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Well, because I can't sleep until I get it out of my head. And I see potential behind, hearing out the opinion of the masses I can continue to develop it something great.

That is my reason.

Now… Let's her the usual prattle and pledges…

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Now let's continue our little story!

Many people gathered around the stone circle. It was not remarkable in any way, rather just a simple stone tiled circle where numerous muscled and frail looking humans had gathered — well mostly humans. People possessing different ancestral origins also stood in the ring, hiding amidst the humans. Willing to test their mettle under the competitive all-out brawl.

Amongst them frail, muscled, tall and short. A few showcasing their bodies proudly, albeit, there were ones whom hid under a thick cloak or even wearing a face covering hat, hiding their real person from the world. Be it out of fear, secrecy or any other reason. This remained a secret of their own.

Albeit, amidst the crowd of people, a few unsettling figures also sneaked around, inspecting the participants with a calculating gaze.

"If you are a participant please come to the fighting ring at the top of the rock." Shouted the announcer, inviting more and more people into the ring. Naturally, only the ones who registered previously could enter the fighting area. The surrounding brutish looking ragged guards made sure only those who possessed the registration token could enter the ring.

"Oi! Good luck!" a blonde kid with messy hair — who just reached his early teens — beamed a smile and gave thumbs at his companions.

"Ah, Cap'n, I hope I see you in the finals.~" A man wearing a topless apron with the label "Boar Hat" — beamed a toothy grin to him. Wearing a fox-like a smile the blonde kid only accepted with a chuckle.

In his red eyes, the urge to beat his "Cap'n" flashed, licking his lips with a primal desire of battle.

"You can bet on it! I hope we can make it; I see many promising participants this year." looking around, the Captain's green eyes immediately caught up the unsettling figures hiding in the crowd. Figures you may deem less threatening if you looked at their outer appearance. Look can be deceiving; the blonde "kid" know this too well. Hell! He was the perfect example of this case.

"How did I get dragged into this…?" Amidst the people, a scrawny looking kid with rust brown hair muttered, looking around worried. He could only accept the encouragement his captain offered with a contorted, sour acceptance of dread. Sweating heavily when looked around. "…"

Although females were a rare sight amidst the participants — almost unheard of in the history of brawl games — still, under the current participants, there were two who chose to compete this year. One wearing an all body-covering black cloak and a strange, flanged design hat with a cute bow pinned on its edge. Watching her for a moment, even hidden by her disguise, she looked strangely familiar to Meliodas.

Though, it was not her who his emerald eyes caught on momentarily. It was the second female figure standing amidst the mingling participants who attracted his attention.

The aforementioned short girl was strange, yet despite her face that showed no emotion, her appearance was alluring. Looking around, her mask was almost like it was artificially made. Motionless and apathetic, not even blinking.

She wore an all body-covering cloak, but it was like Meliodas glimpsed a very familiar fabric of cloth under the covering material. Yes, it must be that… "A maid uniform? I need to investigate it after the competition. Certainly, hiding bosoms from me with a thick robe is a sin itself…" he could only chuckle, finding this situation nothing more than amusing. "Even so, hiding her three sizes from me is impossible! I already know all three." reciting the numbers in his head; he can only grin.

Yet, he was aware; he needs to be careful facing that girl. From the first sight, he felt the aura of danger surrounding her. Judging this person by her appearance would be nothing but foolish.

Yet, it was the place to compete, and he was sure his friend "Baan" could judge a character's strength by looking at it. He knew him as such a person, and knowing his friend's immortality, he was not worried about him in the slightest.

Watching the "Secret maid" one moment longer, Meliodas just can't judge her accurately. He needs to be cautious facing her.

"Hmmm… I can't seem to perceive her power level. I wonder who she is… A holy knight? Damn!"

Turning his head against the real holy knight participant who did a few stretches — with a big smirk plastered on his face — he can only guess.

"Hey, Scarlet!" From the side, a suspicious figure called for the girl. His uniform white, resembling a knee-length trench coat with a hood shadowing his eyes, and a high collar covered the lower portion of his face. Mixing the appearance traits his uniform borrowed him and his young voice, the figure was quite mysterious.

"Don't go hard on them! Killing them would only make us look bad and ruin the fun!"

