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(Outside of Nazarick)

Demiurge smiled as he stood atop of the walls of Nazarick. Around him was the completion of the artificial forest as decreed by the Supreme Ones. Many skeletons and golems were at work putting up traps and other defenses. The Supreme Being, Punitto Moe, had been a great help in that area naturally. His masterful insight on warfare had shown ideas Demiurge would never have thought of. He even had objects that could provide cover, such as boulders and trees, secretly booby-trapped. That way invaders who moved to them for safety would instead be ensnared. Truly, Punitto Moe lived up to his name as Ainz Ooal Gown's strategist.

"D-Demiurge!" A voice broke the archdevil from his thoughts. Running up to him was Mare. The high druid was assisting Demiurge with the preparations while the Supreme Ones dealt with important matters. He had been putting up trees, bushes and other shrubbery around the dummy hills and other areas per Punitto Moe's orders. If a forest were simply around Nazarick, it would look out of place. 'The point is so the tomb does not stick out. While having these defenses is good, it be better if the tomb wasn't noticed at all.' The Death Vine had explained.

"I've finished my tasks!" Mare reported as he caught his breath.

"Excellent, Mare. With this, Nazarick is both hidden and defended. The Supreme Beings will be pleased." Demiurge commented.

[Ulbert Alain Odle: Demiurge]

The archdevil's eyes widened behind his glasses when he heard his creator's voice, [Demiurge: Yes Ulbert-sama!]

[Ulbert Alain Odle: The [Ark] is ready to mobilize. Come to the 4th Floor and prepare to depart.]

[Demiurge: As you command my creator!]

Demiurge looked at Mare. "Apologies, Mare. But the Supreme Beings have summoned me. Can you take care of the rest up here by yourself?" The archdevil asked.

"No, no problem, Demiurge! I understand!" Mare replied. He knew that if the Supreme Ones called for you, then you must answer immediately. Demiurge nodded. He quickly activated the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown and teleported himself to the 4th Floor.

Near the edge of the underground lake were the remaining Supreme Beings. The only one who wasn't present was Herohero, fast asleep in his room while tended by several Homunculus Maids. In fact, ever since arriving here, the Elder Black Ooze has done nothing but sleep, unless it was an emergency. Back with the others, they were standing on a recently build dock where the Ark was stationed. With them was also one of the Pleiades, CZ2128 Delta, or CZ for short.

Bukubukuchagama sighed, slouching where she stood. "Ah, I wanted to be an adventurer!" The pink slime complained.

"It can't be helped, Bukubukuchagama-san. You didn't draw the short straw." Tabula said, bringing up of how the guild members chose who would go through a pick of straws. The only ones who didn't have to do it were Bellriver and Amanomhitotsu. The reason for the former was because he was the one taking the [Ark] out.

Bellriver looked at CZ. "So, CZ. What do you think of the [Ark]?" He asked the automaton maid.

"Uwah" CZ said in a monotone voice, but there was a shine in her eye. "Very big. Well armored and the weapons equipped are incredible. Uwah!"

[Bukukuchagama: Ooh, CZ-chan is so cute! I just want to hug her!]

[Punitto Moe: Between her and the twins, which ones are cuter?]

[Bukukuchagama: Don't ask that! It's so hard to choose!]

[Ulbert Alain Odle: Why do you want to bring her with you anyway, Bellriver-san?]

[Bellriver: I'm curious to see how she interacts with the Ark and the automaton crew. They were both updated on the Valkyrie's Downfall Pack in YGGDRASIL. She might be able to use it when we're not available.]

"Supreme Ones." A voice caught their attention. Walking towards them was Demiurge who immediately bowed once he was close.

"Good you're here, Demiurge." Punitto Moe said. "Do you know what it is you will be doing?"

"Yes, Punitto Moe-sama. I shall be accompanying Bellriver-sama to look for materials to create magic scrolls. Though I am not a Craftsman, Ulbert-sama was kind enough to give me skills in carpentry so I should be able to help." Demiurge summarized.

The Death Vine nodded as Bellriver took over. "The Abelion Hills has many wildlife that should prove useful for material testing. We'll be taking the [Ark] since it can serve as a mobile base." With that said Bellriver made his way towards the ramp. CZ and Demiurge gave the other Supreme Ones another bow before following the Magic Knight. The players waved goodbye to their friend as the ramp was retracted.

