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Meeting of the Kings

"Stop being such a bitch and just give me the damn pawn!" Lana Purson shouted as she slammed a fist down on the hardwood table. "That fucking bitch toppled a bunch of fucking lockers on Topaz and I will see to it that she is punished," Her sharp bright green eyes burning into Monika's dull ones.

"I already told you, I handled it," She says with a slight glare of her own. " I will not -"

"I'm getting tired of asking, you emotionless bitch," Lana growled, Monika showed very little reaction to her insult but Jade looked ready to come to her rescue. Her king quickly raised her hand to stop her.

"But Monika -"

"No, that is the exact reaction she wants," She warned her queen as she stared down the aggressive king who gave a wicked smirk. "It's best that you just ignore her,"

"Yes, Jadie dear," Camilla says casually checking her nails. " Lana simply wants to make you angry to make Moni angry," On her right, Scáthach shook her head in disappointment while giving a sigh.

"I can make that bitch angry no problem, her queen is just an easier target," Lana taunted. "Must be the bird brain," Jade looked as if she was going to attack the girl. Dulu let out a long whistle as he tilted his chair back and kicked up his feet. He was currently out of his uniform and was wearing a pair of jeans with a sleeveless black muscle shirt and his usual white high top sneakers.

"What do you think Flora are we gonna get a show?" He laughed as he looked at the scene. Flora didn't respond but wore a worried expression. She too was out of her uniform, wearing a light green princess cut dress that reached her knees with a white cardigan over top and a pair of white sandals.

"It won't be much of a show," Antonio Sladen, Lana's queen, remarked. He was wearing black dress pants held up by a black leather belt and a matching sweater vest over a blood red long-sleeved collared shirt. A matching blood red driver cap on top of his bald head. " My King could destroy the both of them effortlessly," He remarked with a cocky smirk showing off his fangs. Ottar gave a loud laugh as he entered the room followed by Meri, who tried to move quickly away from him, scurrying behind Scáthach.

"You honestly think Rage King can beat Jewel King in a fight?" He leaned against the wall behind Camilla's chair and gave another laugh, making the vampire glare. "The Jewel king could destroy her but, hey at least it would be a good fight," Antonio gave a low growl as he glared at the rook, his crimson eyes bore into rust colored ones neither one wavering.

"Okay guys, calm down we actually have something important to talk about," Kiyoshi calmly states as he stood behind his king. He was currently wearing a simple pair of jeans with a red t-shirt and a pair of black sneakers. Remi Phenex was more focused on the papers in front of her, ignoring their bickering from her place at the head of the long table. Her attire consisted of a white button up blouse and a pleated red skirt with shin high white socks and brown shoes. But if one looked closely they could see that he patience was wearing thin. Lana gave a dry laugh at the statement.

"We're not gonna talk about nothin but -"

"Lana, just give it up already! She is clearly not going to just give you her pawn!" Remi shouts finally over the arguing. From behind her round glasses, she gave everyone a hard stare with her crystal like blue eyes. "Why is it that every time we gather in a room there is always some form of argument?" She asks with a heavy sigh. Dulu was the only one oblivious enough to give her an answer.

"Cause you chicks never let anything go," He casually states earning him varying looks from the other kings. Then suddenly his chair tilted too far causing him to fall to the floor. Remi pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance, while Monika simply put her head down concealing her small victorious smile. Lana openly laughed at Dulu and was very nearly brought to tears, while Camilla at least tried to hold in her laughter, a few giggles escaping here and there.

"Okay fine," Lana says wiping a tear from her eye. " Since I know you did that Oriax, I'll let it go," She then plopped down in the chair and casually crossed her arms. "Alright shrimp what did you want?" Dulu sprung up from the floor and dusted himself off, glaring at Monika before picking his chair back up from the ground and sitting in it.

"First thing's first, Lana did you find out anything about this new cult?" Lana ran a hand through her wild dark purple hair before answering.

"I found a few members but they didn't know anything new," She states with a bored expression. "Breaking them didn't help either," She added with a shrug.

"Maybe it's because using violence to get information is always ineffective," Camilla says as she played with a long lock of her hair.

"Well, not everyone can make people talk with their assets," Lana scoffed. Camilla ignored the girl and continued to play with her hair. "Anyway, aside from those weird flyers there ain't much,"

"Are the disappearances connected to them?" Monika suddenly asks, sitting up fully. Lana looked confused by the question.

"Whoa, folks are disappearing?" Dulu says with raised eyebrows. "Are you sure Moni?" His question is ignored by her as she focuses on Lana.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Lana asks with a slight glare. "What disappearances?"

"Several of my contacts and others of varying importance have gone missing," Jade looked down at her king in mild concern. It didn't look like it, but she knew Monika was worried about them. If she weren't then she would have simply stayed silent.

"What the hell does that have to do with-"

"They disappeared around the same time this cult began to form," She pointedly says cutting off Lana, causing her to snarl. "Then there are the students,"

"What's happening with the students?" Remi inquires, folding her hands beneath her chin. "I haven't noticed anything odd," Monika stared at Lana, earning a harsher glare from the girl in return, a while longer before sifting her gaze towards Remi.

"It is only a few but some of the students have disappeared for a few days and then returned with strange behavior,"

"And you think the cult is behind this too, Moni?" Camilla asks now showing real interest in the conversation. The jewel king gives a slow nod in response. "Well, if Moni's concerned then it's something we should all be worried about," She comments sitting up straight.

