Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over 'Being Human' nor am I profiting from this.

Pairing(s): general.

Warning(s): none

Word Count: 144.

"Please don't find me crazy," Annie begs. "First, my roommates are accused of being pedophiles, which could've all been avoided. Anyways, we've been banned from the store."

George sighs and mites the television. "I can hear you speaking with them again."

"I am their mum," she snaps. "Don't you mind him, children. George can be a grump, but he loves us."

George crosses his arms and sighs until Mitchell lowers the TV guide.

"You should've just thrown it out," he whines. "We now have chickens living in our house. We have a chicken coop in our backyard."

"We get free eggs this way," Mitchell replies. "Besides, look how happy those chickens make her."

"Our chicken coop is just us spitting and using more glue."

"I don't hear them complaining," he pauses. "Annie keeps them inside most of the time anyway."

"I'm living with lunatics."