Bellriver had entered the bridge. Already there were several automatons performing their tasks such as checking the ship's systems and giving out orders to other automatons. Grabbing the wheel, Bellriver activated the large vessel as it started hover over the water. Seconds later a large [Gate] opened before the [Ark]. The ship began moving through the portal towards its destination.

The others watched as the ship disappeared into the portal and when the said tear in space closed behind it. "Well, guess that just leaves us in Nazarick now." Ulbert said as he looked at his friends.

"Yeah, it's going to get kind of boring in here with the others gone." Bukubukuchagama said with a sigh. She quickly perked up. "Well! I'm going to spend time with Mare-chan and Aura-chan!" And with that the pink slime took off.

"I should probably continue my study of the data crystal income." Punitto said. "If we can figure out a pattern, it will make our storage increase."

"Mind if I join you, Punitto-san?" Ulbert asked. "It's better than doing nothing all day. Want to join us, Tabula-san?"

"No thanks. I'm working on another project of mine I should get back to." Tabula replied. "But first I need to head towards Momonga-san's room." He added, getting his friends' attention.

"Why are you going there?" Punitto asked.

"I discovered recently that Albedo has been lying naked in Momonga-san's bed. According to Demiurge, she does it so Momonga-san will be enveloped in her scent when he gets back." The Brain Eater explained plainly.

The demon and death vine looked slightly disturbed by the revelation. It was Punitto Moe who spoke up, "Momonga-san is an undead. He doesn't even need sleep, though he might feel mental exhaustion." The strategist commented.

"I know that, but for some reason Albedo still does it." Tabula sighed.

Ulbert shook his head. "You just had to make her a yandere, didn't you Tabula-san."

"Shut up! It wasn't intentional and you know it!" Yelled the alchemist.

(E-Rantel, Guild Headquarters)

After settling in, the group had decided to find a quest to jumpstart their adventure fame. As they looked at the quest board, they saw that all the quests were in this world's language. While normally they would have trouble reading them, it was fortunate Yamaiko used the buying menu to purchase magic glasses to help them in reading the parchments.

[Touch Me: Can't we pick an iron plate mission?]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: They won't allow a team of copper plates to take it. We'll just have to find the toughest quest available in that ranking.]

[Yamaiko: Anything yet Momonga-san?]

[Momonga: Hmm, this one looks challenging.]

Momonga took down a piece of parchment and approached the counter lady. "My team and I would like to take this quest please." He said as he handed the paper over.

The counter lady studied it for a moment, a worried look forming on her face. "Are you sure? Though this is officially copper class, the difficulty could be considered iron. Last time someone had taken this they got crippled and lost a friend." She said.

"It's no problem. Two of my teammates are able to use third-tier magic." Momonga announced, gesturing to Narberal and Yamaiko. This earned gasps of shock and awe from the other adventurers. "Nabe's father, Kage, is a highly skilled assassin who can kill a target before they even see him coming. I myself am a capable of warrior, with my friend Roland, who is a Paladin, with skills equal to mine, as well as Inazuma, a powerful swordsman. And Pedro is a ranger who can see a target from five miles away. We're more than capable of taking this quest." Momonga said confidently.

"Well I suppose you can take the quest if you're so sure…" The counter lady said after hearing Momon's explanation.

[Nishikienrai: Finally! We're getting somewhere]

[Yamaiko: This is very exciting! I feel like we're back in YGGDRASIL]

[Peroroncino: Yeah, let's just hope nothing-]

"If you're having trouble looking for work, why not help us out?" A voice suddenly asked. Walking up to the disguise players were four people. Around their necks were silver plates. Like many of the people of the kingdom, they had blonde hair and blue eyes, except for one of them whose hair was brown.

[Touch Me: Agh, damnit!]

[Yamaiko: Nice going Peroroncino. You jinxed us.]

[Momonga: And just when we had things going in the right direction for us]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: We might as well see what they have to offer. They're silver rank, we should try and form connections]

Twenty minutes later, the two groups were sitting in a room provided by the receptionist. The players sat across from the four as the leader, a warrior began to speak. "Before we explain the job, let's introduce ourselves. I'm Peter Mauk, the leader of our party, Swords of Darkness." He then pointed to a man with a bow slung over his shoulder. "This here is Lukrut Volve, our ranger." Said ranger gave Narberal a flirtatious wink, to her disgust. "The big guy next to me is our Druid, Dyne Woodwonder." The man gave a polite nod. "And finally, our magic caster and the brains of our team, the spellcaster Ninya."

