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It's Too Late to Deal With This—

Raoul slowly opened the door and peaked his head inside to look into the room. He found no one there and opened the door further for him to get through. Carefully, as to not make any noise, he stepped inside the room and went to a washer.

He was in the floor's laundry room and he needed clean clothes…yesterday. Of course when he was finally able to find the time to actually do it, the waiting list was ridiculously long and the people on it were lazy and weren't paying attention to their damn times. For instance, this was the third time Raoul had come to the laundry room and only two of the washers had a new set of clothes while the other two remained with the same ones.

People were lazy!

He had finally got a free washer on his second try and had come back when he knew they were finished. The bad news was that the people who were using the dryer still had their damn laundry in them. Raoul looked at the dryers and decided that enough was enough and opened the one he knew had recently finished. At the rate these people were going, he wouldn't have to worry about them coming back anytime soon.

As he opened the door, he felt a wave of heat from the freshly dried laundry. He quickly grabbed a bundle and turned around to place it on top of the washer. He dumped them and repeated until the dryer was empty. He turned towards his washer and opened the door. He tried to go as quick as possible because, while he had the right to remove someone's clothes if they were holding up the line, he didn't want to get caught. That would be awkward and something he didn't want to deal with. Plus it was late. Raoul figured no one would come around anyway.

So when he heard the door open for the room, he froze for a second in the middle of him closing the dryer door. He turned around and who was behind him startled him more than the door opening.

"What are you doing on the guy's floor?" Raoul questioned with a frown.

Antoinette raised an eyebrow. "The ones on our floor are broken so we have permission to use yours since it's the closest. There was a notice about it."

Raoul shrugged. He didn't pay those things attention, but he believed Antoinette.

Antoinette walked further into the room, the door closing behind her. "You took my clothes out?"

"What?" Raoul frowned then turned towards the pile on the washer. He saw the clothing and realized that it was for girls. Horror filled him, along with the heat that flushed through his cheeks. He hasty waved his arms in front of him. "I didn't know they were yours! I grabbed the laundry from the first dryer and I've been waiting for an opening for over an hour! I swear, I didn't see anything!"

"Calm down." Antoinette chuckled. "It's fine but can you do me a favor?"

"Sure!" Raoul agreed automatically.

"I got to go drop my clothes in my room but can you meet me in the study room? There's something I wish to talk about, can you bring Miss Daae as well?"

Raoul nodded. He was a little cautious since he and Antoinette weren't exactly friends but he did accidently touch her laundry so was willing to do something simple.

Antoinette grinned at him pleasantly, she took her clothes in her basket and left the room.

Raoul started his cycle on the dryer and left the room. He went to Christine's floor and knocked on her door. Christine answered with a yawn and in her pjs.

"Hey, you busy?" Raoul asked.

Christine shook her head. "Sleeping but what's up?"

"Antoinette wants us to go to the study room. She told me she wanted to talk about something."

Christine nodded and stepped out into the hallway. They went to the floor that had the study room and entered it. No one was inside, which was surprising because a lot of people had mid-terms going on. They waited for a few minutes and Raoul heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hall and voices. The door creaked opened.

"Why did you wake me up?" Raoul heard Erik's voice question sleepy and he heart picked up speed.

Crap, he thinks he knows what this is about.

Antoinette entered first and then Erik trailed behind her covering a yawn with his hand. Raoul shouldn't find someone yawning this adorable but he did.

Erik blinked slowly, his eyes focusing on him and Christine. He seemed to not recognize them for a second but then sighed in irritation and shot a side glance to Antoinette. "Seriously?"

Antoinette smiled cheekily. "Who knows how long it will take for the three of you to get together. I saw an opportunity and took it."

"At 3 in the morning." Erik stated dryly with a squint.

"Don't worry it'll be quick." Antoinette assured. She turned to Raoul and Christine, placing her hands behind her back and rocked on her heels. "Basically, I'm here to tell you to that Erik likes you. A lot. Open to dating and everything."

Erik face palmed at the confession but didn't say anything.

Raoul felt his breath cut off at Antoinette's words. Based off Erik's silence, it was the truth.

"And you two." Antoinette continued pointing at them. "Like Erik. A lot. Want him to be your third and all that good stuff."

"This is not how things work, my dear." Erik mumbled from behind his hand.

Antoinette waved her hand dismissingly. "Whatever. The deed is done. Everything is out in the open. Now I shall leave you three to discuss."

"Could we not leave once you are gone?" Erik replied sarcastically, taking his hand from his face.

Antoinette shook her head with a grin. "I'm going to keep the door shut! You're not leaving until I deem it fit."

With that, she hurried out of the room, dodging Erik's attempt at grabbing her. The door shut, leaving the three of them.

It was quiet for a few moments. Eventually, Erik was the one to break it.

"I'm too tired for this." Erik mumbled to himself, lifting his hand to rub a temple.

"Is what she said true?" Christine asked, her voice hesitant.

Erik glanced at them. "I don't know, did she tell the truth?"

"About us? Completely." Raoul told him. "This wasn't exactly how we wanted to tell you but…"

Erik rolled his eyes. "Antoinette has her own way of doing things. Though do not think she acted on her own."

"I wouldn't be surprised if Meg was in on this." Christine agreed with a small grin. "What about you? Was the part Antoinette said about you true?"

Erik stared at them for a few moments. Long enough that Raoul startled to feel the urge to twitch but was able to remain still.

"Yes, she was correct." Erik admitted before scowling in distaste. "I will have to get her later though for doing this to us."

"When you do, let me know, I'll help." Raoul offered. He laughed. "What an unromantic way of confessing!"

