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Prologue: Unwarranted Trip in the Worst Universe (or Dealing with Interdimensional issues)

Warning! This is going to be mostly a First-Person Story, rarely going to other characters' POVs or Third-Person. Timeline: 9 Years before the Tokyo Ghoul's start.

The bliss of my own, blank dreamscape is one of the few things that I had actually liked of my life.

The senses of the body and mind, once aching at the nuisances of the daily life, were treated and restored to an acceptable shape than the previous wake up.

Yet experience marked on my soul made my capacity to accept the need to wake up way easier than many individuals.

Did I love waking up early? No. Did I dislike it? Yenope!

I had mixed beliefs about someone actually enjoying waking up early and act all cheerful and sweet, but I appreciated not being a full zombie when the schedule was tight.

A cup of coffee, ten minutes in the bathroom and I was already out of my house and ready to go to my workplace.

A monotonous routine that I enjoy to the fullest and never said nor thought of regretting any bit of it.

Still this monologue is not about my life or, at least, not the previous normal part of it.

You see, my dear spectators, something completely broke the daily mechanic routine of my simple personal world.

It all just started when I woke up laying on a bench in some unknown park.

It was early morning and the sun was shining my face as if trying to burn it.

Oh and I almost forget a major detail... my head throbbed in pain for a good ten minutes and every instant the treacherous thought of bashing my skull on the metal bench felt more and more attractive.

To my own surprise, my sanity endured the painful moments like a champ and I finally managed to grasp some fresh air for my poor lungs.

As I settled my inner struggles, aka morning soreness, I noticed the small bag that I had been using as a pillow. A very sturdy one.

Opening it up I found my small laptop, my camera and... documents?

Some were ones I recognised, like the Identity Card and my Driving License, but there were the remaining that I failed to remember having actually owned until now.

A passport and two Japanese documentation regarding... my citizenship and local Driving License..

I sat deep in my thoughts as I studied two major surprises happening so quickly.

Somehow my brain translated the Kanji of the documents AND I was in... Japan?

My eyebrows rose in curiousity and I was happy that there was still no one there in my proximity to see my manly (dumb) looks.

I was even more surprised as a flying newspaper splashed onto my face and finally broke the last sleepy parts clinging on my mind.

I slowly took the paper away from my visage and read the title of said nuisa-

SSS- Rank Ghoul 'One-Eyed Owl' cause major damage to the 2nd for the third time, CCG's Reaper, Kishou Arima, forced the aggressor to retreat!




WH"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?" My eyes, wide open by the absurd title, studied the whole newspaper as if trying to prove it being a prank.

But nothing! It was an authentic newspaper and the documents he had found couldn't have not been counterfeited.

If someone had truly planned this as a prank, then they were the second coming of Jigsaw or even worse!

My hands were... trembling.

Too much crap happening all at once, so early in the morning, was starting to take a toll on my poor mind.

And so, refusing to act like a crybaby that saw everything as something traumatic and so consider my life a river of neverending tragedies, I walked away from the park, bag hanging from my hand, towards the only thing that he knew would have calmed him down.

"Welcome to Anteiku, young customer."

I almost jumped away as the worker of the establishment greeted me.

He looked way older than me, his unnatural dark-green hair starting to show some grey streaks, his smile genuine but weary.

I nodded and replied with a half-whispered. "Good morning."

The place seemed well-built, with the whole warm and calm vibe that early Starbucks gave.

I sat by one of the many free tables and looked through the small menu paper.

I would be lying if I didn't say that my eyes widened at the various flavours of coffee that could be bought in this incredibly fine and well-furbished establishment!

Oh! Forgive me... I was dying for some coffee and I tend to get quirky without my daily liter of mortals' ambrosia.

As the old man, Yoshimura, finished preparing the requested cup I sniffed silently the sweet aroma and I almost died by overload as the perfect balance of every part of the coffee were filtered in my body.

"That's so good."

The owner of Anteiku smiled even more. "Thank you for your kind words."

I flinched as he bowed slightly as I almost forgot how humble some owners behaved in Japan.

Once the cup was fully emptied, I handed the good man 900 yen and proceeded to leave the building, my mind having finally soothed enough to remember a particular 'house' being described in one of the new documents.

"S-Sir! The price was 450 yen." I waved my hand, not turning around. "Take it as a tip. The coffee was delicious."

Yoshimura looked surprised but bowed towards me. "Thank you, sir!"

His reaction somehow quenced the burning need to bash my head somewhere as I realised I had just paid a drink twice its regular price.

But what can I say?

It was good!


Here is the story that I will update weekly!

But I have to explain a lot, both the new genre and this replaced the ZCiH Spinoff:
1) I had enjoyed watching Tokyo Ghoul from the start to when Root A finished. As it took some months of hiatus in the anime, I started to forget the whole series as I got caught by other animes. So, when :re started, I barely watched the first two episodes before getting bored as I was seeing other stuff. Recently I discovered that Netflix Italy has the series dubbed from the beginning to Root A (and maybe :re but I forgot to check that).
2) As the Sequel and Spinoff of ZCiH are going to take some massive effort to take as I plan to have them being lenghty, I decided that having the Spinoff being put in the weekly schedule would hinder both the spinoff and FPO. But don't worry, it will be an high-priority story when Christmas break starts!

Lastly, this story will be OC-centric/Eto-centric similarly to Tales of Two Kings. (Minus the dual commentary from the future, the heavy, funny crack-parts and this story going beyond the ToTK chapters limit.

Stay Awesome!