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Alcohol. Because no good story ever started with someone eating a salad.

Luca groaned glaring at the sunlight that filtered in through her window. Why on Earth did she think it was a good idea to put her bed here? The dark haired girl reached over and pulled one of the many pillows that covered her bed over her head. She was so NOT ready to get up yet. Her head was throbbing a sure sign that she had too much to drink last night. I'm going to kill Allen. I told him to not let my drinking get out of control, she groaned in her head. Her tongue was still glued to the roof of her mouth. She needed water. Sighing she moved to get up only for her to realize that there was something heavy on her stomach. Pulling the pillow off her head she battled the sunlight burning into her eyes to find the weight. An arm was tossed haphazardly over her waist. Oh joy, apparently I brought somebody home with me. Excellent. Oh well, she moved to get up only for the arm to tighten it's hold on her. Her head was far too foggy for this. She needed a cup of coffee...or three. Yeah three sounded better. Prying the man's hand (it was far too big to be a woman's not that it mattered to her either way gender didn't affect her choices) from her skin she climbed out of bed leaving her partner to sleep for a bit longer. She wasn't nearly awake enough for the usual who are you and what happened conversation that came with her nightly excursions at the moment. She picked the white button up from the floor and tossed it over her naked body. Well at least I didn't bring home some loser. My drunk judgment isn't always the best, she sighed.

Three cups of the strongest coffee ever made in the world later and she was now actually awake. I should probably go wake him up now. See if I can get this all sorted out. I can't be late for work, we have no idea when they'll show their faces again. Can't lose them, plus I don't want to listen to Kanda bitch about it, she stretched before gagging. Okay after the shower, I smell like something died mixed with sex. Note to self don't go to a bar after work. It never ends well, she sighed again. Placing the empty cup by the coffee maker as she would want more later she left her kitchen, passed through her living room and back into the bedroom. Her sleeping partner had rolled over away from the sun but still had a pillow over his head. Huh, not a morning person either. Oh well. Can't blame him, she thought before hopping into the shower. She hummed softly, her head still pounding too much to actually sing as she normally would. As she walked back through her room again heading for another cup of coffee now that she was clean and dressed she heard a voice call out to her.

"Would you please put something different on?" she turned to find a single gold eye staring out at her from under the pillow.

"Finally awake huh?" he nodded though still hiding under the pillow sleepily.

"Yeah, now please put some jeans on." She raised an eyebrow at him before glancing down at her jean shorts. They weren't too short stopping at mid-thigh length.

"I have jeans on." he pouted.

"Long jeans on." she chuckled at him.

"Okay first off why should I? It's not like you know me or anything. I was drunk last night so I have no idea how or where I picked you up and second why does it matter to you what I wear today? Are you planning on sticking around?" He smirked at her. She wasn't sure she liked the look. Not directed at her anyway. She still couldn't see much of him still most under the pillow but his build was nice. Maybe he's not attractive and doesn't want me to know? It's not like it matters. One of Master's first rules: Never involve drunk flings with regular life, she sighed again. She was doing that a lot today she noted.

"Actually I kinda was. That's kinda how this thing goes," she raised her eyebrow at him again prompting a sigh and explanation. "Look at your left hand." Doing as he said Luca found a gold wedding band on her ring finger. She blinked at it a few times.

"Huh." He snorted at her response.

"That's a pretty calm reaction." she shrugged.

"It's actually like the sixth time. I'm apparently pretty spontaneous person, especially when I'm drunk and my brother's a bad drunk wrangler. It's not a big deal." She started back towards the kitchen hearing what sounded like the man getting up. She wasn't completely sure but she could've sworn she heard the man growl.

"Well it's going to be different this time." She smirked slightly.

"Oh?" He sure is funny, she thought until something wound around her waist. She yelped as she was pulled off her feet and into his lap. She looked up at him. "How did you do that?" He glanced down at her. "Oh." she repeated though this time it wasn't teasing. A large pair of dark horns curled up out of the man's head. She could feel the spaded end of his tail pressed lightly against her skin. "You're a demon."

"Is that a problem?" he asked after a minute raising an eyebrow and pulling her closer. She twisted in his lap so she was facing him wrapping her legs around his waist. Well there goes my theory about him being unattractive. Honestly, I swear it should be against the law to look like this, she shook her head to clear those thoughts away, she needed to focus.

"No. Just," she paused for a moment. She was totally screwed. There's no way I can talk my way out of this one. Demon marriage is forever, completely and utterly binding. How in the nine levels of hell did I end up here in this situation? she realized that he was still waiting for her to finish her comment. "unexpected."

