(A/N: People may be wondering why do I keep starting stories before I finish the others I am working on, and the answer to that is simply cause I don't want to lose the idea over time so I work on them a bit to not only keep the idea for later as well as securing the name I want for the story before someone else snags it, but to build hype for the story as well. It gets a bit of a fan-base and then when I write the next chapter people are happy about it. Also I took the beginning bit from the story 'Naruto: The Betrayed' by Jay Frost, with permission of course, since I like how he started the story out. Mine will go in another direction, or at least I hope it does since I only read a few chapters of the story and then this idea hit me out of the blue. So I hope you enjoy my latest story!)

Naruto had arrived at the village after he had successfully beaten Sasuke who had defected in a vain attempt to gain more power which was promised to him by Orochimaru. The fight had been long and hard on him since Sasuke had been trained while his own training had been nearly nonexistent since so many in the village hated him for the Biju sealed up in his body, so he was very proud of himself for completing his second A-rank mission. But as soon as he had stepped through the gates of the village of Konoha, Sasuke was plucked from his grasp without warning or any form of thank you and Tsunade herself gave the blond boy a solid chop to the back of the neck. The only words Naruto could get out before he succumbed to the blackness were "Why?"

Naruto woke up hearing fuzzy voices like you would hear from a radio with very terrible reception, and supremely light sensitive eyes that made him squint in pain for a minute to reacclimatize. Soon enough though, everything came into full focus and he saw that he was simply sitting in a chair in the center of the Konoha council hall, and as he sat there he heard so much yelling was going on around him.

"Straight out execution is far too merciful to this stupid little shit! He almost ended the Uchiha line. The little fucker needs to die a slow agonizing death!"

"Why waste time trying to torture the bastard when he can spend all of eternity burning in the pits of the deepest parts of hell, so there really is no need to delay him to his long overdue death!"

Those were but of a few of the things that he heard from the council members surrounding him along with the Clan heads and no matter which side he listened to boded well for the blond hero. Everyone quieted down though when the doors leading into the room swung open to reveal a stone faced Tsunade and Jiraiya. They both took their respective seats at the front of the table and everyone faced Naruto seated in the middle.

Tsunade stood up to signify that she was speaking and read off the only thing on the agenda for the meeting, "The execution of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto will now be decided."

Naruto's eyes bugged out of his head at hearing both his name combined with the Yondaime's and that he was facing execution. He didn't know which surprised him more right now. The fact that he was related to the man in some way or the fact that he had done something to warrant execution in the first place. What had he done? He had no idea what it was he had done no matter how hard he thought about it, so he voiced his concerns.

"Baa-chan what the hell is going on!? I haven't done anything wrong here!"

In record time, Tsunade's face went from emotionless to one of cold fury etched across her face and she hissed out, "You will hold your tongue! Address me in such a manner again and I will shatter your jaw for your disrespect!"

Naruto winced at the anger in her voice, but what is this all about he still couldn't figure out what was going on. "Fine, Hokage-sama what is this all about?" the blond can control himself when he needs to and a threat of a shattered jaw is a good reason for some self-control.

Naruto winced at the level of anger in her voice, but what is this was all about he still couldn't figure out what was going on. "Fine, Hokage-sama what is this all about?" the blond could control himself when he needed to, and a threat of a shattered jaw was a good reason for some self-control.

Most of the anger had left the features of the Godaime and she then returned back to being emotionless, "You have been deemed expendable and you are to be trialed and executed for the crimes of your Biju."

Our blond hero's jaw dropped to the ground as he heard her say that, "But Baa-chan, I'm not the Kyuubi! Ask my friends, I haven't done anything wrong to deserve death!"

The council erupted into laughter as they heard him say this, yet stopped when Tsunade spoke up between the throes of laughter, "I haven't laughed that hard in years so I will forgive your insult, but I would never be the grandmother to a demon such as yourself. And you have no friends, it was all a lie to secure your undying loyalty to Konoha, but now your uselessness has come to an end so we can drop the act entirely. Your execution will correlate with the return of the Yondaime as he retakes the mantle of Hokage. But actually I will let him explain the plan himself."

With those words being said, a bright yellow flash happened that revealed Minato the Yondaime Hokage standing next to his wife Kushina and children, Menma, who looked identical to Naruto except for the Kyuubi jinchuriki markers on his cheeks that looked like whiskers, and a slightly younger girl named Naruko she had shoulder length hair, red like her mother and a soft featured face. Many whispers and hushed gasps floated amongst the room as people stared upon a supposedly long dead figure and his family.

