Hello I'm going to tell you a story about Grojband but with Katrina as the leader of the band playing the guitar (No braces, Wearing purple beanie with a skull wear a bow on it, a shirt that has the Grojband logo on it, and skull earrings).

Nick Mallory as the bass player (No jacket and wearing a hat with the Grojband logo on it).

Mina on keyboard (Wearing a leather jacket and jeans).

Carrie on drums (Wearing a normal orange Beanie and jeans, also I know what your think why is Carrie a member of Grojband she's a Newman but she's also Mina's sister so she has to be a member, unless you want it to be Kon and not let Kin and Kon be brothers, also Kon's the leader of the Newmans).

And there 2 groupies Alex (Looks like Allie but has shorter hair) and Kai (Looks like Kate but has shorter hair).

But Katrina can't write any lyrics so she has to steal it from her little brother Corey who preferred to be called Cole (Braces, Wearing a black t-shirt, Orange trousers, and Black sneakers).

With his lackey Kin (Wearing a regular black t-shirt).

And Cole tries to impress his crush Laney Penn (She has longer hair and Wears a green and yellow stripe dress).

And with their rival band the Newmans with Kon playing the guitar (Wearing the same clothes except his shirt has the Newmans logo on it).

Konnie playing the bass (She looks the same but Kim is her cousin instead of twins).

Larry (or Lenny) playing the drums (Looks the same but wearing a Black and White stripe shirt).

Also I have to make a new character called Conner he's like the gender bend of Carrie and I know Corey is the gender bend of Carrie but in my fanfiction Conner is, and Conner wears a Green beanie with a skull , a black shirt with the Newmans logo in white, and blue shorts.

With Barney as their mayor (Wearing what Mellow wears except glasses) and Mellow who runs all the stores (Wearing what Barney wears but he still wears glasses).