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Prologue of the King

In the dead of night, a lone figure made their way up the muddy hill, where an abandoned church lied. Their cropped black leather jacket did very little to shield the figure but, they didn't seem to care. The white collared button up shirt they were wearing was soaked completely as well as the ripped jeans they were wearing. Heavy boots stomped up to the large wooden doors, tapping impatiently on the concrete. After a while, the door opened and the figure steps inside, walking up to the altar in the center of the church. Waiting for them, were several figures in long brown hooded robes.

"Fucking, finally," They grumbled, shoving a hand into the pocket of their red plaid skirt. "You bastards really know how to take your time," A hand went through their drenched mid-length dark purple hair in an attempt to regain the wild look they once had. Upon realizing there was no saving their hair, the figure huffed and crossed their arms, waiting for the church dwellers to speak. As the silence stretched on their patience began to ware, indicated by the tapping of their foot. "Are you going to fucking say something or are we gonna stare at each other all damn night?" They growled.

"You will show respect on this sacred ground, devil," One of the hooded figures spat, the devil was not amused.

"Excuse me," The threat in their voice made some of the hoods on edge. "You wanna say that again, bastard?" The one the devil addressed brought forth a spear of light, ready to strike them down. This made the visitor smile, sadistically as wild light green energy began to swirl around them.

"You will show respect," The hooded figure threatened, unphased by the display.

"Make me. Bitch," They goaded, creating even more energy.

"Calm, Berserker," An authoritative voice commanded, entering from a side room of the church. The hooded figures all dropped to one knee, as their leader made their way to the stone podium in the front of the church. Their white and gold robes seemed to shine in the candlelit church, giving them an ethereal appearance. "All of us here are apart of a great movement and must work together like a well-oiled machine," Berserker, frowned and dispelled the energy around them, going back to their annoyed stance.

"Fine," Berserker huffed. "But your fallen dog has one chance to, keep his mouth shut," Said 'fallen dog' looked as if the would have lunged, but stopped themselves when the leader calmly raised his hand. "Good boy," Berserker teased with a smirk, earning a growl from the obedient follower.

"Report, Berserker," The leader orders.

"Remi is oblivious since as usual, she thinks she knows everything," Berserker states, with an eye roll. "Dulu's head is shoved too far up his own ass to realize anything and Monika...,"


"That bitch has always been hard to read, almost as hard as Camilla," They grunted, in annoyance. The leader raised an eyebrow in question.


"Meaning, even if Monika knew something she would keep it to herself until you pissed her off,"

"And Camilla?"

"If she knew, you'd be dead already,"

From on top of the tallest building on the campus of Pandora Academy, the main building, a figure sat on the ledge, her feet dangling as she watched the many people scramble to class. She had a content look on her face, her plump lips curved into a small smile, as she watched the students mill about. The world has been much more peaceful ever since the Kuoh Alliance was formed. Sure there were those that didn't agree with the truce but they were few and far between. She had to hand it to Rias since her pawn was in the center of it all. She wouldn't mind meeting this Oppai Dragon herself one day. Maybe Rias would give him to her if she asked nicely?

"You know you're supposed to be in class right?" A smooth male voice said from behind her. Sighing, she got up from off of the ledge to face the handsome kitsune sent to police her. Kiyoshi Mori's lean figure casually leaned against the door of the roof entry with his hands in his black school pants, his messy golden hair gently moved with the breeze. He was properly wearing the school uniform with the middle button of his black blazer buttoned and his white school shirt tucked in, brown leather shoes shined to perfection. The only flaw in the boys uniform was the loose red necktie that he simply refused to wear properly. Felt too much like a noose to him.

The girl's uniform in comparison was a total disgrace. She didn't wear the blazer or the necktie, simply wearing the long sleeved white collared shirt, untucked and sleeves rolled to her elbows, and the school issued, black skirt that stopped at her thigh. The only thing that was up to regulation was the white knee-high socks and brown school shoes she wore.

"Oh? But I am in class," She playfully says, then points to a window on the second top floor of the large school building. There sitting by the window "attending class" was a perfect replica of Camilla Shax. The replica was sitting idly at the school desk, a bored look on her face as her dark purple eyes barely focused on the teacher as they droned on about the subject. Her thin fingers twirled a lock of her long lilac hair as some form of entertainment. The blonde let out a deep chuckle.

