September 1st, 2018

Burning Rose

Prologue: Rear-View Ghosts

The full moon looms high over the tranquil Scared City of Aquios, its beauty luminates and reflects flawlessly over the bodies of water around the city. The stony church of Apris is filled with darkness as the patrons sleep soundly except for a red-head whose mind is overflowing with thoughts. Her mind could not grasp that just a month ago they defeated Luther over in the Fourth-Dimension world. Soon after she has devoted all of her time to the Aquarian Miltary Army, since the gang split and went their own separate ways.

The red-headed woman stares up at the gravel ceiling trying her hardest to fall back to sleep but the exact opposite happened. Her brain keeps racing with same thoughts wondering how in the hell did they survive that battle which was previously thought as To exist or kiss their asses good bye...

"Oh, mother... I wish you and the grace of Apris is with me." Nel whispers sighing as she sits ups sliding her boots back, then stands up stretching before walking across her small bedroom to grab her diary.

Once across the room she grabs the lavender hard bound book on the third shelf from the top. "Well at least I can put this fiasco to rest within you."

She smiles slightly eyeing the book and rubbing her hand across the cover remember, when her father handed this to her last year before he went off to his last brawl with the Dragon Brigade...

"Nel, you have grown into a Nobel woman and a fighter." The red-headed older male said resting his hands onto his daughter's shoulders looking down at her with his dull brown eyes.

Nel nods looking back up at her father, "I have learned from the best."

"You are definitely, Irene's daughter."

He chuckled lightly as a light breeze blew passed them and trees nearby are almost completely bare as warm colored leaves fall slowly to the ground,"She wanted you to have this once you turned 22, but since we both been so busy since then, I thought this would be the perfect time."

He then reached inside the pouch on the side of the saddle of his gray horse which was nibble on the grass beneath it.

"Mother..." The young red-headed woman takes the book wrapped in cloth from her father's hands softly. As soon she unwraps it it reveals a lavender hard bound book with Diary written across in gold letters and Nel Z written on the bottom right hand corner.

She opens the diary's cover delicately and found a note from her mother...

09-Dec-757 SD


My sweet, sweet lovely little girl, I hope you find this comforting as right of passage as your confidante through your pilgrimage as a woman with grace.

Love Always,

Irene Z.

"Mama Bear"

May the grace of Apris be with you.

The red-Headed woman, closed her eyes picturing her mother with fair skin, dark brown hair with green eyes. "Sir Nevelle Zelpher, we are ready for departure."

He nods now hugging his daughter tightly, "You are in charge of the Crimson Blade base while I am gone, sweetie. I will be back as soon as I can."Nevelle said ensuring her as he jumped onto his horse and leaves with the Crimson Blade, but to never be seen alive again...

Nel, holds the diary close to her chest as she walks over to her desk sitting the book down before her and lights the candle with a match. She sits down dipping her pen into the ink and starts written to her mother.

06- March- 773 SD

Dear Irene,


I could not figure out what to write well... actually did not have the time due to meeting the wonderful people I have met this year. At lot has happened from running into them and fighting the Fourth-Demensional beings.

Now we are here back into our world as if nothing happened except for people I have lost such you, Mother and father.

Since we are the subject of my new friends...

I will introduce them by name and where they are now:

Fayt Leingod, he is now figuring out what to do now since he lost his father. He still has his mother, Sophia, childhood best friend and the rest of the gang. The last I heard he may stay here on Elicoor II for his new life after he travels with Sophia, her parents and his mother.

Cliff Fittir somewhere in space still the captain of Quark and working with Mirage Koas. Still follows his hunches, quirky but a good leader.

Maria Traydor's where-abouts was known until about two weeks ago when she disappeared without saying where she is going. She is more serious than, Cliff and a great leader too.

Sophia Esteed, is currently located on a cruise spaceship travelling around hoping to find her parents, also comtiplating on whether or not to make Aquios her new home. She still sees the glass half-full.

Roger S. Huxley, he still partaking in the manly contests with family and friends in the Lost City of Sufferio between Aryglyph and Aquaria. This young lad is still resourceful, passionate about reaching the status of "Manhood" more or less proving that he is very mature, and a "ladies" man.

As for Albel Nox he still going strong as captain of the Black Brigade in the country Aryglyph. He is still arrogant and acts like he is better than me, but he did join sides with me when the battle was greater than us.

Clair Lasbard is still leading strong as the captain of the Crimson Blade and commander of the Aquarian Army so focused on being a leader, as for being a future wife she has not given that much thought, and head-strong about waiting for the right knight to come along.

On the contrary, Adray Lasbard who raised her as a single father to be a strong woman and a fighter now is worried about his single daughter may never marry at this rate. His worst nightmare is her being the lonely Old Maid in the village of Aria.

Peppita Rossetti this young lady is back to travelling with her uncle's circus performing through out space . Although we only met briefly I can tell she can handle herself and strong willed like me.

First thing in the morning, I have to meet with the Queen for a new assignments, this is exciting but I am sure they have something else to say such as maybe... I work too much since I came back.

Now, I can barely keep my eyes open. Off to bed with me.

Love Always,

Nel Z.

P.S: Tell Nevelle... Dad, I will write to him soon.

May the grace of Apris be with you both!

You are missed everyday.

The exhausted Crimson Blade, yawns stretching after she closed the diary. She quickly removed her boots crashing back into her bed falling to sleep instantly, not knowing what is ahead.


Hey fellow readers and critics , I hope you love this new opening to Burning Rose Revamped. I know I have not written this story since Late Summer or Early Fall 2009. My life became so busy, I did not know where to begin or remember all the names of my original characters. If you do please remind me.

I am also willing to accept someone as my proofreader and editor or two people to do the job. Anyways, I have my mojo back forreal this time but please be patient.

My bachelor's degree is almost done, fequent baby sitter and trying to get into the groove of studying for certifications.