Ninya seemed a bit annoyed by the introduction. "Peter, can you please not call me that. It's embarrassing." He muttered.

"Please to meet you. My name is Momon, and these are my friends Roland, Inazuma, Yamase, Kage, Pedro and Kage's daughter, Nabe." Momonga introduced before saying, "So, your magic caster has a nickname?" He asked, confused by the title.

"Yeah, he's a talent holder and a genius magic caster to boot." Lukrut explained.

[Yamaiko: Talent Holder? Didn't that Sunlight Scripture guy make mention of that?]

[Nishikienrai: Yeah, he did. Talent Holders are born with a unique ability that can't be taught. They're pretty rare]

Ninya coughed. "W-well anyway, there's still someone in this city with a talent more noteworthy than I have." He said.

"You mean Baleare." Dyne commented.

"Bareare?" Pedro asked.

"What's this Pedro-san? You never heard of him?" Lukrut asked surprised.

[Yamaiko: Damn it, Peroroncino!]

Pedro gulped before saying, "Well, we're not from around here so…"

"Ah, true. He's a big deal here but probably not well known in other parts of the Kingdom." Peter said. His words made the players mentally sigh in relief that their cover wasn't blown.

"Nfirea Bareare. He's the grandson of a well-known Apothecary here in E-Rantel. His talent lets him use any and every magic item, even those that cannot be used by humans." Explained Dyne.

That caught the players' attention. "Oh…"

[Momonga: Holy shit, that sounds like a serious cheat ability]

[Touch Me: Think they would even be able to use World Champion items then?]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: Seriously. If this was YGGDRASIL, they could become number one in no time]

[Touch Me: It takes more than just being able to use any item. If they don't have the skills to back them up, then its pointless]

"I think that person sounds pretty dangerous…" Narberal whispered.

Nishikienrai nodded. "Indeed. Looks like coming here was a good call."

"Kage-san?" Peter asked.

Nishikienrai snapped out of his thoughts. "Ah, it's nothing."

Momonga pretended to clear his throat. "Perhaps we should get back to this request you have." He said.

That snapped everyone back to topic. "Ah yes. Anyway, the job is to hunt the monsters that appear around the town." Explained Peter.

[Yamaiko: Oh, it is kind of like grinding back in the game. Where we had to kill monsters for items]

[Touch Me: I wonder if we'll get any Data Crystals. We can also see if other beings in this world can see them too]

"Before we proceed, though. Momon-dono, I apologize if this sounds rude, but could we see the faces of yours and your comrades? As we will be traveling together for some time…" Dyne began.

"No, we understand." Momonga said as he and his friends moved their masks and helmets to show their faces. Though in truth, their 'faces' were made from illusion magic. Each of them had black hair with different skin and eye colors. They all appeared to be in their twenties. The Swords of Darkness members looked at them for a few seconds before seeming content.

"Hmm, black hair is quite rare. Are you perhaps foreigners?" Dyne asked.

"Correct, we come from another land far away from here. We're not familiar with many famous individuals, groups or other topics related to this kingdom" Momonga explained as he lowered his helm.

"I have to admit, I wasn't expecting Kage-san to be so young. You look around the same age as your daughter." Lukrut complimented, clearly trying to score points with Narberal. Said person just glared at him.

"Anyway, back to the monster hunting. Each person will be paid for every monster they've killed individually." Peter told the players.

"It's practically an essential thing for adventurers like us to make a living. A lot of guilds in other countries do this. But a few years back it was nonexistent." Ninya said. "That all changed thanks to the Golden Princess, long may she live."

"Golden Princess? A person of royalty?" Touch Me asked.

"Yes, she's the third princess of the kingdom's royal family." Dyne answered. "She makes a lot of great proposals for the betterment of the kingdom, though a lot of them are shot down."

Lukrut sighed, "I want to marry a beautiful girl like that…"

"Then maybe you should work on getting ennobled." Peter snickered.