"What is the odd behavior?" Scáthach asks getting the attention of the other kings. " We have to rule out other options if this cult is as active as you all believe. Someone may be using that to cover their own movements,"

"An excellent point, Scáthach," Remi says, then looks to Monika. "Well, Monika?"

"From what I have observed they seem to have lapses in memory and frequent headaches,"

"Sounds like they just had an epic party to me," Dulu laughs.

"For several days?" Camilla points out. "That sounds unlikely," Dulu simply gave a shrug but didn't have any argument against her statement.

"Is that all?" Scáthach asks Monika. She stared at her for a moment before answering.

"That's all I can see,"

"Hm, then maybe it's something to keep an eye out for," The queen muses out loud.

"I agree with you," Remi says thoughtfully. "Cult or not this is rather suspicious," She closed her eyes in thought before continuing. "Maybe it has something to do with this storm that's approaching,"

"Storm?" Camilla questions raising an eyebrow. "Isn't that Dulu's thing?" She gestured towards the male with a wave of her hand.

"Normally, I would demolish that thing," Dulu states punching his palm with a smirk that turned into a frown once he crossed his arms. "But something is off about this one. Remi suggested your peerage look into it instead,"

"Is that why you wanted them here?" Camilla askes the small girl at the head of the table. "To handle a storm?"

"This storm is weird Milla," Dulu states as he moved his feet from the table. " It's like it's got a mind of its own or something," He scratched at his head a bit. "There is never any rain, just lightning,"

"And why did you think my peerage could handle it?"

"Scáthach may have seen something like it and I recall you saying you had a magical genius," Remi states, pushing a stray golden lock behind her ear.

"Oh, you think Virgilia can fix it," When mentioned the girl jumped in surprised then gave a low bow.

"I, uh, I'll try my best to solve the problem," She quickly squeaked out.

"What's with the mask?" Dulu asks as he looked the girl over. "Are we playing dress up or something?"

"The mask is none of your business Dulu," Camilla states answering for the bishop.

"Don't get me wrong I think it's kinda cute," He says with a smirk, his red eyes roaming her form. " Adds a bit of mystery to such a good looking girl," Camilla seemed to grow tense, glaring daggers at the boy. Noticing this Scáthach places a calming hand on her shoulder, this seemed to snap Camilla out of her deadly daze but she continued to glare at the now idle king.

"Master, I think you should stop," Flora says, giving Camilla a wary look.

"Good point Flora," He states going back to his relaxed position. " Milla doesn't do well with sharing anyway," She gives a relieved sigh and looked to Virgilia apologetically. Virgilia still seemed a bit shaken until Ottar tipped her hat off of her head forcing her to catch it.

"Don't worry about it Gilly, Thunder King was just messing around," He states with a grin. The bishop seemed to relax at his words but avoided looking at Dulu as best she could.

"Yes, he was joking now calm down," Scáthach says firmly to Camilla causing her to look up at her out the corner of her eye for a brief moment.

"Fine," Camilla states, crossing her arms and sitting back in the chair still looking displeased. Monika who silently watched the exchange gave an annoyed sounding sigh, before looking to Dulu. He seemed amused at Camilla's agitation.

"I do not understand why you purposely made her angry," Before he could answer Lana gave a scoff.

"Wouldn't have happened if she wasn't such a possessive bitch," The rage king readily took advantage of her agitated state receiving a glare from Camilla. " Sharing is a basic-"

"Enough," Remi ordered, getting the meeting back on track. " Camilla you and your peerage can handle the storm, Lana if you don't find something on this cult I know Monika will,"

"What!" Lana shouts as she shot up from her seat. "I don't need that fucking bitch's help!" Remi only frowned at the outburst not even bothering with a response.

"Clearly you do or you would have more information," Jade grumbled loud enough for the king to hear. Lana whipped her head in the tengu's direction, giving the smug girl a vicious glare.

"You saying I can't do my fuckin job, bird?"

"Obviously not," Jade says lowly, poised to attack a small breeze was also beginning to whisp about the room, but Monika had had enough. She slammed her fist down on the table hard enough for it to leave a clear dent on the smooth surface, the forming breeze disappeared immediately.

"Oooh, looks like someone's mad," Lana teased. Monika now with a very clear look of displeasure looked to Remi.

"I will do as you asked but I will only focus on the disappearances," She said curtly and Remi nodded in response. Then she rose from her seat and turned to face Jade, who avoided her disappointed gaze by looking elsewhere. "You are not to say another word, understand?"

"I...understand," She mumbled as she looked to the ground. Monika lingered on her for a moment before she took her seat once more with an annoyed huff. Lana gave Jade a satisfied smirk causing her to glare at the king.

"I have already sent someone to deal with the issue of my contacts but I suppose Eliza will simply have to come back now,"

"Ah yes your little Dullahan, I had wondered where she went," Camilla states as she rests her head on her fist. Her eyes were closed but it was clear that she was no longer agitated. Monkia glanced at her and looked as if she was going to say something but choose not too. Instead, she closed her eyes and laid her head on her folded arms with a sigh.

"Gotta say this is probably the most fun I've had at one of these," Ottar comments, rolling his neck a bit.

"Glad someone is entertained here," Remi says with a sigh. She looked at Monika and simply shook her head, she knew that she wouldn't be speaking anymore. Which is never a good thing. Her gaze traveled over to Camilla who seems to have calmed down but that could have been a facade for all she knew. Dulu didn't seem bothered by it though, Flora, on the other hand, was keeping an eye on her. Lana was extremely agitated but even she knew that you don't bother Monika when she's actually angry, which was good because Remi did not feel like breaking up a fight today.

