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30 days….

30 days left before the end of all that they had ever known…

30 days had never felt so short in their lives, but what made the wait maddening to the people who resided within Konoha was the truth that there was nothing waiting for them on the other side of it all. Naruto had shown them that he had personally eliminated the gods they had worshipped at one point of time and had utterly destroyed the planes of the afterlife they had come to know since their childhoods. But their troubles began from the first day that Naruto left them to rot in the village they thought of as the safest place in all the Elemental Countries…

Naruto had taken from them the god's gift of chakra, which made any attempt of a counterattack impossible against the sheer numbers that his army had. If they had jutsu they could use then they might have stood a bit of a chance, but now they would never know. There were those who thought to escape the doomed village, but their various attempts failed. They tried fleeing in the dead of night, but the Night Wolves hunted them down and consumed all but the women, who they took away to breed until they were barren. They tried the various underground tunnels that spanned for miles under the city, but the arachnoids had made it their own and killed all who entered it and used their bodies as vessels to lay eggs in so the newly hatched larva would have food. One man was insane enough to try and take the last airship that the city had, which took a few days to repair, but Smaug burned the airship out of the sky, and the people could hear his screams as he burned alive before he died in the explosion as the airship crashed into the ground.

Now while the lives of many were forever altered by Naruto's actions, the ones affected by it the most was none other than the various clans themselves…

Out of all clans in the village, the one hurt the most from lack of chakra was the Aburame clan. The insects inside them feasted on chakra, but when that was taken away the insects needed a new source of food. And their choice of nourishment? The very vessels they had once aided while there was chakra to feed off of. The Aburame clan became extinct within two days of Naruto leaving the city, and their bodies were burned so that the insects would die with them instead of trying to eat other people.

The Akamichi clan suffered as well since now that there was no chakra in their systems, they could not use their clan's signature jutsu to burn off all their access weight for power as they were known to do. Now they were simply stuck as fat ass men and women with no means to work the pounds off since the tie it would take to lose that weight far exceeded the time limit given to them. While the other clans suffered from the loss of their clan's signature jutsu and techniques, only the Hyuga really suffered from the lack of chakra out of all who were left.

The remaining Hyuga who lived in the village had all gone blind since their eyes were chakra enhanced, and it infuriated them to no end that their once noble clan was now reduced to such small numbers that were blind as well. They had been raised to think that they were the best of the best, but now that that was no longer a fact being blind and all, they all came to a unanimous decision to end their own lives on their own terms. So they had one last meeting as a family, where they said their goodbyes, and then drank the tea they had prepared that had a poison that killed them painlessly.

The Hyuga suicide set off a chain reaction for the rest of those who resided in the village since it shattered their already near breaking minds to see one of the strongest clans to just end it all like that when they were known to have the strongest of wills in the village. So with that, people started to go off of instinct and desire since there was no judgement anymore. There was no heaven or hell or even gods to judge their actions. So the streets were filled with people looting stores for what they wanted since money was worthless, and both men and women of all ages being raped by various people either younger or older than them. The city was in complete anarchy, and there was no one to stop it and maintain order since the shinobi in charge of doing so were part of that rioting crowd of people as well.

There were a few specific people as well who were massively affected by these events that made them do what they never truly believed that they would do in life.

Shikamaru and his father had taken up heavy drinking. They had tried time and time again to make a plan to repel the enemy forces so that they could survive, but nothing would work since their main power source was no longer available to them. So they took to drinking since Naruto had put their entire village into checkmate. But it was in their drunken state that they decided to do the one thing that they had dreamed of doing for years, which was beating his mother. She had done the same to them for years for their laziness, and so they showed her just how non-lazy they could be by beating her and venting all the rage into it. By the time they calmed down, it was then that they realized that they had killed her by accident and the guilt made them drink even more than before.

Tsunade continued with her drinking as she had always done so, and it was in her drunken state that she also decided to do something that no one else had thought to do. The hospital was full of the sick and wounded, but once the riots started the doctors and the medics had all left them to suffer in silence since what was the point in healing people when they were all going to die in the end. Many of the people wounded would take longer than the thirty days to heal so trying to do so was pointless. So Tsunade went from room to room killing everyone in the hospital with a poisonous concoction that killed them painlessly. Once all of them were dead, she set fire to the place so as to burn the bodies so there was nothing for the monsters outside their walls to devour when they eventually broke through the walls and attacked.

