A girl walked down a pitch black street surrounded by abandoned houses. Dim, flickering lights lined the streets, barely illuminating anything. It looked exactly like a scene in a horror movie. The girl had gotten over being cautious in this abandoned town, she was used to it. She is what you you would call an outcast, not accepted by anyone for her strange looks. She has hair as white as snow and swirling black eyes that if you stared into for a long time, would make you forget everything around you, including your own name.

The girl approached a broken playground, her knife glistening in the moonlight.

This was her place.


Three boys and two girls were walking through an abandoned street, on a quest to find a demigod. The satyr, Grover, had caught the scent of her in an abandoned town. "This demigods scent is strong, like big three strong," Grover exclaimed. The boy with sea green eyes smirked. "Of course they break the oath again," He, Percy, said. "Percy you know that you shouldn't annoy the Gods," The blonde girl, Annabeth, said. "Since when does Seaweed Brain care about annoying the Gods? It's the only thing he is good at," The raven haired girl, Thalia, retorted, saving her cousin from the wrath of Annabeth.

"Shut up!" Said an extremely annoyed boy, Nico. That's when Grover pointed to a girl in a black cloak, covering her hair and eyes. She was playing with knives. She looked menacing, even with though they could only see the side of her. They gulped and went up to her. "What are you doing here? No one comes here," The white haired girl hissed. They swore that her eyes flickered crystal blue for a moment. "Look, we need you to come with us," Annabeth said.

The girl shot up and held a knife up to Annabeth's throat. "I will not take orders from you, thank you very much. Now I suppose you leave me alone," The girl hissed again. Percy stepped forward, trying to help Annabeth. That's when they heard a massive roar. It had come from the huge forest on the border of the town. Thalia cursed, "Minotaur," she said. The white haired girl looked confused, she knew her Greek mythology. Percy whipped out Riptide, Annabeth pulled out her dagger, Nico pulled out his sword, Thalia with her spear and Aegis and Grover and his pipes.

This massive bull thing, Minotaur, came out of the forest, looking at the white haired girl. She threw one of her hunting knives at its chest. It roared and charged at her, knocking her out as she flew back at least fifty meters. Percy and Nico swung at it, stabbing its chest. Thalia shocked it with her spear, while Grover played a tune, making vines come out of the ground, wrapping around the Minotaur's feet. Annabeth lunged with her dagger, killing it, making gold dust fall to the floor. Percy smiled at Annabeth, before remembering the girl.

He rushed over to the girls side, only now he was taking in her appearance. She had white hair, but not a blonde white, a snowy white. She had a scar that went through her left eye, blood matted in her hair, she looks like she has an Italian heritage. Thalia and the others came over, Percy picked her up and Nico shadow travelled them to camp.


When they arrived back at camp, Percy carried the girl to the Big House to see Chiron. "This is the demigod girl you went after?" Chiron asked. Percy nodded. "Take her to the infirmary, she needs immediate medical attention." Chiron said. Percy carried her off to the infirmary, receiving confused glances from campers. The five that went to retrieve the girl were already waiting there, ambrosia and nectar in hand. Percy set her down on a bed, feeding her some ambrosia. The girl began to stir before she opened her eyes.

Her eyes were a deep swirling black that looked like it wanted to swallow you. "Where am I," she asked. "Camp Half-Blood," Chiron said as he trotted in. "My name is Chiron, what would your name be?" The girl didn't seem to be freaking out about a centaur, which is a good start. The girl seemed hesitant before saying, "Thalassa, Thalassa Di Angelo-Levesque. Who are you guys?" She pointed to the five demigods. Nico looked like he could faint at any second.

"I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon."

"I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena."

"My name is Grover Underwood, I'm a satyr."

"Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus."

"N-Nico D-Di Angelo, son of Hades."

"Your my younger sister?" Nico asked. "Yeah, I think so. I kept getting dreams about you, a girl called Bianca and another girl named Hazel. I don't know what it means but I'm sure I'll figure it out later. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going for a walk." Thalassa said, before walking out of the infirmary.

"But she also has the last name 'Levesque'. Does that mean her sister is Hazel?" Annabeth asked, but more to herself. "Only one way to find out, we contact Hazel, Piper, Jason, Frank and Leo. They said they were coming for a visit anyway." Percy said, flipping a drachma in his hand. He left to IM them. Nico looked like he does after he shadow travels, faint. "I had heard about her, she is the daughter of my mother and Hazel's stepfather. I didn't think it was real, I had a dream about it-" Nico was cut off by a pained scream.


Thalassa had to get out of there. First of all, she just found out Greek mythology was real. Secondly, there was a centaur. Thirdly, the boy and two girls she had dreams of are apparently somehow related to her. She was walking through the camp, looking at the ocean. It felt like it was trying to pull her to it. Thalassa didn't notice the big, bulky, Ares kid behind her. A sharp pain erupted in the middle of her back. She let out a painful scream, causing the five and Chiron to follow the scream.

Thalassa looked behind her, only to see the Ares kid. He was carrying a massive bucket of water. "You know what we do to new campers?" He asked. Thalassa shrugged. "Don't know, don't care. Can you move!" That's when the Ares kid threw the bucket of water at her. It was like slow motion. The water was coming at her so she lifted up her hands to prevent herself becoming wet, but instead the water turning to ice. "What the..." Thalassa trailed off. Everyone stared at her like she was a monster.

The Ares kid tried to attack Thalassa again, but was held back by a girl. The girl came up to her. "I'm sorry about my brother. I'm impressed. My name is Clarisse La Rue." Clarisse held out her hand. "Thalassa Di Angelo-Levesque. Sorry, my names a mouthful to say." Thalassa said whilst shaking her hand. Clarisse swung an arm around Thalassa's shoulder, she tensed, then easing into it. "I can see we are going to get along, Snow." Thalassa smiled at the nickname. "Yep, we sure will." She said, before walking away with Clarisse.

Everyone stared shocked. Clarisse was never friendly to anyone.

Well, things change.