Lukrut snorted. "Please, like I want to get tied down to something like that." He responded.

"I think being a noble is not so bad. After all, the Kingdom pretty much allows nobles to trample the peasants and do as they please." Commented Ninya with a bit of venom in his voice.

"Sheesh, that tongue of yours is still vicious. You really hate nobles, don't you?" Lukrut said.

"I won't deny that some nobles are honorable, but my big sister was taken away by that pig. It's impossible for me not hate nobles." Ninya said.

[Nishikienrai: Ulbert-san would like this guy]

[Momonga: The nobles remind me of the corporate big shots back in our world]

[Touch Me: I'd like to have a few 'words' with those nobles]

Any other topics were cut off when the same receptionist approached the table. "E-excuse me, but someone is requesting for you by name." She said to Momonga as she pointed towards the counter. There was a young man with brown hair that covered his eyes who approached the table.

Narberal began to rise into a battle position, gripping her sword until Nishikienrai whacked her on the head to stop. "Don't assume everyone here is going to be hostile. And keep the bloodlust down." The ninja whispered to his creation.

"Greetings, my name is Nfirea Bareare. I'm the one who made the request." The young man introduced himself to Momonga.

"Hmm, and what might this request be?" Momonga asked.

"Of course. I need to collect some rare herbs that can only be found at the Great Forest of Tob near Carne Village. It is quite dangerous there and I'll be needing an escort." Explained Nfirea.

[Peroroncino: Do you think we should accept it?]

[Yamaiko: He's well known in this city. Escorting him safely might help build us a reputation]

"Very well. We accept the request. Let us know when you're ready to depart." Momonga replied as he got up. "Also, is it okay if the Swords of Darkness can come along too?"

"Eh, are you sure Momon-san?" Peter asked, surprised.

"Of course. Your familiarity with the area will be quite useful and I hope your group can provide opinions for us." Momonga explained. "None of you have any objections?" He asked his friends.

"I'm good with it. The more the merrier, right?" Touch Me said as the others nodded in agreement. They also knew that more witnesses would increase the chances of their reputation to grow.

Once the Swords of Darkness gave their approval, the two groups followed Nfirea to his cart.

(Elsewhere in E-Rantel)

In one of the rooms of the Shining Golden Pavilion, Amanomahitotsu was busy at work on another item. Like the others, this was a High-class level item to be sold to the merchants and adventurers to create another source of income for Nazarick. Under his alias as 'Hephaestus', a wandering craftsman and blacksmith, Amanomahitotsu had been selling enchanted items, mainly rings, throughout the city. He would craft the items, while Sebas and Solution would sell them to the merchants while building up his reputation. In the room with him was Shalltear, acting as his bodyguard. Though she couldn't do anything to assist Amanomahitotsu, the True Vampire seemed content just to watch over him.

A knock on the door got the crab's attention. "Amanomahitotsu-sama, it is Sebas and Solution." The head butler's voice said on the other side of the door.

"You may enter." The Heteromorphic player said.

Sebas entered the room, a bag of money in his hands. Following him was Solution, clothed in a beautiful dress to help her cover as the daughter of a noble. They both bowed at the Supreme Being. "I'm guessing that the meeting with the merchants went well." Amanomahitotsu said as he took the bag filled with copper, silver and gold coins.

"Yes, Amanomahitotsu-sama. The rings were sold as fast as you said they would." Solution reported as they stood. She had done the negotiation while Sebas was charged of keeping an eye out for a carriage driver to take them to the capital once they were ready to move.

"Hmm, that's good." Amanomahitotsu murmured as he counted the money. There was far more than what he expected. The rings he made were of High-class, which, while in YGGDRASIL were common, must have been truly rare here for merchants to pay so much for them.

"Still, the merchants tried to downplay the value of your creations. The nerve of the insects." Solution growled. "They soon caved in though, once I took the rings and said that I would bring them to another company, one who could appreciate the true wonders crafted by you."

"Mhm, very effective. I'm sure Herohero-san would be proud of your work." The crab-like player said. He wasn't really surprised by the merchants' actions. People like them would always try to get more out of the deal. It was the usual greed that all beings possessed.

Solution gasped and bowed deeply. "I am unworthy of such words, my lord!" The Predator Slime exclaimed, touched by how her creator would be happy with her progress.

