I look at Ginny in shock, when a knock comes at the door. "Ginny, Luna please let me in. We have something we need to discuss."

Ginny, keeping her wand trained on me, backs up and opens the door. Eric comes in with Neville's wand on the back of his head. Ginny, Luna, and Neville all exchange a look and then train their wands on us as a group. "Sit down." Ginny says her voice as hard as stone. Without even thinking about it I comply. After hesitating, Christa and Eric do as well. We all know what Ginny's capable of.

"Now, Luna says, would you like to explain yourselves or will we have to make threats." We shake our heads. I look at Christa and Eric who are clearly asking me to take the lead here.

"Well, we weren't trying to trick you we swear, it's just we knew that you wouldn't talk to us if we told you our house. We aren't like Malfoy and his goons." I say trying to stress that we aren't evil.

"She's right, Christa says, we believe Harry. We know that you know who's an evil piece of work. Even though some of our parent's disagree."

"What are your last names?", Neville asks. Eric and I shift in the seat, we know why his asking that.

"My last name is Armstrong, and Eric's is Field." Ginny glares at us, her eyes full of pure hatred.

"Your parents are death eaters. What about you, Christa? Are your parent's death eaters as well?"

"Her parents have nothing to do with this. They work at the ministry of magic." Eric's voice is full of anger. A sniffling noise is heard throughout the compartment. We all look at Christa who seems to be trying not to cry. Eric wraps his arms around her. Muttering words of comfort into her ear.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to cry it's just, she takes a second catching her breath. My mother is a muggle born and she's going to trial tomorrow. I don't think she'll make it." Ginny squats down to our level.

"Look at me, if there is any good in the world left then by God your mother will live." Ginny raises and looks at Neville and Luna. They go to the corner and discuss.

"What do you think they are going to do?" Eric whispers to us.

"I don't know, but whatever it is it can't be to bad. I mean we're almost at school." Christa says. I snort and give a dry laugh.

"Do you guys really think that being close to school will bother Ginny Weasley? She has the best bat bogey-hex in the school. I'm surprised we haven't all gotten hexed yet." Eric shrugs and nods in an agreeing way and Christa smiles. We look back over to the corner that Luna, Ginny, and Neville retreated to and see that they have turned around.

"We believe you. I'm sorry for our doubt, we just have never met a nice Slytherin, let alone three." Ginny says looking a little embarrassed.

"It's perfectly fine. We completely understand." Christa says flashing them her star worthy smile. All too soon the train comes to a stop. We see the fifth-year perfects trying to get people off the train.

"Come on, let's get a carriage." Neville says. We all get on a carriage shifting around trying to get comfortable.

"I'm sorry, but I am quite curious, Christa and Eric are you dating?", Ginny says. I groan, of course I'm happy for my best friends but it's at times like these that I start feeling like a third wheel. Christa and Eric on the other hand blush and beam.

"Well the short is yes we are, we have been since Eric asked me to the Yule ball in our fourth year."

"That's amazing!", Neville says. Ginny gets this odd look on her face.

"You know who you remind me of? My brother and Hermione, if he had gotten up the courage to ask her to the Yule ball they would be just like you two!" we all give a little laugh at that before we notice that we're coming up on Hogwarts.

"Are any of you guys currently thinking that this is the last normal teenage conversation we might ever have?", Eric asks. We all nod, too solemn to speak. Neville takes a deep breath.

"Well here's the plan, let's see how bad the Carrows and Snape are and try to keep in touch."

"That's a great plan mate, but how are we going to continue to communicate? We didn't even speak to each other before this year? Also, the girls and I are in Slytherin, if we want to keep our legs we can't be seen getting friendly with Gryffindor's." Luna get's another rather dreamy look on her face.

"Of course, we can always use the coins Hermione made in fifth year." Luna says in her light tone. Ginny grins at her, but it fads after a couple seconds.

"But we don't know how to duplicate them, they only show numbers, and what if the rest of Dumbledore's Army still has theirs?" Christa gasps.

"I know how to duplicate them!", everyone stares at her in shock.

"How?", Neville asks, his voice laced with amazement. Christa smirks.

"Hermione might be the smartest witch of our age, but that doesn't mean there's no one close to her intelligence level in our year." Eric grins at her and kisses her.

"That's great Christa, but what about the other too points I made?"

"That just means we use in a great time of emergency, when we might need help from the others.", I say. The others nod and then the carriage to our disappointment comes to a stop. We get out and exchange hugs and handshakes of goodbye.

"It was really nice to finally meet you guys.", Christa says. Eric and I voice our agreement.

"It was nice meeting you too. I hope we can become great friends in the future." Ginny says. Luna nods and leans into us.

"Watch out for Nargles.", she says. We laugh a little and tell her we will before we spilt up and join our houses. Our house group shuffles into the Great Hall, where there is no laughter and only stone-cold silence. Snape is standing up from the Headmaster's chair, his smile cold as ice.

"Hello students, welcome to Hogwarts."