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It was a whirlwind that he and Maria knew far too well. One minute they'd be in conflict the next in complete caress. He didn't understand where the anger stopped and started and where the love began and ended. It just was. Intertwined together for as long as always.

She didn't deserve his anger. Not really. Sure she had kept a secret but it was only because she was made to believe that it had to be that way. Seems like Maxwell just kept fucking up. Even in the future.

Michael let out a sigh as he got up from the sofa for what seemed like a whole hour. The fire had finally died down and he needed to check on Maria. He wanted to reassure her that they were fine and apologize for getting so worked up. If he really thought about it Maria was right.

He wasn't angry at maria. He was angry at Max and Liz. His heart swelled up as he remembered the teary eyed look she had given him before she retreated to their bedroom.

She was trying hard not to show her emotions but there was no point. She could never hide anything from him, not even if she tried.

Michael slowly walked over and knocked at the door. Hearing nothing, he turned the knob to enter and found Maria curled up sleeping in the bed. He closed the door. It was already afternoon.

He didn't want to wake her. But they needed to talk- about a lot of things. Not to mention to think about a strategy and plan of when to leave once the storm let up. They couldn't stay in Vail forever.

Maria woke up. Her green eyes adjusted to the unsettling darkness of the room while her ears peaked at the muffled sound of the TV flatscreen on the wall. She knew it wasn't late. Her bedside clock that indicated 5:02 confirmed her vibes. She had slept for about two hours. She turned to find Michael asleep next to her, remote in hand, against some propped up pillows.

ESPN. Figures.

She gently took the remote from his hand and turned off the TV. Perhaps she could make them some dinner. A tasty peace offering that could put their relationship back into shape. As she was about to get up she felt a pull on her hand.

"Hey," she said softly as she sat back down, placing her free hand on top of Michael's that was holding her other in place.

He turned his head towards her. "Sorry." It was almost too quiet to hear. His eyes were red. Had he been crying? Or was it tiredness from the stress and emotions of it all?

Maria nodded. "Me too."

"No, you have nothing to be sorry about Maria. Not about this."

Maria shrugged. Michael frowned that he hadn't convinced her enough. Pulling her chin towards him he bore into her eyes with his brown ones.

"I was an idiot. You're right. I'm not mad at you, It's them. I know you would never do anything to ever hurt me Maria."

Maria cried as she buried her head into his chest, thankful he finally realized she would never want to cause him pain. Michael embraced her tightly resting his chin on her head, muffling her tears with his chest hoping it would stop her from crying. His anger was misplaced and he had made a mistake. She knew full and well that he finally understood. He truly did need his space to finally come to his senses and she was thankful not only that he pressed her to give him some, but that she complied with his wish as well.

Michael combed his fingers in her hair, in a repetitive downward motion, not once loosening his hold on her. Maria rose up and gathered herself pulling down on her skirt as she propped the pillows behind her and sat up next to him.

"Michael, I promise if I ever hear anything that concerns you, extra-terrestrial or not. I'm going to tell you," she choked out, wiping away the tears.

Michael's crooked smile appeared barely as he nodded. "Thank you."

Maria nodded.

"And I promise to support you and your dreams Maria. I'm sorry that I ignored you. You had so much excitement, and I guess I kind of rained on your parade. I love that you sing. I love your voice and you gotta know that if you are going to make it big, I would never resent that. Never. I'll be by your side as long as I can be."

Maria smiled as she sucked in her breath. "Ok! We need to stop with this whole...emotional crap, " she said with a slight chuckle. Getting up she fixed the bedding, as Michael took this as a cue to do the same.

"Thought you liked me showing a little bit of my feminine side."

"Spaceboy, do you ever think before you purposely offend a girl?" she said, rolling her eyes. "Come on, let's look to see if the storm has let up."

"You're thinking about them."

"I can't help it. I know he's mad. Wouldn't you be if you were Michael?"

Max nodded.

"Maybe I shouldn't have kept it from everyone for so long."

"I'm to blame Liz. It was I that told you to keep it to yourself, well the future me anyway."