"Are we finished here Remi dear or is there something else you needed?" Camilla asks with a bored tone. Dulu and Lana looked to the small girl as well as they awaited an answer and she was certain Monika was listening as well.

"At the moment the only person I need here is you," Right as she said that Lana stormed out of the room making sure her black heavy boots stomped every step of the way. Poor Meri didn't move fast enough out of her way and was shoved by the angry girl. Before she could voice a complaint, Azrael placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. With one final sneer and a tug of her cropped leather jacket, Lana was gone with Antonio following right behind her.

"Well guess I'll go find something else to get into," Dulu says as he rose from his chair, stretching a bit. He Ignored Camilla's gaze as he made his way out the room, giving a wink at Virgillia on his way out. Flora was right behind him but stopped once she got beside Camilla and gave a low bow.

"Ms. Shax I'm -"

"There's no need to apologize dear," She says with a dismissive wave. The fairy looked up at her with another worrying gaze, seemingly unconvinced that her king was forgiven so easily. "It's alright Flora, so long as Scáthach is here to...," She paused for a bit trying to find the correct word. "Here to police me I suppose," She says with a shrug. "You have no need to worry," Then she reached over near Monika and knocked on the table. "Moni, you know you can go home now right?"

"Jade can go home," Her voice was slightly muffled since she didn't move from her position.

"What! But -"

"Go home. Now," Monika now lifted her head but did not look at her. "Fill in the others while I discuss with these two," She says with her usual monotone.

"You had something more to say?" Remi asks, Monika gave a nod in response. "I see," Jade seemed to hesitate for a moment but all it took was Monika barely turning her head to get her to move briskly out of the room. Camilla watched the girl leave and would have felt bad for her if she didn't have her own problems to worry about. She brought her gaze back to Remi who had now got up from her seat to approach Virgillia. The mage fidgeted a bit but stayed put for the most part.

"Um, Milady?" Kiyoshi says nervously glancing at Camilla, who had not shown any signs of hostility.

"Relax Kiyo, I have no intention of angering Camilla. I'm not an idiot," She states as she shifted her examination to Azrael, who straightened his back and lifted his head. Remi raised an eyebrow but said nothing. She looked to Meri, who didn't seem to notice at first, but once she did she began to look around before simply settling on staring back.

"So you must be the newest one, then," She says with a light chuckle.

"Yup, Camilla brought her in a couple of minutes ago, Clock King," Ottar says as he took Lana's previous seat. "Name's Meri,"

"Thank you Ottar," Remi politely says to the rook. "I also have not seen either of you," She says turning to Azrael and Virgilia. "So I would like to formally introduce myself seeing as you will be attending school with all of us," Scáthach made a noise of displeasure which made the girl chuckle lightly. "Yes, you too Scáthach but I'll have arrangements made for you,"

"Absolutely thrilled about it," She says with a sigh.

"If you must know Camilla basically said that you wouldn't attend school without these arrangements,"

"Need to make sure all my peerage members are comfy," Camilla says, winking at the queen. That made Scáthach a little worried but she'd ask about it later.

"I am Remi Phenex both the Student Council President of Pandora Academy and the de facto leader of this motley group," She gave a slight bow with her introduction which made her long blond hair spill over her shoulder a bit. "Should you need any assistance you may come to me, I'll help you as best I can,"

"Just make sure you don't skip class and get on her bad side," Camilla teased causing the student council president to turn to her.

"That reminds me that you've been skipping class a bit more frequently than usual," She comments with a frown. "Is there a reason for that?"

"Feeling lonely?" She states with a shrug.

"Obvious lie," Monika states causing all eyes to turn to her. "Since you have no intention of answering truthfully I want to express something," She rose from the table and crossed her arms, gaining a slight frown on her face.

"My, this must be serious," Camilla says taking a more attentive pose. Monika paused for a moment, seemingly trying to find the right way to say what was on her mind.

"There is no need for tact with me Monika," Remi says placing her hands behind her back. "If you have something to say just say it,"

" Lana should have known about the disappearances. Especially since I found out quite easily,"

" Well Lana isn't the most reliable -" Camilla started but was quickly cut off by Remi.

" Even still she would not just miss something so obvious," Remi now wore a worried expression as she looked to the ground in thought. " Hm, thank you for bringing this to my attention,"

"Ya know maybe Rage King just thought someone else was doing the kidnapping and wrote them off," Ottar comments, earning a nod from Scáthach.

"Yes, that does seem likely. She was instructed to find the cult after all and she does have a bit of a one-track mind," The queen says with a sigh. "This would probably seem minor to her,"

"Can I trust you to focus on the various things happening separately from this cult situation?" Remi says looking to Monika. " You focus on details like this far better than her," Monika stared at her for a moment before giving a slow nod.

"Moni if you don't want to then you don't have too," Camilla tells the girl while slightly tilting her head. "It's not like Dulu is doing anything important," There was a hint of annoyance as she said his name, but nothing more.

"You offer Dulu but not yourself?" Remi states with a disapproving stare. Kiyoshi flinched a bit and gripped the chair tightly making the purple haired girl lightly chuckle. "How noble,"

"Oh please, we both know I'm anything but," Camilla laughed with a wave of her hand. "Besides don't I have a storm to handle?" Remi seemed less than amused.

"It's fine," Monika says tonelessly. "Now I have something else to deal with," As she said that a magic circle appeared beneath her.

"Go and handle your little lover's quarrel then," Camilla teased with a dainty wave. Monika stared at her with a mild look of confusion.

"I do not understand why you would say that," The magic circle dispelled as Monika stared at her in confusion.

"Aren't you mad at her?"