"Greetings honorable council. It is true that I am Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage. I had faked my death along with my wife and son to move into exile as to not trigger the legendary rage of Kyuubi. With the Kyuubi sealed within Naruto for a few years it enabled the jinchuriki seal to link my former son and Biju together on a spiritual level, and only when they were finally fully combined could I return to finally slay the Biju once and for all."

With all the pieces finally coming into place in his head, his name being read as Namikaze and the Yondaime himself saying he was his former son, Naruto surged from his seat with a scream intent on causing some sort of bodily harm to repay his Father for leaving him stuck with Kyuubi, but he didn't get more than two steps before green light shot from the Shodaime's necklace and bound his arms legs and head from moving.

Minato chuckled at seeing Naruto lying on the floor struggling against the chakra bonds, "I am glad that necklace even after all this time still keeps demon chakra contained. Your execution will be long and arduous. I will personally see to it myself. I have waited fifteen years in exile waiting for the time where I can return to my people and tomorrow I shall enjoy finally ridding the world of Kyuubi once and for all." and with that he walked up to Naruto as he had maneuvered into a kneeling position. Minato knelt to be eye level with Naruto and said "Enjoy your last hours on earth Kyuubi, and if my son is able to hear me I would like to humbly thank you and apologize for what I will do, but why the hell am I even saying this in the first place since my first son died when I started the fusion with the demon when he was a baby."

Minato stood straight after that and grabbed the back of Naruto's head and brought the younger blond's face to his quickly moving knee and a resounding crack from the sudden breaking of a nose was heard by all in the room. And then the grinding noise as he ground his knee into the shattered bone and cartilage. Blood quickly escaped from the broken skin and poured down Naruto's face. He didn't make a sound through the entire ordeal, since he was resolved to not let them see the pain he felt on the inside, the powerful blow had caused his brain to bruise and swell forcing him into unconsciousness…

(The next day in Konoha)

The streets were flooded with people both shinobi as well as civilian, as an announcement called for the attendance of the village inhabitants in the open market place. Everyone was waiting for what the Hokage had gathered them there for in the first place. Soon enough an ANBU walked into the square and with a quick cry of "Mokuton" a large stage and gallows was erected in front of all of them and the Hokage marched onto the stage to address the people.

Gazing over the crowd, Tsunade picked up each face and smiled once she saw the entire populace of the village had showed up, bar the ninja on missions and villagers out on business. She addressed the gathered, "People of Konoha! Today I stand before you as your Hokage, but without you all there would be no Konoha. Together we are unstoppable! Fifteen years ago the Kyuubi attacked our home and we would not yield to its demonic power. We brought the demon to its knee's so that one day it would suffer as we did all those years ago and end its life so that it will never cause harm again. Today we see the final step in the death of Kyuubi and raise ourselves above all others, superior to all!" during her speech there were chants of praise and loyalty "KO-NO-HA!" the crowd screamed getting worked into a frenzy. "Each ninja that fell to the beast will never die, THEY ARE NOT DEAD, THEY LIVE IN US, THEY LIVE IN...KONOHA!" roars of cheers so deafening thinking was made all but impossible with the intrusion of the cheering. "Bring out the Demon!" Tsunade demanded.

Naruto was bound with his hands behind his back and the Shodaime's necklace secured tightly to his neck to prevent any resistance of any kind. He was pelted with food, trash, rocks, as well as anything that the crowd could get a hold of. He made it to the stage and was knelt on the edge before the crowd. Naruto watched the crowd as everybody he knew screamed with chants of "Konoha" and "Murderer" were some of the loudest out there.

Tsunade stepped next to Naruto, which brought the crowd to a dull roar as she continued her speech, "People of Konoha! Here is the Kyuubi fused with a human into a solid form. Today we shall carve out our revenge for each man and woman torn from us. Today we finally send it into the depths of the abyss to suffer in an eternity of pain!"