Christine started to laugh too and Erik chuckled with a sigh.

"They got their results." Christine pointed out. "They were probably tired of us stalling."

"Ah well." Raoul sighed with a roll of his shoulders. "Does that mean we're dating then?"

"I suppose it does." Erik replied with a chuckle.

"Great!" Raoul whooped. He went to Erik and took his head in his hands. He pulled him down and their lips met. Who would have thought a couple inches would matter that much? He held it for a few seconds before pulling back with what was probably a silly grin. "Been wanting to do that again since you met Carlotta."

Raoul could tell that Erik was raising his eyebrow underneath the mask, but his golden eyes held amusement. "Oh? Was that her name?"

Raoul huffed and let him go. "That's what you got from that?"

"Forgive me." Erik apologized, but the twitch of his lips spoke otherwise.

"May I?" Christine asked, coming up from behind Raoul.

Erik nodded and bent down as Christine tilted her head up. Their lips met and it was only for a few seconds like Raoul did with Erik. But when they pulled back, they eyes slowly opening at the same time with twin grins on their lips, Raoul felt his heart flutter.

Ah, darn it! They're too adorable! Raoul had his work cut out for him.

"Hey Erik?" Raoul heard Christine ask over the T.V.

They were in the dorms common area and it was surprisingly empty when they had gone inside. They had decided to do a movie night with just the three of them since they were now dating. It had been Raoul's idea but Christine had been the one to convince Erik to do it. He was supposed to pick out which movies they would watch, but Raoul had freaked out when he had discovered that Erik hadn't seen any of the Jurassic Park movies and vetoed him.

Erik hadn't minded but Raoul had given him a thank you kiss for it anyway.

Erik hummed to let Christine know that he was listening even though his gaze remained on the T.V. They were on the second movie and Eddie had just been eaten by the two T-rexs, what an unnecessary cruel part!

Erik was sitting in between Raoul and Christine, not that they had given him much of a choice in that matter. Raoul wasn't leaning on him or anything like that, but he did have Erik's hand trapped in both of his and one of his feet as well. Christine, on the other hand, had curled up next to Erik, pressing the sides of their bodies to each other and had her head resting on his shoulder.

Christine now lifted her head, leaning away from him to look at Erik. "This might be a little random but how do you see us?"

Erik blinked, turning to her with a confused frown. "What do you mean?"

Raoul had a feeling that this was going to be too serious to have Jurassic Park playing in the background. He quickly swiped the remote up from the coffee table in front of them and hit the pause button.

Oh, look, it's when the crew are all free hanging by the cord over the cliff. Nice.

Christine was biting her lip when Raoul turned to watch the two of them, he had to keep leaning forward on the couch to do so but he was curious as to what she was talking about. He released Erik's foot though because the way he was sitting made that awkward.

"Ah, I sometimes wonder, since you're asexual, how do you see us? Meg told us a little but I was curious about what you would say." Christine's face got steadily pinker as she talked. She started to shake her head hastily. "Never mind, forget about it, it's nothing. Ignore me."

Erik chuckled. "It's not nothing. Better you be curious enough to ask rather than assume things. What has Meg told you?"

"She said that it was like looking at art." Raoul joined in.

Erik nodded. "That is the best thing I came up with for people to understand. Think of the kind of art you like, something that you are drawn to when you go visit museums. Or a random piece that catches your eye. You see the beauty in those items, they appeal to your sense of taste and there are things that you do not like. There are forms of art that you do not care for. Yet with all of this, does that mean you are attractive to the art forms you do like? No it does not. And it's impossible for you to. That's how I see people. More or less."

"That is a good description." Christine smiled.

"You would not believe the trial and error I had to go through to finally think of that way." Erik replied good-naturally. "There are a lot of people that do not understand or want to understand. I'm not saying my description fits everyone asexual, but it works for me."

"Have people given you trouble about it before?" Raoul asked.

"Not me personally." Erik replied. "Not many people know that fact in the first place. I generally hear comments from what other asexuals have told me what was said to them. Mostly, people think it's either a phase or we just have not met the right person yet."

Christine scrunched up her nose in disgust. "That's terrible."

"Yeah, it sounds annoying having to deal with that." Raoul added.

"It is what it is." Erik shrugged. "That answer your question?"

"Yep!" Christine nodded once and dramatically pointed at the T.V. "Back to the movie!"

Raoul fumbled for the remote again and hit the play bottom. Screams from the crew instantly pierce the room as their RV feel to over the cliff below them. They totally deserved it after being stupid. Really, who's dumb enough to bring back an injured T-rex to their base camp? Raoul didn't care if it was a baby, that baby had angry parents.

Raoul placed the remote back down the coffee table and lean back into the couch. He trapped Erik's foot again and began playing with Erik's fingers between his two hands. He saw Christine rest her head on Erik's shoulder again and brought her legs up to curl on the couch.

A few months ago, if someone would have told him that he would be dating Erik Destler he would have punched them in the face before laughing at the absurdity of it. He had thought Erik was one of the most arrogant men he had ever met and had hated that Christine thought otherwise. But look at them now. Raoul had gone from thinking Erik was a hot jerk, to a still hot but actually not a jerk, finally to being complete head over heels for the genius.

And for whatever reason, Erik liked them back.

Raoul didn't care that Erik was asexual, he was more than happy to go within whatever limits Erik sets. Raoul was pretty positive that he and Christine would have fallen for him no matter what sexuality he was.

Raoul was content and let out a soft happy sigh as he focused his attention back on the movie. Things were good.

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