Chapter 1

The Will of the Force

Obi Wan took a deep breath as he stared out the expansive view port of the Tantive IV. The ship was quiet. Or as quiet as a diplomat's ship avoid any imperial entanglements could be. He could sense the unease of Prince Bail Organa's crew on board. They were tense. Each nervous and anxious. Obi Wan did not fault them. If the Empire found out that he and Master Yoda were aboard this vessel…

He took another deep breath, forcing that thought from his mind. His eyes closed and he retreated into the nether realm of the force. One time, in days that felt like forever ago, it had been a calming exercise. The force would embrace him. Soothe his unease and allow him to relax, unwind, process the day's events. But now, the force was in turmoil. He found himself quickly shrinking away from the force and back to the real world.

There was still so much pain in it. He could feel it all. The voids in the force where his fellow Jedi once stood. Those bright specks of light were gone. Snuffed out violently by the Empire. Murdered by at the orders of an evil Emperor. Executed by a man they had all once called friend.

He gasped and rubbed his temple. Pain lanced through his heart, then there was silence once again. He knew that feeling. It had become all too familiar to him in the past week. Despite the familiarity, Obi Wan could still feel his hands shaking. Another Jedi had fallen.

He did not know what was worse. The feeling of pain, sorrow, and death at the loss of his friends. Or the fact that those feelings were starting to happen less frequently. When the purge first began, when the sinister Order 66 was issued, it had hit Obi Wan like an oppressive wave. The shock gave way to anguish in the force as thousands of Jedi perished in what felt like an instant. Now hours would go by before another Jedi was lost.

He wanted to believe that perhaps what Jedi survived the initial assault were simply surviving now. That they had realized what was occurring and moved to defend themselves or escape.

He knew he was wrong though. Obi Wan's feelings did not lie to him. Not this time. The Jedi were not fighting back, they were not fleeing. They were all dying. The infrequency of their deaths merely signaled that the Empire had nearly completed its mission.

Obi Wan himself, a Jedi Master of the order, had barely survived the massacre himself. He had been on Utapau at the time. Leading an assault on one of the last Separatists strongholds commanded by the infamous General Grevious. He had just defeated the sinister droid commander actually when his soldiers had opened fire on him. A trembling hand ran over his soot covered beard.

He had not sensed treachery. Not a single ounce of it. One moment his clones followed him. Absolutely loyal. Men he would have gladly given his life to protect, and vice versa. The next a blaster bolt had sent him plummeting hundreds of feet down into one of Utapau's massive sinkholes. After the initial shock had worn off, he quickly commandeered a separatist ship and did the only sensible thing he could think of at the time.

Call for help.

When the only reply was from Senator Organa, he could hardly believe it. It was only when Master Yoda greeted him along with the Senator aboard the Tantive IV did Obi Wan truly realize the extent of what was occuring.

Force, he still could not believe it. A shuddering breath left his lips. He ran a hand over his ash covered head and gulped.

He was still processing the whirlwind of events after his rescue.

Meeting with Master Yoda. Their return to the Jedi Temple which they found blasted and in flames. The revelation that…

It all flashed in front of his eyes again. He could see it so clearly. The fires of Mustafar glowing orange around him. The soot in the air nearly choking him as he tried to breath. The hum of his lightsaber in his hand as he stared down at the bank of a river of lava.

The shrill scream of hatred from a man he had called brother.


Obi Wan squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his jaw. Those words managed to do far more damage than any blaster bolt or any lightsaber ever could. His legs felt unsteady. Obi Wan found himself crumbling to a knee just as the door behind him hissed open.

The sound of a small cane clicking against the ship's floor rang out. Obi Wan already knew who was entering the room. If this was before the events of the past few days, he would have straightened himself out. Brushed the hair from his eyes. Stood up tall once again and shown as little emotion as he possibly could. The last thing he wanted was for Master Yoda to think he was broken.