The ANBU lead Naruto over to the rope hanging from the gallows and secured it around his neck fairly tight, with a signal the rope was pulled from the other end and Naruto was yanked into the air and lowered back into a standing position and was jerked back into the air and held for half a minute. Seconds from passing out, they lowered him and undid the noose. Naruto was then dragged to a table near the edge for the crowd to get a good view. His hands were freed and retied above his head. The lack of oxygen and disorientation proved to weaken him, so he put up little effort. Next a kunai was heated blazing red and agonizingly slowly cut through the skin of his abdomen cauterizing each blood carrying vessel to prevent him from bleeding out. During this process the amassed crowd was deathly silent wanting to hear the pleas from the demon, for it to beg for his life only to be denied his screams since Naruto remained deathly silent the entire time. Alas, they would wait an eternity since not a sound escaped the lips of Naruto except the sparse groan when the kunai hit a nerve cluster.

After the cutting of his abdomen was complete the executioners slowly removed each organ and loose flesh from the open body cavity. The same red hot kunai was used to prolong his pain and stave of the loss of blood as each organ was cut out. Finally, once his stomach area was emptied of all organs, they sprinkled a mixture of salt and sulfur to draw out the screams they craved for. Again not a sound was heard, only blood passed his drenched red lips. Infuriated Tsunade stepped forth to introduce the final player in this sick display of savagery, "I bring forth the long thought dead, the defeater of Kyuubi himself! the Yondaime!" and a bright yellow flash erupted next to her, and none other than the Yondaime himself stood with his arms to the sky and the crowd immediately grew into cheers and praise to the once thought fallen Hokage.

Minato stepped next to the bloody table and the masses quieted as he spoke, "The Kyuubi so long ago stomped upon our noble people and watched the life leave their eyes, and now I shall watch the life leave its eyes." With that the ANBU picked up the almost comatose Naruto and knelt him at the feet of the Namikaze. Minato brought one of his famous tri-pronged kunai from his hip pouch and set it to the throat of Naruto. With a quick slash a torrent of rich crimson liquid sprayed out of the wound. Naruto quickly toppled onto his back gasping for air that couldn't pass the blood since it was too thick to pass through.

With his last few moments of life our bloodied blond hero watched the glee in Minato's eyes grow as said man stomped on his chest forcing even more of the life liquid to spray onto the stage for all to see.

Soon the streams of blood slowed and lessened in strength before nothing came from the slice except drops, and with the stopping of the flow of blood so did the life of one Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, vessel and tied spirit of the Kyuubi…

(Unknown Realm)

Naruto woke up with a startle as he instinctively grabbed his neck since he had just had it slit by his father not that long ago. Yet to his shock, he noticed that the wounds he suffered were gone, and yet he felt strange in a way that he was unsure of. It was then that he noticed that he was glowing with a slight red energy and his nails were now sharp claws. He felt so much stronger than he had been while alive and he was unsure as to why. It then dawned on him what his father had said about the seal on him merging his soul with the Kyuubi's so that he could be killed. So it seemed that he had succeeded in his endeavors and merged them together. As he sat there in a realm that was void of anything as far as the eye could see his anger grew as he remembered every second of pain that had ever been inflicted upon his person throughout his entire life. Tears began to fall from his eyes as he remembered all the pain he had suffered to try and make the people see him as a human instead of as a monster that they had said he was.

In that moment he felt the last of his tears fall from his eyes as the rage within him grew. He pounded the ground as he screamed in rage and swore at the top of his lungs that he would find a way to gain his revenge, but not only towards his old village, no… his old prison, since ones village was ones' home, and a home was where you felt safe. And the Leaf village did not feel safe to him in any sense of the word. He would hunt down anyone who thought like his old prison and make them suffer as they had probably made others suffer. As his rage grew, his power rose higher as it did.

"Such a hard life you have lived," said a voice behind him. Naruto looked to see who else was here with him in this strange place since there was nothing there before when he had looked. He saw a bright light that forced him to shield his eyes for a bit since it was so bright, but it eventually passed to the point that he saw a woman there of immense beauty that was beyond explanation or words.

"Who are you," growled Naruto as he was still in such a sour mood from the events he was forced to suffer through, "and what is this place?"

"This is the land known as Purgatory," said the woman as she landed on the ground. As she did, the ground lit up as she walked towards him and held his chin with her hand so that she could peer into his eyes. Naruto was unable to look away for both the reasons that she wouldn't let him and even if he could move his head she was too beautiful to look away from. "And it is the place where the most important of souls pass through so as to be judged by me personally."

"And who are you," asked Naruto.

