Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over 'Being Human' nor am I profiting from this.

Pairing(s): John Mitchell/Annie Sawyer.

Warning(s): none.

Word Count: 104.

"Josie used to make my coffee," Mitchell says. "I never cared much for coffee before then. Herrick used it as a weapon; keep everyone caffeinated and aware."

Annie watches the toaster and nods. He's never brought up Josie before. Twenty more seconds until his toast pops.

"What provoked the change?"

"Herrick wasn't there when I woke up. Josie offered the coffee and didn't push it when I said no."

His coffee mug is empty. Annie drops his dry toast onto a plate and shakes her hand even though it doesn't burn.

"Would you like some coffee?"

"I'd rather learn how you take your tea."