Afterwards, the guilt got to her immensely since there was so much blood on her hands from killing them all so she got as much alcohol that she could get her hands on and began to drink heavily. While he did this Shizune came to pay her a visit. What no one had been aware of for years was that she was a lesbian who was in love with Tsunade for years. She had willingly followed her like an obedient dog since she felt like it was the best chance to find the means to have some intimate time with her, yet that moment never came to fruition no matter how long she waited.

But now with the threat of destruction upon them, she knew it was now or never. So she went to Tsunade's home and joined in the drinking. Once she knew that Tsunade was good and drunk, she pounced upon her and made out with her. Tsunade's inhibitions had been lowered immensely due to the alcohol, so she went along with it and they had sex right then and there for hours. For Shizune it was a dream come true, but for Tsunade it was a way to cope with the grief for a brief bit of time. Once the sex was over, Shizune shared special sake she had with Tsunade, yet what he didn't tell her was that it was spiked with a poison that took their lives shortly after consumption.

Jiraiya had come to her house not too long afterwards, with hopes of getting laid at least once with the woman he had obsessed over most of his life, but when he saw her dead and naked in the arms of Shizune who was as naked herself, he suffered a massive heart attack from this since it was too hot in his mind mixed with a massive feeling of regret that he didn't try sooner so the object of his desire was now gone. Jiraiya's heart had gotten weaker over the years from a combination of age as well as the beatings he had received from peeping on women for inspiration to write his Icha Icha books.

There were many people throughout the town who did things like this, fulfilled their lifelong fantasies, many of which were extremely dark and depraved. But since morality was no longer an issue since they would simply vanish upon death because of the fact that heaven and hell were no longer a factor it didn't bother them at all.

As all this was happening in the city, Naruto had his men cut down the entire forest that surrounded the area, which was a lot but their numbers were vast as well as far more powerful than normal humans so they were able to do so at a quicker rate than normal carpenters were able to do so. The chopped down trees were then turned into lumber, most of which was packed up and taken back to the Dark Empire to be used in their expansion when all the humans on this side of the continent were finally killed off so that the land could heal again. Yet he used a large amount of it to build something else entirely.

Naruto sat upon the Hokage Mountain, which stood all this time, even through the expansion of the village into a city, using his power to make himself invisible to those he did not want to be seen by. He saw the people of the city come to terms with themselves and smirked since they were acting exactly how he thought they would act when faced with their own imminent demise. Once he had seen enough for the day, he walked through the rioting people all while still invisible to the naked eye at a slow pace since there was no threat to his person in any way being what he was. He walked to the front gate, which was heavily fortified as well as barred on the inside in a desperate attempt to hold off his forces for longer when they finally attacked at the end of the time limit. What made that day so special was the fact that the day of his attack was on his birthday, October tenth. It would seem that all things came full circle since he was born that day, condemned to a harsh life that day, killed by his own father that day to the cheers of the populace, and now the village would be destroyed on that day.

It would seem that this day would play a significant part in his life, at least on this side since when it came to his empire on the other side of the continent the significant dates of important events were all over the calendar.

As the time of the deadline came ever closer with only a few days left, many of the parents decided to do something. They threw a massive feast for the children of the city with a mandatory attendance. They had food of all sorts, and had a happy time, but none of them were aware of the poison that had been put into the food so that they died peacefully instead of being torn apart and eaten while still alive as Naruto had said. Once the children were dead, the bodies were burned, and there was a memorial where the parents grieved for their deaths but they knew it was the best option given the circumstances of their situation.

The adults decided to follow suit on the day before the deadline since they knew deep in their hearts that there was no possible way to survive this in any manner. They had seen the massive numbers that were outside of their walls, which was easy since Naruto's army was not hiding at all since he wanted them to be seen so the people knew that there was no escape for them. So they used up the last of their food and resources to throw one last massive party, which everyone attended with the knowledge that they would die at the end of it.

As they did, Naruto once again infiltrated the village while invisible to abduct various people from the village. The list consisted of the remaining rookies and their parents, at least the ones that were still alive, along with Anko, Iruka, Guy, and Konohamaru and his gang. Once he got those he wanted out of the village, he smirked as he left just as easily as he had come…

(Main Camp)

The individuals that Naruto had taken from the village were now surrounded on all sides as they were forced to their knees with dark bindings that were unbreakable no matter how hard they tried to do so.