"I don't believe you." she sighed at the look on his face. It was clear he didn't and was upset by the fact that she seemed disturbed by his species and she was, just not for the reason he was assuming. As with any group of people there were humans who were terrified of demons, places demons weren't allowed to be, where they wouldn't be served. Some places actually ran demons out. There were even entire towns that were 'safe havens' and 'demon free' for those kinds of people.

"Yeah, I know. One of the reasons I'm a spontaneous person is because of my incredibly short attention span. I got distracted by my own thoughts. I deal with demons the same way I deal with humans. Each one is different. I have a friend that's human and he and I couldn't be more different. So why would all demons be the same?" His lips pulled up into a smile.

"I guess if I woke up in bed with a strange person who I didn't remember I'd be a bit shocked if they turned out to be a different species." She smiled.

"Excellent, now get up. I'm gonna run out and grab breakfast. I expect you to be at the island and at least be dressed. You can take a shower if you want." He raised an eyebrow at her as she climbed out of his lap and walked back to the door.

"You don't cook?" She cocked one in return.

"I can cook some. If you were hoping for a housewife than you definitely married the wrong human. I'm many things but a housewife is not one of them." He laughed.

"Didn't but thought I'd test the waters."

She snorted, "Careful there." She was almost to the door when he called out to her again.

"You forgot to change!" she rolled her eyes but turned to face him, leaning against the door frame arms crossed over her chest.

"It's almost 90 degrees out." he pouted like a child at her response.

"So?" She shook her head.

"I don't do well in the heat so you'll just have to deal with it, Chernabog." He threw his head back with a groan.

"He wasn't even a real demon! Not to mention he gives us a bad name!" she snorted and left the room.

"Do you want coffee?" she asked as she grabbed her keys out of the blue carnival glass bowl that she kept them in before shoving them in the left pocket of her gray army camo vest.

There was a moment of silence and she wondered if he was still pouting, "Yes." Yep still pouting. She could hear it in his voice.

"Well are you going to tell me how you like it or not? Creamer? Sugar? Iced?" Another moment of silence causing her to roll her eyes as she slid her feet into her black combat boots too lazy to reach down and retie them. They would be fine. It was a short walk.

"Black. Iced."

She snorted, "As you wish. I'll be back in a few minutes." Luca locked the door behind her. With her job she was always suspicious of anyone who got near her, honestly she couldn't even rule out her new husband. Yeah marrying her was a bit much but he could just be planning to kill her once he got whatever it was he wanted. "I should call Allen and give him and the others a heads up just in case something happens to me." she mumbled to herself as she jogged down the sidewalk. She reached into her pocket for her phone only to find it empty. "Damn it! I can't believe I left it at home. Shit." her eyes darted around. Nobody looked out of place. Either they're really good or I'm being paranoid. Honestly what was I thinking getting married? What the hell was I thinking going drinking in a public bar? I know better than that! I really want to blame Lavi but deep down I know it's my own stupid fault, she sighed as she stepped up to the counter and began to order.

Just as she had told him to be her husband sat at the island in kitchen bored out of his mind judging by the silverware tower that looked suspiciously like the Eiffel tower, balancing precariously. She shook her head. Honestly either the demon was crazy as Lavi had stated that she was unmarriageable or he was a very good actor. Was his hearing good enough to tell when it was me in time to construct this silly piece she sighed again and set the donuts and coffee down causing the tower to fall.

"Silverware art huh?" she teased. He smiled up at her as she sat down across from him. "Let's start with something easy, what's your name?" he pouted a bit but answered all the same.

"Tyki Mikk. It's a pleasure to meet you." her eyes widened for a mere moment before she schooled her features as he chuckled a bit at his own joke. "Well sober you." he tacked on to the end to which she childishly stuck her tongue out despite being 21 years old. She was officially screwed. More so than she originally thought. She hadn't married any old demon, no she had to go and marry one of the ones from the Noah Clan. The Noah family was the most powerful family in the demon world. They were said to have been around since Noah himself. The head was called the Millennium Earl for some reason. She had no idea why Earl but that didn't matter. There was even a rumor that the Millennium Earl was Noah himself. The other 13 members of the family were adopted including the man that currently sat across from her due to their power and abilities. Each member filled a position in the family. Tyki was pleasure.

"Speaking of sober me have you seen my phone?" he shook his head.

"It kept ringing so one of us, I honestly don't remember which of us it was, tossed it somewhere. I'd try the corners of your room." she nodded and got up as he helped himself to the box of donuts that she left on the counter in front of him. After digging around she found her phone. Just as he had said it was lying in the corner. She turned it back on and balked at the time. Tyki jumped when she came thundering through the apartment. "What's going on?" She grabbed her coffee from the counter, sliding along the polished floor as she rounded the corner too fast. She pushed herself up just before she fell over.

