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The Return of the Commandments


The place where the chasm gaped replaced with a vast crater, only leaving purified Hendrickson, the key and the shattered seal intact and untouched.

"Are we alive?" Fraudrin looked around once more, seeing the blurry, translucent barrier around them still untouched, unbroken. Not even a crack, just the transparent thin darkness that surrounded them.

It was flabbergasting to even imagine it, but the purifying effect that may possibly able to overwhelm the elite of the demon clan was unable to even effect that thin barrier of darkness that protected them.

"Just what the…"

"Oh! So little faith in my services! Should I be offended?" joked the girl under the hood, her smile widened considerably.

"Are you mad!?"

"Am I? Or just certain such minor purification ritual can't penetrate my barriers." the girl's smile disappeared, almost like she was offended such minor thing can harm her. This made Fraudrin tremble in his boots for a moment! She was a real monster; it cannot be denied anymore!

"Just… what are you?"

"Regina Chao…" the girl said so uninterested, then sighing disappointed. "I thought I said to you. My contractor is interested in making contact. That's it! Letting you die just now is against our interest, and our [Pact]…"

"…" the man just watched her. He tried hard to dismiss the bad feeling welled up in his gullet, yet, even as a member of the ten commandments, he can't help but be wary of her.

"Go now, your friends await you."


Thus, Fraudrin descended, dismissing Hendrickson, who, although regained his humanity, allowed catastrophe to set foot once more in the realm of mortals.

"Hehehe… so predictable." Regina grinned, seeing ten figures approaching Fraudrin. Strangely, they let Hendrickson flee. An interesting choice, nonetheless, is not surprising knowing what Fraudrin said. That human he inhabited really affected him greatly.

"Well, well, well… who thought? That human he inhabits has so much influence over him. Oh! How weak a demon can fall…"

"It's been a long 3000 years, comrades!" Fraudrin welcomed his old comrades down in the crater, most-watched him with a completely neutral expression. Some were glad, and some were angry — he delayed so many years with their rescue.

"Heh? So 3000 years? We've been locked up for a pretty long time. If we had been living, as usual, we'd have died three times by now!" the red armor-like demon muttered, his tone carried some echo.

"Oh, interesting. So these demons have a limited lifespan? Poor creatures…" Regina grinned on the edge of the crater, finding the concept of a limited lifespan an alluring prospect.

Demons in the abyss all have infinite lifespans, not bound by the prospect of time! To actually be bounded by time? She had no idea if she should laugh or cry how pitiful these demons were.

"Fraudrin, is that a human body you have there?" a slender female coiled around by darkness — like a snake — asked surprised, even blinking seeing such an odd thing.

"Hmm! Indeed. It is pretty easy to use body. Very handy." answered the Commandment proud. Thought, for Regina Chao — who listened to them subtly — it was more disgraceful and disgusting than anything in existence!

To rely on mortals to carry your essence? To weaken yourself by them? True demon lords never should lower themselves to use a human body! It is just frail and weak. Disgraceful and disgusting!

"By the way. Why were we the only ones that got to escape?" the young "boy" with androgynous features asked. It seemed, some octopus-like tentacle surrounded his body.

"Unfortunately, I didn't have enough Goddess Disciple blood as needed to lift the spell completely. Sorry."

"It is still strange. Aren't there supposed to be more Fairy and Giant around?"

"Hmm, you are right." The man with the French mustache reacted to the words of the blonde lady — who had worked out body, and her modesty basically only covered by her darkness. "Indeed, there are not many of them remained."

"Hmm, indeed, you are right, Monspeet. In the battle 3000 years ago, they lost a considerable amount of strength, as did we. The ones in control of Britannia now are humans."

"Humans?" the girl with pink hair asked, her expression almost entirely uninterested. "The most fragile, short-lived, and degenerative of the five races."

"Hey, Fraudrin! You were the only one who escaped the seal, right? What's taken so long!?"

"I have been, hindered, Galand. A lot of things happened, and I only awoke a short ten years ago. There were some obstacles called the Seven Deadly Sins that got in my way."

"You mean… Meliodas?" the until now silent demon prince asked, offering an awfully sour expression. His eyes and hair like an abyss, infinite black.

Everyone's expression went grim in an instant, recognizing the name of the traitor.

"That name…"

"Oh! You are so comfy!'' Before anyone could say anything more, the dramatic moment suddenly disturbed by the mischievous voice of a young girl. "I was bored by your conversation, so I thought I come closer to inspect you all." her voice whispy, slightly lisping, resting on the broad chest on the only person who laid on the ground.

"What the…!?" Galand and the rest immediately turned towards the voice. Recognizing a small figure in the hood and an all ragged body cloak laying on the chest of the silver-haired Commandment.

This man, laid in the ground, was eerily familiar; if one looked at his face, he resembled the Meliodas from the wanted poster. To be exact, he looked exactly the same!

"Estarossa… on your chest…"

Estarossa didn't bother, just closed his eyelids, smiled like it would be no bother. "It is fine…" he answered only as such. It was almost like the dare of the girl amused him.

"Who are you…?"

The girl didn't answer the question of the demon prince, only turning on her stomach, moving her legs up and down, eyeing Estarossa.

"Demon-chan, are you… an angel?" 'Sniff! Sniff!' "Yes… definitely, I smell divinity suffocated under all that darkness. Fallen angel? Maybe, or forcefully converted? More likely." she muttered, making the Commandments around look at each other confused. "I like you! You are so strange! Want to be my pet? I promise I will keep you just right!"

"Is she serious?"

Estarossa's smile widened even more, finding this little girl quite amusing and cute. "I like you…" he patted her head. "You are funny."

"Hey! Brat! We asked you something!"

"Galand! Wait…!"

Galand raised the "kid," pointing the edge of his halberd against her throat.

"Well, how would you like to die?"

"Don't kill her. I want answers…"

"Lord Zeldris?"

"How do you get so close? We didn't even feel you? Who are you?" his eyes squinted, demanding answers. There was no way a simple kid managed to get so close without getting noticed!

"Lord Zeldris, let me explain!" Fraudrin sweated, stepping closer. Albeit, he would not mind if Galand kills her — as she already served her purpose — he felt something terrible would happen if she accidentally dies, or they attack her.

"You know who she is?" Zeldris questioned Fraudrin with a raised brow.

"Ye-Yes… sh-she was the one who helped me free you all. Without her, you wouldn't be free."