"So here we all are," said Naruto as he appeared in front of all of them in a dark flash of light, "one hell of a reunion if there ever was one."

"Why did you bring us here," demanded Anko through strained teeth since she was utterly pissed off about the whole situation her life had been forced into. "Because I saw what you did to Tenten and I won't sacrifice my humanity like that traitor whore did!"

Anko would have probably said more about her, but Tenten pounded upon her from behind and slammed her head down with her large stone-like foot.

"I may have turned traitor to that village," said Tenten with a smirk on her face, "but at least I get to live while the rest of those future food stock live in fear of the death that will be upon them tomorrow. So I think I made the right choice."

"That you did," said Naruto as he signaled her to get off on Anko since he wanted her to look at him as he told them what he wanted to tell them, "but a bit of what you said is untrue."

"What do you mean by that," asked Shikaku in confusion since he had honestly just expected to die right here and now, but judging by Naruto's body language as well as his words this seemed like it was not the case.

"Because I am here to offer you a once in a lifetime to survive what is going to happen to the village," said Naruto as he paced in front of them with his hands behind his back. He said this all while not even looking at them.

"We won't join your empire," said Shikamaru angrily. He was unable to say anything else since he was lifted up by the throat via a tendril that arose from the ground.

"That's good to know," said Naruto as he turned his head a bit to side look at him, "because I don't want you here in my empire. In fact I don't want you to exist at all, but luckily for you you are more valuable alive then dead at this moment."

"And just what do you need us for," asked Lee in fear of what the answer was. He as well as Guy had been in Konoha since they were not part of the groups that relocated to other villages. They had been spared the horrific attacks when Naruto sent his troops and had only the stories of the survivors to go on. Lee was afraid to be eaten alive, and it showed since he was shaking in fear at the moment since he felt so helpless.

"As you can plainly see," said Naruto as he retracted the tendril from Shikimaru's neck so as to not kill the man, "we have chopped down the entire forest that once surrounded the village. While most of it will be used as materials to build new homes for the citizens of my empire once this city is burned to the ground, I had my men build a massive ship and filled it with a vast amount of supplies for you to survive."

"What?" asked all of his prisoners with looks of shock on their forces since this was the absolute last thing they expected to hear.

"I am telling you to leave this continent and find somewhere else to live," said Naruto with a sinister grin.

"What's the catch," asked Shikamaru quizzically since this all seemed fishy to them all.

"Good to see that your mind is still working after all the booze you have consumed," said Naruto, "and before you ask how I know I have been watching you all since your misery was so very entertaining to watch. But the catch here is that I am using you as messengers. You will be able to live and spread the word of what has happened here to others. This will spread fear to the rest of humanity all over the world, and it is what I want since I want the humans all over to try and fight me and my people with all they have before their ends since otherwise it wouldn't be as enjoyable."

"You sick fuck!" shouted Anko with all the rage her body could muster.

"Thank you," said Naruto with a chuckle, "coming from a sadistic bitch like you that means a lot. But now why I would have only chose one of you to deliver my message of war to the world, the ship is large and needs multiple people to man it properly. So you now have a choice to make, since it will take quite some time to solidify our powerbase here to the point we can expand our campaign, so the question is just how far will you run from the inevitable end? If you run far enough you will be able to live a full life without the fear of death by my army. But your descendants will eventually suffer in the end regardless of age."

"And how are we to know that this isn't some sort of trick," asked Ino angrily. She remembered how Naruto had given Menma the chakra fruit so as to 'give him a decent fight' and killed him before he had a chance to use the power gifted to him all the while laughing at his stupidity for even believing he could give them a chance to fight back.

"You don't," said Naruto simply with a smile on his face, "yet think of it this way. If I wanted to kill you I would not have wasted the time and effort of my men to make the ship or gathered the resources you would need to survive the long trip. So whether you choose to believe me or not I want you gone, so either you leave my lands via boat or in the stomachs of my men is up to you. So choose wisely."

Naruto then held up his hand, and a portal appeared in front of them. He released them from their bindings and whistled a quick tune. A dozen Night Wolves showed up behind the group and began to growl at them. His prisoners got the clue and began to walk towards the portal, yet were afraid to take that final plunge through the portal into the unknown. For all they knew the portal led somewhere else entirely than where Naruto had said they would go. But out of fear for being torn apart by demonic looking dogs, they finally went through the portal and appeared near the ship that Naruto said would be there.