"I'm late for work, I have to go!" He looked up pouting before looking hopefully for a moment.

"Can I come?" she shook her head and he frowned. That was a terrible idea, she thought but decided to not add that part.

"No. Just stay put. I'll be back later. Just watch tv or something. I've got a bunch of books around here if you prefer. I'll bring dinner home with me or somethin'." she grabbed the heavy army duffle bag on her way out. Locking the door she ran all the way to the parking lot where the others were waiting for her.

"There you are! You scared the hell out of us Lu!" Luca glared up at her brother.

"What's wrong Luca?" Lenalee asked seeing the look.

"It's a confusing story. Where are we on that pair of demons?" she asked setting the bag down on the ground. Lavi glanced at her for a moment.

"We're still waiting for Kanda and Alma to come back. They were staking out the place that they were last seen." she snorted and jumped up onto the trunk of car.

"So I guess you have time for your story." she groaned.

"Fine, I guess. So I wo-" Kanda's truck pulled into the parking lot and Alma came bouncing out of the passenger side.

"We found them." he chirped happily. Kanda parked the truck and joined them.

"They're still in the same place." Kanda barely grunted out the words however the rest of them were used to it. Luca nodded.

"Well they aren't very bright demons. Anyone heard from Daisya or Marie lately?" Kanda nodded.

"They're fine. Daisya is at a match. He's got a job to do while he's out there. Marie doesn't have any news for us. So it's just us." Luca snorted.

"Yeah six of us should be fine." Allen shrugged.

"They've escaped us before." she sighed.

"Yeah. I remember. Anyway can we get going? I have a problem at home that needs my attention." they all raised an eyebrow at her causing her to sigh again.

"Do tell." Lavi prodded her.

She groaned, "Do I have to?" they all nodded. "Fine, I woke up and apparently while I was drunk last night and SOMEBODY," she glared at Allen here. "wasn't doing his job and 'misplaced' me I married a demon." everybody was silent.

"You got married?!" Allen shouted. She nodded still giving him a look. It was partially his fault after all.

"Well shit." Luca snorted.

"Bit of an understatement there Lavi. Especially because he's one from one of those mafia like families too." Alma choked on his own spit and Kanda started patting his back though his eyes were wide too. Lavi's mouth dropped and he just stared at her. Allen didn't move as if his mind couldn't process what she had just said. Lenalee gasped, already looked over her friend for injuries.

"Oh this is bad. No this is really bad. Luca! Demon marriage it's-" Alma started but she cut him off.

"I know Alma. It's forever. I was there for your wedding with Kanda remember?" the demon blushed at the mention of it. In all honesty he hadn't expected Kanda's demon hunter friends who were more like his family to be so open about it. They welcomed him with open arms and he loved them just as much as he did Kanda. They trusted him enough that he hunted with them. He was never left behind.

"Does he know? About your job?" Allen asked slowly. She sighed again.

"Not yet. I figured we'd get this job done and then I'd tell him. I have no idea how this will go so can we please not mess this one up." the others nodded now more than a bit concerned for their friend. "I'll deal with it." she decided to change the topic before the others could offer to 'help' her more than they already did. "So what do we know about these demons?" Allen sighed as Kanda unrolled the map which had several red Xs on it.

"It's a pair of twins who seem to be able to control the elements with their pistols." Kanda continued when Allen left off.

"As Beansprout said," Allen cut him off.

"It's Allen, BaKanda!" Lenalee sighed while Luca rolled her eyes.

"Boys." she warned tiredly. Her head was still throbbing and she didn't have the patience for them to fight. She had been so busy she hadn't taken anything for her head. "Al, do you have any hangover cures in your car?" he nodded still eyeing his sister with a bit of concern.


Lenalee headed towards the car, "I'll get it for you. Want something to drink with it?" the curly haired girl nodded and then regretted the action immensely.

"As I was saying, they seem to be sticking to the same few haunts. These two particularly like shoplifting at this one store." he pointed to the large shopping center in the city.

"And they keep getting away? I'm amazed they didn't get marked earlier." Lenalee nodded as she handed the girl the pills and bottle of water.

"It's why they got marked. A lot of people have been hurt in their escapades. Kids, woman, men, everybody. They don't care about anything but themselves."

"Perfect. Just peachy. A pair of crazy lunatics with powers. Just what we need. How do we know where or when they'll strike?" Luca asked. Alma smiled.

"We got in close enough that I was able to pin a tracking feather on them." Luca nodded grinning at him.

"You're the best. What was the shot like?" He brightened even more. Luca was by far the hunter with the most variety. She was the only one other than Alma who could shoot a bow.

"Oh it was beautiful right through a hole in the window of the old shack that they were hiding out it. The hole wasn't bigger than my palm and it wasn't an even circle either!" The grin easily took over the girl's face.