The silver-haired maid just nodded, giving the boy an emotionless thumbs up. Her combat gloves are definitely high quality.


Meliodas just shook his head, as it did not matter. If they truly were holy knights looking for the "Sins," the only thing he needed to do is to ignore them, hoping his little band of misfits will remain hidden long enough. Enjoy the moment to the fullest before shit hit the fan.

Regarding the "true" holy knight amidst the participants, limbering up and preparing for the brawl, he decided the chances of being discovered were slim. The blonde would eat his nonexistent hat if someone were to discover them. But then they also had their perfect aliases his friend had come up with.

"Ladies and gentlemen! The battle is about to begin!" the announcer shouted, and slowly but steadily, the gathering of the people ceased to move. Turning their attention, inspecting their fellow participants.

"Let's begin…" Smirking, the blonde former holy knight, only hoped the best, cracking his knuckles with confidence.

"~Well, Cap'n, do we eliminate the small fry? Eh? So we can finally start our brawl."

"Shihihi! Ok!"

The stranger watched the people and "his" maid, turning his attention towards the ground, his gloved hands still hidden in his pockets. Completely relaxed, not even bothering with the starting fight.

"Let the test be conducted…" He murmured, an ominous light flashing through his mismatched oculars. "Combat scenario 2.0. Test start. Power level adjuster set to automatic." as he said this, the maid's heterochromatic eyes also flashed, like she accepted the order from her master.

"Let's hope these "famous brawlers" the chief of that village spoke about are worth more than that so-called "Holy Knight." It really was a disappointing fight."

Dusting his palms with a lazy motion, under the high collar a disgusted expression sneaked on his face.

You may ask who he is, what lead him here. Who is the mysterious stranger and his expressionless "maid" participating in the fight?

Many questions waiting to be answered, but only one thing is sure. King would rather be elsewhere this time of the day.

"I can't believe I am here too…" the king of fairies yawned with a mumble, looking around worried.

To shed some light in the dark, we need to go back in time. One and a half weeks to be precise.

"Let the Fighting Festival qualifying rounds begin!"

"Let the second durability test be conducted!"

Scene Change: One and a half weeks earlier:

It was the year 2166 A.D., and the term DMMORPG was not only in existence but the peak of its popularity.

Being the acronym for Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, it described an interactive game where one was able to play in a virtual world like it was real life, by connecting a dedicated console to the neuron nanointerface—an intracerebral nanocomputer network composed from the quintessence of cyber- and nanotechnology.

The DMMORPG revolution started with one exact game. It was a game that a highly-regarded Japanese developer released forty years ago in the year 2126.

Unfortunately, the game had been shut down in the year of 2138. Considering the game's engine and the technology used to create the console the game ran was profoundly out of date. And taking into account the suddenly appeared difficulties came with the company's financial status, It could not be helped. The reasons mentioned above made the game company shut down the famous game forever.

You may consider this sad occurrence as an unavoidable status and the tragic fate of every online game that ever existed. Thus, it was the unfortunate fate the game of absolute freedom received after twelve years of service.

The DMMORPG called YGGDRASIL closed its gates forever in the year of 2138.

Unfortunately, for long years the successor refused to show its face thanks to a horrible accident that occurred during the shutdown process.

Thanks to the unexplainable glitch that arose and killed several players during the shutdown process, the development was devastated. This occurrence forced the engineers that designed the technology to revise the neuron nanointerface machinery once more. Find the fault and fix it.

It was an unexplainable occurrence the developers thought impossible to happen thanks to the numerous fail-safes embedded into the system. Yet, it still happened, halting every development for almost two years.

Alas, such a popular DMMORPG cannot be left without a successor. And after the technology deemed safe once more, a different but non-less esteemed game company bought the rights to develop the sequel of the popular online game.

And thus, after waiting five long years. The successor of the justly famous game — YGGDRASIL MK II — had arrived.

No matter which DMMORPG it was compared to, the original YGGDRASIL was a game that offered an immensely high level of freedom to the players.

And its successor was worthy of its parent's name. It became famous not only in Japan. But in a short time, it spread all around the world. There was no country from where a YGGDRASIL MK II player not connect to the local and worldwide servers.

Heavily improved graphics, more classes, more race variants, new and old world items and Old dungeons and areas wholly redesigned, new worlds introduced and much, much more! All of it running on a console and engine specifically designed to run this very game.

