I read over my last story with the same title and I hated it. So rushed. So unprofessional (even if it has only been a year of me writing). I had go rewrite it. Besides, my other story 'The Nanny' is getting closer to where things get connected so... here you go!


The hustle and bustle of Burbank California was what Connor had lived for. There was just something small towns in Ohio can't compare to when the young man first entered the city of stars.

And that hustle and bustle seemed to be magnified as he entered the administration building of Walt Disney Studios.

A security guard stepped forward when he saw Connor rush in," Young man, you can't be in here-".

" Now now, let's not be hasty. You're speaking with Mr Mouse's personal assistant", an unmistakably toon woman said as she stepped out from the corridor.

" Oh! This is that kid", the guard said sheepishly," Sorry Ms White".

Snow White waved him off," Mistakes were made. You're new, I'll understand that. But Mr Mouse won't, especially if he doesn't get his morning coffee... which I see you got Connor".

" Sorry I'm late Snow", the young man said hurriedly," Had to get Boss his coffee and Starbucks suddenly got crowded and apparently no taxi was in sight either".

" It's fine, let's just get this to Mickey before he accidentally throws his chair at the executives again", Snow said tugging him along," We've got to sort out that housing arrangement of yours".

" I told you all I'm fine where I am", he said annoyed.

" We know, Freckles, we know. But frankly, we don't give a crap. I'll see if there's a penthouse in ToonTown available", Snow said as she whipped out her phone.

" Penthouse? ToonTown?! Snow c'mon!", Connor groaned.

" Hush, young one", Snow said with a grin as the phone was pressed against her hair before pushing him through the double doors," Boss is waiting".

Connor was careful not to spill the coffee over his sweater. In earlier times, he'd be wearing a suit similar to Snow White's own pantsuit but he's been working for the Big Toon for months now and he began to feel comfortable enough to dress semi-casual. He blew a mousy brown lock of hair out of his face as he entered the room, his eyes landing on the one sole toon in the room

" Connor! There you are! My precious saviour", Mickey Mouse said as he hopped out of his seat.

Connor smiled at the mouse no taller than 3 feet who approached him. It had taken a long while, but he had gotten used to his boss' dramatic flare.

" Your coffee sir. Just the way you like it", Connor said handing him the foam cup, praying it hadn't gotten cold," And remember, you have a 13:00 meeting with Mr Bunny over Morty and Ferdie's transfer to Acme Looniversity. And you know Bugs hates you being tardy".

" Yeah yeah, I'll keep that in mind", Mickey said sipping his coffee," I need you to walk Pluto".

At the mention of his name, the toon dog burst through the door and ran around excitedly it's owner.

" Sit boy", Mickey said before handing Connor a leash," Have him back by 11".

" Sure thing Mr MouSE!", Connor exclaimed before he was dragged out of the room by the energetic pup.

Mickey shook his head and chuckled at the sight," Who knew a human could be so toonish?".

Connor managed to get Pluto to calm down, although only after he was slammed face-first into a palm tree. He sent a dirty glare in the dog's direction, the latter looking down sheepishly in embarrassment. Connor shook his head and threw Pluto a treat from a bag attached to the leash.

" Take five, boy", Connor said as he tidied himself up, Pluto patiently waiting.

They continued their walk again, this time Pluto actually walking by his side and not breaking speed force like the other multiple times the human was asked to walk the toon dog. This time, however, Connor spoke.

" You're probably wondering why I'm walking the most famous cartoon dog AND in the greatest movie studio, working for the greatest cartoon character of all time. You're also probably wondering how I know about the fourth wall? Well when you've worked with toons long enough, you kinda learn the tricks of the trade. I've certainly learned a lot. But it was no easy feat, trust me. Working with toons, especially with someone like Mickey Mouse, is NO walk in the park. I learned that too... and I'm willing to tell the story of how I became the most trusted human in ToonTown... well the author more to be specific. She sucks at writing in first person. But where do I start? Well... I can go as far as my very first day..."

End of Prologue