But that was then. That was before the destruction of the Jedi Order.

That was before he was forced to kill Anakin.

He sensed the wizened old master draw up beside him. The little green alien said nothing. His large eyes simply stared out the viewport as Obi Wan rested on one knee. Yoda's eyes closed and he took a calming breath.

"Dwell on it, you should not." He counseled.

Obi Wan's eyes opened and he stared at Yoda. Normally, he would heed the advice of the Jedi Master. After all, Yoda had far more experience than Obi Wan could ever hope to have as a Jedi. But this was not a normal moment. Obi Wan could feel frustration bubbling up in him.

"I can't help it." He croaked, his lungs still choked with the ashes of Mustafar.

Yoda glanced over at the younger Jedi Master, "The responsibility, on Skywalker, it was. Not you. Carry such a burden, you should not."

Obi Wan shook his head, "I failed him, Master." Obi Wan could feel fresh tears building in his eyes. He had cried once in the past few days. Again, the fires of Mustafar filled his vision. The stench of scorched bodies from the dead Separatist council. The flash of lightsabers clashing through the narrow corridors of the mining facility.

"Don't make me kill you."

"Fail no one, you did. Fail himself, Skywalker did. Failed you, he did." Yoda said. His voice stern, but at the same time comforting. A long sigh escaped the old Jedi's lips, "The fault of all this, lie at the feet of Darth Sidious it does."

Obi Wan's fists clenched at the mention of that name. The name of the man responsible for it all in the end. The death of his Jedi Master, Qui Gon Jinn. The start of the Clone War. The eradication of the Jedi Order. And in the end, the death of his closest friend. Obi Wan felt an emotion burning in him that he had not felt in many years.


Yoda jabbed Obi Wan's side with his gnarled wooden cane.

"Anger, only lead to hatred and suffering, it will." Yoda let out a long breath, "Need those, you do not. Stronger than that, Master Kenobi, you are." Yoda sighed, "Stronger you must be, for Senator Amidala's children."

Obi Wan's heart sank. It had only happened an hour or two ago. On Polis Massa. The death of Senator Padme Amidala just as she gave birth to her twins, Luke and Leia Skywalker. Obi Wan was there when she drew her last breath. He was there when she said her last words. A still, quiet whisper that echoed in his mind.

"There is still good in him."

He shook his head. No, there was not. Anakin Skywalker was gone. And so was Darth Vader. Obi Wan had seen to that himself.

But that still did not mean he, Master Yoda, or Luke and Leia were safe.

Obi Wan took and deep breath and rubbed his beard.

"What are we to do with them?" He asked.

Yoda hummed, "Senator Organa, take Leia to Alderaan, he will." He looked at Obi Wan, "Raise her as his daughter, he will."

Obi Wan nodded. That made sense. Bail Organa was a staunch ally and old friend of Padme. But more important, he was a good man. He would see that the girl was kept safe during the dark times to come. Obi Wan had no doubts about that.

"And Luke?" Obi Wan asked.

"To Tatooine." Yoda continued, "To his family, you will take him."

Obi Wan frowned. He wanted to protest. Tatooine was a harsh world. A desert planet that was constantly baked by the fury of it's twin suns. Because of its location in the Outer Rim, far from the influence of any government, it was well known as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. To put it simply, it was the last place Obi Wan felt Luke should be taken.

He did not want to go there either. Tatooine felt too personally for Obi Wan. It was Anakin's home planet. Where his master, Qui Gon, had found the boy and took him in. Obi Wan first met the boy in that planet's orbit as they escaped from an assassin. He had never been back to that planet. And to do so now, would only dredge up painful memories.

But if Master Yoda felt that was the wisest course of action, then who was he to say no. Obi Wan nodded silently.

"Far out of the way, it is. Away from the Empire." Yoda nodded, as if sensing Obi Wan's hesitation, "Long time it will take, for Sidious's hold to strengthen there."

"Yes, Master."