Once there, a vampire male shoved a stack of books into the hands of the two Nara men with instructions on how to operate the ship and basically shoved them onboard. It took a bit to set sail since they had to read how to do so, but as they started on their journey into the unknown, they looked back in fear since at some point in the future others were going to experience the same events that they themselves suffered by Naruto's forces…

(The Next Day)

The armies of Naruto woke up this day before the sun had even shown on the horizon, since their anticipation of the fight ahead of them was too much to take and they had been looking forward to it for quite some time. So they stayed at their posts, and when the light of the sun finally showed up, they yelled out as they charged forward towards the city of Konoha. The walls that had been built to protect the city and had been upgraded in time stood no chance against their forces and easily toppled over. The seals that had made them nearly indestructible had all been eliminated when chakra had been wiped out so they were nothing but thick walls that strong monsters had no problems busting through.

Yet as the army stormed through the city in preparation of a battle of some sort, they saw that there was not a single person there to try and fight them. In fact there was not a single person at all, not even a body of any sort to eat for their troubles. This confused them at first, but they assumed that the people were hiding themselves in hopes that they would survive this, so they split up and scoured every last building from top to bottom, smashing up walls and floors just in case there were hidden safe rooms or the like that they were hiding in. Yet even with all their searching they still came up with nothing.

Naruto walked through the city as his men did their search, all the while knowing that they would find no one in the city since they had committed mass suicide the night before. They had feared the fate of being eaten alive so they thought to make their ends painless, which Naruto had to admit was the smartest thing that they had ever done in his lifetime since it was far less painless then his plans for them. Yet he still felt one human still alive, and he had a feeling he knew exactly who it was that still remained…

He made his way towards the stage where he had died years ago and pronounced the end for this city. There, sitting on his knees in a meditative pose was one Minato Namikaze. Before him was a massive pile of ashes in a pit the size of a large field. Naruto looked at this with a raised eyebrow since it was apparent where all the bodies had gone with the sheer amount of ash in the pit being a clear indication of the matter.

"Minato Namikaze," said Naruto as he waved his hand a bit. As he did, he used wind magic to form the ashes into a bridge so that he could cross the pit and talk to the man. "Why am I not surprised to see that you're still alive? Is your pride just so great that you refuse to join your fellow citizens as they embrace their deaths?"

"Someone had to burn the bodies," said Minato sadly since it had taken a heavy toll on his psyche to burn the remains of so many people he had fought beside and called friends. Never had he thought that this was the way that his life would go.

"Well that is true," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but there is more to that statement isn't there?"

Naruto simply smirked as a sharp tendril cut Minto up the back, doing so cut the jacket of explosives that he had strapped to himself off his body. There another tendril threw it towards Naruto, who encased it into a clear sphere of energy and crushed it, never once losing his smirk the entire time he did this.

"Did you really believe that your suicide bombing attack would make the slightest difference in the long run," laughed Naruto. His eyes changed into the Golden Rinnegan as he did, which he then used to pull the cyanide pill Minato had in his mouth that he was second away from biting into so as to kill himself. Minato's plan had been simply to commit suicide in a manner that would send a message to his former son that there would always be someone to rebel against him and would die trying. This way he could at least say to himself that he tried to fight back. The cyanide pill was on the off chance that Naruto did as he had done and disarmed the explosives somehow.

"God damn it!" shouted Minato in rage that his plans had failed.

"Did you really believe that your explosives could actually hurt me?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "has the memory of our last fight been clouded by your arrogance? Because allow me to refresh your memory on the subject. You came at me with the fabled power of the Rinnegan as well as the power of the eight tailed Biju and your strongest attack did nothing against me. So what was the point of this futile attack?"

"I will never submit to you," growled Minato as he spat in anger at Naruto's feet. "So just go ahead and kill me you fucking freak! Isn't that what you want?"

"Oh that is exactly what I want," said Naruto as he used his power to conjure up a blade. He held it up with one hand and used a tendril to force Minato to his knees with his head at an angle so that it could easily be chopped off at the neck. He swung the blade down, to which he saw Minato flinch in fear of the death he was sure to come, but it never did. Naruto had retracted the blade itself, leaving only the handle since he had never intended to kill Minato this way. "But not like this. Oh no, that would simply too easy."

