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Monika Oriax and Her Failed Quest for Quiet

Monika lounged peacefully beneath the shade of a big oak tree in the forest behind the academy, as she read her treasured Book of Stories. Classes were over for the day and most of the clubs were gone as well, so it was very quiet and serene.

"Monika!" Or at least it was until her pawn started shouting frantically. The king didn't respond and hoped that the young tanuki wouldn't find her. She slouched further down and brought the blue book up to shield her face. Unfortunately, for Monika the girl had a keen nose. "There you are!" Miumi Futaizawa shouts as she sped towards her at breakneck speeds.

Her long black braid whipped behind her as she ran making Monika wonder how the girl's dark blue beanie stayed in place. Monika sighed and lowered her book and displed the barrier around her so the girl wouldn't hurt herself and braced for impact. Miumi seemed to realize that she was going too fast so opted for a quick solution. Right before she ran into Monika she transformed into a small raccoon dog causing her to roll and tumble until she finally stopped right in front of her king. Monika gave a small chuckle and shook her head, wondering what the girl had gotten into this time. Miumi transformed once again now back to her human form.

"What is it Miumi?" Monika asks as the girl rose to her feet and dusted off her black school skirt and red sweater vest.

"Oh you know the usual," She says with a sheepish grin. "Hawke's trying to lecture me and all, but this time she's just making a big deal out of a little prank," Monika blinked and the tanuki gave a nervous chuckle, her almond shaped light purple eyes darting around. "Okay, maybe it was just a...medium sized prank?" The king rose an eyebrow. "Okay okay, I buried Topez under a bunch of lockers while she was flirting with Solomon," Another blink, Miumi gave a sigh. "And I may have buried Solomon too," She mumbled.

"Why?" Monika asked as she got up, grabbing her book as well since her tranquility was now ruined. Behind Miumi she saw Hawke coming towards them but opted not to tell her pawn, she's easy to spot since she is one of the only girls in the school that wears the male uniform. The light-skinned rook looked annoyed mostly, though her steel colored eyes always look as if they are glaring. The small red scar going across her nose only added to the look of intimidation the girl naturally gave off. Monika understood why Miumi chose to run, her small frame and lack of muscle only made the rook's larger athletic build even more intimidating. The king looked back at her pawn who was now pacing and saying something that Monika wasn't quite following.

"And then Topez is always going on about me looking like a ten-year-old and -" Okay, she was following, she just stopped caring near the beginning. So to stop her pawn's rambling Monika placed her hand on her head, lightly patting the smaller girl. Thankfully it worked.

"Topez having curves means nothing, you're much cuter than her," In her usual monotone voice, briefly making eye contact with the approaching rook. Miumi smiled and Monika returned it but then snapped her fingers, creating a diamond cage around the pawn.

"Wha- but why!?" She whined loudly, gripping the bars of her prison.

"To make Hawke's job easier," She states with a slight shrug. At that moment Miumi's eyes widened then, she turned to see the rook standing behind her with her arms crossed and scowl in place. Hawke flicked her short black hair out of her face with a shake of her head, causing her hair to become slightly messier, not that she cared. Her noticeable teal streak became a bit more prominent from the action.

"You're going to tell me why I had to dig Solomon out of a pile of lockers," She orders, glaring down at the trembling pawn. " And I swear, if it was to get back at Topez, I'm gonna hit you both," Miumi gave another nervous giggle.

"What if I say it was to get back at Solomon?" She offers with a smile.

"I'd call you a liar," Hawke states bluntly with a sigh. Miumi frowns and crosses her arms.

"Okay, fine I'm a liar but she deserved it!" Hawke tilted her head a bit.

"Did she make fun of your body again?"

"Curves mean nothing!" The pawn shouts, a fist raised in the air. Her passion completely disappeared once she realized who she was talking to. "Uhh, unless they're on you of course," Hawke gave a sigh at the girl's ramblings about how attractive she is, while Monika simply watched mildly amused, indicated by the small smile she held. Knowing that Hawke would just let the tanuki ramble on, she decided to step in.

"It seems that you inconvenienced Hawke with the petty rivalry you have with Topaz," Monika states causing both girls to look at her.