"This little snot?" Galand snorted, not so much amused as he inspected the child. "I shit bigger than her. Can I kill her? I am famished now! Her soul would be a fine appetizer."

"I want a bite too!" The lady with the pink hair offered an awfully wide grin, almost of a snake.

"Demons of this world are interesting." yet, despite a blade was aimed at her throat, the girl was not scared. Not at all, more so, she found all of this boring. "You little!"

"Galand, stop! I want to question her! Fraudrin said she was the one who helped us recover. The least is to listen to what she wants." The demon prince was reasonable. Not accidentally, his father appointed him as his enforcer.

He was open to suggestion, but merciless when meeting opposition, sparing no one who stood against his father's demonic will!

"Haah! Finally, someone sensible. It seems not only buffoons are around."

"Little shit! Who do you think you are!?"

"Just someone who makes deals…" she stuck her tongue, pissing the Commandment of Truth even more.

"Now, would you kindly put me down?"

"Or what?"

"Or something awful will happen. Hell will be a nice place to say." the girl offered an unnaturally wide grin, revealing a row of sharp teeth.

"Hah! As If I believe…" Galand just scoffed. But she didn't lie.

It was impossible before the Commandment of Truth! Galand's commandment would have turned her into stone at the moment the lie left her throat. She either believes nothing can happen with her—with all her heart — or she tells the truth! Fraudrin feared it was the latter.

"I fear, I made a mistake bargaining with her!" Fraudrin, the first time since long started to suspect, he may make a mistake making a deal with an unknown entity.

"Let me go, or…"

"Or what? Little shit? Will you kick me on my shin? How scary! Hahaha!" the old man laughed heartedly.

"No, in fact…"

"Guah!" in the next moment, the little girl kicked Galand on his face, throwing him far, deforming his helmet completely. As he flew, he left a massive mark in the surrounding.

"On your face… I kick you on your face." Regina patted herself down, adjusting her cloak. "Your subordinate lacks respect. Teach him, or I will…"

"And who are you to say that?" Zeldris was now honestly starting to lose his patience. Disrespecting a commandment equaled disrespecting the Demon King! They were his elite force, after all.

"Guaaah! You little…?! I will destroy you!" yet, before Zeldris can continue his speech, Galand returned, fuming with rage, his face distorted from the simple kick, raising his halberd to behead the girl.

"Our eyes don't meet… [Kneel.]" It was like the small girl spoke in many voices, in many directions, echoed all around! It immediately made Galand follow the simple command, basically throwing him to the ground with full force!

"Guahh!" and immediately, Galand fell on his knee, the immense pressure cracked his armor, his struggle making it even worse, opening wounds wherefrom his block blood started to pour.

Only his head raised, to meet the girl's slit eyes that looked down at him.

"That's where our eyes meet…"

He can't move! Not an arm, not a finger. His body did not respond. It was like something exerted forced control! It was like he would be the presence of the Demon King once more!

"Damn you! (CRITICAL OVER)!" Galand's body swelled up, becoming more muscular, for a moment, it was like he managed to raise himself an inch. But it was all for a notch! At that moment, Regina started to smile.

"Admirable try, but all useless… [Know your place!]"

Galand was once more thrown back to his position, even with his innate ability activated, his struggle was useless.

As he looked up again, something akin terror started to fill his gullet.

"Just… what the hell are you!?"

His instinct screamed at the moment their eyes meet! It never happened before! Not against the four archangels! Not when he faced the demon king! Not when he challenged Meliodas! It was an entirely new feeling! Fear! No! Terror so profound, it felt otherworldly!

Whatever was this being, she most likely able to squash him like a bug!

It cannot be denied! A true monster stood before him; the small, frail body looked like a giant now!

All around, the others did not move. Feeling if any of them try to hinder the girl's act of discipline, they would end the same way.

They were weakened, just returned after the long hibernation. Somehow they instinctively felt, even if they attack all at once, they most likely will be beaten merciless in their current state!

Zeldris, however bad his pride had been hurt, had to admit this. Now, there is little he can do.

"Hahaha… not a speck of hatred." Estarossa muttered, glancing towards the girl with a broad, yet somber, sleepy smile.

"Galand?" Melascula raised her brow, finding the powerlessness of her companion slightly odd.

"Wh-Who the heck are you!? Monster!"

"Please let our comrade go. This was enough of demonstration…" in the end; it was Zeldris himself who broke the ice. Finding it intriguing, someone with her stature managed to beat Galand. Even weakened, he was monstrous compared to most beings. More so, she was able to command him like some puppet.

"Please forgive me. This was unsightly, but dogs need to learn their place." she glanced back at the beaten up red armored figure, watching him somewhat amused. "[You can rise now…]" she commanded once again.

"Guah!" yet, as Galand tried to rise, he collapsed on the ground. He felt like someone beat him so bad, he can barely move his limbs.


In a way, this kind of control reminded Zeldris to his own commandment, except, this forced people to obey, they know well what they are doing all along.

"This makes it even more sadistic…" his commandment of Piety at least makes people think they serve willingly. But this? This just brutally forced them, stripping them from any chance to resist.

"So, who are you? You helped Fraudrin free us. Are you the representative of my father? Did he sent you to hasten our release?" Zeldris inquired. Albeit, according to his best knowledge, almost all the strongest demons sealed under the events 3000 years ago.

Also, he was knowledgeable about all the strongest demons in the Purgatory, and he never heard someone with the power to force puppet others — except, of course, with his commandment of Piety. But that was different!

"She is…"

"Demon Prince Zeldris. Is it? Let me introduce!" she bowed, removing her hood. Revealing her cute face, green locks of hair, slightly pale, bluish skin, and the grotesque skull of an underworldly creature she wore as a crown.

"Regina… Regina Chao!"

"Miss Chao… I know all the strongest demons of the Purgatory, but you don't look familiar at all. So, who are you? Why did you help our return?"

Indeed, a great question.

Did she beat up Galand? So what? Amongst demons, the strong dominate the weak. The strong earn respect and the right to proceed unpunished. Even as the elites of the demon king, he doubted they can do anything with her just now.

They are weakened. Going fight like this would most likely end them up even weaker, possibly several of them dead. It is just not worth the hassle over some disciplining act.

"She as well a demon." said so Fraudrin. "At least, I think so. She definitely carries the power of darkness. The power of our people. Yet, according to her, she is not under the control of the demon King."