"And…" Yoda smiled gently at Obi Wan, "An old friend, commune with I have, from beyond the grave." Obi Wan's eyes narrowed in confusion, "You're old master-"

Obi Wan felt a burst of warmth in him. A voice he had not heard in ages whispered in his mind.

"Qui Gon." Obi Wan breathed in shock.

Yoda nodded, "How to commune with, I will teach you."


Obi Wan strode through the bright halls of the Tantive IV. He had just finished his first training session with Master Yoda. And it confused him a great deal. Nevertheless, he did feel as if he had made progress. To be able to communicate with a person who had long ago become one with the Force baffled Obi Wan. How Qui Gon Jinn had achieved such a thing baffled him even more. Yoda did his best to answer Obi Wan's questions. But it seems that even the ancient Jedi Master struggled with the concept as well.

Eventually, their training had transitioned into Obi Wan talking with Yoda about what had happened. Venting was probably the more appropriate term. And Yoda had patiently listened. He gave Obi Wan council that the young Jedi Master desperately needed to hear. It soothed his mind a little.

Obi Wan brushed his robes. His hand came away black with soot. And the fires of Mustafar danced in his mind once again. He swallowed hard then turned into the room he was searching for.

It was a dark, quiet room. Two little cribs sat inside of it. A small window allowed the twins a view of the stars outside of the ship. Leia was sleeping peacefully in her crib. Luke on the other hand, was wailing. Obi Wan winced as he neared the child. He looked down into the crib and sighed.

Force the boy could scream.

Obi Wan shook his head, reached down, and lifted young Luke out of the crib. As soon as Luke felt Obi Wan's hands, the boy's wailing stopped. Obi Wan saw sparkling blue eyes, full of innocence, staring up at him. Studying his face. Despite everything that had happened in the past few days, Obi Wan could not help but crack a small smile.

"Am I that interesting?" He asked Luke.

The door hissed open once again.

"Oh, Master Kenobi."

Obi Wan turned to see the regal form of Bail Organa enter. Well, he was as regal as one could be given the circumstances. His normally carefully combed hair was frayed in several places. His eyes, normally strong and filled with conviction, were heavy. Large bags sat beneath them as he walked up to Obi Wan. There was also fresh stubble on the Senator's cheeks. Shaving was the least of the Senator's priorities.

"I did not expect to find you in here." Bail commented as he reached over and brushed Leia's cheek.

"I figured I better get to know Luke before I whisk him away to what is the galactic equivalent of an oven." Obi Wan replied.

Bail snorted, "Even after all of this, that sense of humor of yours still exists?"

Obi Wan sighed, "I suppose it is a way for me to cope."

Bail nodded wearily. The senator walked over to a chair and sat down. The man buried his face in his hands and groaned.

"How did this all go so wrong so fast?" He asked.

Obi Wan could not help but laugh, "That is a question I have been asking myself as well." He replied as he cradled Luke in his arms.

Bail shook his head, "Are you sure you will be safe of Tatooine? I can make room for you on Alderaan."

Obi Wan grimaced, "Master Yoda believes it best to separate them. They are Anakin's children. Which means they share his potential in the force." Obi Wan looked down at Luke. The boy was beginning to doze off, "They must not fall into Sidious' hands."

Bail nodded, "And if they are separated that will make it harder for the Emperor to find them. I get it." The senator tilted his head. Obi Wan heard several pops come from the Senator's neck, "Well… we should be jumping to Alderaan soon. But before we go, I'll make sure a shuttle is ready to transport you and Luke to Alderaan."

"Thank you, Senator." Obi Wan felt Luke softly snoring in his arms. He glanced back at Bail and saw the man get up, plant a soft kiss on Leia's forehead, before heading back to the door.


Bail paused at the door, "Yes, Master Kenobi."

"Thank you." Obi Wan said, "Truly."