"No way! Are you serious?" Kanda just watched them with a small smile while Allen shook his head. Lenalee smiled.

"Guys as much as we all love listening to you two talk shop these two are getting ready to strike again. Besides Luca you were the one who wanted to get this done, so you can deal with your other problem." the green eyed girl sighed and she looked down at her left hand again. Yep, the ring's still there. I don't know why I keep hoping that it will vanish. Seriously what was I thinking? she thought to herself before nodding to the others. Alma's eyes glowed suddenly.

"They're moving!"

Luca chuckled, "Well I guess it's time to go. Meet you at the mall." Kanda and Alma climbed back into the truck while Allen and Lenalee got into Allen's car. Lavi tossed a pair of keys to Luca.

"Ready Beautiful?" she smirked at him.

"Try to keep up." Tying her hair back into a low ponytail she pulled her black helmet on. He started laughing.

"With your bright yellow motorcycle and habit of disregarding the rules of the road you are so going to get pulled over." she shrugged and climbed onto the bike while he got on his red one. The pair spend out of the parking garage after the others whom they quickly caught up with. She waved at Allen as she passed them. In her mirror she could see Lenalee shaking her head from the passenger side of the car. The dark blue pickup truck made a sudden right turn with the pair of motorbikes skidding after it.

"Guys? What's with the sudden turns?" Allen's voice came through the head set in her helmet.

"Yeah I'd like to know that too." Lavi spoke next.

Alma answered sheepishly, "My bad, guys. I'm following the feathers and sometimes I get them mixed up. Luca could practically see the man rubbing the back of his head.

"Just be careful guys. The last thing we need is to get pulled over." Lenalee instructed causing a chorus of groans.

"Yes mom."

"And stop calling me that." The others just laughed already knowing that the Asian girl was pouting.

"Pay attention guys, we're getting on the highway." Alma instructed.

The mall was in chaos when the group arrived. Parts of the building were already on fire, while another piece was covered in ice. People of all ages and species ran for cover away from the twin demons and the destruction that they were causing. Luca skidded to a stop, pausing to just stare at the carnage.

"Well I hope the shopping center has demon insurance. Or any insurance at all because those repairs are going to be pricey." Lavi whistled stopping a few feet away from the younger girl.

"Let's catch them so they can face judgment." Allen said as he got out of the car.

"They don't have a black mark do they?" Lenalee asked.

Luca shook her head and answered, "No a red one. They're to be brought in alive if at all possible but as always don't put their lives above our own. The Black Order wants to make an example of them." They all nodded as the twins stepped out of the building carrying everything they were stealing. Allen strode over to them.

"Why does he always insist in trying to take them in without incident? It never works." Lavi asked leaning against his bike. Lenalee smiled watching her boyfriend.

"I think it's endearing." the rest of them snorted.

"Of course you do."

"Beansprout's too soft. He's gonna get hurt." Luca sighed, Kanda would never change.

"One of our mentors was a demon. Allen does it for him." Lavi raised an eyebrow.

"I always assumed that all demons were 'take no prisoners' kind," he paused for a moment. "no offense Alma." the demon laughed.

"None taken. Most are like that. I used to be like that back before I found something that I cared about." he gave Kanda an affectionate smile causing the Japanese man to blush slightly turning away from his friends.

"That's not it at all, anyway. That demon was of the 'take no prisoners' kind because he was a cynical bastard. Still is as far as I know. Allen only does it because he hopes that if he ever gets in trouble which he does a lot. His partner, our other mentor is a terrible person. Honestly they really shouldn't be left on their own. No good ever comes from it but they're both adults," she paused for a second thinking of something. "legally speaking. I'm getting off topic but Allen hopes that if our demon mentor ever gets in trouble that somebody would try to talk to him first. It wouldn't work but I don't have the heart to tell my brother that." she shrugged just in time to watch a car blow up as Allen dodged a fireball. "And as usual it didn't work so let's take these bastards down." Luca pulled her gun from it's holster on her leg and shot the blond. He cried out and causing his twin to turn and glare at her. The group split up all diving behind different cars to avoid the hail of ice bullets.

"Allen's still in the line of fire!" Lavi shouted over the roar of the fire. Luca glanced over the edge of the car only to duck behind it again as a ball of fire flew over it.

"I'll draw their fire. Lenalee grab Allen! Alma you cover her! Kanda circle around them. See if you can take them from behind! Lavi!" the red head grinned and pulled the sniper rifle from the trunk of the car.

"Way ahead of you Beautiful but I love the way you think!" she snorted and waved the others to their posts. Nodding they all took off. Luca shot out into the open waving her arms at the pair of demons.