"Very well, Fraudrin-chan, very well!" she clapped, smiling elegant. "So, you recognized some of my nature."

"Interesting…" Hummed Zeldris contemplating. "So, you tell, you are not sent by my father to help our return?"

The girl lowered her head, her smile appearing once more. It was ominous, the aura she excluded made even the commandments around shudder.

"Let's just say… I am a trader of favors—favor favoring. I helped out dear Fraudrin, for the request of my contractor, and that's it. I have no connection with the one you call the Demon King. Not yet, at least. Albeit, I am interested in meeting him and making a [Pact] with him too. Doing business with the demons of different worlds is interesting, after all. They offer so many options to grow!" she muttered, low, making anyone hearing her shudder.

"In that case, tell… Who is your contractor? Yours and "his" contribution will be rewarded richly, once we regained our hold over these lands. I can promise you that."

Under the time of need, diplomacy was the toll of the wise. Now, as they lacked the forces to control everything, taking underlings was a smart choice.

"It is not important now, the only important thing is… you are part of his plan. Let's be enough for that now."


"Not important now. Now then…" she snapped her finger. "[Crucible of Souls]!" an altar raised from the ground, on it, a vessel, boiling with an unknown liquid, excluding a strange fog. A fog with many suffering and mad souls, dying away at the moment they come to surface.


"A little gift from my contractor to help you recuperate."

Zeldris and the rest watched the strange chalice, intrigued by the aura it gave away.

"Eat! Recover! Conquer! The game is starting just now! Let's bring chaos! For that is the wish of my contractor! For that's the price of growth!"

Melascula was on to accept the offer, almost salivating smelling the delicious quantity and quality of those souls the crucible offered.

The land was dry, she felt it in the air, and somehow, the magic in the ground disappeared, completely soaked up by something! By living beings!

Zeldris stopped her, raising his arm. "I don't like this! What if we refuse the offer?"

"Your choice…" the girl just shrugged, all more entertained. "It just hastens recovery—a little gift from the Lord of Void. But if you refuse, well, it cannot be helped. What we really want is an audience with the demon king."

"Unfortunately, that cannot be done. My father is in the Purgatory. He cannot be contacted that easily."

"See, what a pity." she lowered her head. "Nonetheless, the plan will proceed. We will find a way to contact his majesty. Until then…" she raised her head, smiling angelically. "Let's play nicely! Ok?" like a little girl, she smiled.

Deep inside, Zeldris felt, this can't end well for them. But for now, they needed every help to regain control.

The future of the world just turned a lot more malicious and dark. With the support of this ancient dread, who can stop the commandments now?

Scene Change: Somewhere in Liones:

"So, they started to devour souls, I see…" Drake, aka Eibon, made a mental note, inspecting the husks of people wandering in the village. "It seems the demon clan was swept clean of this area. Their appetite really is big…" he pondered, watching the "empty" people wandering around.

Their expression empty, skin pale, only hanging around or wandering aimless — almost like an undead. Indeed, some kind of spell robbed these people from their essence, their very soul, and free will.

"Just as suspected, just as Devana said, demons sometimes feed on souls to gain strength. Just like in the game. Eating or bartering them…" what was lore-wise almost the same if you asked him.

Indeed, according to the lore, devils bartered souls for more influence and power — sometimes they eat them for pure enjoyment — demons mostly devoured them to gain strength.

They were the creatures of the abyss and Baator, after all! Spawns of the nine hells and the infinite depths. Such was their nature. They were inherently evil beings.

The difference was; demons were chaotic beings, more primordial than devils, most resembling animals with an endless appetite for destruction and chaos. Meanwhile, devils were mostly lawful alignment, crafty, and elusive. They rather make deals than fight: detested pure chaos and meaningless destruction.

The two hated each other with pure passion, waging constant wars to overcome each other.

"Yet, despite demons being more passionate and instinctual, the highest-ranked amongst them were far older than the most ancient devils."

The highest demons were ancient beings, far older than maybe even the creation itself. Dangerous and cunning beyond measure. All they sought to weave their infinitely layered plans, binding and forcing others in their service — bringing chaos and destruction wherever they appeared. If they actually had a higher goal in their mind or not, even the wisest not know about it.

"I see… hmm, interesting." caressing his chin, Eibon just received the reports about Camelot and the Fairy forest; both were approached by towering golems filled with demonic energy.

"It seems, they wasted no time to start their conquest…" he smiled wry, looking around as the demons gathered around him.

It was evident; the Commandments wasted no time to start to summon their brethren back to this world, lower demons who did the heavy lifting in their stead — collecting the souls of more inferior beings such as humans, fairies, and every other living thing they can get their hands on.

"I see, I see… you gathered."

The demons that sucked out the soul from the people were still around, recognizing the two who were unaffected by their spells.

Some were fat and red, some grey and lean, towering and with long limbs. Some were simply blue, resembling a bipedal bird. All were able to annihilate cities, their strength above of a simple Holy Knight. Yet, before Eibon, they were all trash.

"Orders?" Scarlet inquired, tilting her head under her hood.

"Don't bother with them; I will take care of it."

The demons were agitated, finding it strange that despite their chants, the "humans" before them were still intact. Untouched by the soul siphoning magic.

"[Drain Aura]," Eibon only muttered this much, and everything around started to wither and die.

The demons screamed one last time before crumbling, only their husks remaining. The already soulless people also withered, turning wrinkled and scrawny beings. The ground, the very air, all siphoned dry! Then, in the next moment, their eyes lit up, in violet light, body twisted and scrawny, raised once more as voidings.

"This is… so unsatisfying. Their quality really lacks."

"Shall I seek quality ones, my Lord? Maybe those unsealed demons will do…"

"No, it is not necessary." the lord of void waved away Scarlet's offer. He had enough items in his inventory to satisfy his hunger.

"They were promised to her. Our pact clearly states they are hers to play with…"

"Are you sure, my lord? That ritualistic summon was dangerous. Even for you…"

"Everything is under control, Scarlet, don't worry. It was a necessary sacrifice to find what I search for, and she is the most qualified to see it done under a reasonable time frame."

"As always, I trust your judgment, Eibon-sama. Until the end, I stand by your side." the maid bowed, lowering her head humble.

"Thank you…" and the dark lord smiled appreciating. He really had an excellent servant on his side.

His true goal may be was foggy for most, but for himself and his maid, it was all clear. It was all to find those he cherished, and provide his survival — ensuring he remains in control and on the top of the food chain all the time. Taking care of annoyances and blunder was only an extra.

