Now I know that Space Jammin' is a very important episode since it has the aliens who show up in end in the finale episode but I'm not that comfortable with the episode it wasn't one of my favorites, and it felt weird. Also, I'm sorry for not updating this in over a year but other stories got in the way

Got a band that's really cool, stealing words from you know who, playing gigs when we can, trying to impress our fans. Younger brother goes berserk. His temper is his biggest quirk. I got a plan that might just work. Now, we're gonna rock and we're gonna roll. We are


(We start with the garage door opening revealing many jugs that fall down: Katrina pops out of the jugs)

Katrina: I don't know?

(Nick pops out of the jugs)

Katrina: You think we have enough jugs?

Nick: How many jugs do a jug band need?

Katrina: One?

Nick: I think we're fine.

(Mina and Carrie pops out of the jugs; Mina has her head in a jug)

Mina: I can't believe we're gonna be a jug band!

Mina: The Peaceville down-hoe hoedown, won't know what jugged them!

(Nick blows on a jug)

Nick: How did anyone think to play one of these?

(Carrie and Mina gasp)

Carrie/Mina: Join us as we explore rock lore!

(Flashback to an older time)

Carrie (V.O): Like a thousand years ago, there was a huge heatwave.

Mina (V.O): The heat was so wavy, that the country music band, "The Sisterly girls" traded their musical instruments for jugs of ice-cold root beer.

Carrie (V.O): But the root beer had boiled away. With no root beer and music, it was the worst day ever!

Mina (V.O): But their sob filled the jugs with music. They had new instruments!

(Flashback ends)

Nick: And they toured around playing awesome jug tunes forever, right?

Carrie: Nope. They died of thirst.

Mina: Didn't you see how wavy it was?

(Wicked hot transition)

(In Cole's room Kin's wearing a cowboy hat)

Cole: Hat. Why?

Kin: The down-hoe hoedown looks like fun! And I think fun might be fun to have. Maybe? See.

(Kin pulls out his phone and shows the video)

Mayor Barney: Tonight! At the Rodeo Drone. The Peaceville has it all! Romping! Stomping! Hooting! Hollering! And a wagon load of carrying and all! This hootenanny is gonna be a one yahoo of a stage coaching stay to you rib-

(The video gets cut off because the phone fell out a phone)

Kin: You didn't have to through my phone out the window to say no.

Cole: I totally un-condone the practice of country stuff. Even the sound of bumpkins makes my teeth hurt.

(Grojband begin playing some Courtney music downstair)

Cole: Ow.

(They continue to play)

Nick: Wow, Kat, I love that jug sound.

(A jug shatters)

Cole: Me too

(Another one breaks)

Cole: It's like your dreams are smashing!

(Cole breaks the third one)

Katrina: Hey we need those jugs for our gig!

Cole: Ding, ding, ding. Bonus smashing reason!

(Cole rubs a jug and a genie comes out)

Cleat: Howdy. I'm a genie. Name's Cleat. Somebody got three wishes.

Katrina: A genie? Like for real.

Cole: I super magic wish my sister's band could never play music again!

(Cleat grants the wish)

Cleat: There you go. Next.

Cole: I super magic wish I for a date with Laney Penn!

(Cleat grants the wish and disappears with Cole and Kin)

Nick: Uh, what just happen?

(Cut to Katrina explaining everything)

Katrina: Then the genie disappeared with Cole. Got it? And now we prove the genie magic was fake, by playing instruments perfectly.

(The band goes to play their instruments, but Katrina can play right, one of Nick's strings breaks, as for Carrie, she played a beat but her drums caught on fire randomly, and Mina hits one of her keys and makes a goat's bleep)

Mina: And now we panic because we can't play!

(Mina and Carrie run on stage panicking)

Katrina: Easy girls. We can still play the hoedown, we just need to find another genie, and wish up a fix.

Nick: Kat, finding two genies in the same pile of jugs would be-

(Katrina grabs a milk jug and rubs it, causing a female cow genie to come out)

Cow genie: Moo!

