents when the characters are speaking in Spanish.

Somewhere on the beaches of Mexico, a young woman strolled by on the sand, taking in the sights and pleasures of the ocean; feeling the ocean breeze lightly caressing her face and the salty wind leaving its taste in her mouth.

While enjoying the sights and sensations of the beach, this young woman noticed something peculiar on the beach, the object appearing just out of the corner of her eye. Upon giving further attention to this foreign object, the young woman soon realized that the strange object she was looking at was a human body, not able to discern whether it was alive or dead.

Showing concern for this stranger, the woman immediately rushed to aid whoever the person was, hoping that they were still alive. Little did she know, however, was that this was the absolute last person on Earth anyone would want alive.

"[Oh, my god, are you alright? Please say something!]" The woman called.

Acting unexpectedly, the body grabbed the woman by the throat and pulled her face to his own seaweed-covered face, expressing extreme anger and pain through his bloodshot eyes. After the seaweed fell from his face, the stranger was revealed to be Lars Rodriguez, still alive and as well as he could be.

Finally managing to retain as much of his consciousness as he could, Lars finally answered the woman's question.





In a house resting in the small town of Plainville, Minnedakota, two children scurry about a particular room of the house, seeking out information about its previous owner.

One child is an adventurous young girl named Carolina, better known as Carol, the other an Autistic, comic-book loving boy named Carlos. While Carol was more than eager to explore the room, Carlos was not at all pleased to be inside the room.

Carlos, disapproving of Carol's antics, gave a disagreeing grunt.

"I know mama said not to be in here, but I'm just far too interested to know about this 'Rudy Tabootie' person. They say he disappeared a long time ago, and no one ever found him." Carol said.

Carlos gave an indifferent grunt, showing he did not care about the mystery of this 'Rudy Tabootie' person.

"Come on, Carlos, this is the same person who wrote those vampire comics you like. Don't you wanna see who he was? Maybe you could find something to add to your collection, like some artwork or an unfinished issue. Wouldn't you like that?" Carol asked.

Upon hearing the promise of unfinished comic work to add to his collection, Carlos' position of defiance quickly changed to an instant agreement.

"Well, come on, then, help me look around." Carol said.

Carlos began looking around the room with his sister, hoping to find more information about this strange 'Rudy Tabootie' character, and some of his unpublished works.

After looking underneath the bed, however, Carlos found something peculiar that seemed like it didn't belong in any comic book writer's room: a stick of chalk.

Reaching under the bed and grasping the chalk in his hand, Carlos pulled out the stick of chalk, examining it carefully.

"Carlos, what are you doing? It's just a piece of chalk." Carol said.

Carlos began moving the chalk in the air, signalling that he wanted to start drawing with it.

"Carlos, we don't have time for this. We can't stay up too long, or mama will know we were snooping around here." Carol said.

Carlos let out a frustrated grunt and continued moving his chalk in the air, flapping his other hand, insisting that he receive a board to draw on.

"Okay, okay, fine, let me find you something to draw on." Carol said.

After looking around the room for a chalkboard to draw on, Carol found one knocked onto the floor, placing it back up for Carlos to draw on. With the chalkboard placed upright, Carlos immediately walked up and began to draw on it, letting out the urge to draw.

"You really pick the worst times to draw, Carlos. That reminds me of the one time you wanted to draw in the middle of that Reptar movie and nearly got us thrown out-" Carol began to say.

Before Carol could finish her sentence, she noticed a beam of light coming from Carlos' direction, not knowing what the source of the light was. Upon looking towards the source of the light, Carol saw that the light was coming from the chalkboard itself, much to her surprise. Carlos, equally as surprised, immediately stopped in his tracks, looking at the light in surprise, hopping up and down and shaking his hands.

"Carlos... What did you do?" Carol asked.

Carlos let out an 'I don't know' grunt, shaking his head as he did so.

"Well, how did it happen?" Carol asked.

Carlos waved his chalk into the air, pretending to draw with it, then pointed to the light.

"So it just came out when you were drawing?" Carol asked.

Carlos nodded.

"Well, what do we do now?" Carol asked.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Carlos began to draw a circle on the board, more light beginning to appear from the lines drawn.

Upon completing the circle, a huge burst of light was let into the room, nearly blinding Carlos and forcing him to step back to recover from his sensory overload. Upon finally composing himself, Carlos put on his sunglasses and reapproached the chalkboard, finding a new sight that he never would have expected to see before, with Carol looking upon the strange sight within the chalkboard in surprise as well.

"Carlos... we are in so much trouble." Carol said.



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