It may sound selfish, as many people will die thanks to the release of the demon clan. Yet, for Eibon, who found so little joy back then, it was the most important thing. He will trample over anyone who dares to oppose him and his goals!

"King Bartra and the rest were good to me; I wish to bring no harm to them if possible. Yet, I seek something more. Maybe unreachable. Yet, I seek to earn it!" reaching towards the skies, the player smiled somber, expecting great things from this world.

"Go now, Scarlet, there are people in need out there. The young king still has tasks to fulfill; we can't let yet let him fall! I will head over to my next destination. [Gate]!" Eibon waved his hand, and an oval portal appeared. It was endless black, with edges of violet color. "Go now, notify me immediately if anything unexpected happens. Take care of yourself."

"Yes…" with that, the maid disappeared, stepping through the portal.

"Ah! What a wonderful world we live in! One needs a good drink in times like this!"

Scene Change: Camelot:

"What was this!?" Arthur felt something horrible happened. An awful feeling, almost like the balance of the world flipped over, washed over him and the whole city!

All his body! All his being trembled. A nauseous feeling washed over all his being.

It was rare for the young King to feel such a thing; in truth, he never really experienced a similar event before. At least, not at this scale!

"Lord Arthur! A huge moving object appeared near the city!"

"What now!?" he almost spat. His body still trembled due to the sudden rise of magical power in the air; he needed a few seconds to recuperate!

The knight who notified him pointed towards the towering shadow that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Just like that, with each step, the ground cracked and trembled under its terrible weight.

It was huge, round, with massive bulky hands, almost like a golem, walking towards the city. If it continues like this, the whole Camelot will be trampled over. He needs to think, act fast, or everything is lost.

"The knights and apprentices evacuate the city! As for the Holy Knights? Those with long-range powers are to position themselves around the target! Strike at once!" Arthur acted apt and fast despite his shaken state, ordered his knights right away!

"Umu! Yes, Sir!"

Albeit, the target was still a mile away from the town, it was evident it was huge. Even from far, it cast a shadow over the city. Like a towering mountain, the creature headed towards Camelot with steady steps.

The news, like fire, ran over the city, each knight relaying the order of the King of their fellows. Many people moved at once, taking their position immediately!

Their only luck was the plain Camelot settled was open enough to see the coming enemy from far, giving them enough time to prepare. Albeit, the burst of power that washed over the whole surrounding keeping them ready was also a fortunate factor — or unfortunate if you asked many.

What needed most was to act quickly and without delay. Save as many people as possible before that monstrosity reaches this place.

"Merlin… where are you?" he muttered. Usually, Merlin is always on his side when something terrible happens, yet, in this crucial situation, she was missing.

"Any of you saw Merlin?" he turned towards one of the passing Holy Knights.

"No, Lord Arthur. We didn't saw Lady Merlin. Should we send a search party for her?"

"It is not necessary…" a female voice came from his side in the next moment. "I am already here."

"Ah! Merlin! I am glad! What's that, monstrosity? What happened? I felt like…"

"Albion…" she squinted her eyes, watching the ever closing thing as she muttered.


"The ancient weapon of the demon clan, Albion. Golems animated by demonic power. Many of them roamed Britannia 3000 years ago. Their only task…" but before she could finish her sentence, horror dawned those stationed on the walls.

"Attack!" the mountain-sized being reached closer to the city, and the knights surrounded it attacked at once. Magic innumerable rained down on the creature, yet, it was like it did not even take notice. Or, it was like that for a moment.

"Dodge! Dodge! Dodge!" shouted one of the holy knights who attempted to counterattack. As in the next moment, the being took some momentum, and swept over the environment. The group of holy knights caught up in its attack right away annihilated, the swipe leaving a big scar in the environment!

"Retreat! Retreat!"

"Wha-what!?" it was flabbergasting how easily that creature took care of his best knights! Is there any chance to defeat such a creature? Arthur felt this is the end!

He felt powerless! Those people entrusted their safety to him! Yet, he betrayed their trust! Why? Just why is he so powerless?!

"Dammit!" pulling out his sword, the King was on to charge into battle. It was almost like the world shifted in the next moment he took a step. Arthur immediately found himself back in his original position. Yes! He recognized this feeling; this was Merlin's teleportation!

"Merlin? Why? I need to…!"

"You will die if you charge against that thing," Merlin stated the cold facts, pointing the being. "It is yet out of your league. You are not ready to face such a being…"

"Then what should I do? Wait for the end? Leave my people and kingdom behind!?"

Merlin looked away, biting her lip. "I never said that we just need…"

The beast reached the city slowly, raising his sturdy fist, on to destroy the gatehouse!


"Aggh!" the people screamed, yet a barrier blocked the strike, sending a shockwave to the surrounding.


"It is a lady Merlin!"

"She saved us!" the people cheered, thinking the protection will last forever. Yet, that was not the case.

"Merlin, how long that barrier will last?" the barrier made by Merlin covered all Camelot, providing protection against the robust attacks of the creature.

However, Arthur was not a stupid boy. Impulsive, but not irrational, even he knew; greater area covered, more magic needed — Sustaining greater areas usually dispersed the used magic equally all around. That meant less magic power for each point protected, and that meant… weaker and thinner barrier!

"Maximum two or three strikes. That would be the maximum if I had to guess. Only one more…"

"Ca-Can, you do something?"

"I should bring the Sins along, unfortunately…" looking up, Albion already prepared to raise their fist once more.

She was so reckless not stationing them in Camelot! She should have expected something similar will happen!

Yet, as nothing happened for a few days after the defeat Hendrickson, she thought the return of the demonkind delayed once more, and they have more time to prepare for the coming catastrophe.

Without servants in the mortal realm to carry out their will, they are stuck in the seal, can do nothing to affect this world.

Also, they lacked the ingredients to complete the unsealing ritual, no? Even if they get the "lock" and the "key," the catalyst is still missing! Then how was it possible!?


She was so stupid! How should she miss such an important detail!?

"It is too late for that…" the fist rained down on the barrier, and cracks appeared.

She started to get strained, even with her magic (Infinity), it took a great deal of power and concentration to keep a barrier that covers the whole city up.

"I try to be as fast as possible!" Merlin was on to teleport Arthur, herself, and as many people away as she can grab. They can always come back later to defeat this creature. It was just a city; they can always rebuild it. Yet, if the people of Camelot dies, the kingdom will collapse.

