"So, this place... seems like Showdown Town." Banjo said as he and Kazooie were walking down the streets of O-Town, easily mixing in with the various animal citizens despite being from a different realm.

Kazooie shook her feathered head as she stook out in Banjo's blue backpack. "Yeah, except there thankfully isn't that many rhinos or pigs here."

Banjo shook his head after adjusting his yellow shorts. "Kazooie, why must you be so down on everything?"

"Come on, Banjo, you know how many weirdoes he bump into these places?" Kazooie responded as she shook her right red wing.

The bear and bird eventually reached the comics shop, noticing Rocko stepping out as he turned his attention to them.

"Oh hey, I heard of you two. You collect all those musical notes and jigsaw pieces, yeah?" Rocko asked as he casually waved.

"Wow, we're famous even out here?" Kazooie remarked in confusion as she tilted her head.

"I'm Banjo, and this is Kazooie." Banjo greeted as he pointed at himself.

"Well pleasure to meet you. I'm Rocko!" Enthusiasticly responded Rocko as he shook Banjo's hand, rubbing his own hands afterwards. "Well, I'm going back home. You want to come along?"

"Well there's not much junk for us to collect here, so... why not?" Kazooie insisted as she glanced around.

With Kazooie continuing to look around, Banjo followed Rocko to the red car that Rocko owned, with the three animals heading to Rocko's home as they entered his yellow house. Ed Bighead, Rocko's green colored foul tempered neighbor, grumbled as he watched Banjo and Kazooie follow Rocko into the house.

"Oh great, more visitors, just what this dump needs..." Ed muttered as he was tending to his garden, clenching his left fist in rage.

"Hey guys, I got some new guests over. You don't mind if we had them for a while?" Rocko explained to his friends, Heffer and Filbert, who were both sitting on the green couch.

"Sure, if they don't mind me hogging all the food!" Heffer laughed as he stuffed his mouth with potato chips.

"As long as they don't make me feel nauseous, then I'm all for them." Filbert nervously stated as he adjusted his glasses.

Kazooie popped herself out of the backpack as she stretched her legs out, shaking her head. "I can tell this is going to be a fun day for us..."