The number of classes that formed the basis of the game easily topped 3500 when you added up the normal and high-rank classes. Compared to the 2000 classes the original game contained, it was indeed a great leap.

All basic classes had a maximum level of 15 — like in the original game. Meaning a player had to have at least fourteen classes or more to reach the new overall level cap of 200. This new level cap, and keeping the old class level restriction give the opportunity to the players to max out more classes and skills without had to worry about missing anything in their build. Giving them more variant when it came to character builds and abilities. Thus, the game leapt bounds when it came to a variety of builds and playstyles that can be utilized in one playthrough.

Furthermore, you were able just to have a taste of various classes as long as you satisfied with this overall condition. Although it was inefficient, it was possible to have 200 Lv. One profession if you wanted to.

In other words, it was a system where it was impossible to have completely identical characters unless you intentionally made them so.

This level of freedom also applied to the expanded visuals. Unlike the old game, the basic selectable visual customization was much more diverse than it was in the old game. Utilizing every little bit of processing power, the new game engine could give, to offer visuals that almost rivaled real life.

Even more so, if you used creator tools — that were sold separately — you were able to alter appearances of weapons and armor, internal data, character visuals and detailed settings of a player's home a lot more accurately than it was in the original game.

In the original game, nine realms awaited the players who set off for adventures in such a world was a colossal map. Nine home worlds consisting of Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Helheim, and Muspelheim.

Redesigned and expanded, the old world were also available in the original's successor. With added outer worlds that appeared near the husked out world tree and the nine realms it connected.

The six worlds of chaos appeared one by one, numerous dangers lurking in the void, waiting to destroy and destabilize the short serenity of the nine realms of YGGDRASIL.

After the second coming of the Devourer of Nine Worlds, everyone believed it was over. Yet, the Ragnarok still came, leaving the World Tree weakened and vulnerable for the outside dangers. And believe me, those forces only waited to take over and devour the remains of the world tree's husk.

One by one — expansion after expansion — these new worlds appeared, bringing new items, areas, races, classes, enemies — and except the last expansion — raising the overall level cap by twenty each time.

The first new world to appear was the "Gaping Abyss". Where abyss walkers corrupted all that lived, live, and would live, consuming everything. The endless chasm where the great old ones dwelled and watched all creation.

The second was the void of "Ginnungagap" where void dwellers lived and seeped through the cracks of reality, where Void Lords resided and weaved their nefarious plans to devour everything with their great void.

The third was the always swirling Primordial Elemental plane where the elemental lords of old ruled. The place called "Primordial". Ruled by god-like beings manifested from chaotic entropy and elemental energy. No one without proper preparation could survive in such a place.

The fourth was the vast chaos of Purgatory where the true lords of the demon kind resided, led by their unstoppable, but patient ruler, Ravana.

The Corrupted Fey realm of the celestials and true fairies was the fifth to appear. Existing in parallel with the nine worlds. The queen and god ruler of the fey kind — Titania — the corrupted personification of the World Tree laid in wait, seeking to use mortals and immortals alike for her own end. Weaving opaque plans to reclaim what she lost aeons ago — attempting to meld with the husked World Tree once more and become "the One."

The last world to appear was "Dragonar". The home realm of the divine dragon kind. Where the newly reborn Io ruled as the Godking, the creator of every dragon. Seeking to restore the corrupted order of cosmos by erasing everything. Restoring order in the stead of chaos, bringing true neutrality in the universe.

Fifteen worlds with innumerable classes, and fully customizable visuals awaited the players.

The new version had reignited the artisan spirits of the players all around the world and caused a phenomenon that would later be called 'the new trend of visual popularity.'

With such explosive popularity behind it — that surpassed even its predecessor — it had reached a level of acclaim where YGGDRASIL MK II and DMMORPGs were considered as one and the same no matter where you asked about it.

All fifteen realms offered a vast, diverse, always changing playground to every player who entered the game world of YGGDRASIL MK II.

Alas, as the saying goes: 'Everything that has a beginning, has an end.' And thus, in the year of 2166, the second installment of the game finally reached its last day. After twenty years of restless service, the game had finally shut down.

