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Chapter 4: Damage Control

Under normal circumstances, a 'hero' such as herself would be alarmed by the presence of their 'villain' in their kitchen humming cheerfully while cooking breakfast.

Good thing this was ToonTown. Abnormality is considered normal.

Snow White, clad in her pajamas, merely glanced at a chipper looking Grimhilde before moaning about the brightness of the room.

" Morning to you too, cranky", Grimhilde snarked," And quit your complaining, its only 5AM, Snow", the queen tutted.

" 5AM, y'know what I've could've done if work hadn't been a pain", Snow complained.

Grimhilde raised a brow," Sleep?", she said cheekily.

" Exactly!", Snow exclaimed before allowing her head to fall onto the counter with zero grace.

Grimhilde huffed out a laugh as she placed a plate of pancakes on the counter," C'mon, eat up. I made your favourite!", she sang, much to the princess' chagrin," Strawberry pancakes with whipped cream and extra strawberries!".

Snow lifted her head up and glanced between Grimhilde and the plate of pancakes before her in scrutiny. She DID have a great love for the dish but something felt off... like this was a... bartering token...

" What did you do?", Snow asked immediately, sitting up straight.

" What makes you think I did anything?", Grimhilde asked smugly.

" You're buttering me up with a nice breakfast! It was pretty damn obvious you did something!", Snow yelled tiredly, already feeling the headache forming.

Grimhilde clicked her tongue," Well if you must know, Maleficent and I paid a visit to that new assistant of Mickey", she said casually.

Snow dragged her hand down her face in exasperation," Mother no...", she groaned.

" I don't know why you're so upset about this, dearie", Grimhilde said as she brewed some tea up for the both of them," We didn't even scare him that much".

" That's hardly what I'm concerned", Snow said tiredly.

Which was true. Snow wasn't worried that Grimhilde or Maleficent might had physically harmed or traumatized Connor. Villains a good majority of the time were not a lot like their movie counterpart and Grimhilde and Mal fell in that majority group.

What she was worried about though was the questions that might arise from the boy himself. If there's one thing humans were good at nowadays, it was asking difficult questions.

And Snow doubts Mickey would be very amused with Maleficent and Grimhilde taking things into their own hands.

" We all made a pact. That we wouldn't step out of line until Oswald gets back from Japan", Snow stressed," I'm pretty sure this falls under everything we're NOT supposed to do".

Grimhilde scoffed," Tell that to the boy!", she said," We were just making sure that the boy is good enough to work with Mickey"

" Don't you trust my judgement?", Snow asked.

She had seen the interviews. While she was not physically there, recordings have been made from every angle for her to truly see the person's behavior. So it was technically like she was there. And she had seen Connor. She saw his potential.

" I do! I really do! But don't get me wrong, Snow", Grimhilde," It's just..."

" 'It's just' what?", Snow asked annoyed.

Grimhilde sighed," It's just that he looks a lot like Ferdinand and I-"

Snow didn't listen to whatever else Grimhilde said afterwards. Her mind pulled into a shock at the villain's words.

Ferdinand, her beloved prince, stared at her apologetically as he successfully gotten her to safety by tossing her and Dopey up towards the roof. The dwarf held her securely as other survivors pulled them up towards safety.

A huge tsunami of thinner was heading his way. She felt her heart and mind break as her scream tore through her very being as she watched the love of her life disappear under the sickening acid before her.


Snow snapped back to reality to see Grimhilde holding her tightly, face etched in worry.

There was silence between the two women, neither knowing what to say.

" I... I need to get to work", Snow murmured as she stepped away from Grimhilde and headed back to her room to get ready.

" Snow...", Grimhilde said softly as she watched the once girl now young woman disappear behind her bedroom door.

' You just had to bring him up! Didn't you?! What an idiot I sure am', Grimhilde thought bitterly as she sat back down on the couch.

A few minutes later, Snow walked out of her bedroom, fresh and ready, not bothering to glance up at Grimhilde and walked out the door.

She never even touched her pancakes.