"I am known as Kami," said the woman as she let go of his face and stepped away from him.

"So do I finally get some peace that I deserve and get to ascend to the heavens above," sighed Naruto since if this was Kami, she would be able to see into his heart and mind and see that he was innocent of all that his abusers had said he was guilty of.

"I wish it was that simple," said Kami with a heavy heart.

"What do you mean," said Naruto as he did not like where this conversation was going.

"While it is true that your soul is deserving of the Heavens," said Kami as she circled around him with her hands behind her back, "I am afraid that you can't enter it."

"Why," growled Naruto since he would not be denied what was rightfully his since he was innocent.

"Because of the seal you had placed on you by your father, your soul has merged with the demon that once resided within you. Because of that reason you cannot ascend into the heavens and I have no choice but to send you into the depths of hell to suffer for the sins of the Kyuubi."

"So I must suffer from the actions of my father not only in life but in death as well!?" shouted Naruto who was furious about what she had said. He was innocent and she was going to send him to hell anyways.

"I am afraid so."

"And who are you to sentence me as such!?"

"Hold your tongue you insolent brat," said Kami as the ground around her began to crack as she got angry, "for you are addressing a god!"

"Oh? And what are you going to do about it bitch! Send me Hell itself!?

Kami grew angry at being addressed as such by this mortal and made her anger known by slapping him hard across the face.

"I had felt bad for you at first, but after that little upset I am now over it." She said as she composed herself once more since a god needed to look the part.

"And is that supposed to mean anything," said Naruto as he spit the blood in his mouth out at her feet, "cause you do not scare me." Naruto wasn't really aware of it at the moment, but while he was the dominant part of the merging of the two souls, his anger was gifted to him by the Kyuubi himself. His rage only grew by the second since he was doomed to suffer from the actions of others and as his fury grew, the ground around him glowed red and cracked as it did when Kami became angry herself. "My entire life I have suffered for something that was not my fault. I was cursed to bear the burden of containing a demon in my gut that I had no say on the matter since I was nothing more than a newborn child with no voice of his own to stop the man who not only ruined my life in its entirety but now his actions have caused me to suffer even in death! I will not stand for this!"

"You have no choice," said Kami as she summoned heavenly chains that wrapped around Naruto and held him down. Doing so made him remember his execution and his anger rose up once more as he did.

"Even though you may send me to suffer for an eternity," said Naruto as he felt as his body became squeezed by the chains around him, "I will return to find you! And when I do I will break you! I will make you suffer as I have suffered for years, and I will enjoy every single moment that you scream in pain!" Naruto's eyes glowed red as his rage reached his limit and he used the power behind it to break free from the chains that Kami had used to hold him. Kami looked at him in genuine surprise since he had just broken through her heavenly chains which should not have been possible in the first place. Yet she quickly recovered from the shock and used her power to encase him in a pyramid of heavenly energy.

"You have power that shouldn't exist," said Kami as she prepared the portal that would send Naruto to his final destination. "And because of that drastic measures must be taken to ensure that you stay sealed away. So instead of the depths of Hell itself, I am forced to send you to the realm of Mu where you will remain for Eternity alone." Kami then opened the portal leading into a realm of utter darkness and Spartan kicked him through it. All the while Naruto screamed that he would make her suffer once he returned, and continued to do so until she shut the portal and the sound of his voice was cut off so she no longer had to listen to his voice. Kami sighed after the portal sealed shut.

"The things I do for humanity itself. Well no matter, his soul will be devoured and that will be the end of that nuisance," said Kami as she used her power to repair the cracks in the area before she teleported herself back into her home in the Heavens…


Naruto screamed in rage as he floated in the endless darkness. He would find a way out of this realm and do as he had threatened to Kami. And as he floated endlessly his mind darkened since he would make her suffer by forcing her to watch as he killed off the race she loved so damn much. He would eliminate humanity to the point of extinction and he would revel in the fact he did so.

"So finally a new body has arrived within this realm," said a voice that was sounding like a person was hissing the words.

"Oh great," said Naruto sarcastically, "and who is this might I ask? Is it another so called 'god' here to tell me that I must suffer for the sins of another and banish me to another plain of existence? Cause if so I want to know what could be possibly worse than the realm of Mu, which literally means Nothing!"

