Luke and Lorelai walked back to the cabin arm in arm. "I'm going to go check on the boys and Rory." Lorelai told Luke when they went inside.

"Ok." Luke said giving her a kiss and walking into the living room while she ran upstairs.

"So?" Liz said her smile evident in her voice when Luke sat down.


"That's your family then?" She put a lot of emphasis on the word family.

"Is this going anywhere?"

"Nowhere," Liz said in an almost sing song voice, "the babies are cute."

"I know."

"I'm glad you're happy big brother."

"Thanks Liz."

Lorelai came back down and sat down next to Luke in the living room.

"All ok?" Luke asked her.

"All ok." She confirmed giving him a smile.

An awkward silence fell over the living room that was broken by the sound of the front door slamming shut.

"Jess, come in here a minute." Liz called out to him.

"I'm going to bed." He shouted back and then stormed up the stairs quickly.

"He never listens to me!" She complained loudly to Luke and Lorelai, "no matter what I say, he's never going to listen."

"And do you really think sending him away is going to fix that?" Luke asked.

"What other options do I have? He's not going to school, New York is not the place to be hanging around with a bad crowd Luke."

"You were the one who insisted on moving to New York."

"Maybe you should get over that now luke it was like 15 years ago!" She said starting to raise her voice.

"Don't shout, the babies are sleeping." Luke could see that Lorelai kept shooting her eyes upwards towards where there babies where.

"My point is, if you want him to have any chance in life this is his only shot. In New York he'll fall into the wrong crowd and he'll end up in serious trouble before long, is that what you want for your nephew?"

"Of course not." Luke spat back.

"Good, so we are decided then." Liz smiled.

"No, we are not decided, this isn't really your decision Liz, we already know you want to ship your son away. If he's going to be living with us it's our decision." Luke rolled his eyes.

"Right well decide then." She looked expectantly at them.

"Not right now, you idiot."

Lorelai placed a hand on his knee to calm him down seeing that he was getting really worked up and he looked over at her.

"Calm down," she said in a low voice, "do you want to go to bed now? I'm quite tired."

Luke nodded and even though it was only about 9 thirty they headed up to bed.

They walked the stairs to their room in silence and once they got there Lorelai check the babies were still asleep.

"Im really sorry about her." Luke said as they started getting changed for bed.

"Don't be, its not your fault."

"Well I am." Luke insisted.

Luke got ready for bed before she did so lay down and watched her walk around the room half naked.

"What are you thinking?" He asked her.

"It's pretty normal for babies to fall asleep in one location and wake up in another but if that happened to me I'd be terrified."

Luke smiled, "I meant about Jess."

"I don't know Luke, it's your decision." She said climbing into bed obviously uncomfortable to give her opinion.

"Lorelai it's not just my decision. If this was 7 months ago and I was living above the diner by myself then sure I would have been annoyed with Liz but I probably would have just taken him and done what I could but the situation is different not. They aren't my most immediate family anymore, it's horrible to say but I've got to put you first so if you say no then no."

"Luke I don't even know this kid. He hasn't said two words to me since we've been here. I'm still not sure exactly what sort of trouble he has been in. I don't want to say no and be responsible for him ending up on the streets but at the same time it's a lot you know."

"Yeah I know."

"And we've only just got two new babies really, I know they're almost 7 months old but that is still pretty new especially as we weren't exactly expecting them so we are still adjusting. They're not even sleeping through the night yet. But if you want to do this I will support you."

Luke sighed running a hand through his hair, "it's not just about what I want to do though, that's what I'm trying to say, it's what you want and what Rory wants and what is best for Will and Logan because they are a little young to express what they want."

Lorelai smiled at him, "you are so sweet sometimes, do you know that?"

"I am not sweet." He grumbled back.

Lorelai laughed gently and scooted closer to him so she could kiss him quickly, "you are very sweet." She leaned her head against him, "I'm not going to be the person who stops your nephew from experiencing how wonderful you are. If you want to do this I'm not going to stop you, ok?"

"You know I might behave slightly differently with Jess than with you." He said turning over so that he was pinning her down.

"Oh stop it." She said laughing, "you know what I meant."

Luke rolled to his side and Lorelai laid her head on his chest, "what do you want to do?" She asked him.

"Can I get back to you on that one?"

"Yeah, but don't take forever."