"No," Came the quick reply. "Merely disappointed,"

"Ouch, not mad just disappointed?" Ottar comments with feigned hurt. "That's gotta burn,"

"I am disappointed that Jade did not do as instructed and ignore Lana's obvious goading. Is that wrong?" This time she looked to Remi for an answer.

"Just," The small girl sighed and pushed her glasses up with a finger. " Don't be too hard on her. Jade was only trying to defend you,"

"I did not need her too,"

"I understand that, but make her understand that. It was a proper reaction to have when one's master is being insulted," Monika seemed to contemplate something which made Remi give a small smile. "You don't want your peerage members to be robotic, please remember that. She just wanted to defend you,"

"Unfortunately not everyone can be as restrained as Scáthach here," Camilla says as she pulled the girl down to her level and engulfed her in a tight hug. "She is such an example of restraint," She gushed, nuzzling her cheek against the now annoyed queen.

"Well at least your in a better mood now," Kiyoshi says with a laugh. "Though I think your queen just might faint if you squeeze her too hard,"

"Nonsense, Hawkie is sturdier than a tree," To prove this she squeezed the girl even harder earning her a noise of discomfort. Remi smiled at the scene but that was quickly erased once Camilla's phone vibrated. She released her queen and brought out the device.

"Hm? What now?" She grumbled mostly to herself as she glared at the screen, but was heard by those closest to her. Scáthach frowned when Camilla scoffed then quickly got up and left the room, without a word to anyone.

"Milady seemed distressed about something," Azrael says as he attempted to follow her only to be stopped by Scáthach.

"No, don't. It's better if she goes alone,"

"Alone? But what if she requires -"

"Relax, she'll be fine," Ottar grunted in annoyance. "She doesn't need you following her around like a lost pup," Azrael glared at the rook who simply shrugged in response. "What? It's true,"

"I can safely assume that message was from her father then?" Remi asks Scáthach with a worried look towards the door. " That's the only time I see her frown at the phone,"

"Milady has never once mentioned her father with me," Azrael claims placing a hand over his chest. "Surely if she had such troubles she would -"

"Buddy, you haven't been here long enough to see any troubles," Kiyoshi states with a forced chuckle. " I personally know of a few that she would never tell you," He dropped his smile and solemnly looked to the floor. "That she'll never tell anyone," Meri looked at the fox in concern, now second guessing her very hastily made decision. Maybe she should have just died in that ally instead of making a deal with a person she barely knew anything about.

"There is no need to worry," Scáthach says to the pawn with a comforting smile. "She didn't lie to you it's more like, she doesn't want to bother you with her own problems,"

"Keeping me in the dark isn't helping much either," Meri huffed. "Much better to be aware of things than to be surprised by it later," Scáthach frowned but understood her very valid concerns.

"Sooo Scáthach, are you gonna follow or do I have too?"

"Not this time Ottar, let's wait," The rook gave a nod and rose for the chair with a stretch.

"Well I'm gonna turn in then unless Clock King wants to go for a spar," He says mostly in jest.

"Musclebound boor," Azrael grumbled with a glare, which made Ottar shrug.

"No way Ottar," Kiyoshi answers with a shake of his head. "Milady has far more important things to do than -"

"Actually Ottar a spar sound like a lovely idea," Remi interrupts with a small smile, folding her hands in front of her. Her queen's jaw nearly hit the floor at her response. " I haven't had a good fight in a while and was actually going to ask you the very same thing,"

"A girl after my own heart!" Ottar says with a loud laugh. "I guess you have to change and all though so I'll be waiting outside," He began to make his way to the door but stopped once he got in front of Meri and ruffled her hair much to her dismay.

"Come on newbie, if your gonna be here we at least gotta see what you can do," She shook her head a bit to get the random strands out of her face but didn't move to actually fix it.

"But isn't that a little unfair?" He laughed at that, loudly, which made her frown. "What?"

"Your concern for me is appreciated but unnecessary," Remi says with a light giggle. " I don't mind,"

"Come on fox boy we need a ref," Ottar proclaim as he dragged poor Meri along with him, despite her protests. Scáthach gave a chuckle and shook her head. Ottar simply left the job to her is all.

"What are we to do until Milady returns to the homestead?" Azrael asked the queen, Scáthach pondered on it for a moment before answering.

"Well I suppose you could just make sure you're all settled in and ready for school tomorrow," She was notably annoyed at the very thought of school. She'd done every class known at least a hundred times each and she really isn't looking forward to doing any more of the same thing. As Azrael left the room she looked to Virgilia, who had not moved since Remi had left. "I see your thinking about the storm,"

"Hm?" The mage, now roused from her stupor, look over at Scáthach. "Was merely mulling over various hypothesis of what would have that behavior. I have so far found nothing, this storm is an anomaly," Not a stutter was heard from the girl as she spoke quickly and clearly. She had noticed the shift right after Dulu's flirtations and if she had to use this much brain power to find an answer then this storm should be better dealt with quickly.

"Now, that's troubling," Scáthach states with a sigh. If the wielder of the Necronomicon doesn't know what it is then how the hell was she supposed to figure it out.

"I would need to see it myself to gather further information," Came her robotic reply. "Inform me when we are to move on it. Observation is greatly suggested before confrontation is attempted," She made a move to leave the room but stopped once she made it to the doorway.

"Something wrong Virgilia?"

"I have come to the conclusion that the storm is alive," She states as she turned to face the queen. Her glazed over stare always unsettled Scáthach, but she chose not to look away.

