The bedroom was very quiet, with the exception of Adrien's light snoring every now and then.

Suddenly, Plagg's ears perked at a ticking sound. He groggily turned towards the window, only to find an orange blur grinning widely at him.

'Hello, Pl-' the fox kwami started before being shushed by Plagg who pointed towards the sleeping teen. The last thing they needed was Adrien waking up and catching them in the act.

'I brought you the dough. Where d'you want it?' Trixx whispered.

'Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Wait here.' The back cat disappeared into the dark for a few minutes, giving Trixx time to look around the room. Plagg was so lucky to have so much space to roam around, he thought. Would Plagg be okay with swapping holders for a day?

Trixx did not notice the cat zooming back in the room. 'Here you go', Plagg whispered, handing a startled Trixx a small tube. 'I hope you enjoy it', he added with a hint of disgust.

'I don't know why you hate mentos so much', said Trixx while opening the package. 'Is your chosen suspecting anything?'

'Nah', Plagg answered automatically. 'the kid's oblivious'.

Trixx grinned at the "payment" he earned for fulfilling his end of the bargain. Then, after telling Plagg where the cheese was, he left with a satisfied, toothy smile.

'Perfect', Plagg rubbed his paws together mischievously, before diving into the camembert bag. Tonight, the cat will feast like a king.

Morning came, along with a loud yell, 'PLAAAG! WHAT'S THAT CHEESE BAG DOING HERE?!'

The cat replied in the only reasonable way in such situations.

'uh… meow?'


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