Beta followed Copper through the Control Room, where dozens of computers were. It made it look like they robbed a tech shop.

"We need to take someone else, Beta," Copper spoke up, staring at the location of the Commander.

"Yeah, but who? I don't want to take Dove, I know she can handle it, but I need her safe. She's like a little sister to me and you would probably kill me if something happened to her," Beta answered, a ghost of a smile played on his lips.

Copper grinned. "Damn right," he joked, "what about Starz, we would only have Artemis on our trail if something happens to her. If we chose Angel, Nico would kill us."

"Yeah, seems okay to me. I'll go get her. Meet me in Skia's room," Beta took charge, walking away. Copper nodded sadly.

He missed Commander Skia.


Starz was in her room, tidying her draws. It's not like she had anything better to do. Her black eyes scanned the final draw.

The one she was hesitant to open.

After a deep breath, Starz opened it. It contained most of the things that Skia owned, things she left behind in Starz's room when she came in at 12:00 at night.

Skia used to always sleep in the former Hunter of Artemis' room. It made her sleep longer than usual, and she always brought something with her, ranging from weapons to snowflakes that didn't melt. Starz never knew why she brought them.

She shut the draw quickly when she saw Beta rush in, his blonde hair a mess and his blue eyes were dull.

"We have a location on Skia. Follow me," he said, walking out the door. Starz followed him, taking an unmelting snowflake with her.


Copper waited for Beta and Starz. Looking around her room, he felt his heart break. Blood and broken pictures were scattered everywhere. Pictures of Nyx, Erebus and Order were shattered and ripped, blood staining the glass.

"She must have known before we revealed ourselves," Copper realised.

Not too long after, Starz and Beta walked in. Beta's face was emotionless whereas Starz's was full of determination.

"Let's go find our Commander," she said.


"Holy Hephaestus," a Hephaestus kid said. Charles Beckendorf was like royalty to the children of the forge. Everyone was in the Amphitheatre, discussing the Army.

Well, everyone but the gods. The Olympian Gods went back to Olympus, probably to argue and bicker like 3-year-olds.

Percy, Bianca and Nico went down to the lake, near the Poseidon cabin.

"So, your name is Angel now?" Nico smirked. Bianca smiled. "More like a nickname type thing. All us leaders have them, and our units are somewhat similar to our name. Mines Peristeri, translates to Angel," she explained.

"Fancy," Percy added, Bianca felt her face heat up. Nico realised and smirked again. "I'm a bit tired," he lied, "see you guys tomorrow."

He hugged his sister and high fived Percy, then left.

"Bianca. Why'd you do it? Why sacrifice yourself for me?" Percy asked, he has waited for the answer for so long now.

Bianca sighed. "It was my fault Talos came to life in the first place. It was the least I could do. I don't regret a second of it, I would do it again if I had too," she said, looking down. Her face had gotten closer to Percy's without realising. He lifted her chin with his index finger.

"Thank you," he mumbled. She felt his breath on her lips. It was salty like the ocean.

Bianca couldn't help herself. She leaned in and closed the gap between them, pressing her chapped lips against his salty, soft ones. It was a sweet kiss, not rough, not passionate, but just right.

They pulled away for breath. "I've wanted to do that since the Junkyard of the Gods," she admitted.

"I wanted to since I first laid eyes on you," he said softly, wrapping an arm around her waist. She laid her head on his shoulder, and they fell asleep, by the lake next to the Poseidon cabin.


Skia opened her eyes slightly. She was still tied up. Her whole body felt like it had been ripped apart, but the worst was her brain.

Her brain felt like it had been fried by Zeus' lightning bolt. No, her head was fine, just her brain.

It felt like My Chemical Romance was playing in her mind on repeat, on full volume.

Though, there was nothing wrong with My Chemical Romance.

That's until she heard swords clanging. For once, she felt useless, not being able to help. So, she closed her eyes, and tried to ignore the feeling that her mind was melting, dripping down the insides of her head, pooling on the bottom.

Her sanity was gone. She knew it, Nyx knew it, Erebus knew it, Order knew it, and soon enough, so would the whole of Chaos' Army.

Oh, and Clarisse and Percy, her best friends.

She tried not to think about it, but it was hard not to.

She only wished for death to take her.

She wished that Chaos had never saved her on the verge of death.

She wished that Beta would find someone better than her, even though she loved him.

She wished that she died in that fire, surrounded by her snow.

Overall, she just wished that she had never been created in the first place.

And that was what ran through her mind as she fell into darkness.

I wish I was never created.