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"...Could you tell them... What I'm about to say now? Pops! Everybody! And you Luffy. Thank you... For loving someone like me who is good for nothing... and who has such bad blood in his veins... Up to today..." Ace managed to give out, dying as he leaned on Luffy.

In his death, he smiled.

His sacrifice saved his little brother, and though he didn't manage to live past that day, he was happy...


Ace opened his eyes.

It wasn't what he expected, it was almost calm.

He was for some reason, outside of a forest, strangely he had his orange hat and dagger, then suddenly he could smell meat, 'A boar' Ace thought.

Following it, he found a man sitting on a log, and Ace had only one thing to say.

"I didn't think, Hell would have a forest, but since you're here, I suppose there's no question."

The man sitting on a log merely shrugged, turning to look at Ace, it was obvious as to why there was only one thing to say.

That man was - Gol D. Roger.

"You're just like your mother! Come and take a seat with me, my boy!"

Ace scowled at him, replying, "You're not my father, Pops is!

Merely smiling, Roger replied, "I suppose he is... Wait, I thought you accepted me as your father, while you were dying!"

Ace chose to ignore the last part and instead had a question he wanted answered, "What happened?"

Roger's face turned somewhat into a smile before answering, "Your brother got away, no worries!".

The frown was noticeable and Ace asked the question, he already knew the answer to, "And Pops?"

There was no answer, but the frown on Roger's face told everything he needed to know.

Ace could only break into tears, falling to his knees.

Roger seeing this, got up and went to console his son, "Ace..."

"Go... GO AWAY!" Ace shouted to his birth father, telling him to go away, crying due to being "responsible" for his father's death.

"I... Have an offer for you, Ace... Would you accept it?" Roger asked.

Ace still crying, asked, "What is it?"

Roger smiling replied, "Ever since I died-"

"And left, Mom and I?" Ace said stopping Roger.

"I'm sorry Ace..." Roger replied, then sitting back down, "There wasn't much I could do, I never did exactly want you to become a pirate..." Ace scoffed at this.

Smiling, Roger, replied to the scoff, "You know, just before I died I asked Garp to take care of you, and I'm happy he did, he gave you a proper childhood."

Ace retorted, "Really, a childhood, I had a great one, didn't I? Why didn't you just give me to someone like a member of your crew? Or if you didn't want me to become a pirate, why not an orphanage, anywhere! I was stuck living and knowing I had your blood! I-"

Before Ace could continue, Roger answered with a sigh, "You had them didn't you?"

Confused Ace asked, "Who're them?"

Roger twirled his hands and a Straw hat appeared out of nowhere, "This was once my hat, and I suppose it's now your brother's hat." Surprised at Roger's remark, Ace didn't know what to reply, and the Once Pirate King continued, "You had Sabo, Luffy, the Dadan Family, the Whitebeard Pirates, the Spade Pirates and even Garp... I chose correctly, and I'm happy you know it was my blood that's running through your veins because you also knows it's Rouge's blood as well!"

Ace didn't know what to say, it was without a doubt he hated his birth father's blood, but not that of his mother's, and whilst the childhood he had was terrible, he had Luffy and Sabo, Dadan and even Garp. It wasn't that bad after all.

"So will you consider my offer?" Roger asked, giving his hand out, which Ace begrudgingly took and also sat down.

"What's the offer?"

One Explanation Later

"Another Galaxy, that's impossible! You're just lying to me now! I know!" Ace said, unbelieving of life beyond his planet, much more an entire Galaxy.

Roger gave a great laugh, before replying, "I didn't believe it myself at first, nor did Newgate! But, apparently when I died, old me was too stubborn to pass on and become one with the Force, so... I just kept on living like a ghost!"

Dumbfounded, Ace was going to ask, but before he could say anything, Roger continued, "It's great! You can literally move through the entire world, in fact, I've even been watching your adventures with Newgate! Though I did have to be careful, there was this blind bounty hunter that managed to spot me once, and one of Big Mom's brats also sensed me!"

Not bothering to ask, Ace had a question, "What else could you have done as a ghost?"

Eager to tell, Roger began to explain, "Well, I could communicate with people, but watch this!" Suddenly the scenery changed to the open sea, and Roger by simply moving his hands moved the sea and created a mini whirlpool.

"Pretty cool right!? I can do a lot more as well-" Roger said excitedly.

In return Ace only had anger, "You... Why didn't you help in the War?!"

Roger gave of another laugh, "Newgate would never accept my help! Plus, he's too stubborn to pass on as well probably, even if he isn't, he'll be joining with the Force anyway, with all his brats!"