"It's alive?" Virgilia blinked a few times before her posture relaxed, shifting into the timid girl Scáthach preferred to deal with."Um, y-y-yes, I think it's alive," She mumbled as she played with the sleeve of her jacket. "That, um, would be the only conclusion g-g-given it's behavior,"

" Okay, we are dealing with a living storm then,"

"It seems to be wondering, like its, um, searching for something o-o-or maybe lost?" Scáthach raised an eyebrow at that.

"You think it's lost?" The bishop looked down to the floor and began to fidget a bit.

"W-Well, Ms. Remi didn't say it was a-attacking people a-a-and, though rare, these occurrences do happen,"

"I am aware," Scáthach says thoughtfully. If this storm was alive and lost then it might also need help. "Alright, I'll let Camilla know of your analysis once she returns," Virgilia nodded but lingered a bit in the doorway instead of immediately like she thought she would. "Is there...something else you wanted to say?"

"I...I hope Lady Camilla w-w-will be alright," The warrior was stunned for a second and then frowned. Of course, Virgilia could see what was going on.

"As, do I,"


Miumi was bored as she sat on the roof of the mansion, her legs dangling from the edge. The shapeshifter was out of her uniform and in her casual gear, a red and white striped t-shirt with a pair of short overalls that stop at her mid-thigh. Her ever-present dark blue beanie was on her head and she had a pair of blue sneakers with white socks to finish off the look. She finally got away from Hawke, that crazy training maniac. Who wants to do nothing but train all day long? Not Miumi that's for sure which is why she was on the roof. Though her going there made her very aware of another presence that shouldn't have been there. It bugged her because they were simply lingering as if waiting for someone.

"Not a very good hiding spot, Umi,"

"Good enough for right now," She comments with a shrug. Solomon chuckles and joins her on the edge, dangling one leg and folding the other to his chest for his arm to rest on. He too was out of his uniform, currently wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of black cargo pants and white running sneakers. Over this is his white hoodie with red markings patterns on it, the hood currently covering his messy white hair.

"Something on your mind?" The tanuki frowned and leaned forward to rest her elbows on her legs to hold up her head.

"Not really. There's just some bozo waiting at the forest edge. The wind carried his scent over here,"

"And...you are watching him?" Solomon asked with clear confusion, which was valid since the young girl would rather be pranking someone. Her slight nod made him raise an eyebrow.

"He's not doing anything so alerting everyone seemed dumb to me," She mumbled with a slight huff. "But I don't think he should be left alone either,"

"I guess that makes sense," Solomon states, then off in the distance he sees something flying in the darkening sky. Quickly moving in their direction. Soon Miumi noticed too causing her to straighten up a bit in order to get a better view. Both were trying to figure out just what it was, but as it got closer it was starting to become clear.

"Is that Jade?" Solomon asked. "Why didn't she just use magic?" Miumi shrugged at that and brought her attention back to the stranger at the border. Solomon shook his head at the pawns dismissal and watched as Jade slowed down enough to land and still have enough momentum to run through the white double doors of the home.

"What's her problem?"

"I really don't want to be the one to find out," He sighed as he scratched at the back of his neck. "Mind if I hang here with you?"

"I guess you're not horrible company," Miumi mumbles with a shrug and a small smile. Shortly after Jade bolted into the house, Monika appeared via a magic circle. The expressionless king looked towards where the intruder stayed then to the bishop and pawn on the roof.

"I uh...think she wants us to come down," Solomon states as the king simply continued to stare at them.

"You sure? I think she just likes staring at us sometimes," The tanuki says as she crossed her arms. "I mean, usually there is a hand gesture when she wants something," Luckily for them Monika decided to come to them instead and sprouted her devil wings, going in front of the two. There was a slight frown on her face but, Miumi was sure it wasn't because of anything they did since she seemed focused on the creep at the border.

"How long were they there?"

"Uhh, I dunno," Miumi began to tap a finger on her arm in thought before answering. "Probably an hour or two. Maybe more," The king's frown deepened at that.

"What a pain," Miumi was shocked that she gave the visitor any reaction at all. She usually just shrugs and ignores them. Unless...this visitor was from her mom, then she handles it. Miumi never understood why she never lets her mom's servants past the barrier.

"Hey, Moni if you don't want to deal with it we can-"

"No," The speed of her answer stunned the bishop for a moment before he gave a compliant nod. "Gather the others downstairs while I handle this," Without another word she flew off to "handle" the unwanted guest.

"Time for a team meeting, eh?" Solomon says bumping his shoulder against Miumi.

"Yep, time to assemble troops," With that, they both hopped off the roof to do as their king asked of them.


When Monika made it to the border of the forest surrounding the home she shared with her peerage, she was met with a well-dressed man who immediately bowed upon her arrival.

"Lady Monika! I have been waiting to inform you that-"

"Leave," Her icy reply stunned the poor man, but the chill in her eyes made him nearly reconsider even being here. Even still he cleared his throat, avoided her glare and went on with his message.

"Your mother wishes to -" He panicked a little when she summoned several spears of diamond above him. The slowly spun around his person, their sharp tips gleaming in the moonlight.

"Leave," She repeated as she slowly began to approach him and as she got closer the spears began to steadily float lower. The man could feel the danger rising the closer she came. " A smarter man would have heeded my first warning. You do not want a third,"

Once she finished her threat the man dropped to his knees and bowed with his head touching the floor. This made her stop a short distance from him and frown. "Please, Miss! Every time you send us back the punishments get worse!" He was sobbing as he said this, but Monika showed no sympathy for the groveling man.

"Then maybe you should find a better master," Came her emotionless reply. He raises his head this time and looked her in the eye.

