Sam wrapped his hand around Jess's trim waist, pulling back slightly as he notice the bulge in her midsection that was beginning to form. "I've missed you this week."

Jess smiled up at him. "I missed you. I have so much to tell you."

Sam brushed his fingertips across the back of Jess's neck, spending a shiver down her spine. "I have so much I want to . . . tell. . . you too." He pulled her close, letting her feel that his body was already ready to go.

Jess took no notice of his growing erection, and kept chattering away. "I'm really excited about the lawyer. He was a little intense, but I think he's got exactly what I need to win this case."

Sam propped himself up on his elbow. "So you actually met with a lawyer? You're really doing this?"

Jess recoiled away from him. "Of course I'm doing if this baby's not perfect, he's enough. Are you not on board with this? Because I can"

Sam slipped an arm onto her back, pulling her back in. "Hey, I never said I wasn't on board. It just moved faster than I thought, is all. A baby with congenital heart defect is a really big responsibility, and I thought we still had some more to think about."

"There's nothing else to think about. We're doing this. Well, I'm doing this. If you don't think I can handle it" Jess pouted.

"You can handle it. I didn't say you couldn't. Jess, you are strong, and smart, and funny, and beautiful. You're going to be a great mom." He brushed a strand of hair out of her face.

Jess giggled. "I'm making you soft."

Sam glanced down at the blanket swaddling him. "Actually, quite the opposite." He grinned mischievously.

Jess snuggled up next to him. "I really believe he can win this. I think I'm going to keep this baby. He's the best lawyer out there."

Sam groaned. Jess's mind was miles away from his. "And you said he's Schmidt's friend? What's his name?"

"Nick Miller. He and Schmidt went to college together."

"Nicholas Miller? Of Miller and associates?" Sam's eyes widened.

"Yeah that's him.

Jess, he's a douche. He was the lawyer on that Vericyl vaccination trial I testified in. He slept with Gina from Oncology in the doctor's lounge. He's no good."

A pang of envy rippled through Jess as she thought of Nick sleeping with another woman. "Well good thing I'm looking for a lawyer not a boyfriend."

"Hey, hey no need to get defensive." Sam said, kissing Jess, trying to divert her attention to his primal needs.

Jess clamped her hand over her mouth. "Did you drink coffee this morning?" She groaned.

Sam looked at her worried. "Two cups why?"

"The baby doesn't like coffee!" she cried, as she made a beeline towards the bathroom.

Sam sank back into the pillows, letting out an exasperated sigh. "I'm beginning to think the baby doesn't like me."

There was a small knock at the office door. " ?" Amy poked her head into Nick's office. Nick looked up from the piles of paper that littered the expanse of his large wooden desk.

"I'm heading out. . . Do you . . . need anything?" Amy asked.

Nick bit his bottom lip. "Nah i'm ok. Thanks."

Amy stauntered in, seductively leaning over Nick's desk. "I'm headed over to McClaren's if you'd like to come for a drink."

Nick scribbled on a notepad furiously. "I'm just going to stay here."

Amy pouted. "Are you sure Nicky? If you change your mind it's McClaren's. You know, the bar right below my apartment."

She playfully winked but it went unnoticed by Nick.

"This must be a very important case. You seem to care a lot." Amy sighed.

"Yeah, It's very important." He mumbled. But WHY is it so important?, WHY do I care so much?" Nick thought to himself.

"Ok, well see you later." Amy said, as she sulked away.

Nick was oblivious to her pouting. Jess's pleading gaze kept replaying in his mind, he could still feel the sting of her sapphire eyes as they burned into his soul. There was something he couldn't shake about Jessica Day, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. She was compassionate, mature, and everything he wasn't.

He picked up his cell phone and punched in Schmidt's number. Ruth answered on the second ring. "Hello?"

"Ruth? Is that you?" Nick sighed. Ruth was always watching some annoying youtube video on Schmidt's phone. Nick had tried to buy her an ipad for Christmas, but Schmidt's wife Cece was on some sanctimommy kick and had refused.

" Poopy Pants office this is Ruth speaking." Ruth chimed.

"Ruth it's uncle Nick. Let me talk to your dad."

" Pants is currently unavailable. He took a sabbatical to the moon."

Nick sighed, his patience growing thin with the preschooler. "Ruth, I really need to talk to your dad. It's important."

Ruth blew a raspberry into the phone.

Nick rolled his eyes, his last ounce of composure rolling out with them. "Ruth Schmidt you better put your dad on the phone this instant! Listen you little runt, I am a lawyer. I will SUE Santa Claus. Did you hear that? Sue him! I will clear him out, right down to the reindeer's shiny red nose. Do you want me to sue Santa? Do you want to be solely responsible for all the little elves pink slips? They'll have no jobs, and that means no health insurance. Do you know what it's like to get an ear infection in those pointy little ears? IT'S A BITC. . "

"DADDDDDDDDDY!" Ruth wailed.

Nick heard Schmidt rustling in the background. "Nicholas Miller did you tell my daughter that you were going to sue Santa?"

"She wouldn't give you the phone. Besides, aren't you Jewish?"

Schmidt sighed. "What's up?"

Nick nervously chewed the cap of his pen. "I. . . uh. . . I'm going over Jessica's case."

"You don't have to take it you know. She will understand."

"No, no it's not that. I want. . . It's a good challenge for me." Nick replied.

"Just know that no one is making you. Jess is the most understanding . . . "

Nick cut him off. "About Jess. Does she have a contract with the biological parents?"

"Yes, remember we gave you a copy of the full contract?"

Nick sighed. 'Oh yeah that's right. Ok. Does she have anyone that could testify against her, and defame her character?"

"Nick, we went over this for almost an hour earlier. The woman's practically a saint. One time she hit a squirrel with her car, and she took him home, made him a plaster cast, and nursed him back to health. No one can say anything bad against her."

Nick smiled, thinking of Jess her heart bursting with compassion, tending to the small furry animal that most would have just left on the side of the road. "Ah yes I see that here in my notes. Does she have a solid employment history?"

Schmidt sighed. "Were you just not listening to anything we said earlier?"

Nick's cheeks glowed bright red with embarrassment. In all honesty, he just wanted to talk about Jess but he couldn't admit that to Schmidt. "It was just a long night last night. I was a little foggy this morning and I want to make sure I got all the details right."

Schmidt chuckled. "That was the worst lie I've ever heard. Nothing has changed with you. Tell you what, I've got to go read Ruth her bedtime story. I'll send you Jess's number since you probably weren't listening when she gave it to you, and you can call her and ask her everything."

Nick smiled. His heart fluttered at the thought of talking to Jess again. "Oh ok that sounds great. Talk to you later."

Schmidt text over Jess's contact information within minutes. Attached to the contact was a photo of Jess smiling happily into the camera, a broad, handsome man, who Nick assumed was her boyfriend Sam. Sam smiled down at her, his arm protectively around her tiny waist. Nick gazed at the picture wistfully, wishing for a moment that it was his arm wrapped around her waist. He sighed, deleting the pining over her was so pathetic. She was a teacher for goodness sake. Her idea of a good time was probably crocheting while watching the golden girls or going to the Farmer's market. Jessica Day was not his type. He opened a new text to his secretary Amy. "Does that offer still stand?" he pecked out casually, trying to forget all about Jess as he hit send.