"Hey! Tweedle Dee! Tweedle Dum! Over here! Who cut your hair? The lawnmower?" Both whirled around to glare at her.

"What did you just say you little bitch?" the dark haired one snarled.

Yeah. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Hee!" she groaned and rolled her eyes. Ducking and weaving through the cars she led them away from her brother. She hissed as a giant fireball singed her skin as she dove to the ground. Her palms and knees were scraped up and covered in dirt now. She crawled around the car only to find a golden gun in her face.

"Any last words Bitch?" the short haired one glared hissing at her.

"Yeah, I'd turn around if I were you." she goaded childishly. Too easy. Really I almost feel bad about it. On second thought, no I don't. Brats, she reminisced for a brief second.

"How stupid do you think we are? Hee!" the blond snapped getting right down in her face.

"Pretty damn moronic since you've clearly never heard of personal hygiene but you probably don't know what either of those words mean do you?" The dark haired demon went to pull the trigger only for an arrow to embed into his back. Spinning around Luca kicked the other demon's feet out from under him.

"Are you okay Lu?" Allen shouted over to her as she jumped to her feet.

"Yep! Epic shot Alma! As always!" He grinned at her and her praise as he nocked another arrow. The blond demon jumped up. He grabbed her before she managed to get away, taking her back down to the ground again. The pair rolled around on the pavement for several minutes before he was yanked off by Kanda. She could hear Allen and Lenalee shooting in the background. Shaking her head did little to help with all the noise. Her headache was still pounding in her skull. I really need to stop drinking. This is just getting ridiculous, she groaned and turned to assess the situation. Kanda's facing the blond with Alma watching his back and Allen and Lenalee are dealing with the short haired one, then...where is Lavi? And what the hell is he doing? she wondered looking around but saw no indication of her ginger friend.

"What's the matter Luca?" she saw Alma looking at her funny.

"I haven't heard anything from Lavi. He should've shot at least something by now." almost as if it was on command a bullet zoomed by her, clipping the girl in the arm.

"Are you okay?!" Alma rushed over to her but she just moved her hand which had instinctively grabbed the injured area.

"I'm fine it just grazed me." A barrage of bullets rained down on them. "Take cover!" The hunters dove behind cars and trucks, anything to protect them.

"What the hell is that idiotic rabbit doing? Does he realize he's shooting us more than them?" Kanda yelled out to them doing his best to be heard over the noise.

Luca looked up at the cell tower where the gunfire was coming from, "Don't let them escape but don't get shot. Lose them if it means staying safe. I'll go see what's up with Lavi or if that's even Lavi."

"What do you mean if that's Lavi? He would never betray us!" Allen shouted. Luca sighed and shook her head.

"There are demons who can control the mind or the body. It could be either of those. I trust Lavi just as much as the rest of you do but something could be forcing him or something could have happened. We don't know yet. I'm hooking into our channel. You'll know as soon as I do." Nodding at their friend the others rushed after the pair of fleeing demons. Sighing Luca darted from car to car making agonizingly slow progress towards the tower. "Here goes nothing." she started climbing the ladder. If whoever is shooting sees or hears me I'm done for. There's nowhere to dodge and no cover here, she thought climbing as fast as she could. Moving along the floor of the cell tower she crept towards the person lying on their stomach firing the sniper rifle. Reaching forward she grabbed them by the ankles and yanked. The pair scuffled along the rickety wood. It wasn't Lavi.

"Get off me you wench!" She rolled her eyes and she rolled on top, her hands closing around their throat.

"You really couldn't come up with anything better?" she tightened her grip, "Now lack of originality aside where's Lavi?" The boy struggled in her grasp though he gained little freedom.

"I'll never tell." Luca snorted.

"Oooh. This is your first job isn't it?" He blinked up at her in surprise.

"How did you know?" she smirked.

"Nobody says "I'll never tell" that died out a long time. It's only ever seen in movies. Experienced people either say nothing or they're like me and every answer is a sardonic one. How old are you anyway? There's no way in hell you're older than me."

"I'm 16! That's practically an adult!" she chuckled.

"Oh boy! You're one of those teenagers. I'm older than you and I'm still a kid." she could see the kid pouting at her words.

"Are you supposed to be killing me?" he questioned to which she just shook her head.

"Nope. Because you are going to tell me where my friend is and then you're going to hightail it out of here and never come back to this life. Have a life before you lose it for something stupid like money." He glared though it reminded her of a toddler so it had little effect.

"And if I refuse?" she scoffed at him.

"Then I'll tie you up, deal with this problem I'm having, come back, and break every single bone in your body without killing you before snapping your horns off." he gasped horrified.

"That would leave me without my powers!" she nodded.

