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Chapter 33: One Last Time! (1)

"Ojii-chan?" Hairu fidgeted in her seat, the car slowly moving as we were directed for the rendezvous Kishou wanted all of us to meet.

It was time to end it, he said quite calmly but I could feel some cheerful note in his usual tone.

"Yes, Hairu-chan?" Her sleepy face was showing quite some anxiety and I couldn't blame the child for feeling like this.

It's been almost two years since she had lived with us and.. the pinkette was possibly thinking we were going to 'return' her to them.

A genuine concern for someone like her but... it wasn't going to happen.

If Tsuneyoshi demanded her back then he would have to handle a full-blown war from Aogiri, one he would easily lose against us.

"Is Papa a good man?"

I was currently driving the vehicle when those ears entered in my ears and I was thankful that Eto was on the passenger seat. "He is... but in his own ways."

Moderation, who would have expected this from someone so brash with almost everything.

It wasn't a dumb kind of brashness but.. something that was influenced by her passionated side.

Using emotions to fuel her action and motivate her decisions..

Boy, I love her so much.

Hairu blinked at the response she got but didn't talk further, her attention shifting to poke around a silent Tatara that was sitting by her side.

"Do you think he will try an ambush?" The owlette continued to stare forwards as I blinked at her question.

"I don't think he will try this again." I stated calmly and quietly, trying to keep the discussion away from the already nervous pinkette. "The park is daily populated, especially at this hour and time."


"It's weird." She muttered with a frown. "I had expected things to end... in a bloodbath, something more direct and brutal than a simple meeting."

"I suppose it would sound strange.. but it is still a pleasant surprise, I hope."

"Maybe." She closed her eyes and hummed calmly a little lullaby, trying to calm her own nerves. "Thankfully we got Kishou there to intervene if something bad happens."

After so many times where the young man had proven his loyalty, of course the green-haired girl trusted Arima to not mess up in a possible brawl.

The Ueno Park is generally a major tourist spot in the capital, mostly because of it's cultural significance and particular Sakura trees that led to the creation for festival and events (Sakura Matsuri and Hanami).

As I moved the car toward the parking lot, I noticed Eto glancing absently at the beautiful trees and smiled. "Maybe we could return in the future." She turned a little, just enough for one of her eyes to stare at me. "I suppose we could afford it."

While I couldn't truly see her face fully, I saw her lips twitch upward, an interested glint flickering in her green eyes at the proposal.

Rize smiled a little as she continued to read the final book of Harry Potter, delighted that she had the opportunity to see this beautiful place.

It was certainly better than the one where the first and last one she had visited, the cherry trees being quite a sight to the eye and... it calmed her.

She had been quite shocked when her father had decided to take all of them to the park, his only guard being Kishou.

A surprise that was drowned by confusion when the man mentioned that she will have to undergo some operations to... adjust something.

Was she going to die? Possibly but then why bring the entire cadre of children to the park. Tsuneyoshi could have easily brought in just her and Souta here to drop the truth bomb.

Yet, knowing that she might get some bad news, Rize continued silently to smile at the adversities.

Something felt incredibly wrong, but not in the bad way. No, she could feel that she was not going to regret being this calm.

Her intuition seemed spot on when she heard Souta calling her name. The brunet had been playing around with their half-brothers until that moment, but now he was trying to get her attention to redirect it toward-!

She had to bite down a squeal as she spotted a familiar group approaching, knowing that she had to keep some composure near her father... this worry wasn't shared by Souta, the boy rushing like a little missile towards Wade-san and tackling him on the ground thanks to the momentum gained in the run.

Things got even more amusing the moment the group of half-human children saw their 'leader' doing this and proceeding to do the same.

It was surprising how affection-starving children could turn in a pack of puppies the moment they got some freedom.

Yet in that very composure the plum-haired girl had long tried to keep shattered the very moment a familiar but incredibly adorable pink-haired girl came in sight.

Arima had to cover his mouth to hide a small smirk from the highly-surprised director when even the one child that until now had kept some stoicism with their visitors just rushed to met them.


The white-haired investigator blinked at the single word, knowing full well the extent of the question hidden in this simple query.

"He has been genuinely caring from the very beginning."

His response had been phrased in a way Tsuneyoshi would accept the idea that, while he was trying to turn a new page and end his life by at least fixing his family, Wade had been there from the start and had reaped the boons from his kindness.

The elder nodded and slowly stood up, starting to approach the four visitors.

It didn't take too much before he found his sight fixed on the young girl that was talking with Rize, standing close to the tall man with the white coat.

Hairu looked quite happy, he noticed gladly, but seemed quite shy if this was how she reacted to his proximity.

"Washuu-san." "Langley-san."

They shared a respectful nod but the old man returned to stare at the pinkette, the young girl taking notice of his eyes on her, looking away and trying to appear clueless to the staring.

"You should ask her." The young man asked with a neutral expression. "She wanted to met you after all."

Tsuneyoshi blinked at the revelation and crouched a little in Hairu's direction. "Hairu."

The two girls stopped talking, Rize deciding to let the exchange to happen.

The girl calmly walked towards him and stared at him. "Papa?"


The plum-haired girl almost choked when the more innocent female addressed their mutual parent with that affectionate name and was expecting a negative response to it, as it was usual to have in those cases.

"You have grown fairly." The pinkette smiled at the compliment and nodded.


In that brief chat, Rize's world was shaken from its foundation.

"I have to thank you for bringing her, Langley-san."

I nodded at words as I looked at him. It's been a hour since we got there and the children were invested in playing around, Tatara and Arima watching over them, as the three of us started the negotiations.

"How do you plan to proceed with the gradual reform, Washuu-san?"

"I suppose you would know that I cannot push for the change to happen so early on because of the veterans' staunch opposition to any reform, I am glad." He nodded with a sigh. "But I have a solution that would neutralise any kind of obstacle. I have... updated the budget relative to the synthetic meat production."

"You wish to create an alternative for Ghoul's diet." Eto mused loud enough for the others to hear. "But that wouldn't be enough to prod for some support."

"Sure but.. it would give a serious edge for those that are battling for Ghouls' rights." I stated calmly, smiling at the logical way out.

"You would just give a soft push and then leave the others to do most of the practical word. Then, when there is enough support for any reformist platform, you would have the road paved to make the last part of the change."

"Indeed. I hope I will see some more rhetorics from you when the projects give some positive results."

"But of course that means that a 'war' has to be continued." Sure, the real conflict had subsided with this understanding but it was going to take a massive effort to truly conclude the divide between humanity and ghoulkind.

But now? Now there will be a chance to do it once for all.

I gave a quick look at Eto and shared a nod with her.

"I suppose this will be the start of some alliance."

"While I think the term 'truce' would fit best, I think 'alliance' can be an acceptable depiction of our deal."

The world returned to roll, this time in a better way.


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