Judy couldn't see anything. The girls must have put something over her head, like a bag. She struggled, tugging at the handcuffs that kept her bound to the bedposts. No matter how hard she tugged, she couldn't escape. Judy sighed. She couldn't believe that she'd let a bunch of teenagers get the best of her. Teenagers she was supposed to be looking out for.

After everything went dark, Judy didn't hear the girls say anything. She'd heard footsteps, so they'd left the room and were likely coming back. The question was, what were they planning on doing when they got back. Judy had to think. What could she do?

Her legs were free. She could kick them about. Still, that couldn't get her very far. It wasn't like she could use her feet to get that bag off of her head. She wasn't that flexible. Perhaps she could kick the girls when they got back. Even with the bag over head, she could get a few good hits in before they managed to restrain her. Still, it wouldn't really accomplish much other than making the girls angry. Maybe it might make her feel good for a while, at least before the girls retaliated.

At this point, Judy could hear the sound of footsteps walking up the stairs. Just by the way it sounded, Judy guessed that there were multiple people, likely all three girls. The footsteps got louder and louder. Soon she heard the door swing open, followed by the sound of the three girls giggling. Judy's body tensed up in anticipation of what was about to happened.

She didn't have to wait long to find out what the girls were planning. She felt two of the girls grabbing her legs. Judy tried to kick them off and break free, but they were too strong. She then felt someone tugging on her pants. In no time, they were gone. Goosebumps started to form on her legs as they were exposed to the night breeze. The girls didn't stop with her pants. They proceeded to remove her socks and shoes. They then moved to her shirt and ripped it off. Fortunately, they stopped there, allowing Judy to keep her underwear.

Once Judy was stripped down to her underwear, the girls let go of her legs. Judy kicked around experimentally, hoping she'd get lucky and hit one of them. However, the girls had gotten out of the way long before she had the chance to kick at them. She could hear them giggling. What'd they have planned now? Were they just going to leave her tied up in her underwear?

At that moment, Judy could feel goosebumps forming all over her body. The night wasn't that cold. The girls continued to giggle. They must've been standing there for minutes, just giggling. What was so funny? At that moment, Judy felt a jolt travel from her hip and through her body. They'd gotten a hold of her Taser. Truth be told, the voltage didn't feel that high, but the surprise of getting shocked made it feel worse. Her body convulsed as the currant traveled through her body. Her legs twitched as she recovered from the shock. Her hip was now numb, with the only thing she could feel being a tingling sensation. She doubted if she was able to stand.

As Judy recovered from the jolt, she could hear the girls as they laughed. She prepared her body for another shock. She could hear the floor creak, indicating that someone was walking towards the bed, likely to shock her again. Based off of how loud it was, she guessed that whoever was going to shock her was moving towards her head. Likely she was planning to shock Judy around her head. Suddenly, the bag was ripped off of her head.

Judy looked around, her eyes darting around the work. By the foot of the bed were Kirby and Jenny. Both of them had huge grins on their faces. Standing right next to Judy was Jill. She held Judy's Taser in her hand. "Okay Judy, here's what going to happen. I'm going to unlock those handcuffs. You're not going to try and do anything funny. If you do, I'll tase you. Understood?"

Judy nodded her head slowly. "I understand."

"Great." Jill, true to her word, undid the handcuffs that kept Judy chained to the bed. As soon as she was freed, Judy rubbed her wrists. She massaged the sore skin, that had turned red because of how the metal chaffed against them. She wondered if this was how the people she'd arrested felt when she cuffed them.

Judy didn't have long to recover from being restrained. Soon she felt the butt of her Taser being jabbed into her back. She turned to Jill, who glared at her. "Well Judy, we don't have all night."

"Wh…what do you want me to do?" said Judy.

"Get off the bed," said Jill.

Judy did as she was told as quickly as she could. This was harder than she'd initially thought. Being bound to the bedposts had made her wrists sore. They hurt as she tried to lift herself off of the bed. In addition, her legs had fallen asleep. She almost fell over once she'd gotten off the bed. Eventually, the feeling started to return to her legs. She turned to Jill. "What do you want me to do now?"

Jill grinned. "Dance."

"What?" said Judy.

"Dance for us," said Jill, holding up the Taser. "Do you want me to explain the concept to you?"

"No, no, no." Judy held out her hand in front of her. Truth be told, Judy wasn't that great of a dancer. She was able to make by at school dances, but she wasn't anything special. Though the girls probably weren't expecting much from her. They just wanted her to embarrass herself for their amusement.

She began by pantomiming a tap dance. She kicked her feet back and forth as if she were warming up. She then tapped her feet against the floor. She flung her arms side to side, twisting her hips are the same time. The girls' first reaction was to snicker. Judy took that as a good sign.

Judy twirled around slowly. This seemed to really get a laugh out of the three of them. As Judy twirled, she moved slightly closer to Jill. When Jill saw this, she quickly lifted up the Taser and pointed it towards Judy. Judy realized Jill thought she was planning to sucker punch her when she got close enough. Judy wasn't, but decided it was best not to give Jill a reason to shock her. She made sure to stay a reasonable distance from the girls.

Except for Jill, who was still on guard, the girls were laughing. This was good, at least for now. Judy didn't really have a long-term plan to escape, besides making the girls laugh. She couldn't keep them laughing forever. Eventually they'd get bored with her dancing. She'd have to come up with a plan by then.

As Judy twirled around, she looked out the window. She could see her van. The door was still open. Someone was going to notice that. If she got lucky, that someone would get suspicious. Still, Judy couldn't rely on luck, especially not her luck. But what other choices did she have? She looked back over to the girls. They were still laughing.