Bail smiled back, "It's what friends are for right?" He sighed, "And friends got to look out for each other nowa-"

The ship shuddered and groaned. The lights in the hall flickered. Obi Wan could feel a shift in the force. The crew's anxiety had been replaced with terror. Luke's eyes flicked open and the boy began to whimper in Obi Wan's arms.

"What the hell?" Bail muttered. He opened the door.

Outside, the crew was sprinting through the hall. Each one carried a blaster pistol at the ready. Bail grabbed one man's arm.

"What is going on?"

"Senator," The soldier gulped, "They've found us."

Bail's face paled. Obi Wan's turned grim.

"H-how?" Bail gasped, his eyes wide.

"We don't know sir. But they are about to start boarding us." The soldier gulped, "We will hold them off. But you and the Jedi need to get to the escape pods."

Bail looked back at Obi Wan.

"Grab Leia, Senator." Obi Wan ordered. Any thoughts of fear or worry were banished from his mind. He looked down at the small bundle in his arms. Obi Wan's purpose was clear. He would protect Luke until he drew his last breath. The Jedi Master held Luke in one arm then grabbed his lightsaber with his free hand, "I will meet you at the escape pods."

Bail nodded. As Obi Wan sprinted out of the room, Bail shouted after him.

"Master Kenobi! Good luck!"

Obi Wan nodded back then sprinted towards the escape pods.

"There's no such thing as luck." Obi Wan muttered to himself.

And if there was luck, he refused to believe that his was this rotten. How had the Imperial's located them? No one knew about Obi Wan or Master Yoda being aboard the Tantive IV. No one except Senator Organa and the crew.

Obi Wan's eyes widened. Senator Organa had a traitor in his midst.

The ship shuddered and groaned. Then it shook violently. Obi Wan felt several lives get snuffed out. They were being fired upon. Obi Wan sprinted through the ship's corridors. He stumbled as the ship stopped suddenly.

Obi Wan paused and looked out a window. An imperial star destroyer sat above them. Long arms holding the little corvette in its grip. It would not be long now before soldiers stormed the Tantive IV.

Where are those escape pods!? Obi Wan thought as he started running again.

He turned just as a blast rocked the ship. A door flew off of it's hinges at the end of the hall he was in. Crewmen winced as shrapnel flew through the air. Blue blaster bolts screamed through the air. Men cried as they were blasted to bits by Clone Troopers.

Obi Wan's lightsaber thundered to life in his hand. The blue blade danced in his grip. Deflecting bolts back at the doorway. In his other hand, Luke wailed.

"There!" A clone pointed at Obi Wan, "The Jedi!"

"Blast him!"

Obi Wan cursed under his breath. Now that they had found him, they would not stop. More soldiers would come pouring into the corridor now. He glanced at Luke. He could not stay and fight. That was not his purpose. His destiny was not to die here. Luke must live. The boy must remain free of Sidious's grasp. As more crewmen fell to the clone's assault, Obi Wan deactivated his blade, sent a massive force push at the breach, then sprinted away.

The lights flickered again. The sounds of blaster fire grew closer. The clones were gaining on him. The professional soldiers made quick work of Bail Organa's crew. Obi Wan grimaced. He hoped the senator made it safely to the escape pods.

Obi Wan slid around a corner and felt relief surge through him. He made it.

As quickly as he could, Obi Wan punched a code into the escape pod door. The door hissed open and he hopped it. The Jedi strapped Luke in then closed the escape pod door. As soon as the door closed, the pod launched.

Obi Wan fell back into a seat. Exhaustion raced through his veins. He took several deep breaths. That was too close.

Dread filled him. The force screamed in warning. Obi Wan felt his eyes get drawn to the escape pods small view port. He looked out and saw more pods flying beside his. His heart jumped to his throat as blaster bolts destroyed them one by one.


A pit formed in Obi Wan's stomach. Luke wailed loudly. The Jedi Master slumped into his seat. His lightsaber clattered to the pod's floor. His hands were no longer shaking. His head hung low. He looked over at Luke.