Amanomahitotsu then looked at Sebas. "And how goes with finding a means of transportation for us?" He asked the butler.

"My lord. I was able to find a driver by the name of Zach. After investigating, I learned that he is a member of a large mercenary group who leads unsuspecting people to be ambushed outside the city. Supposedly they've recently gained a skilled warrior who can use Martial Arts." Reported Sebas.

"Hmm, Martial Arts User. Tabula has been wanting to run test on one." Amanomahitotsu. "Plus, if we eliminate them once we're out of the city, we can move to the capital without having to be so discreet. Good thinking, Sebas."

"Your words honor me, Amanomahitotsu-sama." Sebas bowed.

"Now that we have a means of transportation, we'll leave tomorrow night. That way we can finish up selling the items in this city." The Crustacean player explained to the three NPCs. "Shalltear, will you and your vampire brides be able to sneak into the carriage with us?"

"It shouldn't be a problem my lord. So long as there are no high-level detection items, the humans won't even hear us." Shalltear answered.

"Good. In that case, here are the next set of items I've completed." Amanomahitotsu said as he gave Solution and Sebas a case that carried said objects.

It felt nice, doing something productive. As one of the few members of Ainz Ooal Gown who did not possess much combat skills, Amanomahitotsu felt like he wouldn't be able to contribute much in the New World. However, it turns out he was thankfully mistaken. He could sell his low-level creations for profit, helping bring in the currency of this world to be used for various purposes. Plus, there could be other things that Amanomahitotsu could do to help Nazarick. He had made many plans and sketches back at Nazarick before leaving. He wished he could have more time to build them, but Amanomahitotsu was confident that his creation, the Chief Blacksmith, would look into them.

(Meanwhile, with the others)

About an hour later after accepting the job, the disguised players along with the Swords of Darkness were traveling with Niferea. The alchemist was riding on an empty wagon pulled by a horse. Though they were currently entering a forest that the path led too, it was still bright outside, the weather was good, so everyone wasn't as tense. Still, Peter spoke up. "We're entering a bit of a dangerous area, so be on your guard just in case." He warned.

"Understood." Momonga replied.

[Momonga: Back in YGGDRASIL, we would know what kind of enemies we were facing. But here its different]

[Touch Me: Good point. Peroroncino-san, Nishikirenrai-san, we'll be counting on you two to keep an eye out for ambushes]

[Peroroncino: You got it!]

"It'll be fine. Things won't be too troublesome so long as we don't get ambushed. And nothing will escape my eyes and ears when I'm in charge. Aren't I great, Nabe-chan." Lukrut said to Narberal.

Narberal growled. "Father, may I have permission to pulverize this mosquito to a pulp?" Narberal asked Nishikirenrai. Unfortunately, Nishikirenrai shook his head and thus Narberal stood down.

"Ah, Nabe-chan graces me with her cold words!" Lukrut said happily.

[Nishikienrai: I kind of understand where she's coming from, but that would just cause unnecessary problems]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: Yeah, maybe we should've thought this through some more and brought someone like CZ]

[Touch Me: I'm worried she's going to expose us]

[Yamaiko: Doubtful. They seem to be misinterpreting her words so far. How, I don't really want to know]

"It'll be fine. In truth, the region from here to Carne Village is the territory of the 'Wise King of the Forest.' Therefore, we shouldn't meet any monsters unless our luck is very bad." Nfirea interrupted from the side.

The name had the disguised players perk. [Touch Me: If I recall, the village chief made mention of this 'Wise King of the Forest'. He said it can use magic and has a snake for a tail]

[Yamaiko: Kind of sounds like it might be a Nue]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: Did that even exist in YGGDRASIL?]

[Nishikirenai: The shitty devs put in a lot of mythologies into the game, including Japanese. I recall seeing one]

[Momonga: If they can use YGGDRASIL magic, then it shouldn't be a surprise if they have creatures from the game too. And if it's so powerful, catching it might increase Nazarick's strength]

[Touch Me: In that case, why not contact Aura when we have the chance. Her skills would be useful]

Suddenly, Lukrut spoke up in his flirty tone. "Well then, if we complete this mission perfectly, I wonder if my lovely Nabe-chan's affection towards me will go up a little more?"