"Very good! A+ for you! Without your powers you'd have to heal like a normal human which would give you plenty of time to get out of this life. So what will it be?" She reached on hand out menacingly towards his small horns. He wasn't a very powerful demon but that didn't mean that it wouldn't hurt.

"I didn't hurt your friend! I just tied him up and threw him into the repair shack! Please don't touch my horns!" She smiled and pulled away from him. The boy sighed in relief as she got up off him and motioned towards that ladder. His eyes flicked towards the rifle but he decided against it when she raised an eyebrow at him as if she was daring him to try it. Shaking his head he jumped down before running away. Luca slid down the ladder and ran over to the shed.

"Is everything okay Luca?" Allen's voice came through the piece in her ear.

"Yeah, some kid demon. I'm checking on Lavi now." Lenalee spoke next.

"How much of a kid?" Kanda snorted but didn't say anything.

"16, I think." Luca shrugged. It wasn't that young to her. She and Allen had started earlier. "I didn't hurt him before you say anything. Only threatened to." she ripped the door off it's hinges. "Lavi?" she called into the dimly light room. Darting to the back of the room through the small streams of sunlight she glanced around for her friend. "He's not here either."

"You still can't find the idiot rabbit?" Luca rolled her eyes as she turned around heading for the door.

"Not helping Kanda."

Alma cut in before they could start, "Bomb!" something exploded on the other side of the line. Luca's eyes found a closet. Well he did say "I'll never tell" so I guess he'd go with the closet too, she sighed yanking the door open. Creak. Just as they did in the old movies Lavi fell to the ground tied up and gagged. Creak. She started untying him. In a different situation she would've laughed. Creak. The poor man was tied from head to toe as if he was in a cartoon. Creak.

"Thanks Luca. I can't believe the little monster jumped me. Kanda will never let me live it down if he knew." Creak.

"Oh he'll know. I'll tell him later." Creak. Her eyes flicked to the door. There was that sound again. Somebody was moving around. They should be right outside the door, she noted before catching Lavi's gaze. He nodded.

"Luca!" he whined as they moved across the floor silently on their toes and fingers one on either side of the door. "You can't tell Yuu that I'm tied up. It's not fair. He'll laugh at me." the dark haired girl silently applauded her friend's ability to throw his voice around. Hopefully hers wouldn't be too obvious.

"Hold on. Let me get my knife. I-" she paused for a moment. "I-damn it! I left my gun on the cell tower. I put it down to deal with that damn sniper." she pulled the gun out of it's holder on her leg. Lavi pulled his own out from the waist band of his pants. The other person kicked the door open gun trained on the middle of the room. "Sorry Baby, not today." she grabbed them by the arm and yanked them into the room while Lavi leapt out to deal with their partner. The man as she could now see fell to his hands and knees when she let go. He yelped in pain as he landed on his fingers curled around the gun. He whirled around to shoot her only for her to kick him in the head. He jumped back up on to find the barrel of her gun in his face. Pop! Lavi's opponent crumpled to the ground. "Sorry buddy, you chose the wrong side." Pop! Pop! Blood spilled on the floor.

"Luca? Did you find Lavi?" Lenalee's voice drifted across the line. Lavi having heard her connected to it.

"Yeah, I'm fine. She found me." Luca pressed her hand against her side.

"Did they get away?"

Allen answered with a sigh, "Yeah. They blew up a couple of cars and we had to take cover. They were gone by the time that we could see or hear again.

"So that was what that noise was." she sighed and winced. More blood spilled. "We let's go home. I have a problem to deal with. More than one now." she muttered the last part to herself. "I'll catch you guys later." Lavi watched his friend leave. She was acting funny.

"You want me to drive home with you?" she glanced over her shoulder at him.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Lav." He raised an eyebrow at it.

"Why not?" She took a deep breath and released it slowly.

"He's a demon. He's possessive and didn't even want me to leave the house in my shorts." Which are now stained with blood, she groaned silently. "Despite you being my friend he may not like it. Besides I'm fine. It's a short drive." she walked away quickly sliding her gun back into it's holster. She waved to the others as she slid on her helmet and took off.

Tyki jumped when the door slammed open, banging against the wall hard. Luca came staggering through the door and went straight for the bathroom. He leapt up from the couch and followed after her. His foot slid in something. Looking down he saw blood on the floor. He picked up his pace, rushing after his wife.

"Luca?" She didn't answer him. "Luca!" he grabbed her arm, turning her towards him. There was a hole in her lower right stomach by her hip. The blood had long since stained her olive green camisole. "You got shot?!" She nodded.

"Yeah do me a favor there's a bottle of whiskey in my cabinet. Go grab it." she pulled her vest off and tossed it into the laundry basket. Nodding the demon left going back to the kitchen. When he came back the girl had taken the ruined shirt off and was pulling the bullet from her flesh.