"Killing me would be a mercy compared to what she will do if I go back without you,"

"My intention is to injure, not to kill," The servant was stunned once more by her response, but his shock was soon turned into fear once Monika moved to follow through with her threat. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the pain that was to come.

"Final warning," He dared to open his eyes to be met with Monika's deadly glare. The same glare that reminded him so much of his master.

"Leave," He could feel the tips of the spears on him, two on his legs, one on his shoulder and the last one on his lower back. All skillfully positioned to ensure he lives so that he could join the many that have disappointed his master. She has no idea how much like her mother she actually is. It seems she needs to be reminded of that before he goes.

"As you wish," He summons the magic circle of his master's family, Monika's family, which in turn made her stand down and dispel the spears. When she turned to leave is when he decided to speak again with a knowing smirk.

"I will inform Lady Priscilla Astaroth that her daughter, Monika Astaroth, does not wish to see her today," The second he called her that she rained down a storm of diamond shards where he stood, the reaction he knew would happen. She whipped around with the intent to kill him if survived that, but all that was there were the many sharps impaled in the ground. She made a sound of annoyance as she glared at the spot he once stood.


"Oh, man is she gonna get a kick out of this!" Eliza Kinnard cheered as she revved the engine of her sleek black Ninja motorcycle as she speeds up the dark road. Her chin length blonde hair blew back in the wind along with the dark brown leather jacket that was left open to show the black sleeveless turtleneck she wore. The silver skull of her belt buckle she wore with her black jeans gleamed in the night as it hit the various headlights in her path. She was super pumped because that boring, lameo job Monika stuck her with actually turned out to be way more fun. Though that only happened a little earlier, when she went to check on that librarian. What she expected was to be bored to tears or to just find another empty place, but what she got was a bookshelf on top of her. That librarian had gone nuts and wouldn't listen to any reason, so Eliza had to put her down with a well-placed neck chop. Which wasn't very hard since she was just a librarian, a normally meek librarian that just two weeks ago couldn't even look her in the eye. That means something weird is going on, which only means things are starting to liven up around here! She suddenly popped a wheelie in excitement when she saw the road to the house.

"Whoa, easy buddy! Don't get too excited," She laughed patting the bike on the middle of its handlebars. "We're almost there, then the fun stuff starts!" The motorcycle seemed to roar its engine in response which made her laugh. Even if she knew the news would put Monika in a sour mood.


Monika was just about to enter the house she heard the familiar roar of a motorcycle. So she waited in front of the door for her knight to come riding up the road. She didn't mind since it gave her more time to compose herself before addressing her peerage. But thanks to that foot soldier, her mood was permanently soured and would more than likely stay that way through the night into the morning. No one is to address her by that name and all of those servants know it. Thst is not her name.

"Oof, looks like somebody got under your skin," She didn't even notice that Eliza had arrived and had even parked her bike. That damn butler knows exactly what he did. "Squeeze any harder and your hand is gonna fall off," Eliza states as she leaned against the marble post at the foot of the stairs. Her azure eyes trained on her king's hands. It was then that Monika realized that she was clenching her fists so tightly that her palms were bleeding. When she began to relax the knight brought her gaze to her face and raised an eyebrow.

"Uh, are you feelin oka -"

"What did you discover?" The question came out harsher than she intended but the knight did not seem too bothered by it. Eliza stared at the brown-haired king then looked down at her hands once more before clearing her throat.

"Well you were right, people were disappearing but it just looks like they up and left," She rubbed at her neck as she continued.

"Looks like?"

"Yea, you can tell that wasn't the case though once you give a good look around their place," So she was right then, someone truly is abducting her contacts. Though now she's not quite sure if it's the cult's doing or some sort of bid for her attention from her mother.

"Did you find the culprit?"

"Actually, I caught someone coming back. That blacksmith centaur? He said he was at church of all places," Monika knew for a fact that Ajax would never bother with such things, so that alone was suspicious. "He was acting a little weird about it though and looked like he had one hell of a headache but kept denying it. The guy was back home so I just left, but things got really weird with the next person I visited,"

"How so?"

"Well for one she dropped a bookcase on me,"

"Miki did?" That was extremely out of character. And even more so since the one she attacked was Eliza, Miki was terrified of her. "Why would she attack you?"

"Turns out the blacksmith called and told her too. Had to play dead to get that info though, only found out when she called and told him she took care of me," Monika was now very concerned and was very sure that the cult was responsible. What could they possibly gain from targeting her contacts?

"What exactly are they planning?" She mumbles to herself, not really expecting a reply.

"I have no clue, but we should be wary of sleeper agents they may have out there," Eliza frowns and crosses her arms. "Well, at least we know a bit of what to look for,"

"We need to tell the others,"

"Yea, it would be kinda embarrassing if they got taken down by a sleeper," She laughed as she made her way to the door passed Monika, once she placed her hand on the knob she looks back and gave her a grin. "Sorry about cutting in front but if you open it your gonna shatter it,"


"So now we have sleeper agents!" Miumi exclaims causing Monika to flinch. She was now standing in the archway of the living room, her hands behind her back, after explaining the cult situation to her peerage. Most of them had changed out of their school clothes by now, aside from Daniel. As she expected, Miumi made an outburst. "Freaking sleeper agents!"

"The only symptom we know to watch for is a headache?" Hawke asks as she shoots a disapproving glance at Miumi who continues freaking out on the black leather couch beside her. The rook was currently wearing a black t-shirt with black camo pants as well as a pair of black combat boots. The green military vest she usually wore with it was draped over the back of the couch. "You sure you didn't notice anything else?" Eliza, who was beside Monika leaning on the other side of the archway, shook her head.

