Honor Huntzberger was 20 years old and had just informed her parents, Shira and Mitchum, that she, their first born and only daughter, was pregnant, which led her to why she was currently sitting on her bed crying as she scribbled furiously into a brand new diary.

I can't believe them. "Get an abortion" my mother shouted that at me after I asked her what she meant by she could take care of it, as if! I can't believe the nerve on that woman. Not that my father was any better, if slightly more controlled, I especially loved the passive aggressive comment about how useful it was that I didn't go to school.

They don't even believe me that I don't know who the father is. It's hardly a secret that I like to get drunk, I'm not even as bad as Logan. When you get drunk you have sex with strangers and you forget about them, I'm done it loads before. Apparently sometimes you get pregnant though.

I'm going to the doctors tomorrow and the adoption agency the next day. Apparently our name is too good to be ruined by such a thing. I am to stay out of the proper society for 9 months, then I am to put the baby straight up for adoption. To be perfectly truthful I don't even mind the plan, even staying out of society for 9 months and I don't really want to raise a baby on my own. Not that that's really an option in my house, I'd have to leave, and then what would I do, I'd have no money, I could hardly get w job, I'd have a baby, no. I don't even like babies, or older children. I'll have to pick a good family though, as much as I don't really want to raise it I do want to protect the baby.

Ok, the family, let's see, maybe an older sibling, I always wanted a sibling way older than me when I was growing up, they'll need money, not lots like my family, maybe access to "the proper society" but not in it. From the little I know about adoption, from watching tv, I'll get to pick the couple, they'll have to be perfect, my mother will just pay a lot of money to the person and get them to find a suitable couple. That is where I will put the foot down, this will be my decision.

The next day Honor went to the doctor, a new doctor out of town, with her mother, he not only confirmed that she was pregnant he was able to tell her that she was 12 weeks pregnant, a fact that she had already figured out, and that she wasn't only pregnant with a baby, but was pregnant with two babies, twins. A fact that seemed to make her mother even more mad at her.

I'm 15 weeks pregnant with twins. Neither of the components of that sentence did my mother like. Her first problem was the 15 weeks part, apparently that is too long without telling your mother. I didn't actually know I was pregnant until 2 weeks ago, and trust me 2 weeks is hardly any time to prep on telling my parents, but I was starting to show so i had no choice. Her second problem, was also my own problem, twins. This is more my problem then hers, though I don't think she sees it that way. I have to be huge with not one but two babies, and it's not secret that child birth is painful, and the stretch marks, I will never be the same. I wonder if they will be identical. No! I don't get to wonder such things. This is really a blessing in disguise for my mother, if there was any chance of me pulling out of the adoption plan before it is gone. You can't have more babies than parents, that's just crazy.

My mother also told me that she has booked us into the adoption place tomorrow, bright and early. Apparently she paid a load of money so that we can shorten the process, to a week and then Mum is sending me to live in some Inn in the middle of no where for the next 6 months. Stars Hallow I think it's called. But I'm not to worry I get a weekly visit, which will just be an absolute joy.

I am slightly worried that I won't find a good family, in the next week, but it's all ok because if I don't I will get files brought to my room until I find some one I like.

The joys of life, and the best bit is I just heard my dad come home an Yep there it is, they want to speak to me. Ha! I almost wrote coming down on the page.

The next day came and went and an exhausted Honor dropped onto her bed and dug out her diary and pen.

Oh my god. That woman is so annoying. "What about this family?" How about no! "I know the name, but not closely enough that I would socialise with them, which is good, that's what we are looking for really." Is it mother? Is that what 'we' are looking for. Ahhhhhh I'm so tired, is it normal to be angry about how tired I am? I don't even care, I'm going to sleep.

The next week flew by for Honor, who was unsuccessful in finding a family that she liked enough, even though she had looked at easily a few hundred families.

Today my mother and family dropped me off at the Independence Inn, under a fake name of course, you can never be too careful. I'm not allowed to talk to anyone longer than is absolutely necessary which is a shame really because the lady behind the desk, the one who runs the place, Lorelai Gilmore. My mother even knew the name, apparently she is friends with her parents, and there was a huge scandal when Lorelai was 16, that's all my mum said.

After my parents left I went for a walk around the town, Stars Hallow, a strange little town, not really to my taste, I like a bit more, but nice enough. I even ate in a diner, mainly out of spite just imagining my mothers face. And my fathers for that matter. It wasn't actually that bad, I liked the food. I was able to sit in the corner and just watch without being noticed. Luke's it was called, not a very creative name as I soon discovered that the owner, or at least I think he is the owner, is called Luke. He seemed nice enough though so I'll let it slide.

20 files were brought to me room of families to look through. Where do they even find these people, how are there so many people wanting to adopt? None of them were right though so I sent them all back. I've been promised 20 more in a few days, so that's something to look forwards to.

All I do here is walk around town, which is not very fun because despite the interesting characters who seem to live in this town it is tiny. I found my self drawn back to Luke's I sat there for ages. Lorelai, the lady who runs the Inn, seems to come by a lot I'm not sure if her and Luke have a thing or not. They flirt all the time and not to sound too soppy or anything but the way they look at each other, it's obvious they are into each other.