Confused, Ace then asked, "Then why can't I join with the Force? Why do I have to help another Galaxy?"

Roger frowned and replied, "They need you Ace, I can't do it myself, since I'm waiting for the next Pirate King, plus, you get to be an elder brother again! Also, it wasn't easy, but I got your powers to stay with you! So, will you accept?"

Ace smiled at Roger's words remembering Luffy, and answered, "Right, I will, but I'll be keeping my memories right?"

"Yep! You'll have to be reborn though, also, weaknesses still apply! Thankfully for you, sea stone doesn't exist in their Galaxy, and Haki is known as the Force last time I checked, only people proficient in it may be able to harm you with it, and some of their technology is also advanced enough that it may hurt or kill you!" Somehow, Roger said this in a joyous manner.

"Anything else?" Ace asked.

Roger replied, "Nope! So, I'll let you go as soon as you want, stopping time isn't easy!"

Ace didn't have anything to say about that, and as a door appeared to where Roger pointed, he stopped right in front of it and smiling he asked, not bothering to look back, "Hey Pir- Dad, say hi to Pops for me when he comes and say hi to my stupid younger brother for me - since you've been waiting all this time for him."

Ace then took a step and disappeared.


"So, Newgate... You've finally arrived, your son, wanted to me to say hi to you, after I set him off". Roger said, upon seeing the giant man.

Whitebeard merely gave a smile, the scenery changing to the sea as he replied, "Hopefully the brat this time values his life enough to not die and leave his brother all alone..."

Roger also smiling replied, "Luffy, right? Who would've thought that Garp's own grandson, would be the one I'd be waiting for..."





In a galaxy far far away, an elderly man sat on a Throne, forced to watch his children bicker and fight. Oh how he wished he could stop their fighting, but alas, he was unable to. He was not weak, no, for if the Throne he had sat on was to represent anything, it would be the Galaxy itself.

For he was the Father, a force wielder that could manipulate the Force like no other, except per his Son and Daughter, the embodiments of the Dark and Light Side, respectively.

Some knew their family, as the Ones, others as the Mortis Gods, and the Nightsisters had called the Son and Daughter the Twin Deities.

Despite all of this, the Father knew that deity or not, all things will eventually pass on to the Force - himself included.

That was no problem, for, despite his wish to stay with his children and keep them together, he knew his time would eventually come, and he would embrace it.

But, today he was graced with a vision. He saw a shroud of Chaos, not darkness, but Chaos. Not a power of the Dark Side, no it was far more malevolent.

A shroud of Chaos could mean only one thing - Abeloth had been freed.

But, how?

Even if he was to die, his children would even in their bickering and fighting in each other still work together to fight against the threat of the once Mother.

And should that Abeloth had been freed it meant that more than just himself dead, his children had also died!

Terrified of the future, he chose to avert it, to do such a thing, he would need to seek an entity beyond even his own Galaxy, though difficult, the Force existed throughout the entire Universe and using his ability, the Father sought out to the nearest Galaxy.

First, he closed his eyes and took a peek, and there he saw it, a different Galaxy, one where the Force had manifested in so differently...

Instead of the Light Side and the Dark Side, the Force had instead breathed as the very life essence of the people. The people there could use the Force as if it was a part of themselves, some as to observe their surroundings, others as to harden their bodies and every generation, there would be a few that bore the torch of the Conqueror.

Then there were special powers known as Devil Fruits, the Force manifested into fruits that gave people immense power, at the cost of the Force taking away their ability to swim.

The Father was perplexed by the power of these Devil Fruits, the only way to truly harm them would be through sea water, sea stone, or those that could use the Force as if it was a part of themselves, strangely named Haki or - Ambition.

Ambition, so like his Son or the Sith, but most people there, had no such Darkness that came with it. As he viewed the Galaxy, he saw upon a man with a captain's cloak and strange moustache, his intense eyes and smile that surprised him. Looking at him, the Father could see the blood of entire armies, both guilty and innocent on him, deaths were on this man's hands for reasons as simple as insulting his crew.

Despite this, it seemed that this man was unaffected by all those deaths as if their haunting cries could do no good to him, his Ambition was too powerful - the Ambition to protect his family.

Noting this, the Father continued to look, and as he did, he eventually came to see the sight of a soul that was burning like a star but was doing such in a calm and gentle way, yet at the same time, was full of anger and hatred unresolved.

But, it was clear, that despite all the anger and hatred, it was calm.

It was so balanced, just like himself...

Then, he chose to take it, he simply hoped he was strong enough to do so, and though he thought it would be difficult, it wasn't, as if the soul had chosen to go to him as by its own choice.