"Here." he handed her the bottle having already removed the cap. She nodded taking in from him, drinking a large swig. "Do you want help?" she glanced up at him.

"Can you get me the box under the sink? It's got bandages in it. I need one and the medical tape please." Tyki knelt down and grabbed the medical supplies wordlessly as he didn't trust himself to speak him without immediately questioning her about it. He heard the sound of the bullet and the metal tongs hit the sink bowl indicating that she had removed the bullet. She took another drink of the alcohol. Well that's one way to deal with the pain, he thought grimly. Grabbing a wash cloth he wet in and wiped the blood away. "You don't have to do that. I can deal with it." He glanced up at her with gold eyes as he continued to wipe the blood away. He didn't like how cold her skin was. It was cooler due to the darkness but was still in the 70s outside. She shouldn't be cold, even in her shorts with no shirt on.

"It's fine. You shouldn't be moving too much with it." She shook her head.

"It's not a big deal. I do this a lot." He raised an eyebrow at this.

"That's not a good thing." she smirked though he saw no humor in her face. He dried her pale skin as she drank before bandaging the wound. She stood only to sway. She shook her head though it didn't do anything to help. "Are you going to tell me what you were doing that got you shot?"

"It's not really a big deal." he raised an eyebrow at her as he steady her. After a few wobbles steps she made it into the living room, her husband following doggedly at her heels still not satisfied with her answers.

"Will you at least tell me where you were?" she picked up the house phone.

"I was at the mall." He glanced at the tv that was still playing. The news was on.

He turned back to her questioning, "The one that was attacked by those demon twins?" she nodded.

"Yeah. I got hit by a stay bullet in all of the chaos." He bit the inside of his cheek wondering if he should tell her but she had already moved on to the next subject and was looking at his expectantly.

"What?" she rolled her eyes at his question.

"I said that I forgot to grab something for dinner and asked you if pizza worked for you?" He nodded.

"Uh yeah. You're not going out to get it are you?" she shook her head as she placed the phone next to her ear.

"No. Delivery. I did get shot."

He huffed at her, "That was my point I didn't want you to go out." she made a face at him sticking out her tongue.

"What kind?" He shrugged.

"Meat lovers?" she grinned at him.

"Works for me." Tyki walked back to the bathroom to clean up the mess that the girl had left. He could hear her on the phone still sitting at the island in the kitchen. Tossing the dirty washcloth into the hamper he moved to the sink. The tongs and bullet still sat in the sink the blood starting to dry on. His eyes flicked to the bedroom where he could now hear her moving about. She must be done and is putting on a new shirt, at the thought he threw the ruined shirt into the trash. There was no way all that blood was going to come out. He washed the tongs and set them down to dry on the edge of the sink before picking up the bullet. What isn't she telling me? If she was really at the mall then it was Jasdevi who shot her but they don't use bullets. They use their powers. The pistols are just a medium that allow them to control their vastly chaotic and dangerous power. So if she's telling the truth about being at the mall then who the hell shot her? making a quick decision with that question in mind he wrapped the bullet in a piece of bandage left over and slid it into his pocket. I'll look into it later, he hummed just as Luca walked into the room calling his name.


"There you are. It was really quiet and for a moment I forgot I had somebody else in the house." she glanced at what he was doing. "You don't have to do that you know? I just got distracted." She moved towards him but he shook his head and pointed at the bottle of alcohol still in her hand.

"You're in enough pain that you're still drinking that," she turned her gaze to the whiskey that she had been in the process of raising to her lips. Huffing she stalked back out of the bathroom and was gone for a moment. When she returned the whiskey was no longer in her hand.

"Happy?" He shook his head to answer her question. He definitely did not like how pale she was. The girl was already fair but now she looked like death had run her over. Her dark hair didn't help at all. If anything it made her look as though she had been bleached.

"No not really. You got shot. Speaking of which why didn't you go to the hospital? You came here. As far as you knew I had no medical training? What if you had passed out from the pain and bled out?" She sighed and ran her fingers through her messy hair. Most of it had come loose from it's ponytail. Her slender fingers slid along the curve of her head and pulled the hair tie loose allowing her long tangled curls to fall freely.

Taking a deep breath she began, "Look it's a long story and I-" she was cut off by three knocks on the door.

"Pizza must be here." she nodded and followed him as he walked back out into the living room and over to the door. She paused in the living room while he unlocked the door. Her neck cracked as it snapped over to look at the clock on the wall. 10 minutes. She had called the pizza in at 6:42. The clock read 6:54. Whirling around she rushed over as he opened the door.