"Nope, wasn't looking at the time. The headache is what stood out the most to me," Hawke didn't seem to like that answer much.

"Hm, this cult is capable of brainwashing..." Daniel mused out loud from the leather recliner as he rubbed at his chin. "This situation just became very serious,"

"Troublesome is more like it," Solomon says with a frown, he was seated on the wooden coffee table that sat in the center of the room. " They could have gotten to anyone too," He sighed, running a hand through his white hair. "What should we do if we spot one?"

"Take em out obviously!" Miumi shouts yet again, much to Monika's displeasure. Jade remained silent as she watched from her spot on the white carpet. Monika had noticed that she would look at her every now and then and seemed to want to say something.

"What is it, Jade?" The tengu jumped slightly in surprise."Oh right...the meeting," Monika had completely forgotten the events that happened with Lana and Jade since her mind was far too focused on what the damned butler said. Her queen clearly thinks she's still angry with her. She will have to deal with that later.

"Well um," She fiddled with the hem of her white sweater as she spoke. "Don't you think attacking them is a bad idea?"

"Seems pretty sound to me," Hawke states earning an eager nod from the tanuki. "Leaving them be wouldn't be too smart,"

"Actually that looks like the better option to me," Daniel says crossing his arms. "If we leave them be then we can observe their movements and likely learn more about our enemy,"

"I like that plan," Eliza says with a smirk. "If we follow em they might lead us somewhere fun,"

"Do not follow them alone," Monika orders them all. "We do not know how they brainwash yet so act with caution," She received nods from most of them, aside from Solomon who gave her a thumbs up.

"And what are the others doing about this, Madam?"

"Camilla has a storm to deal with and Lana is investigating," Monika is sure Remi would rather be investigating but she's tasked with the safety of the school along with Dulu. She never quite understood why they had to guard the school but it's not her task so it's not her concern.

"A storm?" Daniel asks seeming slightly interested. "Why would she need to handle a storm, if you don't mind me asking?"

"It is an abnormal storm,"

"Shouldn't Dulu handle things like that?" Miumi asks with a raised eyebrow. "I mean he is like the Ruler of the Skies as he likes to say," The sarcasm in her tone almost made Monika crack a small smile. Almost.

"He is unable to control that specific storm," Her answer was met with a scoff and an eye roll from the pawn.

"Some Ruler of the Skies he is,"

"Indeed," Monika agreed, Solomon and Eliza both laughed at that. "You should all sleep. There is still school tomorrow," Miumi groaned while the others gave a more acceptable response. "Good night, then," She turned, while also moving her hands to the front of her, and made her way up the stairs. This would be the first time in a few months that Monika had her bed to herself since Camilla was now sleeping in her own home. She normally didn't mind, but sometimes the girl got a little clingy in her sleep. Monika was glad she wouldn't have to deal with it tonight. So imagine her surprise when she opened the door to find the purple-haired beauty laying on her bed.

"I can't believe you kept me waiting this long Moni," She says as she rose up to a sitting position in the center of the bed.

"Why are you here Camilla?" She stepped inside and closed the door behind her. She should be at her own home since her peerage is there, so why would she...well there is one other reason. When she refused to answer her question, opting instead to look off in the distance, Monika made her way to the desk on the other side of the room and grabbed a thick red book and a pen from the drawer. She opened it to a blank page and took a seat in the wooden chair at the desk, her back facing Camilla.

What's their name?"

"Dolton Fury, a smuggler,"

"What did he do?"

"You mean besides smuggling? He became useless to my father, decided to have a change of heart it seems," Monika heard her get up from the bed and move somewhere in the room, probably near the window. She did like looking at the moon.

"Smugglers don't just have a change of heart, especially those that work for your father," Camilla let out a dry laugh.

"It would seem he had no choice in the matter. It would seem that he was attacked earlier today, lost his hand even." Monika paused in her writing and turned to look at the other girl who was, as she predicted, at the window staring at the moon.

"Why would he be attacked?"

"Because he's a smuggler, dear. It's not exactly the safest line of work," Monika frowned at her obvious dodge.

"Why did you attack him?" She saw her frown, slightly.

"He touched something that didn't belong to him," Since she didn't elaborate further Monika assumed it had something to do with her peerage. The smuggler might have picked the wrong merchandise. She could disqualify Ottar and Scáthach, they aren't exactly the kidnapping type. Virgilia was another she could drop, something seemed...off about her. Monika couldn't quite place it but there was more to that girl. That left the knight and the pawn. And only one of them fit the qualifications that a smuggler usually looks for.

"He tried to take your pawn,"

"And he was punished,"

"People have died for less than that, how did he survive?" Camilla is very possessive of her peerage and friends. Monika has had a front-row seat to her violent responses when someone "upsets" her peerage members. This smuggler tried to take one, Monika needed to know why she decided to let him live. Camilla sighed before she answered.

"Meri said I had done enough,"

"I see," Monika wondered if Meri had any idea how much power she had at that moment. Camilla would have done far worse than take his hand if she had simply said as such. She would have done worse if she had simply stayed silent. She turned back to the desk and picked up her pen.

"What did you do?"

~ SHAX ~

Just two hours earlier

Camilla idly sat on this sad excuse of a couch inside of the home of her current prey. Her father had summoned her and ordered her to take care of some dead weight. A contract of his had lived out his usefulness and needed to be disposed of.

A job fitting for his obedient executioner.