"Ugh!" Liz cried as she paced back and forth in the hotel room.

"It's not like Michael would hurt Maria. What's making you so frustrated exactly?" Max asked.

"Of course I know that Max! But didn't you see Isabel's and Tess's reactions? It's within reason, but we had a group to buffer it. It's just Maria," Liz explained, annoyed that she had to spell out the obvious to Max.

"He'll understand."

"Yeah but I don't even understand it. There were so many questions and inhibitions I had about the whole ordeal I wanted to test Future Max with. Like why did I have to make you fall out of love with me? What if I just told the group: 'look you four are great so let's all be friends and stick together!' Maybe then we'd still be together, and I wouldn't have 'slept' with Kyle." Liz said with air quotes on the slept part. "Maybe even then, Kyle and Tess would be together!"

Max gave her a perplexed look.

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed the way they are around each other," Liz said with her arms crossed, tapping her foot waiting for an answer.

Max held up his hands. "I just think we need to talk about this as a group calmly. Hash out the 'what if's' and the 'what to do from here's'."

"So just sleep on it?"

"Sleep is good," Max said as he coaxed Liz into his embrace. "Sleeping together would be even better."

"Uh huh nice try Max but we're not even married."

"Oh so you can faux sleep with Kyle but not with me," Max said a little coyly as he walked backwards towards the bed inviting Liz to follow. "You know I'll even take my bottoms off for you," he said grinning. Adorable Liz thought, and follow she did. She kissed him softly falling on top of the bed together, embraced.

"I'm so glad we decided to fly it back here. A bus ride would've been terrible. You sure you're ready to face Max," Maria asked as she retreated from looking out the window to see his face. She had to know he was ready. If he wasn't the whole thing could be a disaster of epic proportions.

"I'll be ok. He did what he thought was best. He always does, whether he's present Max or future Max, I'd forever remain loyal to him."

Maria pressed her hand on his that was sitting on the arm rest.

"Why do you think that is?"

"We were put on this planet together. And whoever thought that was smart. With all of us together I just feel like we can do better."

"Oh yeah pally, and how about us Humans? Do we get in on that credit too?" she asked with a coy smile.

Michael smiled, "Please! You guys get a lot of credit. As you would say our asses would be fried if we didn't accept your help!"

"Damn straight! So I think I know of a way you could show me some appreciation, you know for saving your ass from being fried and all," Maria said as she turned more towards him in her seat.

Damn it.

"What do you have in mind, Maria, " he drew out with a long sigh. She knew she was going to ask date night, chick flick movie, romantic dinner, shopping, and definitely something he wouldn't like.

"Take me to prom."

"Prom? What the hell Maria!" out of all the things she could've said that he thought would be debilitating, this one took the cake -and caught him completely off guard!

"When the hell is prom?" Michae asked exasperatedly.

"Like in two weeks. Come on! I'm not expecting the whole thing, you don't even have to Dance! But you in a sweet suit looking prim and proper would be pretty badass," she said with a giggle.

"Bad ass huh?" he said with a smirk. He liked that he turned her on like that. "Ok fine as long as your promise to wear something sexy."

"Um, Prom is more on the elegant side," Maria corrected. She seriously needed to think about getting him some etiquette classes.

The sooner the better!

"No. I want sex kitten. Leather would be damn good," Michael nodded. Although elegant would be just a turn on for him, he wasn't going to admit he was going to have to wear a suit he was going to milk her end of the deal to the fullest. Damn! Maria would look so hot in leather.

"How about we trade that leather in for lace Spaceboy," Maria said as she turned looking out the window, not willing to partake in this banter. Prom was obviously too much of a serious topic for her to be toyed with.

"Lace could be real good. Real good especially if you wore some between your-"

"Don't push it Spaceboy," she said as she pressed a finger to his lips. It didn't stop him from giving her that stupid smile though.

Yeah they were going to be ok. They all were. Prom or not, one thing in the universe is certain.

Michael likes leather, and Maria prefers lace.

A match made in heaven- wouldn't you agree?