"I'm sorry." He muttered to the terrified boy.

The force screamed in warning once again. Obi Wan closed his eyes and took one last breath. He heard the scream of blaster fire. Felt the cold of space as his escape pod shattered around him.

Then nothing.


A whirlwind of images filled his mind.

He was in a palace of some sort. A great battle was occurring outside. He could hear the screams of dying men and women. He could sense the pain and suffering around him. But inside of the palace there was only three figure.

One was a young man in a long, hooded coat. The second was another young man wearing simple training leathers. He wielded a primitive steel sword. A design that Obi Wan had never seen in any galactic culture before. Across from the two young men was a tall, thin man with bright yellow eyes and a wicked grin.

Darkness billowed out from the older man. An aura of power clung to him that surprised the Jedi Master. The man grinned at the two young men as they charged.

"You fools!" The man laughed, "You cannot unwrite what is already written!"

The image shifted. Obi Wan found himself in a barren wasteland. Around him was the burnt out husks of houses and shops. Red dust flew around him. He heard long moans through the eerie silence. Several creatures wearing strange masks shuffled around him. They did not appear to notice him. And if they did, they did not care.

The mindless creatures were all marching towards a palace. Obi Wan felt himself flying towards it. Carried to this strange place a force unknown to him.

The building was, at one time, a grand structure. There were many towers, now destroyed and crumbled to dust. The walkway up to the palace doors was littered with the corpses of armored men and women. More of the moaning, mindless monsters marched this way. They still paid the Jedi Master no mind. It was as if he did not exist to them.

Obi Wan entered the palace.

The sound of steel clashing with steel echoed around him. Obi Wan saw a woman with vibrant blue hair engaging in a desperate battle with the monsters. That same, strange sword he saw from earlier danced in her grip. Felling monsters left and right.

The roof shook. Obi Wan looked up and saw roof be ripped away by a massive claw. Six blazing red eyes stared down at him and the woman. The woman gave a fear filled cry. She sprinted towards a strange blue portal that sat at the end of the palace great room. Obi Wan felt himself follow her.

The world faded to black.


"Obi Wan."

He groaned. Every muscle in his body ached. Obi Wan's eyes fluttered open then quickly snapped closed again. The sunlight was too bright. And he had a splitting headache. The Jedi Master uttered another long groan.

"Wake up, Obi Wan."

That voice. He knew that voice. Obi Wan's eyes flew open. He winced as more sunlight hit his sensitive eyes.. Through his bleary vision, he made out a clear blue sky above him. Puffs of white clouds lazily floated above him. Obi Wan blinked, several panic filled breaths left his lungs.

"Luke." He gasped. He shot upright. Pain lanced through his entire body. His muscles ached in protest as he forced them to move. His head swiveled around. Shock filled him.

He was not dead? Or was he? All around him was a field. A field filled with some of the greenest grass he had ever seen in his life. A breeze drifted by him, kissing his skin with cool air. He recoiled.

"Where- what- when- Luke!" Obi Wan jumped to his feet. He ignored the ache in his muscles.

"Calm yourself, Obi Wan."

Obi Wan wheeled around. Who was speaking to him? Wait, he already knew the answer to that. A better question would be, how and why was Qui Gon speaking to him? Obi Wan shook his head. Did that really matter at this point?

"Qui Gon," Obi Wan breathed, "Where is-"

"I do not know, Obi Wan." Qui Gon said to him. His voice still calm and gentle, "But I can tell you this. You are not dead."

Obi Wan's eyes widened. Without thinking, his hands patted down his body. He was still wearing his ash covered robes. Brown cloak too. There were still spots where the heat and flames of Mustafar had burned through the cream colored cloth. But there were not holes in his body. Everything was right where it was supposed to be.

"H-how?" Obi Wan stammered.

"The force, it appears, did not deem it your time to die, my friend." Qui Gon replied, "You destiny has not taken shape yet. You have much further to go on your journey."