"What are you talking about," growled Minato since he wanted his death to be done and over with and hoped that Naruto would not feed him to those monsters that he commanded in his army. "Just kill me already!"

"No," said Naruto simply without a shred of emotion in his tone since this was not a joke.

"Why won't you just fucking kill me already?!"

"It's because you must be made to suffer for your actions," said Naruto as he lifted Minato up with multiple tendrils that held him in the air with his arms and legs spread out and locked in place.

"What?" asked Minato in confusion since that was not the response he was expecting to his question.

"You see," started Naruto as he saw his army began to surround the immediate area since they searched literally everywhere and found not a single person in the whole city. "Your actions led up to all this."

"I did what I was supposed to do," said Minato angrily. He had been told of the prophesy that he was destined to fulfil long ago. He was the child of prophesy that was meant to either save or destroy the shinobi world, so he had done all he had to save it in a way that he would be on top as the emperor that he had become after a long campaign of war.

"If you are talking about the prophesy you were told about in your youth," said Naruto as he snapped his fingers. As he did, the orb he took from the hall of prophesy in heaven flew upwards and landed into his hand, "then you really must know something about it."

"And just what could you know about it that I don't," asked Minato sarcastically, "since I am the child the prophesy spoke of."

"Well," said Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "yes and no to that statement."

The response given had confused Minato even more than the last one, and it showed quite well if his face was anything to go on.

"You see, we are both the so called 'child of prophesy', you and I," said Naruto with a smirk.

"That's impossible," whispered Minato since he was still in shock from the earlier statement.

"Not really," said Naruto with a chuckle, "since there is more to the prophesy than you know. You were told of the prophesy by Jiraiya who was told by the Toad Elder. He was shown this prophesy in a dream that Kami herself gave him, but the opium he smoked muddled his mind and because of that he messed up the images shown to him. That was the prophesy told to you, allow me to show you the true prophesy that was meant to be told to Jiraiya." He held up the orb in front of Minato for him to see the images that he himself had seen when he first picked it up himself.

Minato looked closely at the strange orb that Naruto held up to him and saw what Kami had shown the Toad elder years ago in the form of a dream, but since the Toad smoked too much opiates as Naruto had said an he himself knew about to keep his nerves calm in his old age, he misinterpreted much of what was told to him. While it was true that Minato was the 'child of prophesy' as so many had though he was, but it was not for the reasons that he thought or had been told by Jiraiya years ago. His part of the prophesy was not determined by his actions within the Elemental Countries themselves, but his actions to his son that would decide the fate of them. His actions had doomed them since it had led Naruto to become what he was now, and Minato could only shiver in fear as he saw this since he saw what his actions had brought upon the world clear as day.

"This orb is the prophesy that was foretold by Kami herself," said Naruto as he looked at the orb for a bit. Since his reason to keep it was now fulfilled, he crushed it in his hand so that it became dust that flew from his hands and drifted into the winds. "And as you saw yourself, you fucked up royally with your actions. If your selfish drive to become a god amongst men you doomed your entire race to death. So while my wish is to kill you here and now, it wouldn't be fair for your race that the man who set all this in motion got to die while the rest of the world suffered due to his actions."

"So what are you going to do?" asked Minato before he screamed out in agonizing pain since Naruto had pierced his chest with his hand directly into the heart. While he had his hand in there he channeled his power into the organ, causing a ruin to embed itself into the organ. Once in place Naruto removed the hand from his chest and stepped back with a sickening grin on his face. The wound had instantly healed itself the second his hand no longer blocked it.

"What have you done to me?"

"Simple," said Naruto with a laugh, "I gifted you with the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world. Immortality."

"Why would you give me such a gift?" coughed out Minato since he had some blood in his mouth he had to cough out. To be honest he was not looking forward to the answer to that question.

"Because you don't get to die yet," said Naruto as he began to walk backwards away from the man since their conversation was coming to an end, "and since it was because of you that the human race is doomed, you get to share in their pain until the very end. My gift of immortality was not one of kindness, but so that you could continue to suffer until the end. But don't worry your proud little mind on it, since when all of humanity is dead with just you remaining of that pathetic race, I will let you die. But until then you get to be a bottomless food source for my men, and they are looking forward to it since you denied them a proper feast that they waited an entire month for by burning the bodies.