"You are mistaken boy," hissed the voice again, "I am no god. I have existed longer than time itself. The gods of this world are LIES!" said the voice with power behind it that caused him to shake in fear since it was something he had no way to describe even if he had the time to try to.

"Why do you say that they are lies?"

"The world as you knew it is not the way that it was nor is it the way that it is supposed to be. In the beginning there was simply the Darkness, which is what I am. And out of nowhere the light shines upon me and begins to dampen my power as well as my influence on everything. Over time I have found worthy vessels to gift my power to at a terrible cost to combat the forces of the light and for eons the balance was kept in the world. But over time newer 'gods' appeared and worked in unison to seal me away in this dimension that they made just for me. They think that they can use me as a PET or a SLAVE that will devour all they send here who is a threat to their power. And I do for I need to feed since my essence is waning in time. So boy, what have you done to find yourself within my realm?"

Naruto explained to the Darkness how his life had been up to this point, and he somehow knew without visibly being able to see it that the Darkness was impressed with his power to stand up to Kami for even the shortest of times before he was sent here. Naruto now understood why he was sent here since she had expected the Darkness to just consume him like everything else it had done to over the eons.

"Your power fascinates me boy," said the Darkness as it began to cover Naruto like a thick blanket, "And I believe we can help each other here."

"And how exactly do you plan to help me," said Naruto who was not really buying into what the Darkness was saying since it was obviously evil in ways he could only imagine.

"I have been here far too long. Even though I have consumed those rarely banished into my realm, I have grown too weak and will soon perish. This was the idea for the gods of the world since with me gone they can mold reality as they wish it to be. I hold reality together by existing within it like a glue of immense strength and these gods wish to take my power for themselves. They have blessed their own creations known as humanity with their love and power throughout history while I try to usurp and undermine their attempts with those who bear my power. But my plan failed to yield the results I wished to happen and my children have been forced into hiding since humanity has taken over the world with the aid of the gods themselves. My children remain in hiding to this day and I cannot aid them as I am, so I must be reborn anew to set the balance right once more."

"And how exactly are you planning to become reborn as you say," asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "and also who exactly are your children?"

"Those that humanity has deemed as monsters are my children. Vampires, Werewolves, Trolls, Etc. These are my children who had to hide themselves due to humanity's greed and desire to wipe them out."

"And why don't your children fight back in some way to claim the land for themselves?"

"The 'Gods' make it all but impossible for them to flourish or grow since they favor the humans so much."

"And how many of these gods are there?"

"There were thousands when I was sealed away in this realm, but I only sense three still left to this day. One I sense lives in a realm of light while another lives in the realm of man itself yet transports others above or below. And finally there is a god that rules below, and from him I sense so much hatred within him."

"So say I accept this offer that you are offering me," said Naruto as he thought about it for a bit, "what exactly is the catch here? You must have some type of ulterior motive to offer me a deal of any sort."

"You are the perfect being to use as a catalyst to begin the cycle of rebirth."

"And when you say 'Rebirth' what exactly are you implying there?"

"My powers shall be yours to command, and yet they will be limited at first since you will be stuck in human form for the first few thousand years. And yet once the transformation if finally complete, you will become as I once was and engulf the universe in the power of the Darkness once more."

"Okay," said Naruto as he chuckled a bit, "I admit that your offer has gotten my interest. But I will only accept it if you tell me why exactly you are doing so."

"It is simply because I refuse to wither away as the false gods planned for me. I will not die while they still live and with you as my successor to my power, they will cease to exist by your hands. And that is good enough for me to pass on."

"Then if that is the reason, I accept your offer," said Naruto with a grin since he was so going to enjoy hurting Kami herself when he got his hands on her along with so many others out there. The Darkness then covered him up and solidified into a cocoon of sorts that put him asleep to allow it to seep into his being. As it did, the Darkness looked at the boy with so much potential and fully understood why Kami had sent him here to hopefully die by its power.