That night was not good for the babies. Especially Logan barely slept and screamed most of the night.

By 6am both babies were awake but neither were crying, "come on, I'm calling it let's just go downstairs get something to eat." Luke said sitting up.

"Sleep." Lorelai said.

"I'll make you coffee." Luke offered.

"Sleep." She replied.

"Ok," Luke said kissing the top of her head, "I'll bring them down get the some breakfast, you get some sleep." He picked Will up first and carried him away but as soon as they reached the door Will looked back and started screaming, "mamamamamamama"

Lorelai groaned and got up, "it's alright mama's boy im here, did mean daddy try to take you away?" She cooed at him as he placed his head against her chest and Luke rolled his eyes and went to get logan.

"Top priority is coffee." She said to Luke as he placed Logan in the high chair next to her chair where she sat with Will bouncing on her knee.

Rory was the first person to come downstairs after them a few hours later and found them still sitting in the kitchen.

"Mum what's wrong with the babies, they were crying so much last night?" Rory asked dropping into a seat and smiling thanks at Luke as he got up to get her some coffee and something to eat.

"I think they're teething, you used to scream all night when you were teething. And it probably doesn't help that they are in an unfamiliar place. I'm going to see if they will go down for a nap soon and if they do I'm having a nap too. They didn't keep you up too much did they?"

"No I was fine I just noticed a couple of times that they were crying. Thanks Luke." She said as Luke paced her breakfast infront of her.

"Lucky you, that was honestly one of the worst nights we've had with them since they were really small. Even now they're fussy, they're not eating properly. They must be tired."

Jess walked into the kitchen and looked like he was going to walk straight through and out the back door.

"Jess," Luke said getting his attention, "do you want some breakfast?"

"Errr," Jess said shoving his hands in his pockets and looking around at the food everyone else was eating, "yeah alright." He said sitting down.

"Ok what do you want?"

"Whatever." He shrugged.

Luke looked at him annoyed, "what does that mean?"

Jess shrugged again.

"How about some pancakes?" Lorelai suggested and Jess nodded.

"See that wasn't too hard was it?" She said drinking more of her third cup of coffee for the day.

"Hey Jess why doesn't your uncle take you out for the day, you can go fishing or something?" Lorelai said after a lull of silence.

"I'm ok." Jess said.

"Come on you can't possible have anything better to do up here and you might even have some fun."

"I'm alright."

"Come on," Lorelai encouraged with a smile, "Luke you want to, right?" She prompted.

"Errrr yeah." Luke said looking back at Lorelai with wide eyes making him look lost.

She shook her head slightly, "see, who could say no to that. Luke what can you even do around here?"

"There's not much really just the lake my dad used to rent a boat and we'd go fishing."

"Ok you can do that then." Lorelai said looking pleased with herself as Luke set down Jess' food and then sat back down himself. Jess didn't look too pleased with the idea but didn't say anything else and started eating his food.

Lorelai yawned and said, "I'm going to try and get them down for a nap now, they are definitely tired."

"Ok I'll help you." Luke said standing up with Logan and heading up stairs.

Once Lorelai and Luke has left Jess turned to Rory and said, "do they always cry that much?"

"You mean last night?" Rory asked him.

"Yeah, I think I got like an hours sleep."

Rory winced, "sorry about that, mum says they're teething or something and it's worse because they aren't used to their environment. But no I think they usually cry a little bit at night but not like that. Mum said it was the worse night they've had with them in ages."

"Do I really have to go fishing with Luke?"

"Yep." Rory grinned, "I'm sure it won't be that bad tho, you might even catch something."

Jess pulled a face and then pulled a book out of his back pocket and started reading it ignoring Rory who started feeling awkward so left to get ready for the day.

Upstairs the twins fought sleep but were tired so soon enough were both paced out in their travel cot.

"I'm so tired," Lorelai moaned falling backwards onto the bed, "is it bad if I just sleep for the whole day?" She snuggled into the covers closing her eyes.

"I'd join you but apparently I'm going fishing." Luke sat down on the bed next to her.

"You need to speak to Jess I thought it would be good to do it away from everyone."

"Why do I need to speak to Jess exactly?"

"Luke! If we are considering him coming to live with us you need to talk to him about it."

"Well I don't think Liz is giving him a lot of choice in the matter."