As it was travelling through one Galaxy to another Galaxy, he saw the man again, who gave a laugh and a strange orange hat that had both a blue smiley and blue angry face on it.

As the soul began to move by itself, it left to a desert planet as the Father chose to let the Force decide where was best.


Once a planet of light, now of darkness, it was quite fitting for himself and the soul.

As he saw reopened his eyes, he saw upon the strange hat now on his lap and chose to contemplate on the situation, but first, he would need to recover, to see into another Galaxy was exhausting to him.

He simply hoped that the Force had chosen right.

Tatooine (44BBY)

Shmi Skywalker was confused as to why it happened, but she was pregnant since last year, and today she would be giving birth.

Little did she know that who she was giving birth to would one day in the future become as luminous as the stars themselves.

And it did not go unnoticed...

They who noticed were the Whills, the Ones, the Nightsisters, the Jedi and Sith, and such a birth, brought forth darkness - or rather freedom...

Those Who Noticed

There was a moment's pause when Ace's soul transmigrated, and thus some were able to notice the movement... The first to notice where the Whills, and to them, it was strange, an existence beyond any they could fathom, one such beyond their power, yet within it. They who chronicled history found themselves unable to do so. For a second, they thought of interfering, but ultimately, didn't, it was far too dangerous...

Those who noticed next were the Force Priestesses, five entities, that were believed to once be one, they existed within the Wellspring of Life - The Birthplace of Midi-Chlorians, and they were silent and unmoving, waiting.

After they were the Ones, even with the Father attempted the arrival, his children found out. The Son overjoyed, and the Daughter confused.

After them, those less attuned with the Force were next to find out.

It wasn't the Jedi or Sith, but rather it was a Nightsister - Mother Talzin was the first to sense its arrival.

At first, she thought it to be a man, but after looking twice, she realized her error, it was no man, but rather, a burning star, and she was graced with a vision, there was a desert planet with two suns, she recognised as Tatooine, but suddenly, a third sun appeared, outshining the other two suns with such brilliance, that it made the others seem oddly dim.

It was the Dark Lord of the Sith to find out after the Nightsister Mother, he who could save others from death - Darth Plagueis.

His mastery of Midi-Chlorians allowed him to see more than Mother Talzin, and his daring and recklessness which translated to foolish bravery gave him the ability to see more than what could be seen that the Whills, Force Priestesses, or the Ones had seen.

But, it was for a reason that they chose not to see more than what they did at one glance. And Darth Plagueis - saw too much. The Force in its anger attempted to strike down the Dark Lord, and aware he was, Darth Plagueis using his own power, attacked the Force, and saw for a glimpse, the presence of the Dark Side as if it was manifested into a strange visage of flames...

It was also at the same time that the Grandmaster of the Jedi, Yoda, found out. At first, he was gradually sensing the presence, knowing full well that immediately delving into it would only arrive with backlash. A fact that the Dark Lord disregarded, and as he did, the Grandmaster felt it. Yet at the same time, Yoda had seen a vision similar to Mother Talzin's, but also distinctly different. He saw a horrifying man of flames, bright yellow eyes and a terrifying smile, bodies of thousands surrounded him as he proclaimed himself Emperor, with armies behind him, all following and pledging their eternal allegiance.

He wasn't sure who this was, but it was clear that the Force was powerful with him, and seeing him he could see that despite being only flames, there were strange tattoos. On his upper left bicep, were letters that seemed to spell out "ASCE", though the "C" was crossed out. However, the most prominent was the one at the back which was purple bones formed in a cross behind a purple skull with a white moustache. A Sith cult? That was the first thought of the old Grandmaster, needless to say, he would have to meditate on this new discovery, this news would also have to be told to the other members of the Council...

Tatooine (41BBY)

It was in the Dark Lord's semi-madness that in his actions he had attempted to seek out the presence he once did. He was certain that whoever this presence was, by using it, he could transcend life and death becoming Immortal as so many Sith before he once desired to, and there was just one which managed to accomplish this feat, now dead. As he once did years ago, he sought again into the Force, to again also arrive with backlash. But, the Force this time was even more vengeful, and thus - the Chosen One was born. With the Dark Lord greatly weakened from another backlash, a certain apprentice took this chance, afraid it may never come again.

This created a disturbance, and it was felt by every Jedi. For a second, there was a burst of darkness, then it was gone. As the Jedi Council convened, there was an argument between Master Dooku and Grandmaster Yoda, one in which the former left the Jedi. But, he did not leave alone. As all Jedi felt it, they all knew the threat of darkness, but the Grandmaster was inactive and stagnant. By the dozens, the Jedi left, choosing to instead follow Master Dooku, hoping to deal with this Dark Side threat.