This was due not only the game engine, and the console it used became obsolete under more than two decades, but the coding the program used became so complicated over the years, it threatened with total system collapse. If the developers would have changed or added anything at all, the game stability would have been threatened.

And as everything new became tedious after a while — losing their shine — after the fifteenth year of the game, the numbers of players started to drop. Year by year the active player numbers went down further. And with the appearance of the new competitors over the years, the upkeep of the servers slowly started to become a burden instead of a profit.

Only a fraction of its previous playerbase stayed loyal to the very end .

The beginning of the end, the start of new life.

23:55: 00

The time had almost come, five more minutes, and the world he adored would end, closing its gates forever.

Turning around, adoring the throne room of the crystal palace. The great citadel of Io, the god ruler of dragonkind, he couldn't help but smile. As the technology reached its current level, the nanointerface managed to mimic this small amount of facial movement.

Io was said to rule over the vast cosmos. That he was there before everything else, creating light and darkness. Breathing life and bringing forth the dragons of old. Thus, the place his colossal throne settled had no roofing; as it was said that the endless maps of dying stars was the roofing of his castle.

The sky was dark, one by one the stars started to blink out of existence, dimmed out by the constant firework show the developers produced on the last day.

Sighing, the player turned his head. In his ears, the roars of primordial dragons echoed reverberated through the endless cosmos. It was the usual patrol soared the skies every minute since the start of the expansion. It was not an accident; reaching this place was hard, almost impossible alone.

The throne of Io where the World Boss resided could only be accessed through the lowest part of the palace. Through the labyrinth-like sewer system where the horrors of the old world resided.

The teleportation was completely blocked, and flying was also restricted in this area. The only way to access the highest point of the citadel was stumbling through the whole dungeon. Guarded by continuously spawning powerful dragon type enemies and filled with traps.

An always changing open world dungeon where PVP was allowed. Thus, even fighting an open world boss like the Io was, you had to expect PK or PKK-ers around every corner ready to ambush you at the most critical moment of a fight. It was inevitable, and despite the distaste of many people, this was actually the most charming element of the game for some.

The amount of enemies that patrolled the skies, and the lower levels of the palace were considerable at least. To ignore them would be nothing short of suicide.


With a simple motion, the player called back his Kusarigama — made from charred bones and rusty looking metal parts, emitting eldritch energies. The last enemy player breathed out the last gasp of his virtual life. "Fuck you, man!" the shining paladin said before his virtual body crumbled to ashes.

In the next moment, his inbox got spammed with cursing messages, blaming their failure on him. Naturally, he cared not, and only smiled reading all the insults he received. It was the nature of this place. Even in the last five minutes of the game, the players should have expected an ambush.

Looking around, watching the evaporating carcass of Io, the dragon deity, a feeling of satisfaction filled the Dark King of the Void. The deity's servants laid in shambles, defeated and killed. The environment devastated — as much as the game engine allowed, of course.

The evaporating carcasses of the ambushed players laid scattered all around. Not only killed by the only surviving player, but caught in the rampage of the last desperate turmoil of Io.

Typically, one player could not possibly beat a Cosmic Catastrophe level entity like the dragon deity was. But using others as a decoy to weaken it, then ambushing the group at the right moment. Hitting where it hurts, eliminating their healers and letting the entity end their suffering, and then as the last survivor end the fight with a decisive strike. It was the perfect tactic to use.

This tactic was obviously far from honorable, but as a chronic loner, there weren't many other options. The rules dictate that only the group that actually kills the boss can claim the drops, so being ambushed during a bossfight was actually quite common. That, in our case, was the role our sole surviving player chose.

"Kukuku…" Our player chuckled maliciously, the bulky magical gloves in his hands closing his console after he inspected the gained loot and items the defeated enemies and players dropped.

Using short-range teleportation, the player took a seat in the crystal throne of Io, beaming a confident smile under his VR helmet. Basking in the glory and the considerable buff the crystal throne provided.

Glancing around, his posture may seem frail under the dark robes — yet, his appearance befits a true lord of the dark arts — a true overlord who ruled over his very own dark realm.

Between the high collars that covered most of his face, and the witch-like hat that adorned the top of his head, only his mismatched, slit eyes shed some light in the darkness. The left was bright blue, the right pale white with a violet diabolic pentagram engraved in the sclera. Behind his back, a mist like black tail protruded.