"Cam, you know what I mean, Milady is gonna be pissed that your skipping class again,"

"What's she going to do? Tell the teacher I wasn't there? That it was all an illusion?" The devil asks a taunting smile on her lips. "Tell you, little king, if she wants to lecture me, then she should do so herself," Camilla glances at the courtyard once again, frowning upon realizing that it wasn't as busy as before. Sighing she walks a little closer to the idle kitsune meeting his golden gaze, well she intended to anyway. "My eyes are up here, naughty fox," She teased.

"Well mine would be too if you'd button your shirt a little," He says casually pointing at her white collared shirt, the top two buttons were undone to show off a bit of her ample breasts and the top of the lacy purple bra she was wearing. "There's a uniform for a reason, ya know?" The devil simply shrugged and the male shook his head.

" I'm sure you weren't sent here to inform me of all the rules I'm breaking? If that were the case she'd send her trusty knight." Camilla dusted her short black skirt off then tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, obviously ignoring his comment about her uniform. "She only sends her queen for important matters. Has someone been bad?" He laughed at that.

"Nah, nothing like that, she just wanted you to come to the student council room after class," He pushes himself off the door to leave, having delivered his message. "Don't forget to bring your peerage," He adds as he opened the door to leave. "She wants to look them over before they start class,"

"Oh, in that case, I'll have to take a rain check," He paused mid-step at her words.

"Huh? A rain check?"

"Yes, because they aren't here," Kiyoshi whipped around to face the king, a panicked look on his face.

"What do you mean they aren't here?! How could they not be here?!" He ran a stressed hand through his golden spiky hair then pointed an accusing finger at the nonchalant girl. She seemed unphased by his stress, simply blinking as if she'd done nothing wrong.

"Their enrollment is still processing, Dulu did say it would take about a week or two," Kiyoshi groaned loudly his earlier calm now completely gone. "Yoshi dear, did you get the times mixed up?" She chuckled when he groaned again, this time throwing his head back.

"Aw man, I'm gonna get the disappointed stare again," He whined as he dragged a hand down his face. "I can't handle that stare, I'd much rather her yell at me or something," He tangled his fingers in his hair and dropped to a crouching position on the floor. Camilla simply shook her head at the kitsune's actions, she knew that Remi Phenex was not one to be upset over such simple matters but didn't feel the need to remind the fox of this fact. He began to rock back and forth on his heels, muttering to himself about the horror of upsetting his king.

"You could never truly disappoint her, Yoshi dear," She sighed, patting the fox on his head. "At least you don't have to worry about physical punishment," He shivered at that remembering punishment Topaz had received from Lana Purson. Though due to the masochist tendencies of the succubi, it really wasn't taken as a punishment. Camilla even thinks Topaz provoked her master knowing what the end result would be.

"Point made, wouldn't be able to feel my ass for weeks if I was with her," Regaining a bit of his earlier composure by taking a deep breath, Kiyoshi rose to his full height. "Still though," He took a moment to take another deep breath. "Milady wants to have a meeting, so what am I supposed to tell her,"

" You could shove all the blame on me to avoid that dreaded stare you hate so much," The kitsune took a moment to consider her proposal then gave a fox-like grin showing off his sharp canines.

"I knew I liked you for a reason," He says slinging an arm over the girl's shoulder.

"Anytime Yoshi," She says gracing him with a smile of her own. " Can't have you looking bad in front of your precious little king, can we?" She cooed to the boy making him blush. Satisfied by his reaction, she removes his arm from around her shoulders and takes a few steps back. "Now if you don't mind I have some preparations to make, so I'll take my leave," Right after she said that a dark purple magic circle with a bow and arrow in the center appeared beneath her and began to glow brightly.


"Why yes, my precious peerage can't have unsuitable living arrangements, that would be simply dreadful," And with that, the purple haired beauty disappeared in a flash of purple light. Kiyoshi stared at the spot Camilla just was for a minute, simply blinking.

"Oh boy, can't wait to meet this group," He commented as he made his way back to his waiting master.

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