One Piece: Wolves of the Sea

Chapter 6: No Quarter

(As Told By: Hu Ming-Na)

By the thunder of our cannon, we made our stand on the Grand Line against the Marines. The grape-shot made a bloody mess of any Marine sailor that got in it's way. I looked up to see Miss Li come down from the crow's nest, and take the helm of a swivel gun as the 'Blue Dragon' roared a defiant battle-cry to the Marines and the World Government.

It's not the weapon that makes the warrior, but the skill behind the wielder of the weapon. A swivel gun maybe small, but as the Marines were preparing their muskets, it proves that it's still deadly. As they aimed, Miss Li took her shot, and cleared the deck, "Good show, Miss Li!" I said to the young pirate, a chain-shot sliced down the Marine ship's mast.

Marines jumped off the mast into the sea, or onto the rigging to escape the falling mast. The Marine vessel groaned like a wounded animal. With the ship stranded in the water, I gave the order, "Get the planks ready, you sea vixens! Prepare to board her!" I called out, pointing my sword at the Marines in defiance. The Marine sailors looked ready to fight.

"ATTACK!" I called out, "show the bastards no mercy!"

I led my ladies from the ship, and onto the Marine vessel. A sailor had a pistol aimed at me, and I cut through the lead shot with my jian. I spun, and slit his throat with a single slash. His body slumped on a gun. With skill and grace, I ran my blade into the heart of another then spun around, and threw a dagger between the eyes at a sailor at the helm.

The bodies of Marine sailors fell into the sea, or painted the decks red in blood. To any of you would be pirates out there, my suggestion is to you is to always board a ship when the enemy crew is reloading. By the sword, and the spear, and the traditional weapons of our homelands, we held our ground to the muskets and the cannon of the Government.

The young Miss Li held her own, slashing a Marine across the face before cleaving her niuweidao through the wood and iron of a musket in two halves and cleanly into the skull. With a slash of my jian across the chest of a sailor, I looked to see that the captain of the ship knew this battle and his ship are lost. He looked to be trying to save his own skin.

"Part of the crew, part of the ship" I said under my breath with a smirk

I picked up a boarding pike from a dead sailor, and threw it like a javelin. Flying straight as an arrow from a bow, it hit the escaping captain in the middle of his back and he fell overboard into the foaming sea. My crew-ladies cheered as he's the last kill. On this rare occasion, I have not lost a single member of the crew to combat, "Well done, well done"

"This day is ours, ladies, take anything of necessity you can find," I said, and sheathed my sword after cleaning it of blood with a rag ripped from the uniform of a dead Marine. My lasses took everything they can from rigging to sails, barrels of gunpowder and drinking water, and crates of cannon shot. I even saw one rolling a barrel of rice wine, "lovely"

I went to do a little searching of my own on the ship. I pulled out one of my two jian-style daggers from the skull of a dead Marine sailor at the helm. With the blade cleaned on the uniform, I sheathed it back into the scabbard at my thigh. My boots made a light sound on the wood floor as I went inside the captain's chambers, and I found a small chest.

"The captain's earnings?" asked Po-Lin looking over my shoulder at the box

"Most likely," I replied, and opened it to find that it is the captain's earnings. I took a moment to count how much was in the chest. Including my equal share, each member of the crew is getting two berries. I want to be on good standing with my ladies. In a few trips back and forth, I helped carry a few blankets, a bundles of rope, and some medicine.

As a last task, I took a boarding axe and chopped a hole into the hull of the ship. I climbed up the ladder on to the deck as the ship began to take on water. My crew were safely back on our ship as I scuttled the Marine vessel, "Is that all that could be salvaged?" I asked my first mate, Po-Lin nodded a light bow with a fist to her chest, "very well, Po-Lin,"

I gave a nod to her, "Anchor's up! All hands to your posts!" she said as my command to the crew, and I went to the helm to steer the 'Blue Dragon'. The Marine vessel was lost, and sank beneath the calm waters. As I steered the ship, Miss Li looked to me, and grinned with a nod as she climbed up the side rigging, and made her way to the crow's nest.

"Do we have a heading, Captain?" asked Po-Lin calmly after battle with the enemy

"Yes, we will make for the Sabaody Archipelago, the crew deserves a rest," I said, and moved the ship in the direction of our destination with a map and compass. I cannot fight forever, but I will keep on fighting until I have nothing left to give. The Marines with send more and more warships after me, or Captain De La Belle. To that, I say let them come