Meanwhile, the Nightsisters were waiting, Mother Talzin, feeling the disturbance, but choosing not to act.

And thus, what the Whills had once written, was overwritten...





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Power Scaling

Power scaling will primarily be canonical levels, but I may have some certain instances where some characters manage to go beyond canon. I will probably use this mostly for Anakin, as his full potential was only fully shown when he was invading the Jedi Temple with the clones. I may also have to somewhat lower Abeloth's power or give Anakin some sort of boost, similar to that of Mortis, where his absolute full potential was in use. But we'll cross that road when we get there - together. Just kidding, I have something planned, or do I?

I would also like to note that, Anakin will still be the Chosen One and will have more Midi-Chlorians than Ace. Meaning that Anakin will have an overall greater potential than Ace. If you still don't understand. Full Potential Anakin beats Full Potential Ace. This includes Ace's Devil Fruit, and I'm presuming that since Ace was a Yonko Commander, Haki. On the benefit of having his Devil Fruit and Haki, Ace will be unable to use traditional Force abilities, such as a mind trick or even telekinesis, but, it is the Force nonetheless.

Concerning Ace's Devil Fruit, he will be immune to all the weapons as you saw him being immune in One Piece. Meaning, that if you're going to use a knife to try and mug Ace, it won't work. Also, I'd like to add that Devil Fruits are scientific, which the Force is also in a way. Anyway, back to Ace's Devil Fruit. When he is shot by a blaster, it will interact strangely with his body, but it will still go right through him. In simpler terms, when Ace is shot by a blaster, he will lose part of his body, but it will regenerate like normal. Just think of blaster shots as Ace being shot by cannonballs.

Now, you might be asking, what will harm Ace, then? As it's been mentioned before, Haki and the Force are the same things, merely manifested differently. Therefore lightsabers and those with the Force will be able to harm Ace. Those with lightsabers more easily as they are powered by Kyber Crystals which are Force-attuned, therefore, Haki-attuned. Though, I'm going to say that without a lightsaber it will be hard to hurt Ace, even if you can use the Force. As for lightsabers, since they have Kyber Crystals which are Force-attuned, I'm going to say they somewhat bypass Ace's defence. But, unless you know the Force and a lightsaber, you probably won't be killing Ace, unless you have a puddle of water nearby. Electrical weapons and people with the Force will still be able to harm him. Also, I'm going to say that Ace has his Devil Fruit on near permanently. Yes, I designed so that Ace would be OP. (I would also like to add that Force Abilities will still affect Ace, with varying levels of effectiveness.)

Canon and Expanded Universe

Anyway, as for canon and expanded universe, everything that is canon is of course canon (including canon comics and novels). As for the expanded universe, that is a bit of a slippery slope. 2003 Clone Wars won't be included within the story, as it makes Grievous so damn strong, but then in Clone Wars, Ahsoka is somehow able to albeit barely, still take him on.

I will include KOTOR and SWTOR, but only as Remnants of a by-gone era, so no Sith Lords of the past coming back to life, frozen in carbonite or anything like that. I may consider Force Ghosts and Holocrons. I'm currently thinking about non-canon comics, and it's likely that only certain parts will be included.

Ace's Morality

Ace is a pirate, no doubt about that. He's probably killed before. Scratch that, definitely killed. The way, that I see what Ace isn't afraid to kill is as when he fights someone, like Luffy, it's a battle of resolve. When he kills people, he kills them knowing that they're fighting for something they chose to fight for. It's not like the people that tried to kill Ace were forced to kill him, no, they all chose to try and kill him. You all probably already know this, but. Ace is much, much, much, closer to a Sith than a Jedi.

Also, Ace isn't afraid of the Darkside, he's felt its calling, it's seduction, and it's something he lives in. He fully understood that as a pirate, he was going against the World Government, which is though bad, the same thing, his grandfather worked in. Though even in the Darkside, Ace is able to freely leave and enter. Simply put, Ace's morals are this. Good or bad, hero or villain, saviour or conqueror, regardless of what you are, if you hurt his family, he will find you, and he may kill you, dependent on how good you are.

To end this part off, I would like to say that Ace would probably kill a Jedi, and I can see him having a Sith as one of his crew members. (Hint)

Ace's Presence in the Force

Ace was the Horrifying Man of Flames, and if you have read One Piece, up to a certain part, you would understand why he would proclaim himself Emperor. If you have read it, and still don't get it, then read Chapter 903, and you should understand it.

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