Turning his head sideward, a beautiful girl standing not far from him came into his view.

She wore an armored maid uniform built to offer protection against all kind of harm. Her lower face protected by a spiked jaw protector. On her arms, two bladed gauntlets settled, ready to break the bones of her enemies.

Her eyes and face showcased an utterly impassive, empty expression. And just watching her, our dark lord cannot help but smile at his creation. The bodyguard NPC his great friend helped him create and configure.

Watching her for a moment, he could not have been prouder of her looks and capabilities.


Merely waving his hand, the control interface of the maid came to his view right away.

"Scarlet Seales… Aka X23." he recited her name, reading the many pages long background story he came up with for her.

According to her story, she was the last technological remnant of a long lost race. The automaton designed to preserve her creator's legacy, carry their might and defend her appointed master at all cost. Serve the master according to her best ability, advise him/her if time arose. — The perfect android made to serve her master's needs until the end of time — and even after that if it was necessary. And with her settings, plus hardware and superior equipment, she was more than able to do so.

Cooking, maid duty and servant protocols, combat directives were all embedded in her very being. Doing it perfectly every time the need arose.

Her mismatched green and yellow eyes contained no clear pupils but were embedded with a crosshair. Her face was very delicate, it almost looked like a handcrafted sculpure. Her silver hair with white streaks reached the midst of her back.

Accompanied by such a cute maid, the dark lord couldn't help but smile in satisfaction, as he was indeed proud of his servant's potency and might. She was his shield, she was his fist, crushing his enemies and opponents relentlessly, the front line fighter of his little group. And lastly, she was the dearest servant of his; he would protect at all cost if the need calls for it.

As a player who mostly played alone using his bodyguard NPC as a companion, and took mercenary assignments to satisfy his needs of adventure and progress through the game content. Saying she was the most crucial part of his little collective was an understatement.

There were very few people he actively played with and shared adventurers on a daily basis.


He was confident in his abilities, yet, in the last minutes of the game. He missed his old companion. One of the few he ever shared his journey with and really teamed up with for a long time. Said companion even invited him to join her mercenary guild; however, he had always refused the chance.

Even so, he accepted assignments offered by her for a generous amount of coins or wares. It could not be helped, she was just a cute girl — a real one that is, that in itself was an achievement in the online playfield — and as cute girls were his weakness, he could be convinced easily. Aside from "that" one request, he could never really say no to her.

[Message]: "Hai! Eibon-kun! I see you still haven't kicked the bucket! Even in the last minutes of the game you're still around. What a nerd…" a sultry young female voice echoed in the channel. She sounded almost mocking, certainly sarcastic. Try as she might, she still couldn't hide her distinctly Japanese accent. Accompanied by her sweet voice of a girl in her twenties she really sounded cute.

[Message]: "Ah, Fjörgyn, I see you're still around, did you manage to finish the assignment you bragged about since last week? I wonder if you succeeded at all…" his voice was of a man in the midst of his thirties, echoing through the artificially opened channel. Paired with his thick German accent, he just sounded strange. However, even through all of that, his sarcasm was still apparent.

[Message]: "Yep! It was harder than expected, but we managed to clear the dungeon and divide the loot half an hour ago." She answered honestly, yet, after a moment, the girl realized what her longtime teammate meant with his tone. "Are you mocking me?" Her tone almost sounded like she was offended, cutely pouting behind her console.

[Message]: "Oh! I would never dare, believe me…" rolling his eyes, he could only offer an amused chuckle, wondering how long he could fool her. "Mocking you? I'd rather not be found murdered tomorrow; thank you very much."

[Message]: "You liar…" the girl deadpanned with a flat tone. "You should practice more; you're a horrible liar."

[Message]: "Oh, I am sorry. I'll do better next time."

[Message]: "Whatever…" Fjörgyn just frowned annoyed, knowing her teammate's usual behavior and lack of manners — at least according to Japanese standards. "So, where are you?" inspecting her interface, Eibon only heard a surprised whistle. "Damn! Dragonar, Crytal Palace of Io, thought the place to crack! Did you team up with someone? How dare you leave me behind!" Her tone was slightly offended, yet carried quite a bit of sarcasm with it.

