"The footage was recovered?"

"Yes Doctor Hayden. It was barely intact when we found it, but we got it working."

"Good. Play it."

Begin Log

The porch of a wooden cabin in the middle of the snow covered woods is shown. On the porch are two figures. One is a woman covered in snow gear. She was sitting on a rocking chair, her face covered by her gloved hands. Beside the chair was the grey humanoid form of SCP-096 who was crouched down in a pool of blood crying into its elongated arms.

A figure walks out of the woods, it's green armor clearly identifying it as SCP-DM1. DM1 pauses for a moment to stare at the sight, then pulls out it's double barreled shotgun before approaching SCP-092. The woman on the rocking chair notices and quickly get up and runs over to SCP-DM1 to block it's path.

"Wait! No! That thing ripped right through the walls of our house and killed my husband and child! It's dangerous."

SCP-DM1 stares at the woman for a second, then pushes her aside and continues towards SCP-092.

"It's the face! Don't look at the face!" The woman cries out, then gets a panicked look and runs away.

SCP-DM1 walks onto the porch and presses the twin barrels of his shotgun to the back of SCP-092's head and fires. The scalp of SCP-092 is blown away revealing the back of it's skull, and SCP-092 stumbles forward a bit from the force of the blast. SCP-DM1 doesn't hesitate to grab it's target's neck and turn it around, staring directly into SCP-096's grey eyes.

Recording Paused


"Calm down. There is no longer a need to blur SCP-092's face."

"I know that Hayden, but coupled with it's rep and that hidious face… Oh God…"

"Just. Continue. Playing."

Recording Unpaused

SCP-096's jaw dropped down, opening 4x wider than a normal human could, and screamed in a bone chilling agony. The scream was cut short as SCP-DM1 switched out it's shotgun for a grenade and shoved it down SCP-092's throat, then kicked SCP-092 across the porch and out of sight. There was a flash and a bang from off screen. SCP-DM1 pulled out the Heavy Machine Gun and started to fire while simultaneously releasing all six micro missiles.

SCP-092 ran back on screen unable to howl due to the entire neck and head area missing all muscle and skin tissue. Blood and organs were spilling out of it's chest and stomach where .50 CAL bullets were hitting home. There were a few blur's as SCP-DM1 dodged a few swipes, then retreated left out of view followed by SCP-096.

The gunfire continued for another ten seconds before there a metallic clang was heard, and SCP-DM1 flew back on screen and into a truck that had been parked out front, denting the top of it and shattering all it's windows. SCP-DM1 quickly removes itself from the truck and picks it up. SCP-096 is seen on screen again for a second before SCP-DM1 uses the truck as a baseball bat and sends SCP-096 flying into the house, knocking the camera free from the wall. There are a few flashes of static as it tumbles to the ground, then comes to focus on SCP-096 who is getting back up and is now a deformed skeleton with a few shreds of meat on it's bones.

The sound of gunfire so intense that it comes through as static is then heard and SCP-096 becomes a walking sparkler as 15mm tungsten rounds slam into it at ridiculous speeds. It resists the knockback and starts slowly pushing forward. The last thing seen is SCP-DM1's tri-barreled chaingun overheating and it's green boot slamming down in front of the camera, then everything cuts out.

End Log

"The woman says that after she ran for at least 5 minutes, she felt a tremor go through the ground and looked back to see a green glow dissipating from behind her. The site of the cabin is completely glassed and a small forest fire sprung up, but was quickly put out. The charred broken remains of SCP-096's skeleton were found on site. No sign of SCP-DM1's whereabouts spotted by satellite or drones. Damn…"

"Hmm. We've been trying to terminate SCP-096 for a while now, but this Doom Slayer does it in 5 minutes. I have an idea…"