"Don't open it!" He turned away from the door to look at her and the bullet barely grazed his nose. Diving over the coffee table to the floor to avoid the bullet she skittered across the floor and kicked his feet out from under him dropping him on the floor. He rolled away as the attacker rushed into the room. Luca popped back onto her feet to glare at the large demon that now stood in her doorway. The man towered over her with chocolate hair cropped close to his head and one yellow eye glaring at her. The other covered by a dark green bandanna.

"Chesh-" Luca didn't let him finish the growl. She had a pretty good idea what he was gonna say and it was the last thing she needed her husband to hear. Crack! Her left foot still clad in her steel toe boots connected with his nose and shattered it. Instinctively his hands went to his nose. Her foot dropped back down and she slid easily into her battle stance. Pulling his hands away from his face he snarled angrily, "You little bitch!" rolling her eyes she blocked the punch aimed for her face, diverting down along her left arm allowing her to strike with her right fist. Grinning as he caught her fist she brought her right leg up kicking him until three ribs broke. She winced as her knuckles cracked painfully in his crushing grip. Stomping on his left shin she punched with her left hand again. She glanced around trying to find Tyki, she couldn't see nor did she hear him. Did he run? Was this what he was after? Did he know this guy? Where they in on it together? What was going on? her rapid fire questioning was cut off by a kick to her stomach sending her flying across the room and crashing into the wall. She cried out in pain, her hands flying to her freshly opened wound in an attempt to staunch the bleeding as she fell. She hit the floor with a thump and glared up at the man who came barreling into the living room. She lept to her feet only for the room to spin dangerously as her vision blurred. She just barely ducked a punch that left her wall dented and staggered out of his way as he struggled to free his fist. His horns weren't that big, not even the size of her palm so why the hell was she having so much trouble with this one demon? The brunet yanked his hand out of the wall and stalked towards her backing up she slipped due to the blood on the bottom of her shoe. Spinning around despite the airiness in her head she kicked his feet out from under him.

"Luca!" somebody was calling her name but she couldn't make out who it was over her thundering heart and heavy breathing. Her vision blurred again and she sank down to the ground. Everything was going dark, but she couldn't sleep now. She took a deep breath and looked around. She found Tyki rolling across the floor with the other demon. He was holding back. Tyki's horns were much larger than the demon beneath him which meant not only was he of higher ranking but also far more powerful so why was he holding back? She pondered this for a moment while the intruder flipped them over pinning the shorter man to the ground. One meaty hand closed around the tan demon's throat and the other wrapping around one of the curled horns. Green eyes widening Luca pulled herself from the ground and ran towards them. She grabbed the steak knife that was sitting on the edge of the island for some reason, and whispered the blessing over it as she went. Not waiting for a second she plunged the serrated blade between his shoulder blades right down to the hilt. Grabbing the bigger demon by the back of his shirt she flung him into the wall, shoving the blade through his chest. Luca made a face wrinkling her nose as the blood splattered over her.

She turned back to her husband who was still on the floor, "Are you okay?" He nodded and stood slowly, watching her warily. She sighed. This was not how she wanted to have this conversation. Another knock sounded on the door frame this time as the door was still wide open. Sighing again Luca walked over to the door and the man standing there.

"Wild night Miss Luca?" she smiled tiredly at the man. His smile vanished and he looked at her in concern. "Whoa! Are you okay?" he reached out to steady her when she swayed. He jolted back when the tall demon appeared by her side, one arm wrapping around the girl's waist to keep her up.

"I'm fine, George. Don't worry about it." George glanced up at the demon who merely raised an eyebrow at him. The girl slumped more against the taller man and George almost moved to catch her again but the low growl stopped him in his tracks.

"Do you want me to call somebody or something?" Tyki answered the question for her.

"No. We'd just like the pizza. As you can see she's not feeling very well. How much do I owe you?" George shook his head.

"It's on the house. Miss Luca is a regular costumer." Stiffly he handed the box over to the demon who took the box with his tail greatly surprising the delivery guy.

"Have a nice night." He jumped as the door was shut in his face. He couldn't tell if Luca was really fine or not. She definitely didn't look fine but she also didn't look as if she minded the demon. Maybe she really was just feeling under the weather. Everybody gets the flu. Not to mention that he had no idea what kind of job she had other than that she always paid in cash and her apartment was really nice. The pizza hadn't actually been on the house. He had been hoping to convince her to have dinner with him but the demon had startled him.

"Perhaps I should let Allen know. Just to be safe."

Well that was a wild ride! I've had this idea stuck in my head for a long time now and finally got it written down. I'll try to update every Saturday but as always things do happen! Let me know what you like and what you didn't like. Thoughts and or comments. I'll answer them all! I will see you next Saturday! Cheshire is out!