Nick: -Impossible?

Katrina: Finding one genie should have been impossible, too. Role with it Nickels.

Cow genie: Your wish is my command, sugar.

Katrina: I wish we could play music, again?

Cow genie: Sorry, sweetie. I can't undo another genie's magic. That's the rules.

Katrina: I'll never play music again!?

Cow genie: That's right. But you got three wishes, honey. Is there anything else you want?

Katrina: All I ever wanted was my music and Cole finally took it away! I wish we were with him. Right now!

(The cow genie grants the wish and they teleport to down-hoe hoedown)

Cole: So wow! You're totally into this horrible country junk, me too!

Laney: Laney Penn isn't sure why she suddenly on a date with you.

Cleat: So he wants is to date this Laney girl and ruin her sister?

Kin: No. This is just the important stuff. He into bikes, too.

(Katrina, her band, and the cow genie appears behind some hay)

Katrina: I wish Cole had a pig face!

Cow genie: (Sigh)

(The cow genie grants the wish)

Laney: Laney's gonna get us some corn dogs.

(Laney gets up to get the corn dogs as Cole's face turns into a pig face)

Cole: Gag. Corn dogs make me- (snort) Wait nothing makes me (Snort)

(Cole cover his mouth as Kin walks up holding a powder case)

Kin: Cole, I know you're a guy and you don't wear make, but you're looking a little pink.

(Cole grabs the powder case and looks into the mirror causing it to crack)

Cole: (Squeal) I mean, ah! I can't let Laney Penn see me like this! Whatever's going I wish myself back to normal!

Cleat: Someone wished your face all piggy. It's against the rule for me to un-genie another genie's magic.

Cole: Another genie's magic!

(Cole turns around to see Katrina, her band, and the cow genie)

Cow genie: Hello there, Cleat.

Cleat: Howdy, Bessie.

Cole: Grrr!

Katrina: What you didn't think I've find my own genie and get revenge?

Cole: You want a wish war? I'll give you one! I wish-

Katrina: Last one. Better make it count.

Cole: I wish for a million wishes!

(Cleat grants the wish)

Cleat: There you go.

Katrina: What!? You can wish for more wishes?!

Bessie: Sure. That's one wish. I don't know everybody doesn't do that.

Katrina: Then I wish for a million wishes.

(Bessie grants the wish strongand one thing there's gonna be a lot of wish to make and because I don't want to type the name of a genie who made the wish come

true I'm gonna be referring the two genies as "The genie" and you should know which genie I'm talking about by who's making the wish/strong)

Cole: I wish you were as gross as I think you are!

(The genie grants the wish and makes Katrina gross)

Katrina: Ugh! I wish I would give you a hug!

(The genie grants the wish and Katrina hugs Cole)

Cole: Ahh! I wish I was electrified!

(The genie grants the wish and Cole becomes electrified)

Katrina: Ow! I wish you were always itchy!

(The genie grants the wish and Cole becomes itchy)

Cole: I wish the Newmans were the biggest band in the world!

Katrina: No!

(The genie grants the wish but takes it literally and makes the Newmans giant as they appear outside the hoedown)

Kon: We're so much bigger than Grojband and most buildings.

(The Newmans laugh as Katrina looks up through the ceiling)

Katrina: I wish the Newmans would go to the bike store!

(The genie grants the wish as we hear the Newmans walk away)

Kon (O.S): Guy, I just crushed the bike store!

Cole: (Squeal) I wish you had restless leg syndrome!

(The genie grants the wish causing Katrina's legs to move restlessly)

Cleat: This is worst than the time we gave wishes to that dog and cat.

Bessie: They're family. They'll realize they love each other soon.

(No They Won't Transition)

Katrina: I wish there was no moon, so Cole could never have a moonlight kiss.

(The genie grants the wish and destroys the moon)

Bessie: Okay, you were right.

(Nick floats to Katrina)

Nick: Kat, stop. Wrecking the moon won't help you play music again.