[Message]: "Ah! It is not like that, Fjörgyn-chan! It is just I followed an unsuspecting group all the way here then ambushed them in the worst possible moment. Letting them first weaken Io enough so I can finish it, then steal the loot."

[Message]: "…" Silence descended once more, and Eibon clearly felt the grimace of the girl, the expression that slowly turned into a twisted smile. "You really are a dick. You know that? Something like that is sure to get a bounty on your head."

[Message]: "Indeed, I have one. But the game is shutting down, who cares I'll await them here, sitting on my crystal throne. Like a true villain! Let them come; my "Scythe of Oblivion" hungers."

[Message]: "Oh!" the girl pursed her lips surprised. "So the dark lord of the void realms — the mighty Void Dragon, the Primordial Old One intends to conquer the outer worlds? You know very well, as the Avatar of the World Tree, as the daughter and Wrath of Gaia, I can't let such thing to happen."

[Message]: "Hmm…" he hummed confidently, joining the role play. "Then I will await you in the top of the crystal spire. Sitting on the throne of the dead god, Io. Nyphm Queen, Thalia Fjörgyn, I, the Dark King of the Void accept your challenge."

[Message]: "Don't worry, next time we will meet, it will be our last clash. It will decide the fate of past, future, and present."

[Message]: "So be it…" he nodded, the warning appearing on his screen.


Thirty more seconds and the servers of YGGDRASIL MKII would force him to log out.

[Message]: "The game will end soon."

[Message]: "Indeed, so unfortunate. Our last clash might never come to pass.

[Message]: "Unfortunate…" watching the last seconds counting backwards on his set timer, Eibon closed his eyes, resting his avatar's head on the crystal throne. "Thalia…"

[Message]: "Hmm, yes?"

[Message]: "Thank you, my Nyphm Queen. For all those good times we shared."

[Message]: "Oh! Don't be like that!" Thalia teased him mischievously, albeit, he recognized a slight sadness in her tone. "You have my mail; we can play other games too. You know, other games also exist."

[Message]: "Yes, you are right." his eyes rested, his eyelids closed slowly, strange fatigue descending on his mind. "Goodbye, my Fraulein."

[Message]: "Goodbye, Eibon von Bahamut. May we meet again."

He did not answer his friend, knowing very well what she felt.






The game finally ended as darkness descended on his world. Albeit, is it truly the end, or the beginning something new, something strange?






His eyes opened, yet, something was off. He should have logged out. Returned to the reality that was his life. Alas, looking around, only confusion arose. Instead of the darkness of his small room, he found himself amidst a vast forest. Only green, as far as the eye could see.

"Hmmm? What happened?" His confusion rose as he gazed unaware of where he was. All of it seemed too real to be a game.

"Eibon-sama. Eibon-sama. Are you all right?" from his side, the young voice of a girl called. Her tone was impassive, carried no emotions, like a text read aloud by a machine.

Raising his hand, he could only clench the thick black magical gloves adorning his hands, the back of them decorated with golden lined occult symbols. A constant glow running through the rim of his gauntlets. The slightly armoured gauntlets that made his hands look somewhat bulky and longer than they really were.

"This is too real to be a game…" he muttered, shaking his head. Only now recognizing his voice was slightly younger than it used to be. It was almost like…

"Eibon-sama. Please answer… Are you all right?" the maid worried crouched on his side, started to shake her master's shoulder. But the master was still flabbergasted at what happened, simply staring at the world around him .

Seeing there was no other way to bring him black, the girl slapped him a few times — gently. Gently, if the fact that she was a specialised close range fighter with monk classes was taken into consideration. "What the…"

Her slaps may be considered gentle, compared to her level, but these simple smacks affected the surroundings significantly.

'Slap! Slap! Slap!'

Three slaps, three strikes shook the surrounding environment. Everything boomed with power, creating shockwaves tearing out many trees in their wake. Yet, compared to the attack power she possessed and the power behind her usual strikes, this was nothing. She just used that much power and had not even tickled her master.

"What! What!?" he jumped up, finally getting a grasp on reality. He was suspecting what happened, yet, still, he found himself unable to fully accept it. Everything was strange and confusing.

The strikes managed to wake him up somewhat. Albeit, not completely, he still thought of everything as a strange dream. Although, feeling the dull throb on his face he couldn't help but rub his sore cheek.