Lorelai pulled a face, "doesn't matter, you need to speak to him."

"Well run it past me next time before you send me out on any little day trips ok?"

Lorelai giggled, "sorry."

"Yeah yeah," he waved her off, "are you going to get some sleep?" He asked her.

"Yeah I really am tired." She said with a yawn.

"Ok." Luke said giving her a kiss and then closing the door on the way out.

He went downstairs and headed for the kitchen again and found only Liz in there.

"Morning," she smiled at him, "looks like I was the first up."

"Umm no," Luke said looking at the dirty dishes still on the table from everyone else's breakfast, "everyone else is up. You didn't see Rory or Jess then? They were here when I left."

"Nope." She said cheerfully, "where's Lorelai and my nephews?"

"The boys didn't sleep very well last night so we just put them down for an early nap and Lorelai is trying to get some more sleep too."

"Oh well I slept great, I always did when we came up here as kids too, I think there must be something in the air."

"God knows how," Jess said walking in through the back door, "did you not hear those babies screaming?"

"No." Liz said airily and Jess shook his head in annoyance at her.

"Sorry about them Jess," Luke said, "they're teething and they can't sleep so they scream but last night was bad."

"It's alright."

A couple of hours later Luke and Jess were sitting in the middle of the lake in silence fishing.

"You know," Luke said, "I used to do this with your grandpa."

"Huh." Jess replied, obviously not interested.

"Yeah, every summer." Luke tried to carry it on.

"Huh." Jess said again.

After another period of silence Luke decided to just jump straight to the point "You know your mum is talking about you coming to live with me for a bit."

"I'm not going." Jess replied quickly.

"You know it might be good for you, chance of pace, something new, get away."

"There's nothing wrong with were I am."

"Your mum said you've been getting into some trouble recently."

"I'm fine." Jess said getting annoyed now, "like she'd even know anyway."

Luke wasn't exactly sure what he was suppose to say and kinda wished Lorelai was there to tell him what to say but he knew this had to come from him because Jess was his nephew. "Your mum is just worried about you Jess."

Jess scoffed, "yeah right. And I'm not coming to live in your house that is being screamed down by babies every two minutes. Why would you even want me there anyway you've got you're own family."

"Jess you are my family too. And my house isn't being screamed down with babies every two minutes. Last night was a bad example, trust me. Besides if you came to stay with us and I'm not saying you definitely are at this stage, we have a spare room downstairs that you can probably take which would be further away from the babies nursery which is upstairs."

"Well I doubt your wife and her daughter would be very pleased with Liz shoving me on you."

"I've spoken to Lorelai and she is fine with it. Just laugh at a couple of her jokes and she'll like you. And as for Rory we spoke to her too and she said she'd be ok with it as well."

"They hadn't even met me for more than two minutes yet."

"They're nice people Jess, give them a chance."

Luke and Jess returned from their fishing trip in the late afternoon empty handed to find the three girls with the two babies clinging to Lorelai sitting close to the lake attempting to sunbath.

"Catch anything?" Lorelai shouted out to them as they approached.

"Does it look like we caught anything?" Luke asked her holding up his empty hands.

She shrugged.

"No we didn't." Luke said sitting down next to her.

"I'm going inside." Jess said walking past the group.

"Did you have fun?" Liz asked her brother.

"Yeah it was good," Luke nodded pulling his hand away from Will because he knew Will would try and put it in his mouth and it was covered in fish bait causing Will to cry.

"Lorelai I'm just going to go have a shower, I probably stink and my hands are filthy."

"Yeah I didn't want to say anything but that's a good idea." She smiled at him and then dug in her bag for a toy that Will could chew on.

"I swear these babies have not stopped crying since we got here." Lorelai said once she got Will to calm down, "I don't know if it's the slightly warmer weather or if it's teething or what it is but this is not quite the holiday I had planned."

"I do not envy you," Liz said, "they are adorable but I don't think I could do it all over again. You're my age, aren't you?"

"What age are you?" Lorelai asked, "I think Luke said we were about the same age."


"Yeah I'm 33."

"I don't know how people have babies at our age!"

"Don't loads of people have babies at your age?" Rory asked confused.

"Yeah." Lorelai nodded at her, "it's a very normal age to have a baby."

"I think it's much better to have a baby young." Liz said, "you've got your energy then, don't you?"