Narberal just clicked her tongue in disgust as the blonde ranger continued. "And there is no reason to be so alert. After all, nothing escapes my eyes and ears. Even Nabe-chan trusts me. Look how relaxed she is."

"It's not because of you. It's because we have Pedro-san and father here." Narberal snapped back.

Momonga quickly put a hand on Narberal's shoulder to calm her. It had the desire effect as the doppelganger's shoulders relaxed.

Seeing their interaction, Lukrut asked, "Huh, looks like you and Momon-san really are lovers?"

Apparently, his words caused Narberal to become startled. "His, his lover! What are you saying!? That should be Albedo-sama!" She exclaimed.

"You!" Momonga shouted out loud despite himself. "What are you saying, Nabe?!" He scolded. Narberal quickly realized her error and covered her mouth in humiliation.

[Yamaiko: Ack! She's going to spill everything!]

[Touch Me: We should've brought Lupusregina. At least she's more tolerant of humans and can socialize better]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: More importantly, when did Narberal become a supporter of Albedo?]

[Peroroncino: That's what you're wondering about?]

"Lukrut, could you please not ask such personal questions…" Nishikirenrai said, fake coughing. "I appreciate it if you not make such assumptions about my daughter and friend."

"Ah sorry about." Lukrut apologized. "But does that mean you have a significant other, Momon-san?"

"You idiot!" Peter exclaimed as he punched Lukrut in the face. He then bowed towards Momon and Kage. "I apologize for my idiot companion, Momon-san, Kage-san. I'll make sure he won't do it again."

"It's fine. I'm willing to put it under the bridge so long as it is not brought up again." Momonga replied with Nishikirenrai nodding in agreement.

"Besides" Nishikirenai said as he patted Narberal. His actions seemed to have calm his creation from her embarrassment. "We have more important things to worry about." He added as his tone turned serious.

Sure enough, shadowy figures could be seen moving among the trees and bushes. Lukrut reached for an arrow. "I see movement…" He muttered.

"It's about fifty goblins and eight ogres." Peroroncino added as he also took out an arrow. Unlike Lukrut's plain looking one, his arrowhead was golden color.

Sure enough, said creatures marched out of the woods and faced the adventurers. The goblins carried assortments of low-grade weapons, a few wearing clothes and poor armor. The ogres carried wooden clubs. Swords of Darkness and the players took up a defensive position around Niferea's cart.

"So, so many! There are a lot more monsters than there would normally be!" Exclaimed Ninya as he stood behind his comrades.

"I'm guessing this isn't a normal occurrence." Touch Me commented.

"Certainly not. If it were, then people would be less likely to travel down these roads." Dyne replied.

Once they were close enough, the goblins and ogres charged. Before they could get close, Peroroncino shouted, "Close your eyes!" And fired his arrow. His friends did as he suggested, while the Swords of Darkness hesitated. Only when they saw the arrow tip started to glow did they do so. Seconds later, the arrow released a powerful flash of light that caused the monsters to stagger.

With the enemy dazed, Nishikirenrai rushed towards them. Taking out his weapons, Nishikirenrai lept towards an Ogre, gripping both sickles, he severed the ogre's head from its shoulders. Then he impaled one of the blades into a nearby goblin's head. Shifting his grip from the handle to the chain, Nishikirenrai performed a wide arc, striking more goblins with the chain. The strong swing sent several goblins crashing into each other. "Nabe!" The ninja shouted to his creation.

Without further coaxing, Narberal raised her right hand. "Lightning!" And fired an arc of electricity straight towards the pile of goblins. The creatures didn't stand a chance as they were shocked to death, their bodies now roasted.

Two of the ogres lunged at Nishikirenrai. Before they could get close, Takemikazuchi rushed at them, nodachi drawn. No one seemed to notice the trail of flames running across the blade. This was one of Takemikazuchi's other swords with flame properties, though it was weaker than his primary weapon. With a powerful swing of his sword, the ogres were separated from the waist down, the blood already cauterized by the heat from the flames. Than with lightning fast reflexes, Takemikazuchi disassembled five of the goblins, sending their parts flying. Not a bit of blood got onto the samurai's armor though.

"Whoa…" Peter murmured. He and the other Swords of Darkness couldn't even follow the two players' movements.

"Peter-san." Momonga said, getting the humans' attention. Ten of the goblins are moving towards the right flank. "Can your team deal with them while we handle the others and the remaining ogres?"