"What the…!" But looking back at his hands, clenching his fist once more, the sense of something being very wrong happened started to overcome his mind.

Turning towards his combat maid, he needed to ask. "Scarlet? Is that you…?" he inquired, albeit, only hesitantly. If this was indeed still a game — which he seriously doubted — the slaps of his servant could not cause dullness on his cheek.

Since the game wasn't capable of simulating any form of physical contact, and it also couldn't mimic most facial expressions, the concerned gaze of his servant told him enough. Also, in YGGDRASSIL MK II friendly fire had never been possible. Thus, there was no way his servant or allies could hurt him in any way, yet, his maid had undoubtedly slapped the crap out of him a second ago.

The maid just watched him confused, knowing not what her master is speaking about.

Seeing the lack of answer, watching her master's murmur, she considered the possibility that her Lord needed more assistance in regaining his senses. In any case, she was ready.

"Maybe I am just hallucinating."

"Eibon-sama. Are you drunk?" Cheeky as ever, the maid asked huffish, prepared to slap her master out of his stupor.

His confusion was ever rising; he could only massage his dulled cheeks. It was not pain but it definitely wasn't a pleasant feeling either. "I am fine. Don't worry about me." he lied. But under such circumstances, no sane man would tell the truth.

The maid just nodded expressionless, giving a confused head tilt. "Eibon-sama, are you sure? You seem out of place. Maybe you need some more "encouragement"?"

Her mouth moved, and although her face showed no emotion, all of it seemed too real to be a game.

Looking around, the destruction of the simple slaps caused was terrific. The game could only a minimal amount of environmental destruction. Nothing on this scale was ever possible.

"I need to test things, this is definitely not a game anymore…" he muttered, remembering the numerous 'transported into another world' novels he read previously. And if it's the same, he needs to test things out.

"Let the test be conducted…" Eibon just smirked, his heart strangely calm. Confusing his poor maid even more.

"Eibon-sama, you certainly need some sleep. My Lord certainly acts weird." she could only mutter, watching her Lord turn towards a distant tree and pointing at it, casting a low tier spell.

Scene Change: One and a half days later; Somewhere in Britannia:

There was a massive unrest in the village of Dornie; a small settlement near the border of the Kingdom of Liones. It was not even a day worth of horse ride away from the border, separating Liones and the prosperous kingdom of Camelot.

One may see this little village as a meaningless settlement, as it only housed around seventy-seven people. Or more like twenty families with the average number of four.

A small settlement, normally no one would even waste a thought on - not even when it is situated merely little ways away from the Camelotian border. In recent times, however, more and more knights had traveled to the border, apparently preparing for some kind of "Holy War". Even people in simple villages were forcefully recruited in order to bolster the kingdom's military force.

No one aside the leaders of the country knew the real reason behind the forced recruitment, as the appeared knights refused to share their goals. And as they were perfidious and rude, the knights treated the simple peasants harshly and with scorn.

"Move!" shouted one of the knights, pulling the barely adolescent boy from his mother's grasp.

"No! Don't take him!" screamed the woman, fearfully.

"Mother!" the boy desperately pleaded, trying to get back into his mother's loving embrace.

Moisture was gathering their eyes; the sides forcibly tore apart, leaving only sadness and grief. Mother and son would likely never see each other again.

Hoping for the rescue was without pointless, as the King was in custody, he couldn't do anything to save his people from the cruel treatment of his own Holy Knights.

Thinking the new Holy War was inevitable, and refusing the reasoning of king Bartra Liones, the Kingdom's Holy Knights took over the Kingdom after a coup, imprisoning the King and the members of the royal family who knew the real reason behind their supposed protector's treason.

Even now, there were rumors about the young daughter of the King, Elizabeth Liones managing to escape from the pursuing Holy Knights. According to the childish rumor, she sought the seven deadly sins to ask for assistance in saving the kingdom.

The kingdom, now under the command of current Great Holy Knights, Hendrickson, and Dreyfus, fell into a state of distress as citizens from towns and villages surrounding the kingdom were enslaved or forcefully recruited into joining the military effort: the men forcibly trained as soldiers, the women and children forced to amass food for storage, and the elderly forced to construct defensive structures. Death had now become the penalty for insubordination under the rule of the Holy Knights, with them justifying their enslavement of the citizens with the looming threat of the coming war.

