"Uhh... this seems a bit off." Rocko commented while looking around Spiral Mountain with his friends, being on top of the actual name location within the grassy meadow.

"Is our home really that out of place?" Banjo commented while plunging the strings of his, well, banjo.

Rocko raised his hands in defense. "Oh no, I meant that it seems like out of a comic."

Kazooie rolled her eyes. "We haven't heard of that before."

"You probably heard this before: Where can we get food?" Heffer spoke up while standing on the edge that the bridge used to connect. "Cuz I could go for some chokey chicken right now."

"Hmm, interesting if I say so myself..." Filbert was observing the moat surrounding the spiraling mount. "I kind of like an explanation of why the vegetables around here have eyes."

"...Well I think it's better if we head home to make you all more comfortable." Banjo said as he jumped off and had Kazooie flap their way to the grass.

"Come on, don't keep us waiting!" Kazooie squawked as she got on her legs and started talon trotting towards the comfortable home.

Rocko shrugged as he turned to Heffer and Filbert. "Well let's not keep them waiting."

"Oh do we have to? Jumping exhausts me!" Heffer complained.

"No one said anything about needing to jump down." Filbert said as he adjusted his glasses, with the trio going around the spiraling mountain that was basically a glorified hill as they avoided the googly eyed veggies bouncing around the plains.