It had been hard getting him back to sleep, especially after such a nightmare. But alas, Minnie had done it.

She laid in bed with Mickey, who cuddled her protectively in his sleep, measuring his breathing.

They both needed to get ready for work soon.

A work they really. really, really didn't like.

Minnie gently pried Mickey's arms away from her waist as she slipped out of bed. She yawned quietly as she scratched the back of her head tiredly, messing up her relatively short hair. She had been growing her hair recently, but Disney usually demands that her hair shouldn't even touch the beginning of her neck or else ( at least she got to keep her bangs).

She steps into the connected bathroom and steps in front of the mirror. Her fur was on the beginnings of graying. The studio would eventually order her to go in for a repaint. And repainting usually meant hair trimming as well, no thank you Mr Iger.

She really didn't get the fuss about her hair. It helped to differentiate her from Mickey a little more. Slapping some eyelashes on someone doesn't make them female, ask Jerry or even Tweety, who the Looney Tunes admitted that they believed the canary was female for the first five years of the bird's life. Minnie scoffed at the idea of going back to looking like Mickey in a skirt. She loved her hair and she planned on keeping it.

After fixing up her appearance and looking much more fresher than she did previously, Minnie quietly left the bathroom and the bedroom and headed down to the kitchen.

Everything was up to a routine by that time. Open the curtains, check the time, make breakfast. Minnie smiled as the warmth of the sun kissed her black fur, the sun also making the lovely ring on her finger shine prominently before turning to the mission at hand, and that was making waffles for her possibly PTSD-ridden husband.

To just think: 69 years of marriage and being within each other's company in bed ( that's what they tell the studio at least, she doubted anyone human would be amused with what she and Mickey caught on before marriage).

The ring was a physical symbol of Mickey's love for her and she cherished it along with Mickey with all her might. If anyone were to mess with either object and person of her affection, she'd throw a murderous fit.

Speaking of person of her affection, Mickey Mouse groggily made his way into the kitchen and at the sight of him, an amused smile appeared on Minnie's face.

" Morning, beloved", she cooed.

Mickey smiled tiredly with his eyes still closed, placing a small kiss on her cheek as a greeting. He wrapped his arms around her midsection and rested against her, nuzzling his face in her hair.

" What's cookin'?", he asked curiously, exhaustion evident in his voice.

" Waffles", Minnie said plainly, but snickered when she practically felt Mickey smile.

" How in the world did I get married to an angel?", Mickey asked himself cheekily," Especially if my memories serve me right, I was quite a rebellious young lad who made stupid decisions".

" I'd say you haven't changed much since then", Minnie snorted," The only difference now is that you're an old fart", she said cheekily.

" Hey! That was mean", Mickey said with a pout.

Minnie giggled," Feeling a little better after last night?", she asked.

" Much! All thanks to you", Mickey said sweetly kissing her on the nose, causing Minnie to giggle.

She paused, looking at him deeply, most particularly his eyes.

" Your eyes still look far too green for me to not worry", Minnie said with a frown.

" Just a little stress, honey. Nothing to worry about", Mickey said calmly.

" Work or The Project?", Minnie asked quietly.

" Both", Mickey murmured.

Minnie hugged him tighter," Mickey, promise me that you'll call me if you're feeling worse. Or if you can't reach me, call Oswald", she said.

" But-"

" But nothing, Michael Theodore Mouse! I don't care if myself or Oswald are in a meeting, you will call us! Oswald will come running back from Japan to help you and you know that!", Minnie scolded.

Mickey sighed," I know", he said. Oswald WOULD do something like that.

" So do we have a deal?", Minnie sai seriously.

" Yes ma'am", Mickey said.

" Good", Minnie said softening a bit," Waffles are done. Let's get done before Bob Iger calls and Donald suggests we go back to the 'Why can't I mallet my boss?' support group again for rehabilitation before we do something rash".

" Hey! I enjoyed those meetings, mind you", Mickey huffed before they both split into laughter.

His eyes returning to their original shade of blue again.

End of Chapter 4

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