"Don't you be listening to her." Lorelai joked pointing at Rory.

"Mum!" Rory said embarrassed.

Luke returned in just trunks and took Will off Lorelai before sitting back down next to him.

"You going for a swim?" Lorelai asked him looking him up and down.

"What? No. You think I'd go have a shower and then go straight into the lake to swim." He gave her a confused look.

"I don't know, do I."


"Not that I'm complaining or anything but what's with the outfit then?"

"I was getting a tan line out on the lake," Luke said showing her his arm, "and I want rid of it."

Lorelai laughed, "learn something new every day. Didn't think you cared about your tan!"

"I don't care about my tan, I'd just rather not have this line." He tried to justify.

Lorelai continued to laugh at him.

"Will you shut up? I'll go inside and put a shirt on if it would make you happy?" He moaned.

"No you're fine," Lorelai said putting her hand on his chest to stop him getting up, "I'm just joking."

"Well don't." He pouted.

"I'm sorry." She said in an over dramatic voice that showed she was anything over than sorry, "but are you sure you want to hold him like that, he's blocking some of your sun?" She pointed to Will who was lying across his stomach.

"Rory make your mother stop please?" Luke asked her.

"Huh?" Rory asked looking up from her book not having heard any of their conversation, "what did mum do?"

"She's being annoying." Luke complained and Lorelai grinned at Rory.

Rory shook her head at them and then went back to her book.

"What do you think Liz?" Lorelai asked looking over at Liz who was watching them with an amused look on her face, "he can't jeopardise his stomach tan like that can he?"

"Oh no definitely not." Liz shook her head.

Luke stood up with Will and walked a few metres away from them and shouted over, "leave me alone."

Lorelai laughed again and shook her head and then watched as Luke played with Will in the small amount of sand.

The giggles coming over from Will caught Logan's attention and Logan was soon looking over and calling out "dada"

"Luke! Did you hear that?" Lorelai gasped jumping to her feet with logan in her arms and kissing his cheek.

"No, what?"

"He said dada!" She said excitedly carrying him over to Luke and Will and sitting down next to them.

"No way!" Luke said leaning towards him to get his attention, "say it again buddy, da da." He couched him but Logan was not ignoring him in favour of playing with sand with his brother.

"His first word?" Liz asked.

"No," Lorelai shook his head, "they've both said mama, but usually only when they're upset and they want me but we've been trying to get them to say dada and neither of them have until now."

"That's so cute to see Luke so excited!" Liz gushed looking at her older brother who blushed.

"I know." Lorelai said pinching his cheek.

He pushed Lorelais hand away, "I'm not cute." He mumbled then turned his attention back to Logan.

"Come on little man, I didn't hear you before, just say it one more time or I'll think your mummy is lying." He spoke softly to Logan who ignored him and he got a quick slap on the shoulder from Lorelai.

"I'm not lying. He looked over at you playing with Will and he said dada."

Luke and Lorelai spent the rest of the evening trying to get Logan or Will to say dada much to the amusement of Liz who was enjoying seeing her brother so happy.

"Mama." Logan said where he sat on the floor with one arm stretched out towards Lorelai, rubbing his eye with the other arm as he yawned.

"Awww baby, are you tired?" Lorelai asked him picking him up he snuggled into her, "I think you are, which makes sense because you and your brother weren't very good last night were you?" She asked him in a baby voice even though he wouldn't understand, "we have to give you a bath before you can go to bed though, you're all dirty from playing outside earlier on."

"Do you want me to go run the bath?" Luke asked standing up.

Lorelai nodded, "say Thankyou dada." Lorelai prompted but Logan just stared at her.

Luke went upstairs to run the bath and then Lorelai got Rory to help her bring the babies upstairs shortly after him and put them in the bath.

As the babies played with some bath toys Lorelai sat back a bit to avoid being splash and asked Luke, "so tell me how was your outing with Jess?"

"I already told you it was good." He replied picking up a toy and handing it to Will.

Lorelai rolled her eyes, "I want the deats, come on, spill the beans, what did you talk about?"

Luke rolled his eyes back at her, "not much."

"Luke." Lorelai moaned wanting more information.

"Ok," he chuckled slightly knowing he'd have to tell her more than that, "I just said to him there was a possibility that he would be coming to stay with us. He said he knows his mum wants him to come stay but he doesn't think that any of us would want him so I told him that he's family and we would want him and that you and Rory are nice people so not to worry about you two."

