Later, the wedding reception was taking place. The whole thing was hosted by Alec, "Okay Dudes and Dudettes" he shouted, "Let's congradulate Queen Riley and King Liam"

Queen Riley and Kiam Liam entered waving to their subjects. "Now" Alec replied, "Live from the Cordonian Castle ballroom, Let's All Dance Until We're Sick: France!"

Donna and Marc and Adrien and Marinette came out and did their dance routine on live TV. Kitty Section started playing the Manolo Sanchez song, "No Matter Where You Are"

I will stand by you

Even when we fall

I will be the rock, that holds you up

and lifts you high so you stand tall

I won't let you go

No one can take your place

a couple fights & lonely nights

Don't make it right to let it go to waste

I won't let you fall

I won't let you go

No matter where you are

No matter where you are, I'll be there

I will hold on to

Everything we've got

A quitter, a regretter, and forgetter is

Everything I'm not

I'll take care of you

and love you just because

You and I are better than forever

Nothing can stop us

I won't let you fall

I won't let you go

No matter where you are

No matter where you are, I'll be there.

Everyone shouted,

"Alright folks" shouted Alec, "It's time to announce our big winner for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick: France. It will be chosen by the viewers."

By the votes, Marinette and Adrien won the contest.

Donna+Marc- 75%

Marinette+Adrien- 95%

As the prize, they got 250,000 euros and they get to be on the cover of Bonjour Boogie magazine. Adrien has never been on the cover of Bonjour Boogie with a partner before and with the prize money, they can use it to remodel the place into something FUN for Kittybug Inc, because people were tired of Moth-patterns and boring food there.

"Congrats on winning, guys" Donna smiled.

"We knew you could do it" Marc replied.

"Merci" Marinette smiled as Adrien and Marinette kissed each other on live TV.

Donna sat down with her friends, "I'm happy that Marinette and Adrien won the competition" Sydney smiled.

"They needed this more than I do," Donna said, "I had to get back to Rosewood to my parents and Berry High."

"Rosewood is not the same without you" Wade smiled, "Nor us"

"Besides" Samantha replied, "I promised myself I would try out for the Berry High cheerleaders when we get back."

"And of course I have to help Kurai with his Latin homework" Toshiro recalled.

"Let's not forget that my parents are hooking up a new cable box for our TV" Zhou said.

Helen was a little upset because her friends had something to do back in Rosewood. She decided to leave the party, "Save me some cake" Helen shouted as she left.

By the castle entrance, 3 girls came up to Helen by surprise, "Shu Tao, Mifeng, Qiang Qing" Helen smiled, "You're here."

"We wouldn't miss the wedding of Lady Riley and King Liam," Mifeng said.

"And can you believe they got France's Next Top Model on the space ambulances" Qiang Qing smiled

"Dr. Andor thought that I could spend some time with you before you go back to Rosewood" Shu Tao smiled as she held Helen's hand.

"Shu Tao" she smiled, "It's hard to say this, but long distance relationships don't work out."

"I know" Shu Tao, "So it's best if we remained just friends."

"I would like that" Helen smiled, "So what's going to happen to the day spa?"

"Our parents are relocating to Paris to keep Great-Grandpa's memory alive" Qiang Qing explained.

"Now it's going to be Fu's Day Spa/Tea Shop" Shu Tao continued, "And their letting Uncle Hao Lan work there as a nail technician. He worked as a nail stylist in college."

"Sweet" Helen smiled, "That reminds me, my kid bro, "Baby Bram" is moving in with me after spring break. He had an issue back at his old school in Philly and Dad thought it would be best if he lived in my apartment."

"Adorable" Mifeng smiled, "We'll email you and contact you in the Oasis about our adventures in Paris and at the Fu Day Spa/Tea Shop."

A few days later, they were on the flight back to Rosewood. Donna was looking through the pictures she took while she was in Paris. "Mom and Dad are going to love these pics I took for them." she smiled.

"And I can't wait to see Aunt Alice again" Wade smiled.

Meanwhile, Rocket, Baby Groot, Vee, Mooroo, Animal, and the Kwamis were in the baggage hold, or as the muppets call them 9th class, "Why do I have to be in this Crootaken hold?" shouted Rocket as he banged on his cat carrier, "If Dr. A didn't confiscate my lasers and dynamite, I would be out of this dump"

"Because" Vee replied, "She doesn't want us to blow cover. So it's best if we stay here, plus there aren't any cameras in the Hold."

"I am Groot(She's right, and I already had those peanuts from the store before we got on the plane)," Groot said.

"Ninth Class, Ninth Class" Animal shouted.

Back in Cordonia, Taserface, Retch, Gef, Hafnut, and Brahl were coming out of garbage cans, because they didn't want to get arrested. They quickly winded up in a Chubby Cheese's. They saw the kids dancing to, Chubby Cheese's band

Stinkin Hunk of Munster

Yeah yeah yeah

Stinking Hunk of Munster

Whoa Whoa Whoa

"We want some Munster Cheese!" shouted Retch

"And especially moldy ones" Hafnut shouted.

This disgusted the kids.

They started eating off of the people's plates. A Waitress ordered them to leave, but Taserface shouted, "We like to order a pizza with fish heads and moldy bacon."

The waitress got so mad, she tossed dish soap at them, "SOAP! RUN!" Taserface shouted as he and his boys run off.

"Those dorks are worse than Gabriel," the waitress said as she looked at the Viewtube video on her phone, "Gabriel's Chubby Cheese Troubles"

She started to laugh at the video.

The end.