It was a long lost fact that long ago demons were far more rampant in the world before mankind ever came into being. It was only because of the fact that they followed only the will of the Darkness that the gods created humanity to serve them as well as to wage war against the demons that lived in the world. And for the longest of times the world was in a stalemate of monster vs humanity, but the gods found a way to seal the Darkness away into the realm of Mu and it had stayed there ever since. While it was stuck here, it was still able to see the world from the eyes of his children, but could offer no assistance or aid of any sort since all it could do was observe. So it did just that…

There was only ever one case in history of this happening, but the fact that it did frightened the gods since it jeopardized their positions of power that they had spent so long making for themselves in the absence of the Darkness. There was a young man, with one of the most pure of souls around that was possessed by one of the most powerful demons to exist at the time. The demon perished during the possession, but his power had gone to the kid who used it to fight other demons to protect mankind. The gods stayed out of the fight since they sensed that his power was enough to challenge their own and only came down once he had been killed himself. The human race had gone extinct and yet the so called gods of the world just sat and watched as it happened since they were afraid to die themselves…

How hypocritical of them…

But in the end, once the boy was dead, the gods finally descended upon the earth and killed the demons that existed still and remade humanity once more. The Darkness was seeing as what remained of his children perished, but a few hid themselves well enough to avoid extinction. And it was those that survived that were ancestors to the various monsters that lived today. They had tried to take out humanity long ago when they came to the realization that humanity was too greedy and would just take what they want from everything they could, but that war ended in failure since they were aided once more by their gods. So the monsters hid away once more to wait until the day that their own god would aid them and wipe out the infestation known as humanity off the face of the Earth itself…

And now the Darkness was able to grant his children their wish…

Naruto was just like that boy had been all so long ago. He was the purest soul to exist in the world, only trying to find acceptance from those who only hurt him. But he was merged with the foulest of demonic creatures by his own father, and thus another one of his kind was born to cause trouble once more. The Darkness felt itself fading away as the last of his power was being infused into the boy and its only regret was that it couldn't see what he would do to the world. And with that thought, the Darkness faded from existence, reborn into his new body. And as it did, Naruto opened his eyes, ones filled with a deadly passion and hatred for all that was born of the Light itself. No longer were his eyes blue as they were when he was still alive, but now they were an unholy gold. And as the cocoon that had encased him shattered once the process of transference was complete, Naruto laughed as he now had the power to change the world…

(3 Years Later)

Satan sat on his infernal throne with his head on his hand since he was so very bored at this moment. He wished that something would happen to liven up the day, but so far nothing happened. He along with the Shinigami and Kami herself were all that were left of the gods in the world since they had killed off the rest over the course of history. The three of them were siblings so they decided to keep the power that would be their once the Darkness faded for themselves when it happened instead of share it with so many others. Satan was bored since there was nothing to do today, sure there were souls to torture, but that had become stale a few hundred years ago.

"My lord," said an impish demon that flew into his throne room.

"What is it," said Satan with a bored expression.

"My lord, the Mu barrier is cracking!"

Satan's face went pale as he heard this. That seal had been made to not only seal the Darkness off, but to also cut him off from any form of energy that would make him stronger. Sure he as well as his sister threw a few unsavory souls into Mu to have the Darkness eliminate them since it was so hungry for energy of any sort it would do so without a second thought, but now the barrier was cracking somehow? How was this possible!?

"Summon every demon in Hell itself to surround the barrier!"

"All of them my lord," said the imp in shock since that was a lot of demons to send.


The imp then flew out the window to spread the word to all he could. Satan quickly ran towards his armory and suited up with his infernal armor, which was armor forged in hell fire itself and set his body ablaze as he wore it himself. He put on his helmet and sheathed his sword, which was also covered in flames since it too was made out of Hell fire. Once h was prepared he sprouted wings of fire, which made you wonder what the fuck was this guy's fetish with fire everywhere, and flew towards the barrier.

All realms were connected in some way, with Mu being connected to Hell itself with the barrier that separated them being in the literal darkest/deepest hole in Hell itself. When Satan arrived near the hole that led into Mu, he saw what the imp had seen. Surrounding the hole were hundreds of pillars of various colors, each one made by a different god in the past, and each was shooting a beam into a large sphere of energy that was itself shooting beam down into the hole itself. And now each one of the pillars was cracking as well as falling apart down to their foundations. Over half of them were already broken, and it was in that one moment of time that Satan truly regretted betraying the others and having them killed since without them they had no way to remake the seal. His only saving grace was that the Darkness had been sealed for so long that it was obviously weak and was using the last of its power to escape. So when it arose from its prison, Satan would kill it once and for all and claim the power that they had been waiting eons for.