The day after the files arrived and then left, Honor was sitting in the diner eating a slice of pie with a cup of tea, when Lorelai came in and grinned to herself before approaching Luke. "Please Luke, please please please!" She said to him.

Luke with a smirk and without looking up asked her, "how many cups have you had this morning?"

"None." Lorelai said quickly.

"Plus." Luke replied, sounding almost bored, like this was a routine.

"5," Lorelai admitted, "but yours is better."

"You have a problem." Luke looked up at her now, still trying to conceal his smirk.

"Yes I do." Lorelai smirked back.

"Junkie!" Luke teased her as he poured her coffee, keeping eye contact. Honor was now struggling not to giggle at their interaction.

"Angel! You've got wings baby!" Lorelai grinned at her causing Luke to smile slightly and watch her walk away even when she had turned, a fact Honor picked up on.

Months went by and every evening Honor would write in her diary about her day and every few days the adoption people would come by to drop off some files to her, she rejected every single one of them.

I feel like a stalker, for some reason I always seem to be watching Lorelai or Luke. Nothing creepy, I hope, I'm just drawn to them, I know a lot about them now.

Lorelai's big scandal at 16 was that she got pregnant and unlike me kept the baby, the baby is now 16 herself, Rory, although there doesn't seem to be a lot of risk of her following in her mothers footsteps, she's a really great kid. Wants to go to Harvard. Started some fancy school in the city this year. Lorelai almost dated her teacher! Really Lorelai is an amazing person.

Luke is called Luke Danes, I think he has a sister in New York. He owns the diner. It used to be his fathers hardware shop, which is why it says Williams hardware out the front. He is a nice guy, especially when Lorelai is around, he worships the ground she walks on.

I wish Lorelai and Luke could adopt the babies. It's stupid I know, they aren't even together, yet anyway, but they are perfect, I need someone just like them to come in one of those stupid files. Lorelai even has the connections without being in too deep. They're perfect.

Honor continued to semi follow Lorelai and Luke around, thankfully neither of them really noticed her. In December when she was 6 months pregnant she finally found out that she was pregnant with twin boys. All she needed to do now was find a family for the boys to live with together. Now that was easier said than done, with how picky she was being, a fact that neither of her parents appreciated. Both had threatened to find a couple themselves, but Honor was insisting that she would find one eventually.

Honor watched Luke and Lorelai as they chatted in the dinner, always laughing, as they spoke to Rory, as they walked down the street. Luke very obviously loved her and her daughter and Lorelai, obviously loved her daughter but it was nearly as obvious that she loved Luke too. Everything she saw she wrote down in her diary.

January came along and on the 12th she gave birth to two baby boys, a little bit early but they were healthy, her parents came to see her to tell her that she would be in the hospital for three days and that she had that long to find parents for them, or else they were doing it for her.

Day one passed, Honor showed little interest in the boys, she didn't want to. She wrote down everything she could in her diary.

Day two passed and that evening she was warned that the next day at 5 her parents would come and take the babies away. That evening Honor wrote in the diary for the very last time. That night she phoned a cab, bribed the driver considerable to let her ride in the back with two babies and no car seats, and took the two boys with her to Stars Hallow. It was almost midnight so the town was dead. She wasn't entirely sure what to do, until she saw the diner that she had spent so much of her time in.

She ripped out the last few pages in her diary that was almost full.

She wrote

Dear Luke,

You don't know who I am and I'm not going to tell you and you won't find out, accept that. Moving on, as you have probably noticed I have left a baby boy in your possession. He is not alone however. He has a twin brother. At Lorelais house, outside it actually, it's quite cold, you should go over there, the two of you need to talk. I appreciate that this is strange and creepy but please know I mean you no harm.

I haven't named them. Do what you think is right, but please make sure they stay together.

Do know that I admire you.

She cringed slightly but it was the best she could come up with and she knew if she thought about it too long she would chicken out and then the boys would go to who ever her parents picked, that she didn't want so she wrote the next letter.

Dear Lorelai,

You don't know who I am and I'm not going to tell you and you won't find out, accept that. Moving on, Luke should have come round with a baby boy to meet you and the baby boy I left off with you. They are twins. I know this seems a bit freaky but I mean no harm.

I haven't name them. Do what you think is right, but please make sure they stay together. What ever you do, please could you and Luke name them before you do it?

Do know that I admire you.

She then rushed to Lorelais house and set a baby on the porch wrapped in a blanket with the note and the diary and hoped that it would be safe until Luke got there which would hopefully be very soon.

With only a moments hesitation she then rushed as fast as she could over to Luke's. Once she got there she slid her hand over the top of the door and found the key she went inside and set the baby and the note down. She then paused and decided the best way to gets Luke's attention would simply be to knock on his door. She decided to do that outside so she could see him coming and get away, back to where she had left the taxi running. She went outside and started banging on the door and the window, after about 30 seconds a light went on above the diner and Luke started to make his at downstairs to see what was going on. Honor took her opportunity and ran back to the taxi, back to the hospital to meet her parents the next morning and tell them that she had gotten the boys adopted, even though she wasn't sure she had, they weren't going to be pleased, but ultimately they didn't care about the babies, as long as they were gone and not causing a scandal, like Lorelai had.