You know how Anne Frank called her diary Kitty?

You're now my Kitty.

Dear Matt:

I'm writing this because you're going on the Kerberos Mission with Dad and Shiro.

I want to be happy for you Matt, I really do. But you're leaving me and mom and Bae Bae for two years. That's a long time without my older brother.

I mean, who am I going to sneak to the roof at night with? Or whose hair am I going to braid? Who am I going to talk to?

I'm not good at making friends. You're the only one I ever needed until now.

But I can't tell you all of this when you're looking at me like a scrawny ball of excited nerd. I mean, your eyes were basically glowing Matt. I can't take that from you.

So that's why I'm writing this thing. I'll give it to you when you come back to Earth. That way you won't be missing much of what happened while you were gone.

And I'll have someone to talk to after all.

You better get me something from Kerberos to make up for it.