"H-huh?! Oh, sure! But let us know if you need help!" Peter said as his team went to deal with the group of goblins.

One of the ogres lunged at Momonga, only to be cut in half by his greatsword. With the other large blade, several goblins lost their heads. Touch Me cut through several goblins and bashed them with his shield too. An ogre took a swing at him, only to miss as Touch Me ducked underneath the weapon. He then proceeded to leave a large gash on the ogre's stomach that caused the monster to bleed to death. Skillfully jumping over another ogre, the Paladin slammed his shield right on the monster's head, killing it as its blood and brain matter flew everywhere.

Behind them, Peroroncino continued firing his arrows, skillfully hitting each target dead on. He mainly provided cover for his friends while staying the near the cart. It was then he spotted three goblins up in a nearby tree, readying poorly made arrows. They were aiming at Nfirea. Acting quickly, the birdman notched three arrows at once and fired. All three hit their intended targets right between the eyes.

Yamaiko was up next. Walking towards the last batch of goblins and ogres, the Nephilim raised her gauntlets. "Meteor Blow!" With a strong swing from her arms, Yamaiko released a concussive blast that completely destroyed the goblins. She then turned her attention towards the ogre, who appeared to be contemplating of whether to attack or flee. Unfortunately for it, Yamaiko did not give it the chance to decide. "Fireball!" Yamaiko said, firing a large ball of flames. The projectile struck the ogre's body, burning it alive. Its charred corpse fell to the ground seconds after.

The Swords of Darkness had just killed the last goblin on their side as they watched the players finish off their opponents. "I-incredible. This strength is mithril plate, maybe even orichalcum…no, perhaps adamantite." Peter said in awe.

Minutes later, the 'battle' hand ended. Goblin and Ogre corpses covered the now blood-soaked field. "That was amazing, Momon-san!" Ninya exclaimed, stars in his eyes. "I knew you guys were strong, but I didn't expect you to be this strong!"

"Yeah, the way you all moved was so fast it looked like a blur. Especially Kage-san." Peter commented.

"Your magic was awesome too, Yamase-san, Nabe-chan!" Added Lukrut.

While Narberal had her noise high as she watched from the sidelines, Momonga just waved his hands frantically. "No, no. We're just all used at working together. It was teamwork that made this easy." The disguised Overlord stated.

"I see I was right to choose you guys as my escort." Nfirea said as he drew the carriage up. "As I said, since I need to get to Carne Village to get some herbs and check on a friend, I needed to get through this forest. But it is very dangerous, and no one would escort me. Seeing how strong you all are, the monsters should be easy to bypass."

"It's no problem. We're always happy to help." Roland assured. "Though I must admit, I wasn't expecting so many monsters to pop up."

"That's a good point Roland-san. Maybe something is chasing the monsters out. It's the only explanation." Peter added.

"Do you think it might be the Wise King of the Forest?" Ninya asked.

"I don't think so. It has never done anything like that in the past. There might be something else in the forests." Dyne said.

[Yamaiko: You know that's got me thinking…]

[Momonga: What is it Yamaiko-san?]

[Yamaiko: One sec…Chagma-chan, you there?]

[Bukubukuchagama: Yep! What'd you need Yama-chan?]

[Yamaiko: Is Aura currently in the forest?]

[Bukubukuchagama: Yeah, she left a while ago with some of her pets. She's currently following out the orders we gave her. She should be back by nightfall though]

[Yamaiko: That explains it. Aura and her pets must be riling up the monsters in the forest]

[Touch Me: Her pets are pretty high-level. I doubt any of the creatures can match them]

[Warrior Takemikazuchi: Good thinking Yamaiko-san, now we know the reason]

[Yamaiko: Thanks, Chagama-chan]

[Bukubukuchagama: No problem! And let me know if that dumb brother of mine does anything stupid]

[Peroroncino: I heard that!]

"Well, now that the roads are clear. We can continue moving. Though we should probably be ready to set up camp in a little while once the sun starts to go down." Peter advised.

"Indeed. If we rest for the night, we'll be able to reach Carne Village by tomorrow early afternoon." Nfirea added.

"Very well then. Let us continue forth." Nishikirenai said as the group continued deeper into the forest.

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