She started to prepare her spell, magic gathering around her, chanting in an unknown language. Teleportation was her second nature, usually needed not chanting, yet, grabbing and positioning this many people safely, required a great deal of concentration and calculation.


"Who is that?"

"A bird?"

"A person?"

"A mysterious stranger?"

"Who the heck is that!?"

"Look! He is flying directly against that being!?"

Stopping for a moment, she looked up, feeling a robust temporal disturbance she never felt before opened above the city.

She only saw it for a moment, but it was like a tear on the world appeared—a black oval portal above the city. What fell from it was a person, clothed in a long full-body cloak, a hood covering their head.

The Albion right away turned their attention to the attacker, raising its fist to swat the fly. Yet, the figure elegantly landed on its arm, running over it. Albion's best attempts to sweep away them was without success; the character simply dodged the burly arm.


At the moment, it reached closer to the golem's face, the strike connected with it! The towering Albion fell on the ground, half of their face had been destroyed immediately!

"Tha-That person knocked it out! Just like that!?" Arthur can only blink, even Merlin caught off guard for a moment, trying to come up with people who capable of such a thing.

Aside from the Captain and Escanor — or Diane with her Sacred Treasure — she doubted anyone had the strength to do so.

"But… maybe…" she started to suspect who that person was.

"Goaah!" Arthur knows not if golems can feel rage or not, but the roar of the creature awfully sounded like that. It was pissed off! Anyone heard it can't deny the fact!

"W-We need to help that person!" the battle continued! The golem thrashed around wildly. Meanwhile, the appeared defender dodged the strikes elegantly and fluid, damaging the golem as much as he can. Yet, against such a big body, it seems small bites worth notch! For first, at least, it seemed like that.

"We will don't worry! If you excuse me…"

"Merlin?" but she disappeared, leaving Arthur and the city alone.

"Whe-where the hell is she?! Dammit!" Arthur can only curse, watching the escalating battle. "I need to do something…"

"Lord Arthur! What should we do? That person…?"

"Continue the evacuation, it is my duty to protect the city." that person risking their life for his city, for his people! No matter how dangerous it was, he needs to help! As the King of Camelot, it was his duty and responsibility!

"Dammit!" he had no idea if he will survive or not; the only thing mattered to him was his people!

"How courageous!" seeing their king ran to help the stranger, protect his city, his knights worked even more diligently, evacuating the citizens even faster!

Despite saying not, a few Holy Knights joined their king's charge, gaining courage seeing him ride in the battle.

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'


The being more and more furious, continually receiving damage while the target remained unscathed. For the onlookers, it was almost like a small bee biting the giant, yet, the bites effective, slowly injuring and bringing down the colossus!

"Is he…"


"Wait! We come to help!" Arthur roared, riding on his steed. The being recognized them right away, roaring furiously as new forces joined the battle. Opening wide what remained from its mouth, energy started to gather.

"Evade! Evade!"

But it was too late! The mouth cannon of the being already charged, firing condensed demonic energy towards the charging Holy Knights.


"So, we die here…?"

"Like this?" many asked themselves, already giving up as they can't dodge the beam! Yet, something amazing happened at the last moment!

It was not the last run of Arthur; he still has a task in this world. At that moment, the stranger landed before them, moving so fast, it looked like he teleported, taking a strange Martial Arts pose — raising one of his legs, both arms, almost like a crane, or a peculiar one-legged bird.

"[Crane Style: Crane Wing Reversal]!" at the moment the magic meet with the hand of the martial artist, they made an elaborate motion, spinning, fluid, and with an open palm. It was like this figure before the knights weaved the water, shepherded the magic in a different channel, reversing and strengthening its effect — Sending it all back to the source!

Magic like an endless flow bent to the stranger's will instantly, spinning around, then with a straight open-handed punch: 'Baaang!' all sent back to Albion!

No! Better said, Arthur felt the massive increase in the volume of the released attack. It was almost like the person spun the destructive ray around themselves, then sent back with double power!

"Goaaah!" Albion roared in rage as the destructive wave clashed against its colossal surface, burning and shattering its stone skin, ruining its body and evaporating its parts.

Silence descended as the dust started to settle, revealing the blackened remains of the once towering golem. Hands and legs missing, only its ruined upper body remains, still smoking from the immense amount of energy.

"Th-that's…" Arthur and his knights can only gape seeing the impossible scene. The ray was potent enough to demolish the whole Camelot. Its sheer size dwarfed the towering walls. The flash of demonic attack would have easily destroyed everyone, yet, the destruction of the city canceled today, Camelot stood proud! All intact, it's people survived!

"That's was so cool! AWESOME!" then, like an excited child, Arthur cried out, ruining the heroic moment completely! He never saw such a technique; it was an impressive sight!

"Umu!" the person raised their arm, offering a thumbs up. Those combat gloves were strangely familiar to Arthur. Yet, for first, he had no idea where he saw those.

"Lord Arthur! Look out!" the eyes of Albion flashed once more, reactivating for one last desperate attack! The malicious nature of the demonic energy animated it wouldn't allow such scandal to go without payback! It was not an option to let the ants go without anything in return! The people who destroyed its rock hard body needed to pay for such blasphemy!

"It seems, it is not over…" a female voice said so under the hood, surprising both the knights and Arthur. Until now, they thought this person was a man. It was not surprising that full-body cloak and hood completely hid her frame.

Yet, it was not important now; what was more urgent the fact, the golem was reactivating, starting to charge another devastating beam attack. Five tubes like cannon protruding out from what remained its body, all prepared to devastate the whole city behind them.

"Ca-Can, you do it again?" Arthur asked, somewhat afraid; he was sure he couldn't tank such a beam alone! No way he can do it!

The girl looked at them, but before she could have answered, one of Arthur's soldiers pointed something out.

"Your majesty, look!"

"Is that…?"

"A flying pig!?"

Indeed, above them, a huge flying green boar, with a bar on its backside, appeared, teleported right above the city.

"Lord Arthur! The monster! Look out!" the last shoot of Albion released, combining the ray from the five cannons that grow out from its body into one single beam!

Annihilation was unavoidable, but like always, heroes arrive at the last moment — Making a grand entrance in style!

"Full Counter!" five small figures jumped down from the boar, meeting the attack head-on! All were resembling Meliodas, all wielding a green sword with holes and golden handle!

