Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over 'Being Human' nor am I profiting from this.

Pairing(s): general.

Warning(s): none.

Word Count: 114.

Annie approaches it with the delicacy a doctor might while having to reveal bad news. Nina, her best friend, barely approachable on her best days in pregnancy has become well — rather dangerous even for a ghost.

"I am only making a suggestion," she says. "A maternity dress might be more comfortable than attempting to squeeze into George's clothes."

"I gave maternity clothes a try," she grumbles. "Werewolf nesting says their smell is all wrong."

Right, werewolf nesting has taken her favorite dishcloth and George's tea mugs.

"I can roll around in them." Annie grins. "I can even make George wear it."

"We can give it a shot," she sighs. "George cannot keep wearing scrubs."