"It wasn't even a big deal Monika," Miumi says trying to minimize her actions as much as she can. " Hawke is like a walking wall with boobs, she can handle a few lockers,"

"It's no problem Madam, it didn't bother me too much," Hawke says rubbing the back of her neck. "You don't need to step in, I can handle it,"

"Don't worry I was going to let you handle it," Monika states confusing the two. Then the king turns to address her pawn. "You're going to help Hawke with her training,"

"What!" She shouts, gripping the bars once more. " I can't survive Hawke's training, she'll break me!" Monika completely ignores Miumi's pleas and turns to Hawke.

"Does that work for you?"

"Uh, yeah thanks. I could always use some more speed training," The Rook says with a shrug. " Miumi's pretty fast so I guess she'll do," Monika gave a nod and left the girls to their own devices, after setting Miumi free. Time to find a new spot to lounge.


Monika settled on the rooftop, laying on her back and looking at the clouds. There was a light breeze blowing through but it wasn't strong enough to move her school skirt very high so Monika didn't mind. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the quiet she had recently found again until she heard the door to the roof open. She gave a quiet groan and pretended to be asleep, hoping whoever it was would just go away.

"I can see why you'd come up here Ms. Monika," She opened her eyes to see her knight, Daniel Watson casually walking up to her side. "Mind if I join you?" He asks politely waiting for her to respond.

"You're not loud," Monika states and Daniel takes that as a yes, sitting down beside her with one leg bent and the other stretched out. As he stared up at the sky, Monika took a moment to study him. His shaggy raven hair billowed a bit in the light breeze, he didn't seem to mind when his messy bangs fell over his wire frame glasses. His silver chain was on the outside of his shirt giving her an opportunity to examine the wolf-shaped pendant that rested on his white button-up shirt. His top button was undone giving just a peak of his lean chest, Monika knows for a fact that there are girls that would pay to see the rest. Finished with her examination, she closed her eyes once more enjoying the quiet. But alas after a few minutes, Daniel decided to speak.

"I feel I should let you know that Ms. Lana is looking for you," He says looking down at his lounging king with his blue-grey eyes. "She seemed mad,"

"She's always mad," Monika corrects, not opening her eyes. "Do you know why she's looking for me?"

"Something about Topaz and lockers?" She cracked an eye open once she heard lockers.

"Are you sure she said lockers?" The king asked, hoping he'd say no.

"I'm pretty sure she did," He says with certainty making her sigh. He eyed her as she rose up and dusted herself off. "Not dealing with it?" He asks, handing her the blue book.

"No," She says as she took the book and made her way for the door. "I'm gonna go take a nap," The knight chuckled and gave a nod.

"Don't worry I'll try to mislead her," She thanked him and left the roof, searching for a place where she would be undisturbed. Or at least a place Lana would look.


Monika figured that Lana would never suspect that she would be napping in the student council room and was quickly making her way there until she was stopped.

"I hope you're not going to the council room, Moni," Only three people can call her 'Moni and get away with it. She looks over and sees one of them leaning on the bright red lockers that lined the wall, looking a bit disheveled. Her bishop, Solomon Crow, stood there with his hands in the pockets of his school pants and his white collared shirt with the collar popped. His messy white hair was notably messier and his blazer and pants were a bit dusty. More than likely from the locker incident. A lazy smile was on his somewhat feminine face and his golden eyes having their usual playful gleam to them.

"Why's that?" She asks with a sigh.

" Lana's got Taurus, Stelios, and Topaz waiting for you there, while the knights and Yuki wait at the clubroom," Monika closed her eyes and gave a frustrated sigh. "Oh, Nathan and Katia is basically running around the school searching for you,"

"What about Antonio?" Monika asks, wondering if the vampire was also running around searching, though it was unlikely unless Lanna was furious.

"Tony is glued to her side per usual," He says with a casual shrug. "He's only let off the leash when she's in a really pissy mood," He chuckled at that, then looked to his master that was currently running out of options. "Need a new hiding spot?" His smile grew a bit wider when her jade colored eyes looked over to him.

"Do you have something in mind?"

"Well, you're only here so you can get a good look at Camilla's peerage right?"