"Please Naruto," pleaded Minato in fear. He didn't want to suffer such a fate as was stated, "Have mercy!"

"Mercy?" asked Naruto as he stopped walking as he heard that, "and why should I grant you such leisure when you personally did not grant it to me? You left me to rot in this village as you trained the rest of your family to fight in a war to kill off those who would not submit to your self-entitled rule. I suffered because of you and then when you returned, you did not embrace me as family. You had me tortured and then you, my so called father, murdered me in front of an audience while cheered at my demise. My blood flowed out of my wounds as you celebrated and cheered."

"Please Naruto," whimpered Minato as tears began to fall from his eyes. He didn't want to die like this since it was inhumane and he was afraid. "I'm begging you not to do this!"

"Beg? You don't know what it means to beg, especially for one's life. I begged for first five years of my life to make people stop hurting me as they loved to do. I begged for people to love and accept me as one of them. To see me for me and not for something that wasn't me. I begged every time someone beat me, when someone stabbed me. I begged when lynch mobs left my broken form within an inch of life and they walked away with smiles on their faces! You don't know what it means to beg for your life. None one of you did! I killed so many without so much as a shred of remorse, so why should I show mercy to you now from your pathetic attempt at...begging?" questioned Naruto while glowering right at Minato.

Minato could only cry in fear since he had no words left to say at this point. Naruto took this as his cue to leave since there was nothing really else to say and he saw the hungry stares of his men since they had been promised a feast of human flesh and they would get it.

"And just so you know before I leave you to suffer," said Naruto as he turned his head to speak to Minato for the last time, "the world will know of your name as you always wanted it to know. But unlike how you planned it to go, they will know that it was because of you that they have to die. So the world will know you not as the hero or great warrior that you want them to see you as, but as the person to blame for the death that will befall them all. So let that set in deep into yourself as you suffer. Goodbye Minato and thank you for making this all possible."

As Naruto left the area, his men pounced upon Minato and began to tear him apart. The immortality that Naruto cursed him with let his body regrow lost limbs near instantly so that their supply of meat was well stocked. Minato screamed out in pain as he felt his limbs being torn from him time and time again and while at first he would have thought to pray to the gods or aid to end his suffering he knew firsthand that they were all dead so they would not aid him.

In the coming weeks after Naruto had saw to the complete destruction of the village via the combined might of all nine Biju launching a bomb at the place, the city was rebuilt, and a restaurant was made that had Minato chained to a pillar in the center of the place. The pillar was surrounded by a circular grill that the chefs cooked Minato's limbs from to the customer's liking in front of them. But that was then, and right now Naruto had left the village to its destruction so as to relax with one or more of his women since he was in a bit of a frisky mood…


Naruto sat on his throne as he felt the power course through his body. If one looked at him they would see his body appear to crack in places like a porcelain doll as the power he had been gifted with for the past several thousand years had grown into its full potential. Outside of his castle the various races were in joyous celebration since they knew that their creator was going to emerge into the world soon and once he did they would all become one with the void. They were not scared about this though since it was a natural thing and the end of a cycle so they were happy. His women were there in the throne room as well as they felt his power fluctuate as he sat there, all with smiles on their faces as well. His original women had been long dead and he had taken various others over the years, and they all considered it an honor to be chosen.

He had children who themselves had families of their own, and even though they were his decedents they were not given special treatment of any sort. Especially not alter what had happened to Horus…

Horus was a decedent of the child he had with Zara who got it within his mind that he was stronger than everyone else. Then again he had the genetics of the Darkness as well as Kami herself flowing through his veins so it went straight to his head. In time he thought to take the throne from his ancestor for himself, and Naruto saw him raise an army who actually believed that he could succeed in his foolish campaign. Naruto allowed him to grow it to its peak before he took action.

What no one in the kingdom other than his women had ever known was that he had restrained himself whenever he did anything since his full might would literally sink a continent if unleashed upon the world. So when this small army led by Horus stormed the capital city itself to try and eliminate him, he used his power to send everyone who was not with them away before he met the army personally to deal with this nuisance.