"He was worried about us?"

"Well about you knowing him and just having him come and live in your house. He didn't think you'd want him, you know?"

"You told him we would right? You've got to put his mind at rest."

"Course I did."

"Good." Lorelai said turning her attention back to washing the twins.

After they washed the babies they put them to bed and then headed back downstairs after they knew they were asleep.

"Hey," Lorelai said as they approached the stairs, catching a glimpse of a Rory reading in her room, "I'm going to go talk to my big baby for a minute."

"Ok," Luke nodded, "I'll be downstairs." He took her hand in his briefly and then headed downstairs as she walked towards Rory's room.

The end of their trip was soon approaching and a decision of where Jess was going hadn't been reached yet.

Luke and Lorelai sat in bed the evening before their last day at the cabin discussing their options.

"We have to make our decision Luke," Lorelai said, "we either let Liz know we can take him or that we can't. She keeps asking."

"I know. But what is the right thing to do?" Luke asked her, "for everyone involved, not just for Jess?"

"I don't know if we can know that without trying."

Luke paused to think, "what happens if we don't take him?"

"Well he stays with his mom i guess," Lorelai says, "I really don't see her kicking him out. She says he's getting into all sorts of trouble but she won't tell us exactly what that is, that's a bit of a problem for me, I guess he continues with that, god knows where that leads him too. No offence but Liz doesn't seem like the best and getting him to attend school. He seems to be smart. Reads like Rory that kid does and that's impressive but if he doesn't go to school he won't graduate and then I don't know where that leaves him."

"Ok and what happens if we do take him?" Luke countered.

"Not sure on that one either. I guess he takes the spare room downstairs. We wouldn't be able to get him into Chilton so he'd go to Stars Hollow high. Apart from that I don't really know how you straighten a kid out." Lorelai sounded unsure.

"He'd work in the diner with me. He wouldn't be allowed to smoke. And he'd agree to all of that before we even consider him coming." Luke said.

"You'd make him work?" Lorelai asked surprise, Rory did odd shifts at the Inn but they were always voluntary.

"Keep him busy." Luke said.

"I think if he agrees to all that and he decides to come we should take him," Lorelai said, "but we should make it his decision to come not us just taking him. If we let him decide and he says he doesn't want to come I think we should respect that."

Luke took a minute to think about that, "yeah, ok, that sounds fair enough. Let's talk to Liz and Jess about it tomorrow see what they have to say."

The next day during the babies afternoon naps Luke asked Liz if he and Lorelai could speak to her and Jess.

Rory saw the four of them walk into the living room and gave her mom an encouraging smile as Lorelai had spoken to Rory about her decision earlier on that day.

"So," Luke said once they had all sat down, "we wanted to talk to you about Jess coming to stay with us for a bit."

"That's great big brother." Liz grinned.

"Let me speak Liz. What we wanted to say was that we would be willing to take Jess on certain conditions. Firstly that Jess agrees to come.."

"Well I'm not going." Jess cut it, "so you can stop your speech."

"Jess.." Lorelai said, "wouldn't you even consider it? Don't you think it would be good for you to have a break."

"No." He said.

"Do you even want to hear the rest of the conditions?" Luke asked.

"I'm fine." Jess said standing up and walking out.

"So that's it?" Liz asked.

"Guess so." Luke said looking a bit shocked and upset.

"Well thanks for nothing!" Liz said also jumping to her feet, "big brother." She spat out the words and also stormed the room and could be heard marching up the stairs.

"Hey," Lorelai said moving closer to Luke and running a hand up and down his back, "you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped." She told him.

"You can try." He countered.

"Yeah, you can." She agreed, "but it would be exhausting. You're not the bad guy ok?"

Luke didn't say anything so Lorelai just drew him in for a hug.

Later that evening Liz and Jess came down with their bags packed a day earlier than expected, "can we have a lift to the station?" Liz asked in a frosty tone.

"Course you can." Luke asked jumping up and passing Logan off to Rory who gladly took him.

Luke tried to make conversation with Liz the whole way there but she just ignored him. When he dropped them off Liz got out of the car and walked off without a look back. Jess got out and turned back towards the car. "Bye Luke." He said before following after Liz.

"Bye." Luke called after him.