The hand Jill was using to hold the Taser had fallen to her side. Maybe if Judy was quick enough, she'd be able to knock it out of Jill's hand. She'd have to get closer to Jill if she wanted to do that. The last time she'd gotten close, Jill had reacted quickly. However, now she seemed to have let her guard down. Judy spun around, moving herself closer to the girls. Sure enough, Jill didn't seem bothered by this.

Judy lifted up her leg like she was a ballerina and continued to spin towards the girls. This was almost too much for Judy, who was close to falling over. This got a big round of laughter out of the girls. Judy could hear an audible aww sound coming from Jenny, who didn't seem to realize how bad Judy's form was. Judy repeated the maneuver. She was a bit more balanced this time, though still clumsy. Kirby's face was turning red as she laughed. She leaned up against the wall to keep herself from falling over.

Judy was close. Almost close enough to hit Jill right there, though she wanted to make sure the girls were distracted. Her next move was to prance around the three. She kicked her knees up in the air, making goofy faces as she did so. This got the best reaction out of the three girls. Kirby, who'd been trying to brace herself against the wall, had now fallen to the floor. Jenny looked like she was going to do the same. Jill, who'd been the most guarded of the three was pointed and laughing at Judy. She was pointing with the hand that held the Taser. She held it out right in front of Judy's face.

Judy turned around, prancing towards Jill. She made sure to exaggerate her movements, so as not to give away her plan to Jill. Jill didn't seem to realize what was going on, as she continued to laugh or point. She made no attempt to stop Judy from getting closer. Soon, Judy was right next to Jill. She still didn't try to react at all. Judy's mouth started to twist into a smile. With her hand, she struck Jill's hand. This sent her Taser flying through the air.

Jill's initial reaction to being hit was to scream. It was an ear-piercing wail that filled the room. Out of the corner of her eye, Judy checked on Kirby and Jenny. Kirby, who was still on the floor, was struggling to get up. She'd hurried to get up as soon as possible, causing her to fumble as she clambered to her feet. She wasn't helped by Jenny, who tripped over her in her rush to get out of the room. The two were now both on the floor, struggling against each other.

Judy turned back to her Taser. It had landed next to Jill's bed. Judy dove down to grab it. As soon as she'd wrapped her fingers around it, she felt something sharp digging into her shoulders. Judy didn't need to turn around to know who it was. Jill had jumped on her back and was now tearing into her skin with her fingernails. Soon, Jill moved on from Judy's back and had now moved on to Judy's arms. She was going to try to pry the Taser out of her hands. Judy was undoubtable stronger thanks to years of police training. This shouldn't have been a close fight. However, Jill certainly did have a tenacity to her. Even though Judy had the advantage, Jill still clung on with all her might. She scratched and slapped Judy. Even if Judy had felt worse, the fact that they were so continuous and so vicious made it hard to fend Jill off.

Judy's first instinct was to try to roll over, hoping that this would knock the air out of Jill's lungs. This was harder than she'd first thought. Jill did everything she could to keep Judy pinned down. She pushed down on Judy with all her might. Jill's fingers tore into the backs of Judy's hands. Judy just held on tighter. Her grip was too strong for Jill to pry to Taser from her. Still, Judy couldn't fight her off forever. She had the Taser, but she couldn't use it. If she shocked Jill, she'd just end up shocking herself. Though Judy could probably handle being shocked better than Jill and could probably recover faster than her. The worst part of being shocked for Judy was the surprise. Judy proceeded to turn the Taser towards herself and turned it on.

Tatum had initially grumbled when she heard the 911 call. Someone had left the door to their van open. This was something that the police shouldn't even have been bothered with. However, then she heard where the van was and quickly realized that the van likely belonged to one of her officers. Specifically, it belonged to Judy Hicks who was supposed to be on a stake out. This had made Tatum worried that her operation was now compromised.

She rushed over to the Roberts home. Sure enough, once she arrived she found Judy's van unattended, confirming her hunch. Tatum got out of her car and headed over to the house. As she got closer, she could see that the door had been flung open. The wood around the doorknob was splintered, suggesting that someone had kicked it in. At the back of her mind, Tatum began assessing the situation. Obviously, someone had broken into the house, likely to attack the girls. They also must've done something to Judy. Tatum didn't know whether they'd done this before breaking into the house or after. Maybe they realized Judy was staking out the house and decided to take her out so she couldn't interfere. Maybe they didn't see Judy and instead went straight for the house. Judy then went inside the house to protect the girls. Regardless of what happened, Tatum would have to prepare for the worst.

Tatum carefully made her way inside of the house. She passed the splinters that lay in the hallway that was immediately behind the door. The fact that nobody had cleaned up afterwards meant that whoever broke in had cared more about finishing off their targets, which were likely the girls. Tatum knew where Jill's room was and went straight for it. She proceeded slowly, making sure to survey the home. She wasn't going to get caught off guard.

As she went down the hallway, she could see that the light in Jill's room was still on. Whoever did this hadn't even bothered to turn it off. She peaked into the room and almost dropped her gun. "Judy?"

"Yes Tatum." Judy was standing in the middle of Jill's room. She was half dressed and putting her shirt back on. By the foot of Jill's bed were Jill, Jenny, and Kirby. All three were handcuffed to the bed.

Tatum looked at the girls and then at Judy. "Do you mind telling me what happened?"

"Sure thing." Judy finished buttoning her shirt. "But it'll take a while."

"Well I've got plenty of it," said Tatum.