Authour's Note: This little fanfic was inspired by two wonderful Authors {ElyssaCousland} Author of the OC modern girl in Thedas "There and Back Again"

And {Wyolake} Author of "Middle Of No Where"

If you have not read them than I would do so these two are truly amazing writers that I know I could never compare too.

~Dairy Entry One~


Mental Meltdown.

Off The Rocker.

All aboard the "Looney" Express.

In other words I have without a doubt went fully and without a doubt crazy. No other word would fit the situation I find myself in, while my daughter spasms out like a cat high on catnip I simply refuse to believe that the very ground I stand on is real. That the 'thing' rotting only ten feet away is an actual fantasy creature that only a few hours ago was a pixeled image that so often haunted Sarah's laptop.

This isn't Narnia for fuck sake (pardon my language) wardrobes do not lead to magic realms at least not in reality , nor should a Solar Eclipse pull you kicking and screaming from the front stoop itself only to vomit you out in some unknown wood void of life with a ugly zombie like corpse to give you a heart attack.

I don't believe in magic, miracles, anything that rationally be explained. I lost that bit of innocent belief the day my care-free childish self got herself knocked up at the tender age of fifteen, I quickly came to realize indulging in such trivial things would only lead to a deep pit of despair. A rational mind, well planned and well organized will always get you through this war zone called life.

I can not.

Can NOT cope with anything that goes against that.

God! Lisa was right, I am overworked, I should grow a backbone and tell my boss I am taking those well earned vacation days. Maybe a camping trip to the lake, if I can get a damn signal on this damn phone I will do just that.

"Mom, oh my gosh...can you believe this!? It's like we're in Doctor Who or something. This is so COOL!"

No, no Sarah it isn't, it really isn't.

She is practically prancing about, brown hair loose from her braid caked in leaves and dirt exploring everything she can reach. Even to my disgust the corpse, whining when I pull her away, gagging from the stench. Only for it to quickly be perked again by some bit of old rubble under a single willow.



My brain hurts, I need an aspirin a strong cup of Jasmine tea to soothe my nerves. Maybe I am sick, this is all a product of a worn out feverish mind. God I hope so, now if I could just get a signal so I can call Lisa maybe I can exit this trip into the Twilight Zone of the insane.

Beam me back to reality please.