And so she waited for, whoever this unfortunate soul was, to return home so that she could complete her given execution. Father wanted him to suffer, so suffer he shall. When her target came clambering through the door, she couldn't believe her eyes. She decided to let her presence be known once he closed and hurriedly locked the door. Poor dear seemed to be scared to death.

"My, my, what are the chances," Her casual statement caused the man to jump and clutch his bandaged nub of an arm.

"Oh God, it's you!"

"I don't think he helps those that make deals with devils," She says rising from her seat, he tried to open the door and flee but found that his own paranoia is what has him trapped.

"Damn it," He cursed under his breath, causing her to give a chilling chuckle as she stalked towards him.

"Having more than one lock never works out very well when the danger is inside," The man frantically dug into his pockets and brandished a silver rosary laced within his fingers. That made her pause and frown, giving him a false feeling of having the upper hand.

"Ha! All you demon freaks are scared of these right! So what are you gonna do now bitch!" She humored him a took a step back, which gave him the courage to step towards her. "Not so tough now huh! I'm in control here!" He took another step but he still wasn't close enough yet for her liking. So she continued to humor him, watching as he conversed with an illusion.

"Now put the knives on the ground and kick em over here," He demanded, guesturing with his bandaged nub. The illusion did as she was told which made him grin. The real Camilla simply frowned, she knew what exactly what he would do next. It's what most men would do in a situation such as this. Unfortunately for this man, he liked to touch things, which would now be his downfall. He approached the illusion and reached out his only hand, still laced with the rosary. The illusion recoiled away from his hand, which made him loop it around his wrist instead. He grabbed her chin and tilted her head black and forth. "Do you know how much someone would pay for someone like you?" He says, a wicked grin on his face. He was now close enough.

"How unfortunate," She sighed before slicing off his other hand in a fluid motion. Shocked and confused the man falls backward to the floor. "Most men would have had their way with me if they ever got the chance you had," Her calm statement fell on deaf ears as the man shouted in anguish, trying in vain to crawl away from her. The fear in his eyes brought her sadistic pleasure.

"Please! I did what you asked! I let them all go!" He had now backed all the way to the overly locked door, pressing himself as far against it as he could. "Please! Don't-" She silenced him by throwing one of her butterfly knives near his head, cutting his cheek before embedding in the door with a thud. He whimpered when she came to stand over him, a smile on her face.

"Unfortunately, Father says you have to die,"

"Father?... Oh god,...you're his daughter," The realization hit him like a ton of bricks. "No wonder you're a monster," The insult had no effect on her, she gets called a monster nearly every day.

She crouched down so that she could look him in the eye as she said her next statement. He was quaking in fear with tears streaming down his face, her smile never wavered which scared him all the more. "He wants me to bring him your head once I'm finished, you see. But since I'm the reason you're in this situation, I'll do you a favor," He looked hopeful until he noticed the menacing gleam to her eyes.

"I'll go ahead and make it quick and we'll call it even, how is that?" The look of despair on his face made her want to play with him more but she acknowledges that this is technically her fault. He should thank her for her mercy since he is one of the few that deserves such horrors to happen to him.

"H-HOW THE FUCK IS THAT A FAVOR YOU CRAZY-" He wisely stopped talking the second he felt her blade on his neck, for the second time that day. Her smile was now replaced with a disappointed frown.

"You should have accepted my offer," She dragged the blade slowly down his neck, then his chest stopping right below the center. "Now this will be deliciously painful for you," As soon as she said that she took her free hand and pierced it straight through diaphragm causing him to make a gurgling sound. She liked that sound, means she hit her mark and that made her smile return. Without breaking eye contact with him, she pushes past his lungs and goes directly for his heart.

"Gah!" The smuggler coughed up a bit of blood, more than likely another feeble attempt at pleading for his life.

"Hush dear, talking only makes it far worse," She says in a low tone, her smile widening a bit at his pointless attempt. "Shhh, it'll be over in a moment," His eyes widened in fear and that is when she chose to grab the pulsing organ and tear it out. Once she got it out she took a moment to admire it in her hand. Then she went to the window in the back of the small home and opened it.

"Ashe, love! Time for a snack!" A massive shadow that appeared to be perched on the roof of the home began to circle the the beach behind it before landing on the sand below. 'Ashe' was a large manticore that looked like it would tower over Camilla. It large bat-like wings folded to its back against the dark brown fur. The large black scorpion-like tail swishing as the beast eagerly awaited its snack. The black mane blew in the wind as its golden gaze eyed the heart in its master's hand. Camilla smiled sweetly at the massive creature and tossed the organ to it, Ashe caught it effortlessly with its large maw and waited patiently for the rest. It sat down on the sand and looked expectantly at the devil.

"You are such a good boy~," She cooed to him, then set the familiar the rest of his meal magically, save for the head, and he took no time in devouring it. Meanwhile, Camilla summoned up her family's dark purple to sed the head to her father since there was no way she would see that man a second time in one day by choice. She looked down at her now blood stained outfit and frowned.

"I suppose I should clean up before I pay Moni a visit,"


Monika closed the book and placed it back in its place in the desk drawer and rose from the chair. When she turned around she knew Camilla wouldn't be there, so all she was met with was silence and an open window. The purple haired girl never stayed once she recounted her father's jobs, which was fine with her. Monika didn't quite know what to do when it came to things like that. She remembers the first time they did this, that night is forever etched into her memory. That was the first time she had ever seen the other girl look so lost and...broken. Monika shook her head to stop her line of thinking.

She has her own problems to focus on for the moment. And with that she climbed into bed so that she could be ready for whatever awaited her when the sun rose.

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