Adrien closed his bedroom door and flopped on his bed after a long day. For once, he enjoyed the smell of clean, cheese-less sheets. Cutting off Plagg's camembert supply really did pay off.

Well, apart from finding carrot sticks randomly shoved in the oddest places. Just today, he reached into his pencil case and pulled out a very dry carrot stick, to Nino's confusion. Trying to come up with a cover-up story was not fun, to say the least.

Adrien remained on the bed for a few moments, enjoying the quiet.

In fact, it was too quiet. 'Plagg?'

No response. That is, until a black figure glided through the open window and landed on the desk. The little kwami stretched around and moaned, 'oh, I'm so exhausted'.

Curious, Adrien approached the kwami. 'Why? What were you up to-'

'-Nothing!' Plagg replied too quickly.

Adrien only squinted his eyes in suspicion at the cat, yet Plagg did not even flinch.

'Fine, have it your way', Adrien relented. If Plagg was up to no good, the truth will be revealed soon.

Plagg hid in his chosen's jacket when a knock on the door sounded.

'Come in', the blond announced.

'Good afternoon, Adrien,' greeted Nathalie, ever the professional, 'your father wants to see you now.'

Adrien furrowed his brows in confusion. His father usually asked to see him to reprimand or scold him. Yet he followed the assistant to the intimidating office.

There, behind the desk, stood Gabriel as usual. However, seeing Mr Raincomprix, the police officer, was not usual. Both men turned their heads towards the teen, acknowledging him.

'You wanted to see me?'

'Yes. Is it true that you robbed a delicatessen for cheese of all things?'

'What?' he uttered, completely taken aback. Did his father really believe that his own son would rob for cheese?

'You heard your father. Did you threaten poor Mr Farbomage and rob him of his cheese?'

'Of course not!' Although he didn't commit the act, he had a pretty good idea of the culprit's identity. And he won't let him get away with it.

'Adrien, please don't lie', replied Mr Raincomprix, 'you'll only make it worse in the long run.'

'I'm not lying! I can prove it. Did you check the surveillance footage from the store?'

Mr Raincomprix looked bashful as he rubbed the back of his neck. 'Well…'

'You mean you dared enter here accusing my son of an armed robbery and of lying, without any proof?!' Gabriel was furious.

'No! It's not like that. Mr Farbomage told us he found the culprit's cloak and hat on the floor after he came back. Both have the Agreste brand logo. Plus, Mr Farbomage said the culprit claimed to be "Agreste". It also happens that the only Agreste buying "the usual" every Friday is your son. So we decided to check the footage, which, oddly enough, only displayed the date and time. The video itself was static. Obviously, the evidence is strongly against you.' He pulled the evidence clothes out of the bag, presenting them to Gabriel, who studied them for any tampering or fraud.

He couldn't find any. Dammit, Plagg.

'These are the prototypes you were supposed to try on this evening with the new dress shirt. Why… Rather, how did they end up there, Adrien?'

How was he supposed to get out of this one now?

To be continued... 🐞