Warning: This is kind of crack, OOC

This does not have anything about the school for good and evil in it except for brief mentions and the storian.

There was one thing that was not said about the storian in the textbooks of the school for good and evil… The one thing nobody actually bothered to look for… Well, everybody except for Thanos. Believe it or not, he was actually a student in The school for Evil. Fortunately, he was there a few hundred years before Agatha and Sophie so he never got to taste the Schools for Boys and Girls, The schools for New evil and Old evil, and Dean Sophie (I'm not saying Dean Sophie would have been horrible, but Thanos would have looked horrible in the new neverboy uniform). Alright, back to the storian thing. Well, the thing was that whoever holds the infinity gauntlet can control the storian. At that time, Thanos was already obsessed with the infinity stones. He, of course, went looking for information about the infinity gauntlet. He stumbled across this particular piece of information and remembered it even when he ended his hunt for the infinity stones. Which brings us to…

Present day:

"What did it cost?" said little Gamora.

"Everything…" said Thanos.

Of course. this was the exact moment when he remembered that he could control the storian and make it write 'The End'. So, he summoned the book named 'Avengers: Infinity War'. Wait. It's not a book. It's more like a movie script. The storian can make movie scripts now? Well, it can make movie scripts because stories in movie form are more popular then books now. So, Thanos made the storian unwillingly inch closer and closer to the script of 'Avengers: Infinity war'.

Of course, that's when things go wrong. A huge flock of females came out of nowhere and ran toward Thanos. Thanos, angry that someone had interrupted his writing, stood up,

"I am Thanos! The mad titan! Whoever you are, prepare for death!" declared Thanos.

A girl stepped out of the huge crowd of females and said/screamed "We are the fangirls, and we are here to stop you from putting an end to infinity war because WE ALL NEED A PART 2! IF YOU ARE NOT PLANNING TO BRING LOKI, SPIDEY AND THE OTHERS BACK, WE WILL DO YOU NO MERCY!"

Thanos scoffed (as if you could defeat me, he thought)

What Thanos did not think about was how many Marvel fangirls there were. As the fangirls charged, he was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of fangirls. They tore the gauntlet off and threw him off a cliff (take that you purple wrinkly grape!, the fangirls thought).

So, the Fangirls, with the gauntlet in hand, stopped the storian and gave the script to Tom Holland (so he could spoil everything). Then, using the gauntlet's power, they turned everyone on earth into a Marvel fan.

The End