Like that, the attack was reflected back to Albion, destroying the remains of the towering golem completely.

When the dust settled, nothing remained from the being, only its smoldering base the wave spared from annihilation!

"Yo!" Meliodas — or better said — five Meliodas landed before the group, smirking like always, then looking at the smoldering remains. "Oops! Did I just accidentally blow him away along with his core?"

"Si-Sir Meliodas… you!? Fi-Five of you!?" the knights and Arthur can't believe their eyes! How can there be five Meliodas?!

"Shi! Shi! Shi! Yes! What can I say? I multiply!" he joked, making everyone around sweat. "Well, that was close!" he once more inspected the scene, more than a mile range, the reflected attack destroyed everything, glassing the ground charred and barren!

"Those are clones…" muttered the girl under her hood.

"Yup! This is my Sacred Treasure, Lostvayne! It has the ability to make physical copies of me!" explained the short Captain proudly, demonstrating the ability of his Treasure.

"Amazing!" the people around can only blink, Arthur became even more of a child, his eyes all shining and giddy.

"So cool!"

Though Meliodas sold the Sacred Treasure for a thousand coins in the Cemelotian market ten years ago, it seems, Merlin managed to recover it, handing him back in this time of need.

"Yo! Scarlet! Long time no see!" grinned the blond, raising his palm welcoming.

"It was only a few days…" muttered back the girl, removing her hood.

"I-It is you!? Damn! I thought your voice was familiar!" it was the same girl who saved him — then scolded him about how irresponsible he is.

"You are stupid…" Scarlet stated cold, pointing at the King once again.

"Wha-what!?" and Arthur caught off guard, ultimately, like last time she is just scolding him! Not even caring, he was the king of Camelot. Yet, he can't help but his face heat whenever she scolds him! His stomach starts to churn, seeing her beautiful yet expressionless face. He can't help it; he was a hormonal teen after all!

"Oi! You can't just call Lord Arthur stupid!"

"Yes! What do you think who are you!?" his knights, of course, right away came to his defense, berating the girl mercilessly.

"I am but a simple maid… a disappointed maid. Who charges into a hopeless battle?"

"Shi! Shi! Shi! She has a point!" Meliodas stated his honest opinion.

"You too, Lord Meliodas?" Arthur was devastated, even his idol abandoning him.

"Everyone is all right?" the Boar's hat landed, the other present sins approached the little group.

"Sca-Scarlet-chan? You, here? Then that means, Drake-san?"

"Lord Drake is not here currently. We were attacked by demons under our journey, sensing the huge demonic signal approaching this city, he sent me here through a portal," she explained the cover story shortly, making Diane gasp in surprise.

"Then he…?"

"He is currently away. Many villages attacked, we do what we can…" Scarlet said so robotic; her tone offered no emotion.

"Oh! I see!" the giantess sighed, relieved, albeit, started to worry about the teen. Those demons are pretty nasty and robust. They can easily catch people off guard. She really hoped their new friend is safe and can take care of himself.

"What the hell was that thing?" asked one of the soldiers, watching the base stump remained from the monster.

"An Albion…" Meliodas answered, glancing at the remains, his eyes mirroring how serious he was. "Most likely woke up after the Ten Commandments came back. Reacting their presence, it came back to life."

"Th-The Commandments?" the holy knight asked, scared. The name was familiar, almost like he read something similar amongst their legends.

"The Ten Commandments… an elite unit that worked directly under the Demon King, and was sealed away ages ago." Yes, Arthur knows about them, Merlin elaborated them under their studies. It was almost like she expected their return.

"So it seems, they returned."

"Merlin? Where were you!? You just left me alone!" Arthur complained, squinting his eyes angry.

"I am sorry, Arthur, but it took a few minutes to gather the Sins. Well, most of them." she glanced around, seeing not Ban and King amongst the group. "But I was sure; our new "ally" can hold the line until I return with the reinforcements. Aren't am I right?" She smiled at the girl mysteriously!

"Most likely." the girl answered as such, being as humble as possible. "Lord Drake is already doing his best to fight the invaders."

"Then we have no time to lose!" announced Meliodas. "There might be more of them out there."

"Mo-More!?" the knights in the background started to panic. One such monster almost destroyed whole Camelot; how can there be more of these things!?

"Indeed, the demon clan used many of these things back then."

"Geez! It is scary to think that in ancient times Britannia was crawling with monsters like this!" Arthur doesn't even want to imagine it. One was scary enough to face, but a whole army? It was incompressible!

"Then, Captain, since the Ten Commandments created the Albions, doesn't that mean they are even stronger?" questioned Diane, fearing the worst is yet to come. "D-Do, we even stand a chance against guys like them?"

"Oh, Boy! This makes the fight with Hendrickson seem like a walk in the park. ~" Slader, the Leader of Dawnroar, muttered. He came to help the Sins out in their time of need. But seeing this, he was not sure he could help in any way. He was just an ant compared to this thing!

"Hmm, it is indeed problematic." Muttered Merlin caressing her chin. "Although Scared Treasures can provide techniques that can change the flow of battle even against overwhelming opposition. Against the ten commandments…?" she was not sure it would be enough.

Three thousand years ago, they almost won, only through a great sacrifice they were sealed away.

"Merlin, you look puzzled. What's wrong?" Meliodas blinked, watching his old friend's contemplating expression.

"Hmm, nothing. Just thinking about the king's prophecy."

"The Beasts like mountains shall awaken."

"Heroes will confront them."

"Darkness will hollow out a mighty cavity in the earth."

She muttered.

"I thought the mountain-like monsters were the Albions, but the second half of his prophecy means…"


It was like the world wanted to reject something, dark clouds gathered above the whole Camelot, and just like that! The sky shattered, several figures arriving in the scene, moving so fast no eyes can follow them. Breaking the very ground, they landed, devastating the landscape with their very presence!

"Wha-Who are those guys!?"

"The Ten Commandments!" Meliodas muttered right away, watching them angry as he recognized his old comrades.

Why they came? Why now? They shouldn't have recovered under such a short time, do they? Why are they so reckless? Unless…

"Dammit…" he muttered.

Are they know about his weakened state? Why they appeared all at once? This is the worst scenario he could have imagined!

All ten arrived at once, facing the Sins in the devastated battlefield.

"I-Is the eye broke? Merlin? Is something wrong with the item you gave me!" Hawk's hams trembled, seeing the impossible combat levels of the figures before them.

