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After the gods flashed in, and Chaos was not-so-secretly watching from other side of the room in the shadows. Talk about creepy.

Dove stepped up.

"I worked as a spy during the Titan War for Kronos. He wanted to hurt the people I loved so I had no choice. I regret my decisions. I might have been the daughter of the love goddess, but I wasn't girly and acted as if I was weak." She removed her hood. "My name is Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite."

Clarisse let open the floodgates. Her first ever best friend was standing in front of her. She was crying so much, but no one seemed to care. She rushed over and embraced her friend, while Aphrodite was hurrying over to do the same.

Copper stepped up and grabbed Dove's hand.

"I died helping in the Titan War. I helped a hero take down enemies without them suspecting and died during the mission. After I died, I was reunited with my girlfriend in Elysium. I don't blame you for my death, Percy." He removed his hood. "Charles Beckendorf, son of Hephaestus."

Percy gave Beckendorf a hug, apologizing that he couldn't save him. But the leader just waved it off. He saw Hephaestus give him a fatherly look that made him feel happier. He smiled at his dad.

Starz spoke up.

"I died protecting people on a quest. I was struck down by my father after already being injected by venom by the dragon that guards the Apples of Immortality. I went on the quest knowing I was going to die." She took her hood off. "My name's Zoë Nightshade, Hunter of Artemis."

Artemis burst into tears as she bolted to her original Lieutenant. "Zoë! I missed you so much. And your old English is gone!" "Yeah, Skia taught me," Zoë shrugged it off as if it was nothing.

This Skia must have done a lot, Artemis thought.

Angel stood up. "I died from a stupid but smart idea from a fellow demigod, to destroy Talos. I sacrificed myself, so he didn't have to. My name is Bianca di Angelo, daughter of Hades."

Nico immediately ran up to his sister, tears running down his face, tackling her to the ground. Hades looked like he was about to cry as well, but happy tears. "BIANCA," Percy yelled, running up to Bianca and tackling her after she just stood up. She laughed and hugged him.

Skia smiled unnoticeably. Her best friend and older sister (not by blood) had feelings for each other. Gods, anyone smart enough could figure it out.

Beta cleared his throat.

"I betrayed Olympus as I thought the gods didn't care about any of us demigods. I still kinda feel the same. I apologised to someone I kept trying to kill, and to my father. I died a Hero of Olympus." Beta removed his hood. "Luke Castellan, son of Hermes."

The room fell silent. They only sounds being from Hermes crying and Percy shedding a few tears. Percy, Thalia and Hermes made their way over to him. Hermes hugged him and cried into his shoulder. Then Percy and Thalia joined the hug.

Annabeth wanted to but stopped at a glare from Skia.

"How are you here all?" Hermes asked. "Chaos is able to bring us back if we join his army, so we said yes. All of us have died, and been reborn for the army," Skia explained. Hades nodded in understanding.

"And who are you?" Athena asked rudely. She was pointing at Skia.

"Well, my name is Commander Skia, Assassin of Chaos. I would say it's a pleasure to be here, but it's really not-" She was cut off by a cold laugh, but not as cold as Skia's.

"Sister dearest, why don't you tell them who you really are? Scared?" Said a woman radiating darkness. She had black hair and cruel black eyes.

"Nyx, don't 'sister' me. You betrayed CHAOS AND ME," Skia yelled.

"You can still join the winning side."

"I can't join the side I'm already on."

"But I know you want revenge, lots of it. I know you want to kill every camper and god here right now."

Nyx had struck a good deal. Skia tried to ignore how good the deal sounded. Beta stiffened. He knew how much she wanted revenge and death against those who destroyed her.

Skia shook herself out of her daze. "I can't do that to Chaos, to Beta. I love them too much."

"Love will be your downfall, sister. You have lived without it your whole life. Look I'm sorry but," she motioned for someone else to come forward and removed Skia's hood, "it had to be done."

Once the hood was removed, all Skia saw was rage. The only thing different was the hair colour she dyed the night before. The other person, who happened to be Erebus, held a knife to Beta's throat.

"Look, you come with us or we kill him and all the leaders," he said. Skia looked between Nyx and Beta and sighed.

"Fine, I'll come with you, but you leave everyone alone. Swear it on Chaos."

"We swear on Chaos."

The knife was removed from his throat. "I'll meet you outside, give me 5 minutes, I swear on the Styx," thunder rumbled above at her oath. They nodded and walked outside. Beta, the leaders and Chaos crowded her.

"Look, I'll be fine." She ignored their protests and crushed her lips to Beta's.

The first time she ever openly shared affection with him. He immediately kissed back, gripping her hair. She gripped his neck and he deepened the kiss. Tears came from the Commander, she couldn't hold them back any longer.

He tasted her salty tears that reached her lips. Her red hair was now messed up, but she didn't care.

"Shh, Skia. I love you," Beta said, pulling away and hugging her. She hugged back, but the tears didn't stop.

"I love you too. I have some 'siblings' to deal with." Skia said. She reluctantly let go of Beta and looked at Chaos.

"Skia-" "Don't talk to me. It's your fault I'm on Earth to start with. Now your children are taking me away because I didn't want them to hurt you lot." Skia's eyes turned crystal blue.

"Commander, I never meant for this to happen. You should know-"

"Look, I loved Nyx, Erebus and Order like the siblings I never had. Now they have turned on me and I pay the price. To love is to destroy." (guess where that came from)

Skia cut Chaos off again. He shouldn't do this to me, she thought, I thought he was my brother.

She turned to her boyfriend. "Look, I have to go. Promise me this, if I lose to myself, you won't mourn a day, and you'll move on to someone else," Skia said. (Guess that reference)

Beta looked conflicted. "No promises," he whispered, hugging her again.

She made her way out of the arena without a glance back.


Now, being tied up sucked.

Being tied up by the people who you thought you trusted sucked even more.

"Why won't you spill any information?" Erebus said, clearly annoyed.

"Torturing for information isn't nice," Skia taunted as strong as she could. She was immortal; therefore, it wouldn't kill her. But it would leave permanently damage.

"Sister, we need the information," Nyx walked in, brandishing a ball of yellow energy.

"I'm not your sister."

Nyx laughed. "Whatever you say. Now the other…techniques weren't working, obviously. So, I have this instead. I have discovered you still have a little sanity left, so I'll change that. How does none sound?"

Skia spat out ichor. "I still won't betray Chaos, or Beta. You can't break me," she hissed.

Erebus' face showed clear anger and annoyance. "You will break, just wait."



Another picture of Skia thrown across the room.


"Go away, Chaos."

Chaos walked through the door to Beta's room.

"Luke Castellan! I'm trying to help you," Chaos was angry that the second in command wasn't listening to him.

"It's your fault that my girlfriend is being tortured by your children! If you had realised that she has been hurting this whole time, we wouldn't be in this situation," Luke was beyond mad.

Copper rushed in.

"I have a location. Beta, let's go."

They left, but not before shooting two glares at Chaos, who shook his head. He was trying to help.


"Why the Hades is she laughing?" Nyx asked, confused.

The golden covered figure continued to laugh. "That's the best you got? Newsflash, my mind is already messed up," Skia stated as if it were obvious.

Nyx brought out the glowing ball again.

"Like I said, I won't hesitate in using this," Nyx spoke clearly.

"Then why haven't you used it yet, huh?"

Nyx growled. "Fine then."

She threw the ball at Skia.

She screamed.

That would surely break her mind.