Obi Wan took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead. The headache was only getting worse now.

"But Luke." Obi Wan started, "I have to find, Luke."

"Yes, you must." Qui Gon agreed, "But panicking will get you nowhere. Calm yourself and search your feelings. Luke his safe. You know this."

Obi Wan did as his former master commanded. He closed his eyes and touched the infinite pool of strength that was the Force. Instead of feeling the shadow of the dark side, the death of the Jedi and rise of the Empire, he felt peace. A strange serenity in the world around him. Obi Wan could feel a soothing breath leaving his lungs. It had been far too long since the force felt like this. It did not feel hostile. It did not cry out in agony. It felt like he had discovered a long lost companion.

As Obi Wan rested in the force, he could feel himself reinvigorated. Some of the pain in his limbs faded. The panic that had swollen in his chest dissipated. Everything started to feel clearer.

"Qui Gon." He said. Obi Wan opened his eyes again and took a brief survey of the land around him. Now that his mind was somewhat clear, he finally could grasp the land around him.

Obi Wan was nearly dumbstruck.

This world was beautiful. Tall grass drifted in lazy waves as a gentle breeze brushed over the field. In the distance, Obi Wan could see a small forest. And even further, standing like giants over the flat plain he was on, were snow capped mountains. Just at the edge of the forest was a small village. Obi Wan could not tell if it was inhabited or not. But the force buzzed with life around him. This world held life of some sort. Intelligent life as well.

He could feel his jaw falling as he looked around.

"Where am I?" he asked Qui Gon.

The spirit of Qui Gon Jinn, if Obi Wan could call it that, was silent for a moment.

"I don't know."

Obi Wan felt something inside of him snap.

"You don't know?" He grumbled.

"Correct." Qui Gon replied, "If I sense things as you are, then you are on a life bearing planet that is remarkably beautiful."

Obi Wan pinched the bridge of his nose.

"So let's clarify the situation then." Obi Wan breathed deep, "One moment, the Tantive IV is being attacked. I am getting blown to bits inside of an escape pod with Luke. The next moment, I wake up. I am somehow not dead. Luke is missing. Alive but missing. I am somehow communicating with you even though I've had all of one training session with Master Yoda. Oh… and I am hopelessly lost now." Obi Wan dragged a hand over his face, "And somehow this may not be the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. Nor the most irritating."

Qui Gon Jinn chuckled.

"Like I said, Obi Wan, the Force was not done with you yet. You must not worry about what happened or what will happen. What did I always tell you. Concentrate on the here and now. That is where your attention belongs."

"And I will reply as I always did. Master Yoda said to be mindful of the future." Obi Wan snapped back.

"But not at the expense of the moment. Be mindful of the living force, my young student." Qui Gon replied, "The living force willed this to happen. You were brought here by powers neither of us understand. But the important thing now is not to dwell on how you came here, but to figure out where it is you are."

"Easier said than done." Obi Wan sat down in the grass, "I can't just go around asking for help. The Jedi are wanted throughout the galaxy now. If anyone so much as knows that I am a Jedi, I will either be killed or handed over to the Imperial's so they can kill me." Obi Wan shook his head, "I cannot just go looking for help."

Qui Gon made a clicking noise. Obi Wan frowned.

"You are worrying about the future again, Obi Wan. Live in the moment. For all you know, the people of this world are not friends with the Empire. Go. That village is not far from you."

Obi Wan arched an eyebrow.

"Are you sure that is wise, Master?"

"You will get further that way than you would sitting here."

Obi Wan sighed. Why did his old Master have to be right? Obi Wan rose to his feet and looked over at the little village in the distance. He did not see any spaceport. For that matter, he did not even see any speeders. He frowned. Just what manner of place was this? He shook his head.

"No time." He muttered to himself. He began walking towards the village, "I must find Luke quickly. Before the Empire finds us both."

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