"Get away from me!" tearing himself out from the grasp of the knight, a teen reaching his sixteenth year started to run towards the border of the village. Hoping to find his sister, who had hid herself in the woods. He ran, in a desperate hope the knights had not yet found her, wishing he could escape and live in freedom with his only remaining relative. Camelot was their only chance for safe asylum now.

They were alone, only the two of them remained of their family after their parents passed away barely a year ago. He'd be damned if he would let his sister die after all that happened to them.

"Insubordination! Kill the boy! Show them what happens to traitors!" Shouted one of the knights, signalling the archers to shoot him down.

He was not fast enough, for not even a moment later a sharp pain enveloped his lungs.


The pain halted his moves immediately, and the urge to hold his chest overcame him. He found an arrow embedded in his back forming a small hole from where his precious life essence poured onto the ground.

With every desperate cough and step, more blood fell from his mouth, dropping into a small puddle on the ground.

He could only glimpse back as a look of horror filled his blurry vision. With a sizzling sound a rain of arrows soared through the air, right towards him. It only took a second, and the teen turned into a pinch cushion, countless arrows sticking out of his body.

His torso, his legs, his groin, his neck, and even his left eye had been filled with sharpened metal and wood.

Falling on his back, darkness slowly descended on his world. Blood pouring from his mouth and the numerous holes from his body, painting everything around him crimson.

Now, as the cold touch of death approached, the previously intense pain slowly faded away, giving the place the cold numbness of the end.

Only now, as the cold embrace of death started to envelop him, he felt as if the ground trembled under him. Like something massive and horrible was approaching the soldiers, coming to avenge his death and save his little sister from the hideous fate of enslavement.

'Thud! Thud! Thud!' What sounded like heavy metallic boots echoed amidst the dirt streets of the simple village. Titanic and otherworldly, as what he could only assume was Death himself was approaching the soldiers.

"Wha- What is that!"

"A demon?"

"What kind of monster is that?!"

Well, a dying man could only hope.

The knights gasped, feeling the unnatural aura of the approaching monstrous parody of a knight neared. Feeling the hopelessness filled their hearts the moment they set their gaze on the horrible, twisted thing.

"Owaaaa!" The faceless knight roared monstrously, its head hidden behind the black fog his collar emitted, if there was one to begin with. Only its ominous glowing red eyes stared out from the thick black mist.

It's armour like that of a juggernaut, too cumbersome to effectively move by wearing it. Yet, the movements of the creature were fluid and fast, unnaturally so even. Towering above the simple knights, its armour of darkness and twisted metal was torn by deep purple fractures softly emitting ravenous void energy with an almost peaceful glow. Such was the duality of the void.

The hand of the creature was massive and skeletal in appearance with pointy, sharp fingers and surrounded by a dark purple mist, holding a spiked tower shield and a blood-drenched jagged cleaver. Mirroring its armour, the thing's weapons of twisted metal only served to affirm the onlooker's fears.

Everyone who watched the creature could only think of a monster that had crawled from the deepest depths of the demon realm

The knights shouted as their steps faltered, daring not to approach such a creature.

"Don't lose hope! We can defeat it! Advance and kill that thing! Work together! What would Hendrickson and Dreyfus-sama say seeing you like this?!" the commander of the present forces, ordered his men to get themselves together and eliminate the newly risen threat. Sitting on the top of his horse, even when poor animal became restless as the monstrosity approached.

But it was too late to turn back; the knights had already gained the monster's attention.

As if the "thing" received a mental order or reacted to the movement of the dozens of knights, its movement changed, charging towards the lining up knights of Liones.

"Ahahhhhhhhhh!" darkness descended as the first knight was cleaved in half with great ease. The armor issued to simple knights was like paper; the dark cleaver ate away at the metal without any difficulty.

As the abomination pushed the mangled remains of their comrade's body aside as if it was nothing more than dirt, the remaining knights simply stared in horror, hoping for salvation.

"A short while ago it was those villagers praying for a miracle, and now that feeling of utter hopelessness and despair has been pushed those that saw fit to deliver it before…." crackled the robed, dark magic caster in the depths of the woods. "Welch amüsante Ironie."(What amusing irony)

He quoted, the monster on the loose…


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