Once there, Horus had become arrogant with the numbers behind him and demanded that Naruto kneel to his better which in his mind was himself and abdicate the throne so that he could take over as was his right…

Naruto had simply laughed hard as he heard this arrogant man who was his descended from his blood make such demands towards him. He had even told Ursa about him and what he was planning and had laughed at their descendant's utter stupidity. Horus felt unsettled as he heard Naruto laugh at his demands, and saw as his eyes turned jet black as well as his arms. Naruto held up his hand with a sinister smile on his face, and then he clicked his fingers together…

Those who were miles away had saw as a jet black blast of energy shot straight up into the sky. In the end the capital was completely decimated into nothing more than a massive crater that only Naruto survived within. The capital was rebuilt elsewhere, yet at least all that was considered worth something like books and treasure had been moved when the rest of the people had left the village on his orders so the destruction was at least to a minimum in the broad scheme of things.

Since then there had naturally been no new attempts to try and usurp him from anyone since they knew their place…

It had taken only about three hundred years to completely eradicate humanity off the face of the earth to its entirety. And Naruto had enjoyed every second of it as he saw their race fall. The journey had been long, but worth it. Those who Naruto had spared and sent away via boat had done as he had expected him to since that was the plan. They spread the word of the horrors that awaited the rest of the world if they did nothing against Naruto's empire. For the most part the various kingdoms either didn't believe them or just didn't think of Naruto as a threat since they believed that the strength of their own kingdoms could hold off his own when the two sides eventually clashed. Yet what the humans of all these kingdoms had been fully unaware of was the fact that those who were of inhuman races heard about Naruto and his army. Just like with his own country, the ancestors of these inhuman had heard the legend of the Darkness and knew their salvation would come at last.

25 years after the complete conquering of the continent he was already on, his forces numbers were great enough to continue onwards towards the next one. His forces slaughtered three small empires in the course of a year alone before the rest of the world finally saw him as a threat and tried to do something about it. Two more empires fell shortly afterwards since they had arrogantly thought their numbers were enough to fend them off as they had done for years against those who existed in their home countries for centuries. It never occurred to them that the reason that they had been able to hold them of so well was their small numbers since in mass like they were with Naruto's army they easily overpowered the human armies.

It was only when the fifth empire had fallen that those remaining tried to appease Naruto in various ways so as to make a truce since they didn't want to fight this powerful force. They sent gold, jewels, even beautiful women were offered up with one emperor offering up his own daughter. She had been betrothed to another who she loved with all her heart and she was fairly unhappy about that. So Naruto took her against her will as his women watched with smirks on their faces as they saw him break her mind through sex. He had broken her spirit when he told her that her own father had whored out his daughter so that he could survive the horror that was coming his way, and it was only then that she was truly broken since the truth had finally sunk in to her mind fully.

She submitted to him in the end and took up his offer to sacrifice her humanity so as to live in this new world order. So he changed her into what was now known as an Anubis, and with her aid since she knew the full layout of the kingdom as was her duty as a future ruler of it, they stormed her former empire and slaughtered most the people while dragging away the women to use for breeding. The emperor had been upset since his offer had been refused, but died with a look of shock on his face as his own daughter killed him by clawing out his throat.

It was at that moment that the world finally began to see just how big of a threat he truly was since the empire he took out was one of the most powerful to exist at the time so its destruction was a major impact and so they joined forces to try and defeat his own. Naruto wanted the final battle to be of an epic proportion to make it memorable to those involved in it. So he used his power to erect a massive barrier that would protect his newly acquired land from invaders for as long as he wished them to remain out, and sent out personal messengers that delivered a message of war to all kingdoms. He went on to explain his goals of the extinction of humanity and that failing would mean their deaths. So he challenged them to try and fight off his armies with everything that they had, to advance themselves and grow their numbers so as to give his forces a real fight.

The people had wondered exactly why this was all happening in the first place since someone as evil as Naruto had to have a beginning as all things do. It was then that a new messenger came to deliver the final gift that Naruto would ever give to humanity, his memoirs…

The tome he wrote over the years had explained his life entirely leading up to his death, not sparing a single detail of how his hatred for humanity came to be from all the abuse he suffered from the first day he was born to his thirteenth birthday. Each page was a single day of his life down to perfect detail with words that made those who read it experience his pain in their own minds as though they themselves were experiencing his pain for themselves. And as Naruto had told his father before he left him to become an endless food source for those who wanted human flesh to eat, Minato's name became the most hated out of all people who existed since his actions had led the world to suffer these events.