"26000! 38000! 48000! ...!" Hawk didn't want to watch it anymore! It was too much! It cannot be! The Balor's Eye is surely broken! It can't be these guys surpassed even the Sins! He was too young and handsome to die!



"Oh my!"

"Brother…" Zeldris muttered last, watching his brother with hatred filled eyes.

The Ten Commandments arrived, facing the Sins, and the might of Camelot. Their strength is overwhelming; victory is impossible!

What will happen with Britannia and Camelot? Can the sins and their allies win? Only history can tell!

Scene Change: Somewhere in the Countryside:

The man sighed, sitting behind the reins. The carriage wobbled gently as the two horses towed it along the dirt road.

"Ahh! This much chaos! It is like the end of the world…" with a pale complexion, the man with the mustache muttered.

He barely managed to get his wares from his supplier this time.

Something happening all around in Britannia, the people panic, it is much harder to get even the most common wares — like beer. The prices all over the place! Like apocalypse would be on their doorstep, the people panic.

Transporting his barrels of quality booze, he can only hope no one attacks him this time. It would be devastating for his business if he would lose his fresh stock.

His bar was hidden enough, barely a few stumbling in time to time. If he gets robbed now, he will surely be ruined; his business surely not survive such a disaster!

"Ah, please, just spare me…" he muttered. With his scrawny physique, handsome boy like face —under his well-trimmed mustache and glasses — he was easy prey. Any bandit would choose him any day.

Most of the time, he urged himself to go on less-traveled paths, just to avoid confrontation or bandits. Yet, in these confusing times, who knows what will happen? He might get attacked at any moment.

"Hmm?" as he wondered about this — thinking how his beloved doing — he recognized something, or more like someone in the middle of the road.

"Oh!" is someone got injured? That person just laid there completely open! In the middle of the road no less! Or is this some kind of trap? Yes, he remembered a case when bandits attacked him that way. Tricking him to get down from his cart, then surrounding him.

Should he move along? What if that person really injured?

He can question himself all day, and he most likely couldn't decide.

"Haah!" it was an impossible choice.

One needs to help where he can. He was always like that, and most likely will never change! From his best friend, at least he learned that much!

Thus, the man stopped the cart, unmounting his seat, and approached the cloaked figure on the ground.

"Ar-Are you alright?" he asked gently, touching the person on the ground, shaking it lightly, but when he removed the hood, the only thing he found was a melon.

"Ah…" he already knew what will happen. Once more, he fell into an ambush.

"Hand over everything you have…" a blade appeared near his throat, threatening to slice his already thin throat.

"That's my luck…" yes, his damn good heart gets him into trouble once more. "Pl-Please don't hurt me! I surrender!" he trembled in his boots, raising his hand in surrender.

This bandit sounded young, as well had a girly tone. Yet, a blade near his throat was not a joke! One wrong move and his head will lie on the ground!

"Good! Now hand over everything you have!"

"I-I don't have much! Please, take it!" recovering his already thin and light purse, he threw it to the side, hoping this cutpurse will let him along.

"Why me…!?" he wept deep inside.

That's it! His business will go bankrupt! He needs to find another job!

The little bandit inspected the coins in the bag, pulling her nose under the bandana — which hid her mouth and half of her face.

"Only this much?" she raised her brow.

"Bu-Business is really bad nowadays! Please, don't kill me!" crouching down, the scrawny bar owner lowered his head, all his body trembling in fear.

"Tch!" she threw back the coin near him, making the man look at her once more. "Yo-You don't want it?"

"You look miserable enough…"

[You really has a soft heart. Like this, you remain flat…]

"Ju-Just shut up!"

"Huh!" looking around, then turning to the girl, he saw no other person around. Yet, the man was sure; he heard a second voice. Almost like the girl spoke with someone. Confusingly, all he saw was a girl who glared at her strange sword, bickering with it like it would be a person.

[We need a coin to continue our way! Living costs! Information costs!]

"I know! But look at him! The guy looks miserable enough! If I would rob him, I would not be able to sleep!"

"Mi-Miserable!?" he asked, sulking. He might not be buff right now. But miserable? He started to feel really that way called like that.

[Even so, I am just a sword, but even I know people need money to continue living! Besides, aren't you said you do everything to gain strength?]

"Haah! Maybe you are right, I start to lose my edge…" the girl bandit just sighed. It is true, seeing all those escaping people, seeing them suffer awakened something in her. Despite her first resolve to do what needed to gain strength, she starts to lose her focus! Maybe she was too soft? Should she return to her original life of a village girl? She asked herself this again and again, and the conclusion she came was: No! No way she goes back to be a nobody! Not again!

"No! I can't think like that! I do what I must!" she slapped herself, regaining her focus. Yes! She will never again be the lamb! Never again lose anything! She will be the wolf! Whatever it takes! She does whatever it takes to gain strength and rule her destiny!

"Whatever it takes…" she muttered under her breath.

"I-If I may…" humble, the man raised his hand, his words just like his body trembling.

[Shut up!] "Shut up!" came the shout in unison.

"O-Ok…" now, he felt himself miserable daring to offer a solution.

'Tremble! Tremble! Tremble!' it was almost like the whole forest shook, shook by the steps of something colossal! Followed by demons flooding the area.

"Look out!" the girl recognized what it was right away; it was several demons landed not far from them, rampaging through the forest.

"What?!" the skinny man started to tremble once more, cowardly recognizing what is happening.

"RUN!" she was only a moment early but managed to tackle the frail man from the way of a fireball. The magic burned to ashes the nearby trees immediately, one moment late, and they would have disappeared.

"What the…!?"

"Aiii! A monster!" shouted the man, standing up, trembling. "Ru-Run away!"

"Dammit!" she watched the man, his knees still shaking, unable to move an inch.

[Run! Aida! Those things you can't face alone! Not yet!]

Looking at the lean man, his legs still rooted in the spot, knees trembling, it was visible he was so scared he can't move from the place.

"Run! Dammit!"

"I-I can't! I am too scared! Please, save me!"

"Damn coward!" she raised her sword, facing the fat red demon that slowly approached her. "We will die because of you."

"So-Sorry! Just please, leave me behind! Please! Save yourself. I-it is okay! Really. I am really useless!" the man pleaded, selling himself short.

Aida was at a loss of what to do. She should flee, save herself from the attacking monsters, leave this frail man behind. On the other hand, leaving this miserable man raised her doubts.

