The rest of The Celestian Alliance were on The Millennium Falcon to a foreign land, "Cordonia" Dr. Andor announced, "A small country of the cost of France."

"Why are we here again?" Aiden asked.

"They have a European base under the castle." Michael explained, "We sometimes go there in case any aliens get injured in Europe."

Later, they arrived at an old building, "An old bar?" Sydney asked, "You got to be kidding."

"Yes," Mr. Andor said, "But let us take a deeper look."

He removed his glasses, scanned his eyes and revealed a secret passageway. They went down the stairs to see something astonishing, "The European underground hospital." Dr. Andor announced.

"It's big." Payton said, "Can you believe that Don and Em are missing this."

"I know" Caleb replied, "Let's not forget that Dani's sister is getting married to the 2nd born Prince of Cordonia, "Prince Liam"

They walked into a patient's room with 3 purple aliens with one eye and tentacles. "You must be the aliens Donna told me about." Dr. Andor as she placed on her doctor's jacket.

"We wanted to learn Earth Cheese!" explained an alien, "Then these rude thugs beat us up for no reason and stole our cheese."

"We were too injured to move." explained another, "It's a good thing Donna contacted you guys."

"Otherwise" another alien explained, "The humans would freak out believing we wanted to suck their brains."

After she wrapped the bandages around the aliens, Dr. Andor looked at her son and his friends, "It's important for a parent like me to make sure." Dr. Andor explained.

"So in case, Principal Rivera asks," Michael replied, "We'll be on an informative trip to Cordonia to learn about the Royal Wedding."

"And to record every last one of the details," Payton replied.

"First we meet up with Kai, Ben, Dani, and Riley at the castle," Michael replied back.

"I don't want to keep my big brother waiting," Sydney said.

"What about you Mr. Andor," Caleb asked,

"I'll be catering for the patients here." Mr. Andor explained.

"And are you sure leaving the Golden Griddle in charge by Garbog was a good idea?" Payton asked.

"No" Mr. Andor groaned, "But someone needed to a run a place where aliens can be themselves. I let him do it if he doesn't do his disgusting alien cooking."

"Your right" Michael answered, "I had his food once, blech!"

"We don't even want to know his species' cuisine." Aiden nervously replied.