"Correct," She states, raising an eyebrow. " I don't see where you're going with this," The cambion simply shook his head.

"Why not just go to Milla's place? You at least know she'll let you sleep,"

"That is..." She mulled over the pros and cons of going to Camilla's mansion or listening to Lana's raging. Choosing the lesser of two evils would be the wiser choice. "Not a terrible idea," She would rather be subjected to Camilla's teasing over Lana's yelling. Loud things are just very annoying.

"Want me to tell Jade where you're going?" Monika shook her head.

"Tell me where she is and I'll take her with me,"

"Oooh, does that mean I'm in charge?" He asks as he stood up straight. Monika looked down in thought for a moment before answering him.

"Daniel is in charge,"

"She's in the library," He says with a sigh. " Do you never put me in charge because I lost Miumi that one time?"

"Yes," She stated plainly, summoning her family's magic circle.

"Fair enough," He chuckled, making his way to the council room. "I'll go tell the other's what's going on,"

"Daniel is on the roof,"

"I know, I saw him go up there. I'm just going to stall for you a bit so you can make a clean getaway," He says waving her goodbye as he continued on. She nodded then disappeared in a flash of silver light.


When Monika transported to the library, she was met with her Queen, Jade Caligo, fast asleep with her head resting on one of the tables. She was still in her uniform like the others, wearing the black sweater vest and skirt with the usual white collared button-up shirt. Monika won't ever admit it out loud but she very much likes the color black. It can dominate the other colors leaving no trace of them or it can help them shine and stand out more. She told Camilla this once and she laughed at her, then told her to tell Jade for some reason. Obviously, Monika did not follow the advice and never told another soul ever again. Shaking her head to focus back on her task, she stared at Jade's back contemplating on if she should wake her or not.

"She won't mind you know," She slightly turned her head to see Jade's friend, Alexis Patten smiling at her, her blue eyes shining with something Monika couldn't quite pin down. "I'm pretty sure you're the one person she wouldn't mind waking her up," She adds with a light giggle. Monika was fully aware that she could just go and wake her, she was her king, after all, she just didn't like waking people. Especially member's of her peerage, she views it as an abuse of her authority. Though she wonders if Alexis was even aware of her authority over the sleeping girl. If she wasn't then what she said made no sense, no one enjoys being woken up regardless of who is doing it. Either way, it didn't matter what Monika did now since Jade began to wake up on her own. She lifted her head slowly and began to stretch a bit and scratched at her shoulder-length black hair. Monkia chooses to stay silent rather than announce her presence, Alexis chooses to announce her instead anyway.

" Hey, Monika's here," She states casually. Once she said that Jade began to look around for the girl before turning around.

"Monika!" Jade shouts, springing up from her seat with her azure eyes now wide open. When Monika flinched at the loud noise, she immediately apologized. "So uh, what did you need?"

"We need to leave," The King bluntly states, she glances at Alexis briefly when she giggled a bit. She knows that what she said was hardly funny. "I don't want to deal with Lana,"

"Lana? What does she want?"

"To yell," She says with a sigh, Jade scoffed.

"When doesn't she wanna yell?" She grumbled walking over to her. "So, where are we going?" Monika tilted her head slightly to look up at the slightly taller girl, then slowly shifted her gaze to Alexis, who was quietly smiling then back to Jade. Alexis picked up on what Monika wanted just a second faster than Jade.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow Jade. Bye Monika!" Then turns on her heel, swinging her long blond hair in the process, and made her way towards the door. "You guys have fun~," Were her parting words before, leaving the two alone in the library.

"Your friend is strange," Monika comments staring at the spot she was standing before she left. "Why would she think hiding from Lana is fun?"

"Um, just ignore her, she's an idiot," Jade dismisses with a nervous laugh and a light blush on her pale face. Monika raised an eyebrow.

"Your friends with an idiot?"

"Aren't you?"

"Dulu is not my friend," She states with a frown, causing Jade to laugh a bit. Monika was confused but didn't press the issue. "Are you ready to leave?"

"Sure," Jade says with a smile. " Where to?" Monika summons another magic circle, before answering.

"Camilla's," Then the two disappeared in a silver flash.

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