(Carrie floats upside down to Katrina behind Nick)

Carrie: Sure, revenge is delicious, but it won't make you fat, just empty.

(Mina floats sideways to Katrina)

Mina: You can blow up a million moon, and it will never be enough.

Katrina: You're right. I wish I knew what would get my music back.

(The genie grants the wish)

Katrina: And now I do! And the best part is we can play the hoedown!

Cole: Oh no, you don't I wish-

Katrina: No! I wish Cole could finish his date with Laney Penn!

(Bessie grants the wish as we cut back to the hoedown)

Laney: This second corn dog is calling Laney Penn's name. Laney Penn.

(Cole and everyone else appears back to the hoedown)

Cole: (Squeal) I mean. No!

Laney: Laney doesn't dig abominations. Dibs on your corn dog, though.

(Laney eats the second corn dog and leaves)

Katrina: I was so wrong to mess up your date, bro. So I thought I make things right. What else are sisters for?

Cole: You are so un-stainable! I wish we were unrelated!

(Cleat grants the wish)

Cleat: There you go.

Nick: What was that all about?

Katrina: Cole wished that his sister could never make music again. But now I'm not his sister!

Nick: And we're not his sister's band!

Katrina: So if I said, "I wish we were an awesome jug band."

Bessie: It would be my command, honey.

(Bessie grants the wish)

Mayor Barney: Lookie Lou, buckaroo! A hoedown ain't no-down, without a jug band throw-down! Give a big yahoo, for Grojband!

(The band starts playing)

Carrie: We're playing! We're awesome again!

Katrina: And here comes the lyrics.

(Cole, Kin, Cleat, and Bessie walk towards the stage)

Cole: No music! I Wished it away!

Cleat: But your last undid your first. Katrina used your wishing against you. I guess you lose.

(Cole goes into angry diary mode and lands into the pigpen where the pigs lick him)

Katrina: Yee Haw!

Katrina/Nick: Oh, I wish I had a nickel, for every wish I made. When I was feeling fickle, my heart was getting swayed, but one wish led to two wish and two wish led to more and that big old pile of wishes left me battered, bruised, and sore.
Katrina: Cuz everything that's happened,

Katrina/Carrie/Nick: Made a big old mess of me.

Katrina: So I wish away my wishes,

Katrina/Carrie/Nick: Undo, reset, Ctrl Z

Katrina: Oh you made a million wishes and knocked me down to size,

Carrie: Eyup.

Katrina: And I made a million more and knocked you to the sky.

Carrie: Doudoudou

Katrina/Nick: You can have your cool girlfriend, it's the least that I can do. Just let me play my music, for all my friends but you.

Carrie: Hey!

Katrina: Cuz everything that's happened,

Katrina/Carrie/Nick: Made a big old mess of me.

Katrina: So I wish away my wishes,

Katrina/Carrie/Nick: Undo, reset, Ctrl Z.

Katrina: Jug solo everybody!

(Jug Solo)

(The crowd cheers)

Mayor Barney: That was fun! Tell me you're not done! Toot that jug and cut a new run!

Katrina: Thank you Mr. Mayor, but I wish we never found these genies.

Bessie: Now you're talking, sweet pea!

(Bessie grants the wish and it starts over to the beginning where instead a bunch of jugs falling over its beach balls)

Katrina: Looks like we can't be a jug band after all.

Mina: You're taking this well, dude.

(A spotlight shines on Katrina)

Katrina: We can wish things were different guys. But then they wouldn't be real. It's one thing to pick up a milk bottle and make the moon explode, but it's real-life when you take what comes your way and make the best of it.

(The spotlight goes away)

Nick: Um...Kat? Isn't it a bit early for your final thought?

Katrina: I'm confused too Nickels. But there's no going back. Thanks for coming out everyone!

(Katrina closes the Groj door)

Okay, it has been a long time since I updated both this story and any story. And a lot has happened. There's an outbreak in the real world, and I just want to make sure you're all okay. And I'll try to update more I promise!