Naruto used his army in combination with his power to extract the various inhuman beings from all over the world, many who had suffered like those from his own country so they were happy to join his forces once saved from their past lives. And as he did this, the various empires joined forces and began a breeding program of their own to expand their numbers as well since they would need them. Their brightest minds built stronger weapons from stronger metals as well as new weapons entirely such as a rapid firing ballista and multi-shot catapults. Their mages developed new magic to aid their soldiers, and said soldiers were trained at an early age to increase their numbers in preparation of the final war for survival.

Naruto let them do so for two hundred years before his barriers shattered like glass and his own army marched to the massive field that they would be fighting in. Out of all the women he had taken when he first became what he was, only Olga as well as Zara still lived, but then again dark elves lived to be at most a thousand and five hundred years and Zara was a hybrid of two races that lived even longer than that. So there they waited for a week, and finally the massive army of humanity arrived on the other side with banners waving that showed off the symbol of their alliance.

Naruto smiled as he felt the massive power of those who claimed to be gods within the army. He felt as their power was infused in the weapons that the soldiers wielded since it enhanced them to be far more powerful. It would seem that there were more gods than even the Darkness knew about, but then again these ones probably kept to themselves and as such survived the massacre led by Kami and her two brothers. With those three dead they could reign supreme; at least they could if Naruto was not a factor in this equation.

So Naruto called those gods out to fight him, to inspire the troops that had come to rely on them for so long these past three hundred years. And like the fools they were, they accepted his challenge and charged forward (or in a few cases flew since a couple of them had wings to do so) in a vain attempt to strike him down where he stood. For all their godlike power that they wielded, they didn't put up much of a fight and lasted less than two full minutes against him. Naruto felt as the fear arose amongst the humans who saw their gods die by his literal hands, and doing so caused a lot of their enchantments to wear off since the one powering them up had just died.

And with a simple point of his finger, Naruto's army charged forward to fight in what would be known as the End War. Humanity put up a good fight, but without the aid of gods they were too weak to turn the tides of war into their favor. The fighting went on for nearly a full day, with Naruto's forces coming out the victors. Not one human had been spared, man or woman…

But that was not the end…

The emperors of the various countries had sent out all their troops to fight him since humanity had been at stake, and doing so left their homes without any sort of defense whatsoever. So Naruto opened up multiple portals, hundreds of them, and sent his army, which had only lost but a fourth of their numbers in the war, through with one clear goal.

Kill everything… No survivors…

Even those who were still alive that were used for breeding were killed off since it was time for humanity to end once and for all…

That day, humanity died entirely since they no longer needed to use them for breeding or food. And within twenty four hours alone after they had gone through the portals to end this, all of humanity was dead with their cities in utter ruins… save for one person alone…

Minato was still chained in the restaurant where he had been left all those years ago. But then again immortality kept him alive as was expected. Naruto had used a portal to teleport to the restaurant and smiled as he saw Minato just hanging limply there with his eyes showing that he had long since been broken from the never ending pain. He had told Minato that he would only be allowed to die when all the rest of humanity died out. So now was that time and Naruto performed the act itself by ripping his heart out, but as he pierced his chest to get at the vital organ he channeled the immortality he had cursed Minato with into it so the man was no longer that. Naruto stood there as he saw the man who had set all these events in motion with his greed finally die out.

And with his death, humanity had officially become extinct…

Now here Naruto sat as his power nearly broke his mortal vessel. In the years following the End War, the various races had expanded to every corner of the world since they no longer had to fear for their safety now that humanity was gone. And Naruto had spent his time sleeping with his women and keeping the peace while his power grew within him to his full potential that he was promised by the Darkness when he was reborn.

And as he sat there, his body simply exploded in a massive explosion of power and a thick cloud of darkness began to expand quickly into the surrounding area absorbing all that surrounded it like a black hole, which made sense since he didn't want a single trace of light to remain in existence. Within minutes, the world itself was gone without a single trace, and within hours the galaxy followed suit, and so on and so on until there was nothing left…

There were no screams…

There was no sadness…

There was simply the Darkness…

But after an undeterminable amount of time had passed, which was hard to tell since time was meaningless when nothing but one entity existed anymore, Naruto saw a glimmer of light appear once more, and then exploded outwards to form life once again…

Naruto could only chuckle as he saw this, since now the cycle of light versus the darkness had started over once again. So now he would do as the past entity had done and find a vessel worthy of his power to fight this new source of light…

And so the cycle continued…

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