"I can't just leave him behind! He is scared! He can't even move!"

She wanted power, true! She made her decision to get it whatever it takes!

But even looking at this skinny trader, she can't help but have doubts. Would she become a murderer if she leaves him behind? What will she become if she is shedding her humanity away? She was confused about what to do.

"Tch! I hate myself so much…"

[You said it…] rolled his eyes Gryphin, prepared to lend his strength to the girl if it's necessary. [So, eh? We will die here.]

"A sword can die?"

[Not literally speaking.]

"Not helping!"

[I know… Haah! Fine then! Be prepared girly; I lend some of my powers to you. It is not much, but if it gives you some boost.]

"Do it!"

[Here it comes!]

"OHHH!" immediately, she felt her body overcharged. She felt lighter, stronger, faster! In fact, she never felt that good!

[Be aware, your body still weak, not accustomed such boost; you can only hold out around one minute. After that, you collapse!]

"Right! Here I come!" she knew it was dangerous, yet, it was the only way!

Following the instruction of the sword, she charged.

"Kukukuku…" the red demon laughed, seeing the meek attempt; he will play with the girl before ending her.

Raising his short and fat arms, the creature started to shoot fireballs one after another.

Yet, before they could have disintegrated the girl. 'Cut!' the girl already gained momentum!

The first fireball cut in two with her magical sword, the second she dodged. With each fireball dodged or deflected, she reached closer to the creature.

All her body in pain, strained by the amount of magic power pumped through her veins!

'Slice!' she was fast, under a few moments near the demon, cutting a wide hole on his stomach!

"GUAAH!" the beast roared in rage, trying to destroy the girl.

"More! More!" she speeds up once more. The slices were deep, yet the monster not hindered at all continued to attack relentlessly. This went on until the beast was full of gashes and slices, yet, it refused to fall! It's fat body refused to die!

[Follow my lead! Attack its heart!]

With each second, she felt more strain on her body! Yet, she pushed through, jumping on the chest of the creature and pushed his sword deep, the Red Demon screaming in pain, its plump body falling on its back.

[Now! Pull me forward! Let's slice this bastard up from tip to toe!]

"Grrr!" propelled by adrenaline, she gave it all, pushing her sword deeper, slicing the creature vertical, from it's stomach to its head.

Then, she went to the other approaching demon with a similar look, gaining practice! With the help and instruction of Gryphin, she managed to defeat it faster than the last one. Yet, she paid the price dearly, after defeating the third demon, she was on the verge to collapse!

The demons recognizing the girl just flooded endless, soon forming something akin to a fighting ring around them. It was evident, they savored the suffering of people — and the meaningless try of the girl who tried to protect the scrawny man was extra amusing.

"Haah! Haah! Haah!" her legs trembled, she wasted so much time on this creature. Barely standing, her vision started to turn blurry.


"Wha-What?" she barely managed to mumble, lost the strength even to do this.

[It seems, your body begins to break apart from the strain. I am sorry, kid; this is all I could do.]

"Wha-What are you are speaking, I still can…" but it seemed, Gryphin was right, the girl vomiting blood fell on her knees. The red demon before her slapped her, crashing the girl against a tree.

[I am sorry, kid. But this is it! Other demons are approaching.]

"Dammit…" she will die here! She just recognized, but through the blurry vision of hers, she spotted the outlines of different demons.

[Hey! You there! If you want to live! Run!] the sword called out for the man who still stood rooted, completely paralyzed.

"Bu-But… you!"

[Run! This girl sacrificed herself for you to live! Don't waste this chance!] albeit, the likelihood this weak looking human getting out alive was equaled with zero, Gryphin felt there are more in that man than the eye first meet.

"So this is it, huh? The end of my road?" she muttered, smiling bitter, tears starting to pour from her eyes. "I am sorry… mom, dad, brother, Lord Eibon. I failed… I failed the task you gave me. I am truly unfit…"

"Why…? Why…? Why…? Why…? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? Why I always fail!? WHY!?"

She asked herself again and again.

Once again, she is too weak! Once again, she is helpless! Once again, people, she intended to keep safe died! And looking at her side, just now, she recognized several ants, eating the scraps of meat, already mutating thanks to the demonic blood.

"So, this is it… huh?" at that moment, she realized something important. She found the answer to Eibon's riddle. "Huh, it was not that hard after all." Unfortunately, she will die here and now. And now, as she realized it, she can't help but smile bitterly.

"So, this is it. Huh? I don't want to use it. I promised I never use it again. But to see others die…? See the death the one protected me?" the man muttered with lowered head, unheard by the girl, reaching towards his glasses. "I am sorry, everyone, but I can't allow that."

Then, at the moment he removed it, the temperature started to rise rapidly, his body began to swell, build massive muscles. His clothes torn! His sickly scrawny complexion is disappearing right away, replaced by a fiery muscular man.

The demons backed, seeing the colossus that was the Man — replacing the weak human stood before them previously.

"You have the dare…"

Their instinct screamed to flee! Yet, their feet rooted to the ground! Some kind of primordial fear watching over them, burning their flesh to ash!

"Hurting a damsel? Endangering my wares? How scandalous! My pride wouldn't bear letting such act go unpunished!" the demons literally trembled, feeling the swelling magic power of the monster before them. Like a literal Sun, all blinding and scorching, that's how he looked and felt! "That's my sin!"

That day, the demons faced a mountain! The Sin of Pride appeared!

As even in the darkest night, sunshine finds its way!

"Begone from my sight!" the hand of the man raised, that day, the demons from the forest disappeared!


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[Crucible of Souls]: an ominous chalice containing the souls of the departed, drawing power from the abyss itself. It is an item, can boost the recovery and buff demonic beings who drink from it.

[Gate]: Summons a portal, allowing travel of a large number of people over great distances. It has no limits on distance and a 0% chance of teleport mishaps. It is considered to be the highest tier of teleportation magic.

[Crane Style: Crane Wing Reversal]: A defensive Martial art, using the enemy's magic, the user synchronizes it with their own flow of chi, absorbing it then sending it back with double power.

Critical Over: Galand's innate power. Activating, it heightens his physical strength to its utmost limit. He is able to maintain this strength until his magic is exhausted.

Infinity「無限インフィ二ティ Infiniti: An ability that allows Merlin to stop the time of her spells, causing them to last for eternity. The ability is so powerful that many labels it as 'cheating.'