His demonic legions arrived as the last of the pillars shattered. They readied their weapons as well as their magic to use on the signal of their master. They saw the sphere that held the barrier closed begin to crack rapidly from the strain it was under. And soon it too shattered, but unlike with the pillars, when it did there was a massive shockwave that was felt by all in Hell. As soon as the demons got their footing back, they were ordered to fire into the hole, which they did as they were ordered. For several long minutes, they continued to do so until Satan ordered them to stop their attack. Satan looked with fear at the hole from a distance, but nothing happened. He sighed a breath of relief since he had stopped the Darkness from escaping.

But that was not the case since out of the hole came hundreds of tendrils made of pure darkness that grabbed the demons that surrounded the hole and pulled them in. Those that weren't pulled into the hole stepped back in fear, but it was already too late to run. Out of the ground, thousands more of the tendrils sprang from the ground and pulled the demons down. Satan watches this in utter fear a he saw an orb arise from the hole and land on the edge itself. It opened up like a flower blooming, and out of it stepped a young man with jet black hair that reached his shoulders, and a fancy looking set of armor that was all black as well. The man calmly walked towards Satan himself, who was too scared to properly do anything as the demons moved out of his way of this dark man.

"So you are the devil himself," said the man as he looked Satan in the eyes with his golden ones that sent shivers up his spine as he looked at them. "Cause all of my life I had heard about how the devil was someone who would torture a person's soul for all eternity. A being of pure evil that had the power to rival heaven itself. But I have to say that I am disappointed to see that you don't live up to the legends in any way that I imagined."

"Who are you?" asked Satan as he pulled out his blade to smite this man before him.

"My name is Naruto," said the now named dark man, "but that is irrelevant to what you really wish to know. I am the second Darkness here to correct all that you as well as the other false gods have done."

"You will do no such thing," shouted Satan as he used his blade as a catalyst and blasted his flames towards Naruto to kill him. Naruto just simply stood there with his hands behind his back and took on the full blast of the attack. Satan pumped every ounce of power he could into the attack, draining himself as he did it, but making the flames turn blue as he did since that was the hottest of flames to use. For a full several hours he did this, until his energy was wiped out and he fell to one knee. He used his sword as to keep himself balanced, but he smiled thinking that he had killed the brat since he was no longer there.

"Such arrogance," said Naruto from behind Satan, who paled as he heard the voice of the man he though he killed. He didn't have the time or the strength to dodge the blow Naruto hit him with that launched him miles away from the hole, yet Naruto just opened a portal in the distance as well as next to him so that Satan was brought back to him. Naruto grabbed his still mobile body by the throat and slammed it down hard into the ground.

"It took the combined might of hundreds of false gods to seal me up the first time," said Naruto as he stomped his foot onto Satan's chest which caused him to scream in pain. "And yet you thought that you could kill me by yourself? That is quite literally the definition of pride right there since even the combined might of all of you couldn't kill me and that was why you had me sealed away since you were all so weak. Waiting for me to wither and die like greedy children of a rich person. But now I am free, and there is no one to stop me from correcting all of your mistakes."

And before Satan can voice a complaint of any sort, Naruto pierced his chest with his bare hand and ripped out his heart.

"What is this," chuckled Naruto as he took a large bite out of the heart before he summoned a tendril with teeth and fed it to it, "the devil has a heart. And a finely aged one at that." Naruto then summoned more tendrils to consume the body itself. The process took a few minutes, but in the end Satan was gone.

"Demons of hell hear me," said Naruto in a voice that carried on throughout hell itself, "Satan is dead, and soon Hell itself will be no more. Rejoice! Since your suffering is now at an end!" Naruto then slammed his hand into the ground, doing so caused it to turn jet black and begin to crumble into nothing. The demons that saw this began to run as Naruto laughed at their vain attempts to escape the inevitable. While it was true that demons were not born of the light, Satan was and he was the one who made these ones so they had to go. Slowly the realm of Hell crumbled apart into nothing, and as it did, Naruto felt himself grow stronger as the spirits that should have been sent to the void were now sent there.

When the gods had sealed away the Darkness, they had also created Heaven and Hell as a means to weaken it since the dead returned to the void. And with those two planes of existence in effect, the souls were sent there instead of their rightful destination. So now Naruto was fixing that as he saw the las of Hell wither away. And as he saw this he smiled as he opened a portal to the mortal realm, for he had all the time in the world to accomplish his goals, and he had an entire army of children born of the Darkness to rally for his goal to come true…

The Extinction Mankind…

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Dark elves

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