It was a night to remember. Prior to going out to dinner and getting fancied up, Michael entered the Vegas suite and set the tone for how the whole Future Max thing was going to pan out. He calmly stated that they were to remain a unit.

A few choice words were exchanged but at the end of the day Michael and Maria were able to mediate their differences, helping the group come to the realization that solidarity was the only solution to whatever challenges they would face in the future.

"If we face it together head on then we can't be beat."

The group looked at MIchael in doubt. He could tell they didn't buy it. How could they? It sounded too simple.

Maria grabbed his hand in support and tried her best to help.

"We can either be mad that Liz held this secret about Future Max for so long, which by the way she thought she was only doing for our own good... or we could work this out. Stick together like Michael says and defeat whatever comes our way. Whether it's another raid of mutant jellyfish, or Nicholas and his minions."

Isabel smirked a little at that.

Michael gave her a thankful look. She always knew how to break the ice with that DeLuca charm and humor of hers.

Apologies were made. The group hugged, shook hands, talked and slowly reconciled. Michael nudged Kyle to go to Tess. She was casted a bit to the side as everyone talked. Kyle noticed her longing stare. Notat Max. No it wasn't at Max at all, it was at the whole wanted to belong. Kyle approached her and somehow after some conversation the two hugged it out and seemed to let bygones be bygones. Everyone did.

That evening, Michael reluctantly agreed to wear a suit. The other boys didn't fuss as much as he did, but were seen throughout the night loosening their collars at times. The girls wore beautiful skin tight dresses that caught every man's attention at the supper club. It took Michael every fiber of his being not to pummel this one fellow that wouldn't stop staring at Maria's lips.

Michael and Maria also let bygones be bygones….but not without one last surprise.

MARIA: (To Michael) You cleaned up nice, spaceboy.

MICHAEL: Yeah but Spaceboy is still Hungry. I'm thinking a cheeseburger will go down nice right now.

MARIA: You had lobster.

MICHAEL: Yeah, but I'm still hungry. I'm gonna go hit the fast food joint across the street. Green, please.

[Maria takes some money out of her dress]

MICHAEL: Thanks. (He walks off)

MARIA: Cheeseburger? Why do I even try?

LIZ: Well, at least he wore a tie.

MARIA: Liz, I'm worried. I plan to be a worldly woman, and how can I be, when Michael is trapped in a world of armpit farts and PlayStation? He's just so...

[We hear drums rolling, they all turn around and we see Michael on the stage]

MICHAEL: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you're in for a rare treat-a dream coming true. You're gonna love listening to this performer, and even though she'll never believe it, I love listening to her too.

[Maria is in shock, then she smiles]

MICHAEL: Please welcome to the stage... Miss Margarita Salt.

Maria caught between surprise and pure bliss finally peeled herself off the seat and ventured over to the stage.

"You know this one right?" he said with a wink as she nodded, smiling ear to ear.

He had made her dream come true. In his own Michael way.

Lovers were all around them that night. The rightful pairs dancing and enjoying one another's company. It was too perfect, made even more so with Maria's voice singing in the background. Michael wasn't much of a dancer but he could do doting, and from behind the curtain he was most definitely doting his girl like crazy. It took every muscle in his body to stop him from grabbing Maria off the stage and taking her behind to show her what he was really feeling inside.

When Maria's beautiful song was over, she motioned Michael to come over. The pair didn't care that they were standing center stage while everyone looked on. And while the audience couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, they could definitely see what was unraveling before them.

"Never asked why you picked that song out for me Spaceboy."

"It's the one that you sing that reminds me of us. Well more explicitly me and how I treat you. It reminds me to be better for you. Change is happening all around us Maria. Who says I can't for the better either."

"Hmm perhaps with the right teacher you could definitely step into the right direction of changing for the better Mr. Guerin," Maria said in a sultry voice as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You know sometimes I think I've got it for you too, just as bad. That ain't' good Ms. Deluca. Not good at all," he said as he bent down for a kiss. Maria was so thankful for the surprise. To perform was all she wanted.

"Thank you," she whispered in his ear.

"Your welcome."